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Class of 1973 - Wyda Way Elementary School

This section contains Wyda Way Elementary school pictures for the class of 73.

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Mrs Evans' Kindergarten PM class 1960-61 (courtesy of Jeni Cook)
Top row:
Row 2:
Row 3: Mrs Evans, Jeri Delmar
Mrs Hanson's First Grade class 1961-62 (courtesy of Jeni Cook)
Top row: Terry Phillips, x, x, x, x, Tommy Sullivan, x, Merry Daniels
Row 2: x, x, x, x, x, Earlene Albertson, Jeff Jessee
Row 3: Jeni Cook, x, x, x, x, x, Jeri Delmar
Row 4: x, Kim Tiller, x, Paul Whitney, x, x, Shirley Bedford, Bruce Hunt, Patrick Dunn
Mrs Hanson's First Grade class 1961-62 (courtesy of Patrick Dunn)
Top row: x, x, x, Terry Phillips, Shirley Bedford, x, x, Patrick Dunn, x
Row 2: Earlene Albertson, Paul Whitney, Jeff Jessee, x, x, x, x, x, x, x
Row 3: Mrs Hanson, Tommy Sullivan, Merry Daniels, Jeni Cook, x, x, x
Mrs Paterson's First Grade class 1961-62 (courtesy of Joyce Shaw Allen)
Top row: David Martinez, Vernon Kelly, David Chambers, Scott, Colleen, Patti Prater, Debra Fetch, Lorraine Clancy, Alice Loris, Valery
Middle row: Mrs Paterson, Janice Sooter, Eric, Robert Cohun, Scott D, Darrold, Diane H, Steven, Chris, Mikell
Bottom row: Winston Hall, Sandra, Mark, Aaron, Raylee, Diane Johnson, John, Joyce Shaw, Arnold
Mrs Greenberg's Second Grade class 1962-63 (courtesy of Jeni Cook)
Top row: Lori Clancy, Vernon Kelly, Joyce Shaw, x, x, x, x
Row 2: x, Leonard Albertson, Jeni Cook, x, x, x, x
Row 3: Janice Sooter, x, x, x, x, x
Row 4: x, Chris ?, x, x
Row 5: x, Debbie Fetch, x, Alice Loris
Row 6: Principal, x

Miss Mahar's Third Grade class 1963-64 (courtesy of Patrick Dunn)
Top row: x, x, x, Sean McLaughlin, x, x, x, x, Rob Cohen, Chris ?, Guy Rodgers
Row 2: Leonard Albertson, Patrick Dunn, Alice Loris, Jannie Davis, x, Terry Phillips, x, x, Kim Tiller, Vernon Kelly
Row 3: Earlene Albertson, x, Joyce Shaw, Nona Faulkenburg, Sandra Nelson, Jeni Cook, Debbie ?, Julie Scott, x
Mrs Kehoe's Fourth Grade class 1964-65 (courtesy of Patrick Dunn)
Standing: Dave Chambers, x, Mrs Kehoe
Row 1: x, Jeni Cook, Chris ?, x, x
Row 2: Vernon Kelly, Kim Tiller, Debbie ?, Joyce Shaw, Jannie Davis
Row 3: Sandra Nelson, Raymond Estrada, x, Julie Scott, Leonard Albertson
Row 4
: x, Scott Gecker, Earlene Albertson, x, Mike Foster
Row 5: x, Nona Faulkenburg, x, Lori Clancy
Bottom row: Robert Cohen
Mr Mann's Fifth Grade class 1965-66 (courtesy of Jeni Cook)
Top row: x, Robert Cohen, Paul Whitney, x, Mike Foster, x, Leonard Albertson, Chris ?, Jeff Jesse
Row 2: Guy Rodgers, x, Earlene Albertson, Alice Loris, Shirley Bedford, Lori Clancy, Joyce Shaw, Dave Chambers, Vernon Kelly
Row 3: Merry Daniels, x, Julie Scott, Jeni Cook, Jeri Delmar, Kim Tiller, Debbie ?, x, Nona Faulkenburg
Mr Mann's Fifth-Sixth Grade class 1966-67 (courtesy of Jeni Cook)
Top row: Brady Peterson, x,Bob Fields, Walt Oxley, Mike Sypnicki (aka Dana Rodgers), Steve ?, Tommy Sullivan
Row 2: x, x, Steve Hubbard, Vernon Kelly, Bruce Hunt, Dennis Archibald, Patrick Dunn, x
Row 3: Jolynn Saia, x, Jeri Delmar, x, Debbie Fetch, Lori Clancy, x, Jeni Cook, x, Mr Mann
Row 4: Merry Daniels, Pam Weber, Tammy Godfrey (deceased), x, x, x, x, Julie Scott

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