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Class of 1973 - St Ignatius Elementary School

This section contains St Ignatius Elementary school pictures for the class of 73.

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Thomas Joseph's Grade 4 class 1964-65 (courtesy of Cathy Steinkoenig 73)
Row 1:  Joe Montalvo, Kathleen Betelli, Robert Precobb, Mary Gomes, Tim McCarthy, Margaret Jones, Bill Craig
Row 2:  Mark Schwarz, ??, Kevin Reilly (or O'Reilly), ??, ??, Betsy Zimmerman, ??
Row 3:  Eddie ?, Joseph Anticevich, Ben O'Neill, Sally Enos, Billy Heekin, Patty Sheehan, Michael Short
Row 4: George Howard?, Nancy Pedisich, Maureen McCarty, ??, Diane Santana, Annette Weissig, ??
Row 5: James Hollenbeck, Gina Fuoco, Nancy Callahan, Laura Rush, Molly ?, Mary Ruhmann, Steve Milner
Row 6: Bill O'Connor, Teresa Osegueda, Patty Fagan, Ted Glum
Row 7: Lisa Langosch, Cathy Steinkoenig, Mary Lou Prentice, Robert??
Michael Marion's Grade 6 class 1966-67 (courtesy of Cathy Steinkoenig 73)
Row 1:  Ted Glum, Teresa Osegueda, ??, Mary Ruhmann, Tim McCarthy, Margaret Tirador, James Hollenbeck
Row 2: Joseph Anticevich, Cathy Mulligan, Steve Milner, Molly ?, Kevin Reilly, Diane Santana, Ben O'Neill
Row 3: Bill Craig, Laura Rush, ??, Maureen McCarty, Bill Heekin, Nancy Callahan, Joe Montalvo
Row 4: Patty Fagan, Michael Short, Sally Enos, Betsy Zimmerman, Patty Sheehan, Eddie ?
Row 5: Gina Fuoco, Rory Ivers, Margaret Jones, Mary Lou Prentice
Row 6: Maria Seger, ??, Annette Weissig, Cathy Steinkoenig
Row 7: Robert Precobb, Nancy Pedisich, Lisa Langosch, Kathleen Betelli
Mrs Peters' Grade 7 class 1967-68 (courtesy of Cathy Steinkoenig 73)
Row 1: Nona Falkenburg??, Eddie ?, Mindy Burton, Bill Heekin, Diane Santana, Tim McCarthy, Patty Sheehan
Row 2: Kathleen Betelli, Mary Lou Prentice, Annette Weissig, Ben O'Neill, Margaret Tirador, Robert??, Nancy Callahan
Row 3: Betsy Zimmerman, Cathy Steinkoenig, Sally Enos, Robert Precobb, Nancy Pedisich, Kevin Reilly, Patty Fagan
Row 4: Joseph Anticevich, Patty Daugherty, Steve Milner, ??, Gina Fuoco, Michael Short, Teresa Osegueda
Row 5: James Hollenbeck, Mary Ruhmann, ??, Molly ?, 
Row 6: ??, Maureen McCarty
Row: 7: Joe Montalvo, Margaret Jones, Rory Ivers

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