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Class of 1973 - Caleb Greenwood Elementary School

This section contains Caleb Greenwood Elementary school pictures for the class of 73.

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Mrs Uella Wulff's Grade 3 class 1963-64 (courtesy of Michael Kelly 73)
Row 1 - x, w, Anne Smyth, x, Kitty Webster, Roxane Dal Porto, AJ Gallardo, Mrs Wulff
Row 2 - Bob Nannini, David Amorena, Randy Jimenez, x, Melanie M, x, x
Row 3 - David Berkhardt, x, Linda Butler, x, Julie Gallaher, Toni Terhaar, Micky Spieth
Row 4 - Susan Chirj, Mike Kelly, Debbie Schulz, x, x, Suzanne Crowder, x
Mrs Ruth Carlson's Grade 4 class 1964-65 (courtesy of Michael Kelly 73)
Row 1 - Dotty Carl, Kitty Webster, Polly Bradfield, Garth Janke, Julie Hune, x, Roxane dal Porto, Anne Smyth, Mrs X
Row 2 - Bob Nannini, x, Robin Christopher, x, x, Kathy Hemingway, Mona Matsumoto, David Amorena
Row 3 - Amy Mori, David Berkhardt, x, x, Bruce Stern, Ricky East, x, Linda  Butler
Row 4 - x, Mike Kelly, Susan Ching, Judy Samuelson, Sylvia Viarnez, Julie Gallagher, Ruth Ann Holbrook
Mrs Marge Harmening's Grade 5 class 1965-66 (courtesy of Michael Kelly 73)
Row 1 - Walter Tindal, x, x, Erica Bury, x, Kitty Webster, Cathy Anderson, Mrs Harmening
Row 2 - x, x, Melanie M, x, x, x, Robin Christopher, x
Row 3 - x, Mona Matsumoto, Mike Kelly, Amy Mori, Susan Ching, x, x
Row 4 - Julie Gallagher, Gilman Dobson, x, Antoinette Metcalfe, Karen Miranda, x, Bruce Stern, Vicky Selby
Mr Lugene Simpson's Grade 6 class 1966-67 (courtesy of Michael Kelly 73)
Row 1 - x, x, x, x, Bob Nannini, x, x
Row 2 - x, Erica Bury, x, Susan Ching, x, Suzanne, Polly Bradfield
Row 3 - x, Gilman Dobson, x, Gerald Yee, Mike Kelly, x, Amy Mori
Row 4 - x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x

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