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Class of 1973 - Greer Elementary School

This section contains Greer Elementary school pictures for the class of 73.

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Mrs Gehrig's Kindergarten AM Class 1960-61 (courtesy of Heather Kendall 73)
Row 1: Colleen Hagen, Harlan Lau, Sandy, Sidney Torres, Greg Esparza, x
Row 2: Phyllis Godfrey, Greg Collentine, Heather Kendall, x, Mrs Gehrig, x, x, James Bullington, Charlene De Vere
Row 3: x, Tessie Wallin, Barbara Patrick, Suzanne Hutchins, Cathy Steinkoenig, Jeff, Joyce, David Collins, Cindy Baker
Row 4: x, James Rivard, Kathleen Gannon, Lloyd, Cathy Mulligan, x, Vickie Liviakis, x, Tracy
Row 5: Eileen Malone
Mrs Gehrig's Kindergarten PM Class 1960-61 (courtesy of Ben Franklin 73)
Row 1: x,x,x,x,Marie Bain,x
Row 2: Todd Brownell, Terri Smith, x, x, Mrs Gehrig, x, x, Becky McComb, Susan Babich
Row 3: Ben Franklin, x, x, Debbie Brusby, Joseph Anticevich?, x, Ackbar?, x, x
Row 4: x, x, x, Greg Esparza?, x, x, x, Marlene Smith, Bob Wales
Row 5: x
Mrs. Elms' Grade 1 Class 1961-62 (courtesy of Ben Franklin 73)
Row 1: Tony Arfston?, x, x, x, Todd Brownell, Harlan Lau, Suzanne Hutchins, Susan Babich, x, Ben Franklin, x, x, x, Addie Bonnini
Row 2: x, Colleen Hagen, Debbie Brusby, Greg Esparza, x, Dave Collins, Cindy Baker, James Rivard, Charlene De Vere, x, x, Heather Kendall, Mrs Elms
Mrs Warner's Grade 2 Class 1962-63 (courtesy of Heather Kendall 73)
Row 1: Doug Hall, Steve Giguere, x, Harlan Lau, Terri Smith, x, Mrs Warner
Row 2: Ackbar, Lloyd, James Rivard, Pamela Allen, Charlene De Vere, x, Suzanne Hutchins
Row 3: Debbie, x, Todd Brownell, Kathleen Gannon, Vickie Liviakis, Barbara Patrick, Cindy Vice
Row 4: Sandy, x, Cathy Mulligan, Marlene Smith, x, x, x
Row 5: x, James Bullington, Debbie Brusby, Debbie Pierce
Row 6: Eddie Blount, Dru Faucett, Mr King, Heather Kendall
Mrs Warner's Grade 3 Class 1963-64 (courtesy of Ben Franklin 73)
Row 1: x, x, Eddie Blount, x, x
Row 2: Ben Franklin, x, Debbie Pierce, x, x, x
Row 3: Terri Smith, Vickie Liviakis, Mr King, Mrs Warner, Kathleen Gannon, x
Row 4: Harlan Lau, x, Charlene De Vere, Cynthia Vice, x, Kathleen Drewy, James Bullwinkle
Row 5: Steve Giguere, Linda Wasniak, Greg Collentine, Debbie Brusby, Doug Hall, Susan Babich, Tommy Shirley
Mrs Lundblad's Grade 3 Class 1963-64 (courtesy of Heather Kendall 73)
Row 1: Pat Buckner, Marie Bain, Danny, x, Marlene Smith, David Collins
Row 2: Bob Wales, x, x, Robin Waite, Cindy Baker, x
Row 3: Tessie Wallin, Colleen Hagen, Mr King, Mrs Lundblad, Suzanne Hutchins, x
Row 4: James Rivard, Eileen Malone, x, x, Greg Esparza, Heather Kendall, Steve Sheets, x, x
Row 5: Ackbar, Barbara Patrick, Todd Brownell, Julie Manyon, Mike, Addie Bonnini, x
Mr Carnes Grade 4 class 1964-65 (courtesy of Heather Kendall)
Row 1: Greg Collentine, Cindy Baker, James Rivard, Kathy Drewy, Mark Diseal
Row 2: Julie Manyon, JoAnne Adams, Dru Facett, Cathy Mulligan
Row 3: Greg Esparza, Kathy Shannon, Bob, Mr Carnes, Heather Kendall, Danny Jones, Inga Birdsong
Row 4: Marione Woods, Pat Buckner, Suzanne Hutchins, David Collins, Tessie Wallin, Steve Sheets, Lori
Row 5: Charlene De Vere, x, Colleen Hagen, Robin Waite, Barbara Patrick, James Bullington, Rebecca Shay
Mr McCoy's Grade 5 class 1965-66 (courtesy of Heather Kendall 73)
Row 1: Linda Sigstan, Bogdan Ambrozovicz, Suzanne Hutchins, Errol Egolf, Charlene De Vere, Harlan Lau, Tessie Wallin
Row 2: Sheralyn Starns, Bill, Kathy Dreury, Cindy Baker, James Rivard, Syndie Moore
Row 3: Tommy Schirle, Jeryl Chastain, Mr King, Mr McCoy, Inga Birdsong, Eddie Blount
Row 4: Robin Waite, Heather Kendall, Garth Allee, Steve Giguere, Greg Collentine, Victoria Hatfield, Greg Esparza
Row 5:Debbie Pierce,  David Collins, Barbara Patrick, Kathy Gannon, Stewart Cooper, Diana Rouge
Mr Thomas' Grade 6 class 1966-67 (courtesy of Heather Kendall 73)
Row 1: Robin Waite, Barbara Patrick, Greg Esparza, Connie Feltman, James Rivard, Becky Turner, Garth Allee
Row 2: Kathleen Gannon, Steve Sheets, Cindy Baker, Steve Giguere, Carol Bergen, x
Row 3: Kathy Drewy, Charlene De Vere, Mr King, Mr Thomas, Mike Francis, Jeryl Chastain
Row 4: x, Syndie Moore, x, Colleen Hagen, David Collins, Jennifer Chapman, Greg Collentine, Jennifer Saucedo, Suzanne Hutchins
Row 5: Jeanette Gulotta, Harlan Lau, Heather Kendall, Darralyn Fletcher, x, Tessie Wallin

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