Class of 1973 - Cottage Elementary School

This section contains Cottage Elementary school pictures for the class of 73.

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Mrs Ketchum's Kindergarten class 1960-61 (courtesy of Nancy Downs 73)
Row 1 - Judy Kline, Tommy Floratos, Mary Castelone, x, Marie Davies, Wally
Severson, Janice Lawman, x
Row 2 - x, Mrs Ketchum, Mr Flessing, x, x
Row3 - Eileen Ferrell, x, x, John Arch, Pam Or Tam West
Row 4 - David Michael, x, x, Estreilla Allen, Randy Gougea (sp)
Row 5 - Debbie (Keene), x, x, Teri Quinn, Nancy Downs, Carolyn Teel
Mrs Laird's Grade 1 class 1961-62 (courtesy of Nancy Downs 73)
Row 1 - Jeff Bishop, Teri Quinn, Mrs. Laird, Mr Flessing, Becky Parrish, Mary Castelone
Row 2 - Danny Tognoli, Ellen Rake, Steve Taylor, Patricia Michael, Joy Senf, Bonnie Jay, Bruce Alsacker, Sally Keck, Lorna Cline
Row 3 - Garth Irwin, Shelley Andrews, Nancy Downs, Tim Erickson, Kim Benedetti,Donna Jones, Robert Cummings, Marilyn Ables, Chris Heimberg
Row 4 - Steve Wanderer, Sydney Sweeden, Tommy Florates, Janice Lawman, Alan Skoonberg, Estreilla Allen, Carolyn Teel, Lisa Henderson, John Arch
Row 5 - Pam West
Mrs. Lindgren's Grade 1 class 1961-62 (we need this photo)
Mrs Tocher's Grade 2 class 1962-63 (courtesy of Nancy Downs 73)
Row 1 - Bruce Alsacker, Claudia Perry, ?a student teacher, Mrs Laird, Wally Severson, Danny Tognoli
Row 2 - Janice Lawman, Dale ?, Nancy Downs, x, Mr Flessing, Marie Davies, Marilyn Ables, Brenda Ralph, x
Row 3- Kathy Eldredge, Tommy Floratos, Joanna Floyd, x, Debbie ?, Jeff Bishop, Pam West, Steve wanderer, Donna ?
Row 4 - x, Randy Gouche(sp), Eileen Ferrell, John Rittenhouse, Alan Skoonberg, Janet Woodward, Ellen Rake, x, Lucia Churches
Row 5 - David Michaels, Mary Castellone, Syndey Sweeden
Mrs Farnsworth's Grade 3 class 1963-64 (we need this photo)
Mr Greiner's Grade 3 class 1963-64 (courtesy of Nancy Downs 73)
Row 1 - x, Rick Wolfe, Carol Mills, Pam or Tam West, Sydney Sweeden, Debbie Keene, x, x, x
Row 2 - x, Carolyn Teel, Mr Flessing, Mr Greiner, Brenda Ralph, x
Row 3 - Judy Kline, John Ward, Kathy Eldredge, Ellen Rake, Robert Cummings, Lorna Cline
Row 4 - x, Steve Wariner, Curtis ?, Dan or Swift Dickinson
Row 5 - Nancy Downs, Dave Turley, Mary Castelone, x, Debbie ?, Wally Severson, x
Mrs Johnson's Grade 4 class 1964-65 (we need this photo)
Mrs White's Grade 4 class 1964-65 (courtesy of Nancy Downs 73)
Row 1 - Linda ?, x, Earl Crumrine, Wally Severson, x, Teri Quinn, Pam or Tam West
Row 2 - x, Lisa Henderson, Dan or Swift Dickinson, Steve Wariner, Brad Brereton, Mary Castelone
Row 3 - Debbie Keene, Janet Woodward, Jeff Bishop, Sidnet Sweeden, Curtis ?, Glen Vranis, x
Row 4 - x, Carol Mills, Rick Wolfe, x, Veronica ?, Pam Whitsett, Marie Davies
Row 5 - Dana Shull, x, Nancy Downs, Matt ?
Row 6 - x, Mr Flessing, Mrs White, Eileen Ferrell
Mrs Box's Grade 5 class 1965-66 (we need this photo)
Mr Greiner's Grade 5 class 1965-66 (courtesy of Nancy Downs 73)
Row 1 - Dana Shull, Claudia Perry, Brad Brereton, Patricia Michaels, Steve Wariner, Carol Mills, Matt Reeves, Joanna Floyd, x
Row 2 - John Rittenhouse, x, Mr Greiner, Mr Flessing, x, Kirk Smith
Row 3 - x, ?Swift Dickinson, x, Eileen Ferrell, Alan Skoonberg, Lisa Henderson
Row 4 - x, x, Bill Boli, Randy Gouge (sp), x, x
Row 5 - Carolyn Teel, Janet Woodward, Nancy Downs, x, Linda ?, Scott Matthews, Lorna Cline, ??Pam or Tam West, Jennifer Bailey, x, Debbie ?
Mrs Johnson's Grade 6 class 1966-67 (courtesy of Nancy Downs 73)
Row 1 - Kim Bebedetti, Matt Reeves, Marilyn Ables, Robert Cummings, Patricia Michaels, Carol Mills, Lee Elliott, Donna Mills?
Row 2 - Brad Brereton, Pam Whitsett, Mrs Johnson, Mr Flessing, Scott Matthews, x
Row 3 - Joanna Floyd, x, Kathy Eldredge, Debbie Keene, Randy Gouge (sp), Linda ?
Row 4 - Dana Shull, Nancy Beach, Glen Vranis, x, Jeff Bishop, Brenda Ralph, x, Debbie ?, Kirk Smith
Row 5 - Lani ?, Lucia Churches, Claudia Perry, Pam or Tam West, Sue LaCornu

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