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Class of 1973 - St Philomenes

This section contains St Philomenes school pictures for the class of 73.

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Mother De Chantal's Grade 6 class 1966-67 (courtesy of Renee Veitenhans Lynch 73)
Top row: Cindy Valentine, David Valle, Ken Smith, Theresa Melenchek, Ricardo Bovaro, Jill Caldwell, Tim Fanning
Row 2: Tim Osborn, Charles Picquado, Kathy Topper, Bill Thomas, Debbie Wray, Kevin Buckley, Sue Carlin
Row 3: Judy Guheen, Robert Meier, Cathy Liddicoat, Mike Delaney, Renee Veitenhans, Tom Perrin
Row 4: Tony Arfsten, Kathy Whittier, David Rosas, Patty Pyle, Jerry DeVos, Mary Lorman, Lloyd Hickey
Row 5: Lisa Figeroid, David Neurer, Sharon Kocker, Jack Beeby, Colleen Logan, Cletus Wanner, Marilyn Palmore, David Mangino, Barbara Schmidt
Bottom row: Larry Pascillas, Kathy Berryman, Randy Born, Louise Araujo, Lee Looser, Theresa Genitas, Peter Reiter, Inez Montano
Sister Lorraine's Grade 7 class 1967-68 (courtesy of Renee Veitenhans Lynch 73)
Top row: Charles Picquado, Sue Carlin, Gary Saldano, Beverly Boltz, Robert Trulock, Debbie Wray
Row 2: Julie Durkin, Larry Pascillas, Cecilia Clapp, Glenn Putney, Sister Lorraine, Jackie Atkins, Cletus Wanner, Cathy Liddicoat, Mike Delaney
Row 3: Dave Mangino, Colleen Logan, Lloyd Hickey, Inez Montano, Jerry LeVos, Lisa Figeroid
Row 4: Debbie Lopes, Jeff Evers, Marie O'Gara, Greg Javelet, Jean Fauver, Allen Lew, Melissa Knight
Row 5: Dale Anderson, Carol Boyes, Rick Born, Marilyn Palmore, Martin Buckles, Gail Satler, David Valle, Carol Rawles, Tony Arfsten
Bottom row: Renee Veitenhans, Bill Thomas, Maria Menard, Dano McGinn, Kim Vance, Rick Bovaro, Kelly Tiernan, Kevin Buckley, Rose Malone
Sister Francis' Grade 8 class 68-69 (courtesy of Renee Veitenhans Lynch 73)
Top row: Cathy Liddicoat, John Fingleton, Carol Boyes, Sister Francis, Randy Born, Carol Rawles, Robert Keaney
Row 2: Alan Lew, Mary Lorman, Tim Fanning, Cindy Valentine, Cletus Wanner, Kelly Tiernan
Row 3: Bill Landers, Debbie Lopes, Jerry Devos, Marie O'Gara, Dave Neurer, Jill Caldwell, Dennis Doyle, Jean Fauver, Gary Saldano
Row 4: Debbie Hoesing, Lee Looser, Diane Courtemanche, Greg Javelet, Jean Fauver, Peter Reiter, Kathy Whittier, Dan Shelloe, Maria Menard
Bottom row: Jackie Atkins, Charles Picquado, Renee Veitenhans, Robert Meier, Tim Osborne, Joyce Neito, Dave Mangino, Patty Pyle

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