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Class of 1973 - Sierra Oaks Elementary School

This section contains Sierra Oaks Elementary school pictures for the class of 73.

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Picture missing (Diane Schoenborn 73 had the names but not the picture)
Mrs Howell's Kindergarten AM class 1960-61 (names courtesy of Diane Schoenborn 73)
Row 1: Debbie Strader, Dave Inderkum, Mr Seifkin, Mrs Howell, Doug Wulff
Row 2: x, Claire Mower, Allyson Thurber, Rod Bittner, x, William Hansen, Anne Benbow, Jim Kralik
Row 3: x, x, Kim Burton, Janiece Johnson, Jeff Kanner, x, Holly Satter
Row 4: Beth Harry, x, Mark Rasmussen, x, x, Lisa Coupe, Anne Simmermacher, Wendy Wong
Mrs Howell's Kindergarten PM class 1960-61 (courtesy of Diane Schoenborn 73)
Row 1: Steven, Nancy Crabtree, Mr Seifkin, Mrs Howell, Debbie Herman, Rodney
Row 2: Bob Poage, Gregg, Jack, Diane Schoenborn, Judd Riggs, Jennifer Strumillo, Dave Richardson, Sally Enos, Bobby Coyle
Row 3: Toni Yakopin, Paul, Tom Yeates, Sharon, Steve Wilson, Kevin McCart, Marcus Preen, Terri Thompson, Eric Sudhoff
Row 4: Elaine, Jan Wolfe, Timothy Tynan, Dave Stone, Philip, Kerry, Kathleen Olsen, Missy
Mrs Clark's Grade 1 class 1961-62 (courtesy of Diane Schoenborn 73)
Front row: Anne Simmermacher, Rodney, Eric Sudhoff, William Hansen, x, Russ Levy, Beth Harry, x
Middle row: Dave Inderkum, Claire Mower, x, Debbie Herman, Doug Wulff, Allyson Thurber, Russ Graehl, Sharon Clowers?, Timothy Tynan, Tom Yeates
Back row: Debbie Green, Mark Rasmussen, Janet Fraser(sp), Rod Bittner, Jennifer Strumillo, Dave Richardson, x, Jeff Kanner, Diane Schoenborn, Mrs Clark
Mrs Mahaffey's Grade 2 class 1962-63 (courtesy of Diane Schoenborn 73)
Row 1: Lisa Coupe, x, Debbie Strader, Anne Benbow, Janiece Johnson, Tannis Hammer?
Row 2: Frank Boutin, x, Holly Satter, Judd Riggs, Mrs Mahaffey, George McKee, Sue Wong, Kathleen Olsen, Mark Rasmussen
Row 3: Michelle Mintle, Diane Schoenborn, Jennifer Strumillo, Bob Poage, Timothy Tynan, Mike Fenton, Paul, Kim Burton, Steve Wilson
Row 4: William Hansen, Sharon, Rod Bittner, Doug Wulff
Not pictured: Russ Graehl
Mrs Christie's Grade 3 class 1963-64 (courtesy of Diane Schoenborn 73)
Row 1: William Hansen, Dale Steinmann, Geoff Gway, Sally Baird, Rod Bittner, George McKee
Row 2: Wendy Wong, Linda Reardon, Scott Schweitzer, Diane Schoenborn, Patty Obregon, Bob Poage
Row 3: Sue Wong, Debbie Herman, Steve Lombard, Doug Ose, Mark Rasmussen, Jim Kralik
Row 4: Janiece Johnson, Terri Thompson, Irene Mendoza, Dave Richardson, Tom Yeates, Steve Wilson
Row 5: Dave Inderkum, Marilou Salasky
Row 6: Mr Siefkin, Mrs Christie, Eric Sudhoff
Mr Michaelson's Grade 4 class 1964-65 (courtesy of Diane Schoenborn 73)
Row 1: Sue Wong, Dave Kavrell, Lynne Vasquez, Dave Glasscock, Debbie Evans, Dave Inderkum
Row 2: Kevin Taylor, Sue Kapandritis, Tom Yeates, Karen Hughes, Anne Benbow, Terry Wulff
Row 3: Nick Ewing, Cathy Faber, Debbie Strader, Scott Bell, Claire Mower, Diane Schoenborn
Row 4: Janiece Johnson, Phil Busick, Jeff Gway, George McKee, Jeff Kanner, Holly Satter
Row 5: Stephen Pyle, Scott Schweitzer, Bob Poage, Dale Steinmann
Row 6: x, Mr Seifkin, Mr Michaelson, Mark Rasmussen
Mrs Marks' Grade 5 class 1965-66 (courtesy of Diane Schoenborn 73)
Row 1: Doug Wulff, Sally Baird, Dave Richardson, Terry Wulff, Brad Klein, Patty Obregon, Bob Poage, Holly Satter, Rod Bittner
Row 2: Andrea Church, David Fairbanks, Mrs Marks, Mr Seifkin, Dave Inderkum, Karen Hughes
Row 3: Scott Thompson, Debbie Strader, Steve Lombard, Dave Kavrell, Julie Rogers, Walton Takehara
Row 4: Terri Thompson, Tom Yeates, Allyson Thurber, Lynne Vasquez, Mark Rasmussen, Anne Benbow
Row 5: Garth Janke, Scott Schweitzer, x, William Hansen, Sue Wong, Scott Christiansen, Nick Ewing
Mrs Brown's Grade 6 class 1966-67 (courtesy of Diane Schoenborn 73)
Row 1: Marla Tjoelker, Steven Mishler, Terri Thompson, Walton Takehara, Sue Kapandritis, George McKee
Row 2: Diane Schoenborn, Dave Stone, Katie Alvord, Brad Klein, Joanne Bell, Scott Thompson
Row 3: Dayton Reardon, Michael Watson, Debbie Herman, William Hansen, Sydnie Tarro, Jeff Gway
Row 4: Sally Baird, Russ Levy, Nick Ewing, Mark Rasmussen
Row 5: Jane Gaugler, Anne Benbow, Mark Hine, Dave Glasscock
Row 6: Sally Reid, Mr Seifkin, Mrs Brown, Terry Wulff
Mr Fox's Grade 6 class 1966-67 (courtesy of Betsy Dozier 73)
Row 1: Alexis Czarnecki, Scott Schweitzer, Danalee Lavelle, David Kavrell, Betsy Dozier, Garth Janke
Row 2: Debbie Strader, Steve Pyle, Anne Simmermacher, Phil Busick, Patty Walker, Linda Reardan
Row 3: Kim Ankele, Frank Boutin, Gail Daby, Brad Mishler, Claire Mower, Gail Miller
Row 4: Brian Miller, Dale Steinmann, Bob Poage, Susan Wong
Row 5: Steve Wilson, Holly Bom, Mike Fenton, Michelle Mintle
Row 6: Scott Christiansen, Norman Siefkin (Principal, died in 68-69), Robert C Fox (teacher), Hollie Satter

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