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What's New

1/23/01: Daryl Pratt bio

1/15/01: Daryl Pratt

1/14/01: Mark Evans

1/9/01: Kathy Baldwin

1/2/01: Debbie Wray

12/12/00: Don Cooper update

12/6/00: Marty Buckles

12/5/00: Lucia Churches update

11/26/00: Rudy DiMassa bio

11/10/00: Mark Souza

11/7/00: Gail Miller update, Cindy Barksdale, Lola Dumont

11/3/00: Sydney Smeedens, Jayne Van Horn

11/1/00: Sydnie Tarro

10/24/00: Tom Kerth, Polly Hubbard, Nancy Hubbard

10/23/00: Greg Collentine

10/15/00: Terri Gallagher

10/10/00: Patrick Dunn

10/9/00: Kim Perry bio

10/7/00: Kim Perry

10/6/00: Sally Ashton, Mary Bailey

10/3/00: Valerie Russell

9/27/00: Kirk Smith 73 update, Chris Browning 73 update

9/26/00: Glenda Smaage

9/15/00: Mavis Pester, Michael Fahn

9/8/00: Directory: Melissa Schaefer, Steven Tompkins 73, Ellen Rake 73, Cindy Barkdale 73, Sallie Ashton 73, Mary Bailey 73, Bill Francis 73, Kim Perry 73, Sandra Thompson 73

8/28/00: Directory: Rett Smart

8/4/00: Directory: Colleen Logan  Bio: Colleen Logan

7/31/00: Directory: Russ Graehl

7/26/00: Gradeschool: added St Ignatius Grade 7 picture

7/25/00: Gradeschool: added Sierra Oaks and St Ignatius pictures, captions on Cottage pictures

7/24/00: Directory: Sandy McHenry  Bio: Sandy McHenry  Gradeschool: added Sierra Oaks pictures

7/20/00: Gradeschool: added Cottage pictures

7/19/00: Directory: Gail Haynes  Bio: Gail Haynes

7/16/00: Directory: Debbie Richmond, Gradeschool: added Greer pictures for Mrs Gehrig's kindergarten AM, Mrs Warner's grade 2, Mrs Lundblad's grade 3, Mr Carnes' grade 4, Mr McCoy's grade 5, Mr Thomas' grade 6

7/11/00: Gradeschool: added Mr Fox's Sierra Oaks Grade 6  Bio: Cathy Steinkoenig

7/10/00: Gradeschool: added Mrs Gehrig's Greer kindergarten, Mrs Regan's Edison grade 4, Mr Hearst's Edison grade 5

7/9/00: Directory Catherine Steinkoenig

7/6/00: Gradeschool: added Mrs Elms' Greer grade 1, Mrs Warner's Greer grade 3

6/9/00: Directory: Patti Prater  Bio: Patti Prater

5/2/00: Directory: Donna Prater

4/4/00: Directory: Craig Blake

3/17/00: Directory: Kathy Schroeder  Bio: Kathy Schroeder

3/12/00: Directory: Jami Deyo

3/7/00: Directory: Cynthia Connell  Bio: Cynthia Connell

2/9/00: Directory: Vernon Kelley

2/8/00: Directory: Diane Hewitt

1/30/00: Directory: Andrea Church

1/6/00: Directory: Humberto Forero

11/26/99: Directory Suzanne Hutchins

11/25/99: Directory: Chris Heimberg, Bio: Chris Heimberg

11/23/99: Directory: Larry Bettencourt, Bio: Larry Bettencourt

11/19/99: Directory: Rob Christophersen

11/15/99: Directory: Mike Chapman

11/10/99: Directory: Anne Benbow

10/14/99: Directory: Laurie Gile

9/23/99: Directory: Dona Lyn Jones, Rob Mainer update, Abbey Young update, Melissa Schaefer

9/15/99: Directory: Patty Russell, Scott Harris update

8/23/99: Directory: Karen Teakle

7/27/99: Directory: Carolyn Teel

7/6/99: Bio: Nancy Downs
              Directory: Nancy Downs

6/15/99: Bio: Gary Henderson
                Directory: Gary Henderson

5/15/99: Mini reunion: added Mini reunion page

4/13/99: Directory: Bruce Hunt, Ben Franklin
                Bio: Bruce Hunt

3/29/99: Added senior class picture from the Encina Tomahawk.

1/25/99: Directory: Connie Hall update

1/4/99: Directory: added Glenda Smaage

12/27/98: Photos: added Christmas photos for Dennis Plessas, Diane Schoenborn/Mike Kelly, Harlan Lau

12/21/98: Yearbook: Redid Frosh, Sophomore, Junior, Senior, Teacher sections using thumbnails to eliminate unnecessary pages.

12/17/98: Directory: added Greta Miller

11/26/98: 10th reunion: added memory book
                  15th reunion: added bios memory book, redid photos memory book
                  20th reunion: redid photos memory book

11/19/98: Directory: added Jayne Van Horn

11/11/98: Tidbits: Added copy of Dan Dickison's Sports Illustrated article

10/27/98: Reunion dinner: added Terri Smith's picture of Ken Smith to Photos 6

10/23/98: Added Archives page which contains past emailings from class webmaster.

10/11/98: Reunion dinner: added Jan Sooter's pictures to Photos 12
Dawn James

10/4/98: Gradnite: added Dawn James' pictures to Photos 4 and Photos 5
                Reunion dinner
: added Dawn James' pictures to Photos 9 and Photos 10 and Photos 11
                Reunion dinner
: added Dawn James' Capitol Suite pictures to Suite 5 and Suite 6 and Suite 7
                Family picnic:
added Dawn James' picture to Photos 4 and Photos 5

9/25/98: Top 5 Bob: golden oldie.
9/17/98: Directory: added Renee Veitenhans
9/16/98: Top 5 Bob: this week's list plus bonus list from the past.
                Reunion dinner: added Lucia Churches' Capitol Suite pictures to Suite 3 and Suite 4
9/12/98: Gradnite: added Lucia Churches' pictures to Photos 3
Reunion dinner: added Lucia Churches' pictures to Photos 7 and Photos 8
9/10/98: Directory: Errol Egolf
                Bios: Errol Egolf
9/9/98: Tidbits: from Jennifer Bailey
9/8/98: Photos:: added picture of John Ward's family (Photos3)
              Top 5 Bob: "Planet of the Apes"
9/3/98: Directory: added David Michael
              Reunion dinner: added stills captured from Lucia Churches video (page 6)
9/2/98: Bios: added Debbie Skalisky and Carol Mills. Added latest Top 5 Bob.
8/29/98: Reunion dinner: added Jennifer Bailey's photos (page 6)
8/27/98: Added more humor to 25th reunion.
8/25/98: Added "Top 5 Bob" page for Bob Nannini's weekly "Top 5" list as broadcast on FM 92.5 Tuesday mornings at 8am
8/24/98: Photos: Jane Gaugler and family
                Reunion dinner: more of George McKee's photos (page 5)
                Reunion: added more humor and comments
8/22/98: Added Comments about the 25th reunion from those who were there.
                Directory: added Carol Mills
8/21/98: Family picnic: added photos
8/20/98: Grad Night: added photos
                Reunion dinner: added photos
8/19/98: Bios: Marla Tjoelker
                Updated Reunion attendees, Grad Night, Family Picnic with actual attendees and comments.
                Photos: added Jan Sooter's children, Mike Kelly/Diane Schoenborn's son, Diane Johnson's Brownies
8/13/98: Reunion attendees: added Debbie Richmond, Linda Taylor, Heather Kendall, Debbie Lopes, Debbie Skalisky
                Bios: Debbie Skalisky; Directory: Debbie Skalisky
8/12/98: Photos: added Debbie Lopes' children.
                Reunion attendees: added William Boli, Janeen Jaquith, Chris Browning, Pamela Allen, Cindy Baker, Jack Carey
                Directory: add William Boli, Janeen Jaquith, Kirk Smith, Chris Browning, John Ward
                Bios: added Kirk Smith, Chris Browning Smith, Gail Miller, Colleen Hagen
                Address unknown: remove John Ward
8/11/98: Added Anne Benbow to directory. Added bios for Anne Benbow, John Ward, Eric Sudhoff and Lawrence Stallings.
                Added Debbie Petkovich to reunion attendees.
8/10/98: Added Jeff Kanner to directory. Added Patti Thomas Kraushar 72 to reunion attendees.
                Added bio for teacher Sandy Hunt, Lynne Vasquez and Heather Kendall.
                Address unknown: removed Heather Kendall, Stacey Barnes,Susan Funk,Michelle Mauvais,Marlene Smith
                     Lisa Henderson and Nikki Tanko.
                Address unknown: added Helene Bullat,Jennifer Chapman,Mike France,Judy McGugin,Wade Rankin,
                    Nina Shelton,Lexe Sherman,Sheryl Ann Spanfelner,Debra Todd,Cletus Wanner,Pam Whitsett
8/8/98: Added Heather Kendall to directory. Reorganized bios alphabetically on separate pages.
8/7/98: Added photo for Dennis Plessas. Added Tom O'Connor to gradnite and picnic.
              Added Reunion directory with contact information for out of town classmates for the reunion weekend.
8/6/98: Added Susan Funk, Doug Fullmer and Steve Skelly to reunion attendees. Carolyn Dankman will attend if possible.
              Revised bio for Susan La Cornu. Added photo for Dawn James. Added Tom Kerth to Gradnite.
              Remove Tony Niederberger from reunion attendees.
8/5/98: Added John Skaggs, Lori Kern and Marie Davies to reunion attendees. Tony Niederberger will attend if possible (he paid).
              Added Susan Funk, Dwight Fullmer and Maureen Coe to directory. Added bio for Susan Funk, Dwight Fullmer and Maureen Coe.
              Removed John Skaggs from Address unknown.
8/4/98: Added Kelcey Hall to directory. Added bio for Dawn James and Ellen Pawlowski (must reads)
              Added Dawn James and Maureen Coe to reunion attendees. Added Dawn James to gradnite.
8/3/98: Added Remembrance for Paula Bell from Connie Hall on In Memoriam page. Updated numerous pages.
8/2/98: Added Stacey Barnes and Debbie Fetch to directory. Added bio for Stacey Barnes and Debbie Fetch.
              Added Debbie Fetch to reunion attendees and gradnite. Added Stacey Barnes to gradnite and picnic attendees.
8/1/98: Added Photo of Harlan Lau's family.
7/31/98: Added Jeff Kanner to Reunion attendees. Updated Tidbits. Added Pepai Falck to directory.
7/30/98: Remove David Stone from Address unknown. Finalize location for Grads Only Night. Updated Teachers page.
7/29/98: Added bio for Pepai Falck. Updated Teachers page.
7/28/98: Added Laverne Gonzales to reunion attendees. Added Photo of Jane Gaugler. Updated Teachers page.
7/27/98: Added bio for Lucia Churches, George McKee, John Rittenhouse, Suzanne Crowder-Patch. Updated Jane Gaugler's bio.
                Added Brad Brereton, John Rittenhouse and Suzanne Crowder-Patch to class directory.
                Updated Teachers page with information about teachers
7/26/98: Added Teachers and staff pictures from 1973 Encinian yearbook under the Yearbook section.
7/25/98: Added Karen Yoder to Reunion Attendees
Added Teachers page with information about teachers
                Added Bios for Diane Schoenborn, Mike Kelly, Janice Sooter,Kevin Wilson,Lori Clancy,Marilyn Palmore,Thomas O'Connor,
                Loni Whalen,Connie Hall,Tim McCarthy,Abbey Young,Eric Carleson,Michael Fahn,Tim Essert,Scott Harris,Kim Benedetti,
                Pat Buckner, Mike Brown,Sue Rhodes,Scott Mathews
                Updated bio for Cynthia Connell, Shirley Bedford,Todd Brownell.
7/23/98: Updated Reunion Attendees, Family Picnic and Grads Only Night with confirmed responses
                Added pictures from Jan Sooter, Sally Enos, Connie Hall, and Tim Essert to Photos. Updated Tidbits.
Added bios for Margie Hyland and Charlene Devere Greenly.
                Added Michael Fahn,Tim Essert,Scott Harris,Scott Mathews,Phil Olivas,Marilyn Palmore,Lori Clancy,
                Kevin Wilson,Loni Whalen,Tim McCarthy,Ellen Pawlowski,Connie Hall,Abbey Young  to Class Directory.
7/22/98: Added Judy Flint Crackel,  Joan Shafsky Oates and Karen Teakle Lemieux to Reunion Attendees
7/21/98: Alan Skoonberg found by Kerry Shearer.
7/20/98: Added bios for Jerilynn Delmar Ferrari and Stephanie Dugas
                Added Jerilynn Delmar Ferrari, Stephanie Dugas and Eric Carleson to directory.
                Removed Melinda Wilkerson Maita, Stephanie Dugas and Dwight Fullmer from Address Unknown
Updated Reunion Attendees and Family Picnic with confirmed responses
7/18/98: Added bios for Jolie Ostrow Baron and Annette Dreyfus Chaconas. Added Annette Dreyfus Chaconas to directory.
                Updated Reunion Attendees with confirmed responses
7/16/98: Added bios for Julia Nickles and Jennifer Bailey.
7/15/98: Updated Reunion Attendees with confirmed responses.
                Added Photos with pictures of classmates and/or their families. George McKee is the first to submit a photo.
7/14/98: Updated Reunion Attendees with confirmed responses. Updated Grads Only Night attendees.
                Added Terri Smith, Marilyn Ables Twamley and Jim Twamley to directory.
                Added bios for Terri Smith, Marilyn Ables Twamley, Jim Twamley and Nancy Patton.
7/13/98: Updated Reunion Attendees. Added bios for Brad Brereton, Debbie Lopes Grutzmacher. Added Debbie Lopes Grutzmacher to directory.
7/8/98: Added Dennis Plessas bio.
7/5/98: Added Jeff Jessee to bios and directory.
6/30/98: Added Gail Miller to directory. Updated Tidbits page. If you would like to submit a new, revised bio after reading some
                of the bios your classmates have submitted, go ahead.
6/28/98: Separated Bios and Tidbits pages. Moved What's New to separate page. Added Debbie Burruss to bios and directory.
6/25/98: Added Paul Rankin to directory. New bio for Rett Smart.
6/24/98: Added Diane Maples Clower and Pamela Allen Connor to directory. Added tidbit for Elliott Mandell
6/23/98: Added tidbit for Diane Maples Clower.
6/22/98: Added tidbit for Jane Gaugler Daly and Kathleen Ketcherside Arceo.
                Added Margie Hyland and Kathleen Ketcherside Arceo to directory.
                Updated Reunion attendees.
6/18/98: Added Mark Rasmusson to directory and tidbits. Added form to submit bio.
6/17/98: Added tidbit for Merry Daniels Heizer
6/16/98: Added Jane Gaugler Daly, Rick Stalker, Marilyn Ables Twamley and Janet Hair Derfler to directory.
6/14/98: Added Frosh Yearbook pictures.
6/12/98: Rescanned Junior year pictures so more legible. Added Rick Anderson to Address Unknown.
6/9/98: Added form to RSVP for the reunion activities and/or submit the reunion questionaire.
6/8/98: Added Bruce Mayes and Merry Daniels to directory.
6/6/98: Added Yearbook pictures for Sophomore year
6/4/98: Added Shirley Bedford Robinson to directory and tidbits pages.
6/1/98: Updated Reunion dinner and family picnic information.
5/28/98: Added Yearbook pictures for Junior year
5/27/98: Added Julia Nickles to directory.
5/26/98: Removed Lani McDonnel and Bruce Mayes from Address Unknown
5/21/98: Added names to Yearbook photos so "search" will find photos.
5/20/98: Added tidbit for Dan Dickison.
5/19/98: Added Eric Sudhoff & Bob Nannini to Grads Only night attendees (see Bob's classic quote).
                Remove Julia Nickles and  Joanna Floyd from Address Unknown
5/18/98: Added Grads Only night page to reunion website. Family picnic is official reunion function now.
5/12/98: Diane Schoenborn Kelly has reserved a park for the reunion family picnic. Thanks Diane.
5/11/98: Added tidbit for Carolyn Dankman Fassler (READ THIS).
5/10/98: Added Senior graduation pictures from 1973 Encinian yearbook
5/7/98: Added tidbit for Chris Sutter and Karen Farmer Sutter.
5/5/98: Added tidbits for Diane Johnson and Susan La Cornu, remembrance for Guy Rogers.
              Added 15th reunion photo memories book.
5/4/98: Added 20th reunion photo memories book. Added Gary Phillips to Directory.
5/3/98: Added 20th reunion bios.
5/2/98: Remembrance for Dale Anderson from his wife Pat.
4/29/98: Moved website to .
                See 25th reunion for details about the next reunion committee meetings.
4/28/98: Added Sydnie Moore to Directory. Removed Diane Johnson from Address Unknown.
4/27/98: Added Linda Russel to Directory. Added new tidbit for Patty Michael, revised tidbit for Alan Lew,
                added Marilyn Ables and Jim Twombley as SEVENTH married couple. Remembrances for Lynne Vasquez
                and Glenn Vranas.
4/24/98: Added Bob Nannini tidbit. This man needs help! Added Russ Levy to Class Directory. Updated Address
4/23/98: I'm happy to report that Dave Glasscock was mistakenly listed on the Memoriam page! Thanks to
                Bill Grebitus for tracking Dave down in Idaho where he runs Idaho Angling Services. Sorry Dave!
4/22/98: Added Will Leaver and Laurinda Shelly Leaver to Class Directory, Tidbits, Would like to see.
                The SIXTH married couple. Added Remembrance for David Amorena. Updated Reunion Attendees,
                Class roster, Family picnic.
4/20/98: Added Marie Bain and Susan La Cornu to Class Directory. Added Marie Bain to Tidbits.
4/17/98: Updated Family picnic.
4/16/98: Updated Reunion Attendees, Address unknown, Family picnic.
4/15/98: Added Encina High School Class Directory (1972 to 1975) with charter members.
                Updated Reunion Attendees. Added Remembrance for Claire Mower. Tweaked various things.
4/13/98: Added Chris Sutter and Karen Farmer Sutter to Class Directory. Updated Address Unknown and
                In Memoriam pages. Changed Looking For page to Would like to see page as title was misleading.
4/12/98: Added Sue Nicol Thibodeaux to Class Directory. Added Rett Smart to Tidbits. Added Corvallis OR to
                "Where people live" because Kim Benedetti complained. Links to Class of 77 and 87 websites.
4/9/98: Added Pam Jurich Mann and Charlene Devere Greenly to Class Directory.
              Added "Class of 73" page with complete roster of classmates.
4/6/98: Added Cynthia Connell to Class Directory and Tidbits. Added Pamela Jurich to Tidbits.
              Added "Looking For" page.
4/3/98: Added Nancy Patton to Class Directory. Added Todd Brownell to Tidbits.
3/30/98: Added Kim Benedetti Burnap, Don Cooper and Patricia Michael Thiessen to Class Directory.
3/26/98: Added fifth married couple and Alan Lew to Tidbits page. Added Colleen Hagen Starr to Class Directory.

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