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Class of 1973 Tidbits

This page is devoted to odds and ends about our fellow classmates.  Feel free to email Harlan your contribution.

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Dan Dickison recently wrote an article which appeared in Sports Illustrated. Click on the article to see a full size version which you can read.

dan_dickison_article.JPG (306700 bytes)
Jennifer Bailey writes:
My son Brian has Mr. Gonzales for Spanish 2 this year - the same year I had him for Spanish 2 27 years ago. It's going to be fun going to back-to-school night and rubbing that in to him, after spending a lot of time visiting with him at the reunion.
Jane Gaugler Daly is running for Citrus Heights City Council. See her webpage: www.calweb.com/~jdbanker/
Ellen Pawlowski runs a bed and breakfast called:
Harbor Day Homestay Bed & Breakfast
Ellen Sharpsteen
P.O. Box 1255
Petersburg, Alaska 99833
(907) 772-3971
Jeri Delmar taught a computer class at American River College in which Stephanie Dugas was a student.
Christine Kojima writes "I had Jack Carey's granddaughter in my Spanish 3 class last semester." Charlene Devere says my son took Spanish from Christine.
Here some classmates with interesting email addresses:
Chris Sutter & Karen Farmer: jaskas@pacbell.net
Connie Hall: mediaquen@aol.com 
Dawn James: fightsfat@aol.com
Ellen Pawlowski: harbrday@alaska.net
Jane Gaugler: jdbanker@calweb.com
Jennifer Bailey: peency@aol.com  (ask her what it means)
John Rittenhouse: madcats@pacbell.net
Lucia Churches: loosha@pacbell.net
Marilyn Palmore: amermaid@maui.net  (my favorite)
Rett Smart: irsmart@ix.netcom.com
Scott Harris: insursrvcs@aol.com 
Tim Essert: dessert@unlimited.net
Scott Mathews is a music producer, film composer, song doctor and multi-instrumentalist.
FILM CREDITS: movies range from One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest to Wag the Dog.
SONGWRITER: songs recorded by artists including Barbara Streisand and Dave Edmunds.
PRODUCED,RECORDED,PERFORMED WITH: Beach Boys,Eric Clapton,Mick Jagger,Huey Lewis,Carlos Santana,Barbara Streisand,Johnny Cash,George Harrison,Boz Scaggs,Bonnie Raitt,Todd Rundgren,Ringo Starr,Neil Young and others.
Mike Brown is Division Chief of the Protective Services Division for the California Highway Patrol.
Julia Nickles is an investment banker who maintains residences in San Francisco, Incline Village and New York City.
Will Leaver owns and operates Connect! Corp, an Internet Service Provider in Washington State and the host of the Encina website.
Mark Rasmusson started and owns Rasmark Jet Charter, "The Premier Jet Charter Company in the Southwest!" See www.rasmark.com for details.
Harlan Lau works for Rambus, a Silicon Valley computer company which was the top performing IPO (initial public offering) of 1997. After going public on 5/13/97 at $12, Rambus closed the year at $45.75 for a 281% gain. See www.rambus.com for details.
The following classmates are married to each other:
    Bill Boli and Janeen Jaquith
    Kirk Smith and Christie Browning
    Mike Kelly and Diane Schoenborn
    Steve Tompkins and Ellen Rake
    Karen Farmer and Chris Sutter
    Bill Leaver
and Laurinda Shelly
    Marilyn Ables
and Jim Twamley
Dan Dickison lives on Wadmalaw Island in South Carolina.
Mary Lou Salasky Goldman lives in Tel Aviv, Israel.
Denisa Smith Myrick has 10 children.

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