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Class of 1973 - 25 year reunion attendees

Reunion Attendees

This is the official list people who attended the reunion dinner.

NOTE: Married women are listed alphabetically by their maiden names.



Pamela Allen Connor
Jennifer Bailey Kimsey
Cindy Baker Brooks
Shirley Bedford Robinson
Anne Benbow Polli
Kim Benedetti Burnap and husband Ed
William Boli
Brent Bombola and wife Marcie
Carol Boyes
Michael Brown and wife Vicky (paid but no show)
Todd Brownell and wife Janet
Pat Buckner and wife Nancy
Shauna Burns Snyder
Debbie Burruss
Jack Carey (teacher)
Eric Carleson and wife Susan
Lucia Churches
Lori Clancy Schmidt
Lorna Cline
Maureen Coe
Cynthia Connell
Don Cooper
Suzanne Crowder


Merry Daniels Heizer
Marie Davies Ahola
Jerilynn Delmar Ferrari
Charlene Devere Greenley
Gil Dobson
Annette Dreyfus Chaconas
Sally Enos Locke-Paddon and husband Bill
Tim Essert and wife Diana
Mike Fahn and Wanda Brittin
Pepai Falck
Debbie Fetch Garner
Judy Flint Crackel
Doug Fullmer
Susan Funk Lau


Jane Gaugler Daly and husband Mike
Laverne Gonzales (teacher)
Sue Grassi Formanek
Colleen Hagen Starr
Janet Hair Derfler and husband Rich
Kelcey Hall
Scott Harris and wife Kimberly
Gary Henderson and wife Beverly
Lisa Henderson Chapa
Margaret Hyland


Dawn James
Janeen Jaquith Boli
Jeff Jessee
Diane Johnson
Pamela Jurich Mann
Jeff Kanner and wife Debbi
Michael Kelly
Vernon Kelley
Heather Kendall
Lori Kern Pielock and husband Bob
Kathleen Ketcherside Arceo and husband Glen
Susan La Cornu and husband Jack Patterson
Harlan and wife Joyce
Debbie Lopes


Elliott Mandell
Scott Mathews and wife Kolleen
Michelle Mauvais and husband Douglas
Margie McConnell Johnson and husband
George McKee and wife Barbara
Gail Miller
Shirley Myers Carpenter and husband Gary
Bob Nannini
Tom O'Connor
Phil Olivas and wife Nancy
Jolie Ostrow Baron


Marilyn Palmore Lard
Nancy Patton
Mavis Pester
Debbie Petkovich Verniest
Gary Phillips
Dennis Plessas
Sue Rhodes Upton
Debbie Richmond
John Rittenhouse and wife Marianne


Diane Schoenborn Kelly
Mike Short and girlfriend
Anne Simmermacher Neihaus
John Skaggs
Ken Smith
Terri Smith and husband David McMurray
Janice Sooter Chally
Eric Sudhoff
Linda Taylor Hunter
Karen Teakle Lemieux and husband Don
Patti Thomas Kraushar 72
Marla Tjoelker


Stan Watts
Missy Wilkerson Maita and husband Steve
Kevin Wilson


Karen Yoder Ensley

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