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Class of 1973 - 25 year reunion grads-only night

Pictures by Dawn James

Harlan, Mike Fahn taking picture of Dawn taking picture of them taking picture... Sue Rhodes, Mary Lorman, Kim Tiller
gradnite_harlan_mfahn.JPG (42121 bytes) gradnite_rhodes_lorman_tiller.JPG (38447 bytes)
Debbie Burruss, Debbie Skalisky, Sue Rhodes, Lucia Churches, Margie Hyland Lucia Churches
gradnite_burruss_skalisky_rhodes_churches_hyland.JPG (52996 bytes) gradnite_lucia_churches_closeup.JPG (22579 bytes)
Dave Valle, Eric Sudhoff Mike Short, Mike Fahn
gradnite_valli_sudhoff.JPG (38142 bytes) gradnite_short_fahn.JPG (37684 bytes)
Sue Grassi, Kelcey Hall Kelcey Hall
gradnite_grassi_kelcey.JPG (47376 bytes) gradnite_kelcey_hall_closeup.JPG (47125 bytes)
Dawn James, Sue Grassi, Kelcey Hall Kim Tiller
gradnite_dawn_grassi_kelcey_kissing.JPG (45109 bytes) gradnite_kim_tiller_closeup.JPG (27385 bytes)

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