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Homecoming 2003 float & pregame party

Here are some pictures from the pregame homecoming party in the El Camino HS cafeteria on  Friday, November 7, 2003.

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BBQing Vice principal Stephen Gatewood Peggy Sheagley selling tickets to football game Making nametags
Marilyn Pearce Spartz, Cheryl Chambers, Don Brodnansky Elnora Bradish, Dwight Bradish 76 Dave Linn 63 & wife, Leslie Cameron Silva 65, Barbara McKee Craig 65, Gary Craig 65, John Yeats 63 & wife Sandy Cameron Farmer 85 & kids
Tom Stewart 67, Jeralyn Cupps Krug 67 & family Becky Hurley with students ?, ?, ? Becky Hurley, Vince Marelich, ? Dahlbergs buying dinner
Don Brodnansky, ?, Myrtle Berry   Jeff Luc 85 & wife, Kathryn Gill 85 Bo Stevenson 82 and family
John Yeats 63, Bruce McMahon 63, Dave Linn 63 John Nunez 74, ? Bill Johns 75 & son Buddy Pati Price Rader 75 & Bill Johns 75
Cathy Rust Cademarti 64, Irene Leafe, Vince Marelich Pati Price Rader 75 and family Jon Dahlberg 71, Dave Dahlberg 77, Dan Dahlberg 74 (Colorado) and kidlets Jeff Luc 85, Dawna Spivey Hunter 85, Sandy Cameron Farmer 85, Kathryn Gill 85
Kate Grebitus 75, Bob Kennedy 74,  Don Hagy 76, Frank Kearny 68 Chris Lorman McIntyre 85, Mary Mackintosh Crain 85, Dawna Spivey 85, Sandy Cameron 85, Kathryn Gill 85, Jeff Luc 85    

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