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Homecoming 2003 game

Encina lost to Lindhurst HS 13-14 at El Camino HS after leading 13-0 in the fourth quarter.

Here are some pictures from Encina's Homecoming game at El Camino stadium on Friday, November 7, 2003.

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John Yeats 63 & wife with PT Cruiser Woody Cathy Rust Cademarti 64 and her 2002 Mustang Greg Grant 75 with Bob Bingham 75's kids Chester Gragg (husband of Lorna Cline Gragg 72/73) & his Jeep, ?, ?
Vice principal Paul Oropallo Jerry Burks 71 with Senior Royalty Cassandra O'Leary and Aron King Barbara McKee Craig 65 and her 72 Porsche 914 Patrick Dunn 73 and Jerry Burks 71's Porsche 911SC Targa
Sophomore Royalty Shawnquece Williams and ? Senior Royalty Cassandra O'Leary and Aron King Jerry Burks 71 and his Harley Russ Hibbard's Jaguar
Marquisha Smith (Junior Princess waving) Cathy Rust Cademarti 64 with Senior Royalty Matt Baggs and Alyssa Foehr Homecoming King Sonny Chavez, Senior princess Elenoa Fatiua, Barbara McKee Craig 65, John Yeats 63 Cheerleaders Jamila Ross-Sparks (second) and Jessica Eason (third)
Becky Hurley, Jerry Burks 71 Freshmen Float Sophomore Float driven by class advisor Cade Redkey Junior Float driven by class advisor Romano Luchini
Senior Float Senior Float Greg Grant 75 Greg Grant 75
Greg Grant 75 Chester Gragg John Yeats 63 Patrick Dunn 73
Barbara McKee Craig 65   Cathy Rust 64 Paul Oropallo
    Stephen Gatewood, Becky Hurley Carol Markell Keller 78, Bill Murphy 76
Rett Smart, daughter Katie & friend Karen Schoenborn 76, Brian Pearson 75   Barbara McKee Craig 65, Gary Craig 65
JV coaches ?, ?, Bob Bingham 75 Bulldog mascot ? with kids   Bob Bingham 75 and kids
Final score:
Encina 13, Lindhurst 14

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