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Reunion for Madrigals and Music Alumni

Here are some pictures from the reunion for Madrigals and music alumni with Jack Carey in the El Camino HS band room on Friday, November 7th, 2003.

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  Sign by Robb Mainer 73    
Jack Carey with wife Joanna and daughter Julie Julie Carey, Susan Bly Whatley 71 Judy Hedenus McGowan 61 (Pennsylvania) Jane Larson Smith 69, Tom Larson 64 and wife Jennie
Tom Larson 64, Jennie Larson, Jane Larson 69 David Robinson 79 Sam Hovey 67, Pam Coombs Hovey 66 (Washington) David Shaffer 68
Kathie Cooper 67, Tom Larson 64, Cecilie Busath 77, Jack Doris Wilson Abott 75 & daughter Doris Wilson Abott 75 & daughter Linda Goff 67, Scott Schrunk 67
Jane Larson 69, Merri Sue Goff Brown 72, Susan Bly 71 Dave Miller 70, Ray Crandal 71, Guy Blair 70 Linda Goff 67, Cecilie Busath King 78 Vivian Watson Baughman 76 and family
Joanna & Julie Carey, Pati Price Rader 75 & daughter Joanna & Julie Carey, Pati Price Rader 75 & daughter Ray Crandal 71, Merri Sue Goff 72, Guy Blair 70 looking at Jack Carey's memorabilia Doris Wilson 75, Vivian Watson 76, Patri Price 75 and their daughters
  Merri Sue Goff 72, Joanna & Julie Carey Sue Stegenga Ward 75, Doris Wilson 75, Pati Price 75 Alan Stroppini 66, Lynne Gile Tracy 78
Linda Goff 67, Jane Larson 69, Lynne Gile 78, Judy Hedenus 61 Sam Hovey 67, Pam Coombs Hovey 66 Doris Wilson 75, Sue Stegenga 75, Pati Price 75 Vivian Watson 76, Becky King 76
Sue Stegenga 75, Lynne Gile 78 Scott Schrunk 67    

Madrigal shirts from Jack Carey's collection

1975-76 1976-77 1977-78 1979-80

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