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Bob Nannini writes:
Ok...let's see...after high school was college at UC Davis; majored in child development and spent some time in child care work and counseling emotionally disturbed children...they taught me well. Went to graduate school for a Master's in public administration, because I thought the world needed another bureaucrat and I am now happily expending your hard earned tax dollars. Intermingled with all that, I got married, then divorced; but not before having two children who are my breaths of heaven: Jaymie, who's 12, and Gregory, who's 7. I've dabbled in community theater for the past 12 years or so; specifically children's theater at the Chautauqua Playhouse at the old La Sierra High School. Just finished the "Gingerbread Man" where I played (you guessed it)...Da Man. Even wrote a children's play which has been produced at the theater twice, and even won a Sacramento Elly award for best children's production! Zowie! My 15-minutes of fame continue to be a small, eencie-weencie weekly segment on Sacramento's number one morning radio show...the Paul & Phil Show on Y-92.5. I get to read a Top 5 list (a la Dave Letterman's Top 10). I only do five, cause I guess I'm only half as tall. I took a shot at running for president of the Hair Club for Men. I had a great idea for lowering the cost of the "replacement systems" by using squirrel pelts. Seems, however, that one of my models got bit by an infected flea and died of the plague. I lost all my support after that...go figure. So, then I turned to promoting mudwrestling...no fleas there (at least I hope not). That didn't last too long either, though. I tried to save money by using my own mud. I was able to scoop a bunch from the duck pond by my house, but one of the "athletes" screamed bloody murder when she found a dead crawdad in her thong...sheesh, whatta crab! Speaking of crabs, prison wasn't too bad. I mainly worked in the kitchen cleaning out the bug zapper. That was a great job cause I helped keep the food clean when possible and, if I felt the overpowering urge to do evil, I simply wet my finger and stuck it into the zapper. Presto...portable shock therapy! The bad news is I kinda have a permanent static electric charge about me; but, the good news is I can stick to walls like when we rubbed balloons against our hair! Isn't that shocking?? I look forward to shaking everyone's hand at the reunion....hmmmm.....I better go now....I just got done watching Springer which always gets me in the mood for a good jolt!
Julia Nickles writes:
Bio: After Encina, U.C. Berkeley (majored in Political Science and Economics), then on to Washington, D.C. for 6 years. First as a lobbyist for the State of California (yes, I worked for Jerry Brown) and then for the House Banking Cmte. Then wicked New York where I straddled the Atlantic for the first six of ten years in the city, working for various Wall Street firms. Great fun starting mortgage companies in the UK (truly learned the meaning of "two cultures separated by a common language"). One year off for travel. Since returning to the US in '96, I've been bi-coastal, working for a NY firm, but trying to do so from either Lake Tahoe or San Francisco.
Trivia: I discovered the upside of downsizing. When the mortgage market tanked, I took the entire year of 1995 to travel around the world -- put everything in storage and didn't return to the U.S. until Christmas. An unforgettable experience, from the jungles of Papua New Guinea, the top of Mt Kilimanjaro, the deep of the Great Barrier Reef, the Great Wall of China, the outback of Australia, the ruins of ancient Turkey and so much more. And who would have guessed I'd end up back in my old job. Such a wonderful gift the year was.
Hobbies: Heli-skiing, scuba diving, tennis, biking and I'm even trying golf.
Heard_about_website_from: Dan Dickison told me about it.
Thomas O'Connor writes:
Bio: I obtained a BA and an MA from CSUS, both in Psychology. I have been the Executive Diredtor of the Board of Psychology since 1987. Prior to that, I had a late childhood.
Jolie Ostrow Baron writes:
Bio: I attended Cal-Poly, San Luis Obispo for two years, got married and had three children, was divorced after 17 years of marriage. I have done a lot of volunteer work including being a girl scout leader, serving meals at a homeless shelter, and working at the S.P.C.A. I am currently teaching Kindergarten part-time and have returned to college part time to finish my teaching credential.
Friends: Jan Sooter, Cindi Connell, Marla Tjoelker
Hobbies: gardening, reading, Contra dancing, riding my bike, taking care of all my pets
Kids: Michelle - age 15 and 1/2, Pam - age 13 and 1/2, Matthew - age 7 and 1/2
Heard_about_website_from: on the reunion committee
Comments: Harlan, You have done an awesome job on this website!
Marilyn Palmore writes:
Bio: mom and emergency room nurse.
Trivia: I dance Hula in a Hula Halau (group or family of dancers). Nothing else out of the ordinary I guess.
Children: Breanne 16, Zachary 14, Audra 13
Nancy Patton writes:
Bio: I live in Sacramento, very near the neighborhood where we grew up. I have worked for the Governor's Office for 16 years, working on local government legislation. I also owned and operated a catering business for nine years. I lived in San Diego for six years, going to school (and the beach)! I am single, but no longer wild; well not as wild!
Friends: Connie Hall, Mark Knepprath, Patty Russell, Mike Kirkpatrick.
Who I would like to see at the reunion: My old friends from Dyer Kelly Grammar School.
Hobbies: Cooking, gardening, and walking.
Heard_about_website_from: Lucia Churches
Comments: Thanks to Harlan and the Reunion Committee for all the hard work and the wonderful Website. My coworkers have checked out my high school class pictures and they think they're quite funny!
Kim Perry writes:
Occupation: Re-Entry College Student
Bio: What haven't I been doing since graduation?  Political activist, mom, cosmetology license in two states, business owner for 10 years and now back to school to get my Masters.
Trivia: Everything about me is interesting and none of it is trivia!!!!!!
Friends: Kathy Schroeder who- at this very web sight - agreed with me, only couldn't remember my last name!  What is up with that? Best friend my ass!  Thanks Kathy - I have missed you to since the 20th reunion.  Your hair still blonde?
Hobbies: Politicial Activist - Fishing - Mom
Kids: My daughter Kate is 18 and living in Arkansas- planning on going to medical school.   My son Sam  is almost 11 and is the light of my life.  What a handful!   We do fun things together like fishing, football etc.
Grade_school: Hillsadale Elementary
Junior_high: Don Julio Junior High
Memorable_teachers: Mr. D from History.  Kathy and I used to cut his class all the time-ended up failing.  What a surprise! He was a great teacher!  Also the football coach at the time who would not let me try out for kicker on the team.  Hope he is a little more enlightened these days!!
Favorite_memory: Goofing off with Kathy and checking out the cute guys!
Heard_about_website_from: classmates.com
PINE, LORETTA A. In this city March 13, 2001 loving mother of Charity L. Horn & Joseph Schroeder. Beloved sister of Jo Lynn Pine & the late John R. Pine. Beloved daughter of Joseph C. Pine & the late Mary K. Pine. Loving grandmother of Abigayle Horn. A native of  Sacramento age 45. Friends are invited to attend funeral services Monday, March 19, 2001 at 2:00PM at Nicoletti, Culjis & Herberger, 5401 Folsom Blvd. Interment East Lawn

Dennis Plessas writes:
Bio Update- Shortly after retiring from Sacramento Metro Fire in 2006, I began a limited term consulting project for the Sacramento Regional Office of Homeland Security (which concluded in 2008). Since then I've taken on additional public safety (local agency) consulting projects focusing on evaluating emergency operations and management.
My wife Melisa (El Camino class of 1975) continues to supervise an outpatient clinic at Mercy San Juan Hospital that involves the management of high risk pregnancies. The girls are both in school (Kelsey at Chico and Whitney at RAH).
In addition to working (mostly part time), I continue to find that health and fitness are a big priority in life. Bicycling has been my main source of physical activity and has become a passion as well as a hobby (following bike races and rides and occasionally participating in events). In addition, and because I have slightly more discretionary time, I'm now able to stay connected to my family and friends (including my brother Mike (EHS Class of 71) and have time for home remodeling and community projects. We continue to live in the Sacramento area and will most likely be here for a number of years.
Trivia: I won 2nd place in a local (over 40) bicycle time trial race (you against the clock). Suprising!
BestFriends: So many friends and acquaintances that I lossed contact with but many more that I've reconnected with over the years and mainly through our class reunions and events.
Hobbies: Traveling to San Francisco and the bay area, fitness (running, biking & hiking) around Nothern California....
Bio: Immediately after graduation, I attended American River JC without really knowing what I wanted to do in life. A short time later, I happened to cross paths with a former high school friend (Paul Rankin). He suggested that I may want to check out the fire department (where he was working) for a possible "part time" job. Well that was 23 years ago and I am now a Division Chief with the American River Fire District (serving metropolitan Sacramento County). Early on, I expended most all my time and energy dedicated exclusively to my career path (college, seminars, medic-EMT school/s, special assignments, etc..). I was also extremely involved in specialized technical and swift-water rescue stuff to the extreme that I starting teaching part time for a company called Rescue-3 located in Sonora California (on my fire department days off). A few years later, (1980's) my interest changed dramatically and I got involved in fire department 911 computer systems, telephone systems and voice radio equipment. Since then I have managed and worked on various fire department technical/communications related projects. During the same time I have also been assigned as the fire department spokesperson (public information officer). At times, this assignment has been a challenge of a different nature (depending upon the particular news story/s of the day)! Over the years my leisure time included playing competitive racquetball, and cycling. In mid 1980's I played drums in a rock-n-roll band called the "Generics". We adopted that name because we never wrote any new material, we simply copied songs from other bands. The band played (part time) for about 3 years then broke up (for various reasons). In 1994 I met Melisa, and after 40 years of bachelor-hood we married in 1995. I became a stepfather to 2 wonderful little girls (Whitney now 6 years old and Kelsey 8 years old). Melisa works for Mercy Healthcare as a manager of a pregnancy and diabetes program. We live in Gold River (near Folsom).
Friends: My brother Mike Plessas (class 71), Oran Miller (class of 71), Steve Tompkins, Mark Evans, Dave Morton
Hobbies: Racquetballl, cycling (with my kids), movies, swimming, traveling (vacations only!)
Kids: OK - I was a confirmed bachlor for about 40 years. But being married and having a family is about the best thing that has happened! My stepkids are the greatest!! There doing excellent in school, they are extremely well behaved, and well mannered. But most of all it's great to watch them learn, grow and have fun!!
Comments: Harlan - Great Job!!!!!!!! - Keep up the good work.... Dennis
See Photos for a picture of Dennis Plessas and his family.

Patti Prater writes:
Occupation: Senior Tax Rep.
Bio: Enjoying "life after 40."  I know that sounds odd because when I think about high school I think about the days we never considered what our lives would be after 40. 'Cuz 40 was soooo old.  Well, now I'm remarried (5 year anniversary coming up this December).  I have a beautiful 12-old daughter, April and we live the comfortable Sacramento suburban life (still in Sacramento).  My husband, Dan, is from Yuba City.  Our favorite past-times are playing Play Station video games (don't laugh), walking the dog, and April's activities (she recently attended a WNBA basketball clinic).  Yes, she's tall like me.  Hopefully, more athletic -- definetly better looking.  I haven't been to a reunion since 1988 but will consider Homecoming and our next one.  
Friends: Shirley Myers (haven't seen her for quite a few years); Sallie Ashton; Suzanne Hutchins and Donna Prater (no relation) (see them at bingo sometimes);  Suzanne Crowder (we bump into each other, normally at the GTC conference); Debbie Fetch (I feel guilty not keeping in touch); Jennifer Bailey (it's been a long time).  Heather Kendall (it's been a realllllly long time).
Grade_school: Wyda Way
Grade_school_friends: Debbie Fetch, Shirley Bedford, Bruce Hunt (and others)
Junior_high: Howe Ave.
Junior_high_friends: I'm having brain fade.
Memorable_teachers: Joe Pat. I was a Freshman during his last year as an Art teacher at Encina and I was lousey at art but loved the class and, of course, Mr. Pat.  He made a lasting impression and a few years later I saw him at his Xmas tree lot....not sure he remembered me.  
Favorite_memory: Twirling a fire baton at one of the games.  Heather Kendall, Nancy Trowbridge and I were just a "little nervous."  I just wanted to get it over before one of us burned down the stadium (or ourselves) ha ha.  But, it was a fun (gotta try it once experience).
Heard_about_website_from: Knew the reunion was on-line from Suzanne Crowder
Daryl Pratt writes:
Born and raised in Sacramento California, Daryl Pratt lived in Southern California before migrating to Australia in 1985. He holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from California Institute of the Arts and a Master of Fine Arts degree from The University of California in San Diego. His percussion teachers have included John Bergamo, Jean-Charles Francois and Ronald George. He studied drum set with Stanley Lunetta and South Indian mridangam with T.H. Subashchandran. Awards and scholarships include Skin Full readers poll top 1995 keyboard percussionist, the Isaac and Clara Jacobs Award (1978-1980), The La Jolla Jazz Society Scholarship (1983-1984) and scholarships from the Office of Graduate Studies and Research, UCSD (1980-1984).

Daryl has a very broad performance background with an emphasis in improvised and contemporary classical music. He was a member of Sonor directed by Bernard Rands (1977-1984) and Pipeline with Simone deHaan (1987-1995). He is currently a member of The Australia Art Orchestra directed by Paul Grabowsky, AtmaSphere , andThe Chad Wackerman Group. His orchestral experience includes timpanist with The La Jolla Civic Orchestra (1978-1980) performances with the San Diego Symphony Orchestra and Sydney Symphony Orchestra and timpanist with the Canberra Symphony Orchestra (1985-1990). Since moving to Sydney in 1991, Daryl has performed with many groups including: Sydney Alpha, Synergy, The Seymour Group, The Australia Ensemble and Australysis. In 1993 Daryl founded his own critically acclaimed quartet, Sonic Fiction.

Daryl is a composer and an educator. His compositions for solo, chamber and choir include commissions supported by the Australia Council. He appears on ABC, Lovely, Naxos, CRI, Rufus Records, EFA, VoxAustralis, Fleur de Son Classics, and Tall Poppies recordings. Daryl has taught at The University of California, San Diego and Canberra Institute of the Arts. He has been Lecturer in Percussion at The Sydney Conservatorium of Music since 1991, Head of the Brass and Percussion Division in 1995 and is currently Chair of the Percussion Unit.

Daryl currently resides in Sydney where he divides his time between musical pursuits, his two daughters, Carin and Jennifer, and his passion for tennis.
Mark Rasmusson writes:
I attended Univ. of Colo. in 73 till 77 got a BSME. Employed with Texas Instruments till 79 then moved to Lake Tahoe worked for Bently Nev till 81. Married 82 to L.Nelson 1 son Mark Jr. in 83, divorced 85. Started Rasmark Jet Charter 82 till present. 1 more divorce in 93. Third time's the charm, spring 99 with my fiance Kelli.  I keep in touch with Rick Stalker occasionally, John Gorman class 74 frequently, John and Jim Berner occasionally. I fly Lears all over the US, Canada, Mexico!! 
Hobbies: Salt water fishing in Baja, skiing and snowmobiling in Colorado. Golf. Unfortunately nothing scholarly.
Kids: Mark Jr. 14 lives in Gardnerville Nev. and is a bright student. Am hoping he is the new improved version. Blair 7 is the wildman.
Friends:  I want to hear from Jim Lawson.
John Rittenhouse writes:
Occupation: engineer
Bio: Attended CSUS, have worked for Intel Corp in Santa Clara, Arizona, then Folsom. Married Marianne in 1992. I enjoy cycling, hiking, gardening, and home brewing.
Children: Owen McIntyre 18
Sue Rhodes Upton writes:
Bio: I graduated midterm (just turned 17 years old)...and was ready to tackle the world. I have been working for the past 25 years in the title insurance industry, currently as a Subdivision Consultant. My husband and I have built homes, subdivided property and managed our investment properties. I have learned so much through the process.
Children: My true blessing has been the gift of raising my son Michael. He is now 23 years old. Michael graduated from Saint Mary's College of Maryland and is now attending his 2nd year of Law School at Pepperdine University in Malibu, California. I have three stepchildren: Cindy 38, Steve 36, Cathy 35 and eleven step grandchildren.
Diane Schoenborn writes:
Occupation: Teacher, substituting in several districts and teaching summer school, seeking permanent elementary teaching position in the Sacramento area.
Bio: Bio: Graduated from UC Davis, spent 9 years in retail management/office, 5 years in business office.  Returned to college to
obtain a multiple-subject (elementary) teaching credential. Married to classmate Mike Kelly.
Trivia: Antique dealer since 1996 at Antique Plaza, the largest antique mall in California. I work "dealer days" there in the summer when I'm off from my school jobs.
Friends: Best friends:  I'm still in touch with Denisa Smith; I am a guest at her children's weddings (she has 10 kids!).  I'm still in touch with Harlan Lau; we email regularly.  I'm still in touch with Jean Bonette ('72); I roomed with Jean at UCD and she was in my wedding and is now a teacher in Folsom. Harlan and David Amorena were also in my wedding. I am no longer in touch with Becky Francis, but I have to tell her that my daughter still has 2 baby teeth with no permanent teeth to replace them (a condition shared by Becky in high school). David Amorena is deceased.
Hobbies: If I need another hobby besides Class of 1973 reunion planner, I am going to claim the title of "most winning" classmate.  I don't enter a lot of contests, but I win a high percentage of those I do enter.  Over the years, some of my prizes have included:  3 trips (Disneyland/Disneyland California Adventures pre-opening weekend, a week in Pagosa Springs, CO, and a San Francisco weekend), a DVD player, a satellite dish, an electric blanket, a DareDevil movie prize package including 31 movie passes, a flower
arrangement in a crystal and silver basket, and a model of the original Star Trek's Enterprise.  I also won a motor scooter on The Sale of the Century TV game show.
Kids: Amanda, age 19, graduated from Rio Americano High School --- BOO! --- after her Junior year and is now a Sophomore with Junior standing at USC, double-majoring in Broadcast Journalism and English with a Creative Writing emphasis.  She is enjoying a great time in her life, moving into her first apartment in LA in Fall 2003. Patrick, age 17, is a Junior at Rio Americano High School --- BOO!  He wrestles, runs track & field, and is making beautiful furniture in woodshop.
Grade_school: Sierra Oaks School
Grade_school_friends: Patty Obregon, Lynne Vasquez, Anne Simmermacher, & Anne Benbow.
People I knew from Kindergarten who went to Encina:  Anne Benbow, Rod Bittner, Sally Enos, Mike Fenton, William Hanson, Debbie Herman, Jeff Kanner, Carol Kreig, Russ Levy, Greta Miller, Claire Mower, Holly Satter, Anne Simmermacher, Dave Stone, Debbie Strader, Eric Sudhoff, & Allyson Thurber.
Junior_high: Jonas Salk Intermediate School
Junior_high_friends: Jean Bonette ('72), Denisa Smith, Marie Bain, Jennifer Barnhart, Patty Michael, & Michele Paul.
Memorable_teachers: Mr. Derderian nutured my love of history.  I made a cake for our class the year he turned 30; because his birthday is around St. Patrick's Day, I frosted the cake in 2 shades of green, but he wasn't sure what color it was because he is colorblind.  I think of him whenever I "reevaluate my criteria." Mr. Trathen probably wasn't sure what to do with the 2 girls in his woodshop class (Denisa Smith and me), but he taught us well enough that we were honored with a woodworking trophy.
Favorite_memory: I won a pie-eating contest at the on-campus school picnic. When my Junior yearbook picture didn't turn out, the yearbook ran a picture of me, taken after eating the pie (page 93 of our Junior yearbook), titled, "The Winner!!!"
Story: Too many to tell, but the thoughts have me smiling....
Sibling_info: Karen Schoenborn Barsch(Class of 1976)
Kathy Schroeder writes:
Occupation: Real Estate Asset Manager
Bio: Work, work, work.  Married, divorced.
Trivia: Published a music magazine for 6 years in conjunction with a radio show I did.
Friends: Kim Miller was my best friend.  Haven't seen her since the 20th reunion.
Hobbies: Still swimming, fly fishing, writing and collecting antiques
Kids: none
Grade_school: Woodlake Elementary
Junior_high: Valley Vista Junior High
Favorite_memory: Cutting a lot of senior year but still graduated mid-term, Mr. Golden, and Kim being in love with Swift Dickison (she'll kill me for that}
Heard_about_website_from: Looked it up on the net
Yvonne "Bonnie" Shifflette writes:
Occupation: California State Worker
Bio: Living large. Graduate from American River College, Associates in Social Science.
Debbie Skalisky writes:
Bio: I have been busy working, going to school, and running my business. I started a clinic that performs insurance physicals 20 years ago. It keeps me very busy.
Hobbies: My hobbies are snow skiing, tennis, hiking in the mountains or at the ocean. I have a place in the mountains and try to go there as much as possible.
Kids: I don't have any kids of my own so to speak. I have a lot of nieces and nephews. I have a nephew named Tyler that had Leukemia diagnosed at the age of 3. He had 3 years of chemotherapy. He is now 10 years old and in remission. I spend quite a bit of time with him. I have him in tennis lessons and he is doing great.

Steve Skelly wrote:
Occupation: Golf Course Superintendent
Children/grandchildren: none
SinceGraduation: Work and play
Trivia: Won a few golf club championships,rebuilt Mather Golf course, Sacramento Golf Center, currently building a car to go 230mph in a 1/4 mile
BestFriends: Bob Wales Jennifer Bailey, most everyone
Hobbies: Gardens, cars, golf, prospecting for minerals, photography
Kids: none
GradeSchool: Winterstein
MiddleSchool: Jonas Salk
MemorableTeachers: Ray Botello, photography, he opened my eyes wider
FavoriteMemory: Too many to list
Stories: Mr Lawrence, he saw me on a Honda 750 motorcycle, we talked alot about bikes, so he bought one and then crashed it, he lived thru a bad crash, I would have felt terrible if he hadn't.Ride on Joe!
AlumniInContact: Bob Wales

Rett Smart writes:
Occupation: Insurance Broker
Bio: Working like a dog, married for 15 years, and raising two daughters.
Trivia: I had several Theatre Art classes with Tom Hanks @ CSUS. I directed Tom in a scene from a Eugene O'Neil play and take credit for his success as a dramatic actor (two Oscars later, no mention in his acceptance speeches). It's ok Tom, and no, I am not gay (not that there is anything wrong with it).
Friends: I don't want to leave anyone out so I will just say that I have not been able to keep up with a lot of my friends (hey, it is a two way street). I have kept in touch with Mike Crosby, Dave Valle, and Mike Short on a regular basis.
Since '98, my connection with Encina grads has grown due for the most part to Harlan and his dedication to the website and his updates as well as the periodic get togethers such as the Homecoming event. Now that I have fled the Peoples Republic of Berkeley and have relocated to Carmichael, I am trying to renew many of those high school friendships that have faded over the years. 
Hobbies: Freestyle Frisbee, Ultimate, and Disc Golf (Hawaii State Accuracy Champion, competed in two Disc Golf World Championships, and West Coast Regional Coordinator for the Professional Disc Golf Association).
Kids: Two Daughters....one in 8th grade and one is a freshman @ Del Campo.
Grade_school: Sierra Oaks
Junior_high_friends: I am almost certain that all my friends from junior high have already left Encina.
Memorable_teachers: Mr. Botello........as he gave me a true love of photography.
Favorite_memory: I have so many fond memories associated with Encina that it would be hard to find just one. Some were scholastic memories, many were social, and some were sports related. I do have a sports memory I tend to recall from time to time..........It was a hard fought football game against El Camino my senior year. We ended up 0-9-1 that year due to an alianation of a number of senior players due to the coaching staff). I had been moved from linebacker to defensive guard early in the season after Gary Phillips had his knee rearranged due to a crack back block. I had one of my best defensive games against El Camino. They double teamed, moved different players in to stop me but I was harrasing their QB the entire game. We ended up losing the game 14-12. I was walking off of the field after another tough loss with my head down when I was smacked hard on the shoulder pad which got my attention.......It was the El Camino offensive line coach who simply said "Hey, you really kicked our ass" and ran off with the rest of their team. I ended up making the CVC all conference defensive team that year (the photo looks like a Mira Loma team photo) and I know that I owed that honor, in part, to a vote and the encouragement of that El Camino coach.
Story: In 1997, I ran into Dan Schwartz (Football/Wrestling coach) at a classic car show in Napa. He was showing a Model A that he and his son had restored.
Sibling_info: Eben Knight Smart '71
Kirk Smith   writes:
Bio: I graduated from CSUS with a degree in finance and real estate. I went right from college into commercial real estate. For the last 10 years I have been devloping shopping centers with stores like Walmart, Mervyns Safeway and Rite Aid. Chris Browing and I married in almost 20 years ago.  We are now raising our 2 kids in a home we built in Granite Bay. 
Funny_story: I could tell you a lot of funny stories about Chris, but I would miss her.
Friends: I won't be at this reunion, but Chris will. I had a lot of really nice friends at Encina. I hope to see you at the next one.
Hobbies: I enjoy all types of recreation, including tennis, roller blading, snow skiing, snow boarding and scuba diving. But water skiing has always been my favorite. In fact, I have qualified and competed in several western regional chanpionships in the slalom event. Chris and I recently bought a Harley type of motercycle, no tattoos yet. If any of you have a big cruiser, Email us to go on a ride sometime.
Kids: Our daughter is a varsity cheerleader and stunt team athlete for Granite Bay High School. They got 5th place at the Nationals last year.  She is their best tumbler, as a result of 7 years of very competitive gymnastics. Our son will be a freshman this year. He is getting his second degree black belt next month. He is also very good on his guitar and key board.
Terri Smith writes:
Bio: I went to American River Junior college for my A.A. degree in Art and then transferred to California State Univ. at Long Beach, CA. There I graduated with a B.A. in Art with a specialization in Graphic Design. While in college I married, and when I finished college the marriage also ended. I worked for Aaron Brothers Art Marts in Los Angeles, then as a paste-up artist doing catalogs. In 1979, I got my first job in publishing, I worked for Orange Coast Magazine for many years as an assistant art director. I had my own business for awhile, got married again, then divorced 1 1/2 years later. I later became a circulation director and in 1998 began working for 2 national catholic newspapers in the San Fernando Valley.  In 1994, after the earthquake, I was offered a job in Fort Worth, Texas. I've been here for almost 4 years now and I love it. I met a great guy, David Mc Murray and have managed to stay married for 2 years now, yeah! We purchased 4 acres of prime hilltop land and plan to start soon on what we hope will be our dream house.
Trivia: -Spent 2 months in Iran.
-Was on the cover of a National Trade Magazine.
-Experienced flood, fires, earthquakes, riots and then moved to another state to catch their biggest hailstorm ever.
Funny_story: What about the time Debbie Peterson flipped her boyfriend's boat on Lake Folsom? Or was that her boyfriend who flipped "her" boat?
Friends: Oldest friend is Marlene Smith. Buddies I remember hanging with in senior year were Carolyn Teel, Debbie Peterson, and Chris Browning.
Who do you want to see at the reunion: Everyone!
Hobbies: Computers, and currently Home Building stuff like going to home shows.
Snow Skiing, but there aren't too many hills in Texas, so we go to the movies.
Kids: We have Rusty, he's a yellow lab. Scooter, he's a hymalayan cat. And Pookie, she's an adorable tabby cat. They eat, they talk, they even break things.
Heard_about_website_from: I hunted for 8 months for you, then emailed '72's website and Kerry Shearer connected me.
Comments: Harlan, this is a great site! Congratulations on a good job.
Janice Sooter Chally writes:
Bio: Graduated from ARC; legal secretary for private law firm, State Senate, and state; became Legal Analyst for Attorney General's office. Full time mom since 1993.
Trivia: Avid quilter - 2nd place on first quilt finished 1997. Enjoy camping, hiking, walking, sewing, boating. Hope to eventually live near the ocean. Want to cruise to Alaska and take a month long trip to England someday.
Children: Michael Laubinger 19, Daniel 9, Sarah 7, Stephen 5
See Photos for a picture of Jan and her daughter Sarah.
Kate Steinkoenig writes:
Occupation: Payroll Manager for AC Transit
Bio: Got my Bachelor's in German from CSUS (thank you, Miss Volz and Mrs. Kojima!)and spent my Junior year at the University of Heidelberg.  Had a VAGUE notion of working in Europe -- Ha!   How I ended up in accounting, I'll never understand.  I moved to the Bay Area in 1979.  Thought for a time that I would try to have a career in opera, but decided that I preferred a steady paycheck.  I still perform in community theater. Finally, at the ripe old age of 46, I met Patrick, the love of my life, and we got married August 30, 2002.
Trivia: 1989 was a very interesting year for me -- I won a bunch of money in a radio contest, quit my job and went to Europe for several months.  Came back and interviewed for my current job the day before the Loma Prieta earthquake, and less than a month after starting my job, a crane fell off the top of a building at Kearny and California Streets and missed me by THIS much (I was injured, but it could have been worse).  Eerily enough, I worked for about 8 years in the building the crane fell off of.
Friends: Charlene Devere, Jeff Rizzo, Lynne Vasquez, Sue Nicol, Renee Welch.  Through the miracle of Harlan Lau, I caught back up with Renee, along with Jenny Scott and Dave Mandella (among others) at the 30th reunion.  I owe all kinds of emails.
Hobbies: Music (Patrick and I are both in our church choir), reading, cooking, travel
Kids: Regina, 15 and Andrew, 17
I don't know them well, yet.  Patrick is from Uganda and our children, Regina and Andrew, still live there, but we are in the process of bringing them over here.  Andrew is very quiet and loves sports.  Regina is outgoing and an excellent student.   
Grade_school: St. Ignatius
Junior_high: St. Ignatius
Memorable_teachers: Mrs. Kojima and Miss Volz, for giving me a lifelong love of languages.   Mr. Lawrence -- the coolest English teacher that ever was.
Favorite_memory: "Oklahoma" was a lot of fun.  Oh -- and there was this German Club dinner at Mrs. Kojima's house...
Eric Sudhoff writes:
Bio: In '75 I moved to Tahoe for the summer, but the summer lasted nine years. I loved the area but realized I didn't want to wait tables when I'm 50, so I returned to reality and school. I got my degree in Mechanical Engineering in '92 from Cal Poly. I worked at Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant (no, I don't glow much in the dark and yes, I can still have kids...at least I think I can) while my wife finished her degree in Landscape Architecture. We have since moved to Silicon Valley where I work for Applied Materials and my wife works for HP. 
Trivia: We just completed one of the most horrible experiences know to man...buying a house in the Bay Area.
Hobbies: I enjoy skiing, backpacking, gardening, cooking, and fixing all the things that are wrong with my 'new' house. I like endurance events such as bicycle centuries and triathlons. I've done the Davis Double Century (two hundred miles in one day...talk about sore and stinky!) three times and the Great Race (x-country ski from Tahoe City to Truckee)a few times. I could be pretty good at triathlons if only I were a good swimmer. And then there's that running part. I've never been a runner. And then there's that excess me that has found a permenant home around my middle. And if those really good guys would quit showing up at the events I might do OK. But, I love it.
Kids: No kids, just animals.
Comments: When I attended the 20 year renunion, it became apparent to me what a great group of people I went to High School with. I regret not being more involved in school activities and not meeting and getting closer to more of my classmates.

1973 Class Directory

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