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Sharon Abernatha
Occupation: Staff Services Analyst
Bio: Working and raising my children.
Friends: Diane Maples Clower; Barbara Flatbush; Eddie Spears, Earline Albertson; Jenny Chapman
Hobbies: Reading, camping, computer games, spending time with my grandson Kids: Michael - 31, Heather - 23
I have had 4 children, 3 boys and 1 girl. Two of sons passed away in 1979 and 1982. I have a son and daughter still living. My son and daughter have
both blessed me with grandchildren. I have a granddaughter who is 5 and a grandson that is 2. They are the joy of my life.
Grade_school: I attended Wyda Way for my 6th grade year. Prior to that I lived in Sparks, Nevada and attended K-5 there.
Grade_school_friends: So far back I don't remember, or maybe it's old age. Hitting the 50 mark this year.
Junior_high: Howe Avenue
Junior_high_friends: Diane Maples
Marilyn Ables Twamley and Jim Twamley writes:
Bio: Jim has been in the military most of the time since we got married so we've moved a lot. First he was a medic in the Army and we lived in  Belgium for three years. Then college took us to Costa Mesa and Fresno where he graduated from MBBS with a MDiv. After that he was a navigator  in the Air Force which took us to Sacramento, Travis AFB and then to Omaha, Nebraska where he flew KC-135s(the "Looking Glass") out of Omaha, Nebraska for four years. Now he is a Navy chaplain and we've lived in Novato, Stockton, Manteca, and currently Visalia. During the time we lived in Stockton and Manteca he attended law school and graduated with a Juris Doctor degree in 1994. However, lest you think we've settled here, we're headed for Ft. Worth, Texas in less than a month and plan to be there three years till our youngest son graduates from high school. People often ask if I mind moving - no, I don't. Jim says he's created a monster! He's ready to settle down, but for now I'm content packing up and seeing someplace new every few years. I've mostly been a stay-at-home mom since October 1980 when David was born. Then we adopted three daughters in June of 1982 and had one more son in September of 1982, so that was enough to keep me busy. Over the years I've worked part time for IBM, part time at my kids' schools, have volunteered to run a food pantry, and currently I'm doing paralegal work out of our home.
Kids: Lori and Ronda live in Washington. Michelle lives here in Visalia and just got married July 11th. David graduated #1 in his high school class of 430 on June 5th. He plays piano and pole-vaulted all four years. John just finished his freshman year. He's a good student, plays trumpet, wrestles and pole vaults.
See Photos for a picture of Jim & Marilyn's children at their daughter Michelle's wedding on 7/11/98.
Jennifer Bailey Kimsey writes:
Bio: I have been married for 19 years to Bill Kimsey - a CPA and baseball coach at Rio Americano. I have 3 jobs (I can't decide which one to choose):I have been a piano teacher for 24 years. I have been a play-therapist for high-risk kids for the Folsom-Cordova School Dist. for 6 years. I am also a Pampered Chef Consultant. We live in Gold River and have two kids, Brian 15 (sophomore at Rio) and Lisa 11 (6th grade).
Friends: Anne Benbow, Bob Nannini, Steve Skelly, Bob Wales, Sandy McHenry
Hobbies: Cooking, movies, music, collecting beanie babies, watching my kids sports. We travel alot with our kid's sports and for now that counts as our recreation.
Kids: My husband coaches baseball and soccer and that is our recreation. My kids are both fantastic athletes. Lisa plays competitive soccer and basketball and Brian plays both baseball and soccer. Brian holds the all-time record in Rancho Cordova Little League for most home runs in a season. Both kid's soccer teams took 2nd in the State in 1997.
Comments: It has been fun being on the reunion committee and getting in touch with old friends. Hopefully people will continue to get the word out about the reunion and help us find the rest of the "lost" classmates so we will have a good turnout.
For over 1 1/2 years, Marie Bain has been starring in "Six Women With Brain Death...Or Expiring Minds Want To Know" at The Studio Theatre in Sacramento. The Sacramento Bee Theater Capsule review, which gives the play 4 (out of4) stars, reads "Deliciously clever comedy with unobtrusive overtones of philosophy (feminist), politics (liberal), and religion (pragmatic), plus snappy music delivered by a female sextet with good voices and razor-sharp timing." Shows are at 8 PM Thurs.-Sat. and 7 PM Sun., through August 23rd; 1028 R St.; $11-$15; 446-2668. Marie doesn't "do reunions" anymore, but friends are welcome to contact her one-on-one. See Class Directory. Thanks for the free publicity!!!
Kim Baker writes:
Together Kim and Sunny Baker are collectors in their own right. A typical
Baker purchase—on a good day—was a $225 art deco breakfront found in a
Vancounver, Canada junk shop later valued (and sold) for $4,500. It cleared
a profit of $4,225 without so much as a cleaning. On weekends they take
friends to auctions and browse the antique stores for amusement.
In the last ten years, the Bakers have authored twenty-four trade books on a
wide range of subjects with Alpha Books, Random House, McGraw-Hill, Avery
Publishing, Prentice-Hall, John Wiley & Sons, and other publishers. Their
first book was a restaurant review guide for suburban Seattle, titled
Eastside Eats (Homestead Books, 1987). Many of the Baker’s books have
translated and/or been picked up by major book clubs.
Kim and Sunny are also contributing editors for the Journal of Business
Strategy, and write articles for a variety of popular publications. Prior to
securing their writing careers, Sunny and Kim were executives in
high-technology companies including Microsoft and Intel. The Bakers reside
in Redlands, California where Sunny Baker is a professor of telecommunications
(Internet) at University of Redlands.
baker2/uncommon expertise
1245 morrison drive
redlands, ca 92374
v 909.335.1195
f 909.335.2644
Stacey Barnes Swett writes:
Heard_about_website_from: BROTHER -PHIL BARNES
Shirley Bedford Robinson writes:
Bio: Got married, moved to Idaho where we lived for almost 9 years. Dec 1980, we moved to Salt Lake City, Utah. We have lived in the Salt Lake Valley ever since. Presently I am a Division Budget & Accounting Manager for the State of Utah.
Trivia: I started college after age 30 and graduated with a BS in accounting just before turning 41 from the University of Utah while working full time.
Children: My husband and I have raised three daughters - Michelle 25, Rebecca 23 & Lisa 20. The oldest has been married over 2 years and just announced that I will be a grandmother in about 7 months. The second is working for a finance company that does factoring (?), and the youngest is going to the University of Utah.
Patricia Belmont writes:
Occupation: Executive Assistant for the greatest boss in the world.  I am also a Paralegal
Bio: Enjoy the ups and downs of life.  Forever being amazed at the daily miracles that I am fortunate to be a part of.
Friends: Loretta Pine, who died in 2001.  We remained best friends until the day she died.  Also Karen Butcher, who I was in contact with until about 6 years ago.  She moved to Placerville, haven't heard from her since.  And also Marie Munroe, haven't seen since 1976 or so.
Hobbies: I like all outdoors stuff and sports.  Giants fan and 49er fan.
children: Jessica 26, Rebecca 19 (US Navy), Kimberly 12, Daniel 9, and 4 grandchildren, Jacob 7, Ashley 3, Joseph 2, and Arianna 6 mos.
What can I say....They are great kids. My 19 year old daughter has joined the Navy, the two younger kids are still at home attending school.  My oldest keeps having babies.
Grade_school: Grand Oaks Elementary and Rocklin Elementary
Memorable_teachers: Mr. Dederian.  He taught Civics and it was my favorite class because of the way he taught it. We were given an assignment to create a foreign policy for a chosen country. It was so interesting to be able to delve into the political aspects of the entire process. I have often thought of him.  I feel that he is partly responsible for my career choice.  I am a Paralegal, but my job is with a private lobbying firm.  I deal with legislators and legislation on a daily basis.  It is an incredibly interesting job.
Anne Benbow Polli writes:
Bio: Married 19 years, live in Wilton with a collection of animals used as a prototype by George Orwell for "Animal Farm". Daughter Ryan will be a college sophomore in Sept. I am an independent contractor, work as an announcer and travel through Western US Feb-Nov each year. Also breed and raise thoroughbred horses.
Trivia: In high school I usedto try everything not to get up and talk in front of the class. Now I speak in front of large groups of people for a living.
Children: Ryan 18, stepdaughter Stephanie with children Kyla 10 and Chase 2.
Kim Benedetti Burnap writes:
Occupation: technical writer
Bio: I haven't climbed Mt. Everest, visited the African Jungles, or worked in the Peace Corps. I'm just your average family Mom working to make ends meet. Our children play baseball, basketball, tennis, do gymnastics, belong to scouts and are typical modern kids wanting portable CD players. In addition I play softball, volleyball, golf, and go on weekend golfing and softball get-aways with friends. As a family we ski, go the Seattle Mariners' baseball games, and play frisbee, ping pong, and basketball. We're happy, healthy, and like living in Oregon. It's been 20 years since I moved to Corvallis and I've been married 18 of those same years to Ed Burnap, a network administrator.
Trivia: I'v done many things over the course of 25 years and maybe some of them are interesting or special to me and/or my family for our environment but wouldn't necessarily strike the same chord in everyone else.
Children: Jaime (son) 15, Sarah (daughter) 11
Jan Bergen wrote:
Occupation: Administrative Assistant
MaritalStatus: Widow
Spouse: Hal Snyder
Children/grandchildren: Jessica 34, Joel 31, step-daughter Jessica 32, step-son Luke 29;
Grandchildren: Nicholas 13, Josiah 8, Joshua 7, Naomi 6, Nathaniel 4, Rebekah 3, Sam 2, + one more for Thanksgiving in 2010!
SinceGraduation: Working and raising kids.
Trivia: Ten romantic suspense novels written!
GradeSchool: Dyer Kelly and Greer
MiddleSchool: Jonas Salk
MemorableTeachers: Mr Tracy and Mr Lee-- I learned so much from their combo classes!
FavoriteMemory: cutting school and driving to San Francisco
Siblings: Dee Dee Bergen 1975, Gary Bergen, 1976, John Bergen 1979
Comments: Thanks so much, Harlan--I've just spent two hours catching up! Extremely enjoyable!
Larry Bettencourt writes:
Occupation: Vice President diagnostic Services at Sykes Enterprises.
Bio: Received an Engineering degree at Devry. Got Married, then moved to San Jose to work for National Semi. Few companies later I got into the PC Manufacturing business at its early days with Victor Technologies. Since that Time I became a quality consultant and traveled around the world to most every country that builds PC's and helped them with quality and production problems. I now run a software diagnostic company that markets QAPlus diagnostics for PC's. We are used more than any other Diagnostic in the world. I was divorced in 82 and remarried the next year. I have 5 kids and 4 grandkids. I live near Seattle in Washington state. I have a great wife and family. I am burned out with traveling (way to many hours in an airplane) and am ready to make a change. We plan to buy a vacation lodge and run it somewhere in the US. Not sure where yet. My biggest hobby is fishing and I have 4 different fishing boats, not to mention more Rods and reels than I can count. Life has been very good to me. My youngest is in college now in Illinois. Our newest grand daughter was just born two weeks ago (11-5-99) and we just returned from Maine visiting her. My wife is a gourmet cook, so I am still not a skinny guy, but thats OK, I sure have fun trying the diferent foods.
Friends: Scott Harris, Tim Chapman, and Suzanne Hutchins although I have lost contact with her.
Kids: Oldest Son Jeff is a Marketing executive in the PC Industry, Samantha is a house wife taking care of her two boys, Sarah is managing a humane society in Maine and has just had a beutiful baby girl, Melanie works for Building supplier in San Jose, and Bleu is attending Southern Illinois University.
Grade_school: Howe Avenue
Grade_school_friends: Jeff Collard
Junior_high: Howe Avenue
Junior_high_friends: Graydon Lamb
Favorite_teachers: Mr. Hubor (not sure of the spelling on this)
Alumni_in_contact: Scott Harris
Heard_about_website_from: My sister
Brad Brereton writes:
Bio:  I left Encina after my Junior year and finished High School at Aptos High in Santa Cruz County. My parents bought a grocery store on the beach, and I worked there until I could get away to college. I attended Cabrillo College, California Maritime Academy, College of the Redwoods, and San Jose State. I obtained a BS in business from San Jose State, and then attended law school at Hastings College of Law in San Francisco. I spent three years as an insurance defense attorney in the San Francisco Financial District, and I have practiced the last twelve years in Santa Clara and Santa Cruz counties. My current practice focuses on business disputes and general civil litigation. My wife's name is Maria Gaura; and we both moved to the same neighborhood in Aptos in 1972. She is now a staff reporter in the South Bay for the San Francisco Chronicle. We permanently moved back to Santa Cruz from San Francisco around 1987. We live downtown, in an old Victorian, with a large garden, a good number of books, and two cats. We have a bun in the oven due about October.
    I don't get to Sacramento very often, but I am going to try to get to grad night for the reunion. I can't make the reunion itself. Hello everybody!
Mike Brown writes:
Bio: Went to college and got a BA in Criminal Justice. Later completed two Master's Degrees. Attended the California Command College for Law Enforcement and the FBI National Academy. 21 years working with the California Highway Patrol.
Trivia: Was recently promoted to Division Chief, Protective Services Division, California Highway Patrol.
Children: Devon 12, Chelsea 10
Todd Brownell writes:
Bio: After Encina I attended CSU-Chico and graduated with a Business Degree in Accounting. I worked in the main office of Tower Records for 6 years as the Cash Manager. After that I figured they could manage without me and spent a number of years doing bookkeeping. I attempted some import business antics during all of this and managed to squeeze in many years of volleyball officiating at all kinds of levels. A few tours with the U.S. Olympic Team for officiating offered many opportunities to meet some interesting people. One week before the Olympics I even forwarned the Men's team that they were a bunch of hotheads and it might cost them some day. Alas, they paid no heed, received a red card at the Olympic games, lost the match to Japan, and the rest is history. I haven't taken the opportunity to tell them "I told you so!" I decided it was time to get a real job, wife, and family and went back to school to get a teaching credential. I also met my terrific wife, Janet, and snuck in my first kid before my 40th birthday. I now have two kids ages 3 and 1. (Sorry - can't impress anyone with grandkids.) I'm now teaching 5th grade in the small town of Maxwell. (It's so small the sign says 'Welcome to Maxwell' on both sides.) I chose elementary school because. . well, those of you with teenage kids know why. I'm living in Willows, CA on 1 acre with family, two dogs, a cat, and no goat. The dogs ate the goat.
Friends: At the reunion I would like to see anyone that doesn't try to impress me with how much money they make.
Chris Browning Smith writes:
Bio: "Managing to manage"!!!
Trivia: Skydiving and motorcycle riding - both great experiences!!
Funny_story: Sally Enos and I never got really exceptionally close in high school, but we always knew that "good things come in small packages."
Friends: Lots of acquaintances, but best friend - who remains one of the best - is Carolyn Teel-Rand!
Hobbies: Playing tennis, rollerblading, and spending time with my children ~ the most important thing, considering they grow up so quickly!! Recreation??? that's all there is being married to Kirk Smith!!!!
Kids: Who said teenage years aren't fun? (Just thankful history doesn't always repeat itself!) Kirk and I have a daughter (17) who aspires to be a grammer school teacher and a 14 year old son who aspires to be...??? Well, that's not clear yet ~ he's very much into music and computers (with a very creative mind)..
Comments: Life is good ~ I wish all fellow Encinians well!!!! (Has it really been 25 years????!!!)
Patrick Buckner writes:
Bio: I graduated from college, married Nancy, worked at Hughes (now Raytheon) for 18 years as a systems engineer, have 2 kids Andrea 14 and David 12, coached soccer and baseball, went to Germany, Austria, Switzerland, go to lots of kids sporting events: basketball, soccer, volleyball, track, swim meets; camp for vacations, go out to dinner, study the Bible, attend church.
Debbie Burruss writes:
Bio: From 1973 to 1975 I worked for a title company in Sac., In May of 1975 I enlisted in the U.S. Army as a radio teletype operator (What the hell I didn't have anything better to do). In 1979 I moved to Reno, Nevada and worked for several different title companies until I quit to start my  family. I have two wonderful daughters, age 13 and 11. In April of 1988 I started working for the Washoe Co. Sheriff's Office. On April 20, 1990, my birthday by the way, I graduated from the police academy and became a real live deputy sheriff. During that time I created a program for keeping persons out of jail by educating and reprograming, its called Whispering Encouragement, it's copywritten. I have received a letter of support from Vice President Gore for my program. During the 1996 campaign I worked special events for now Congressman Jim Gibbons. Since January of this year I have been assigned to the Second Judicial District Court as a bailiff. (All Rise)...........In May of this year I graduated from college with a degree in Criminal Justice/Corrections. My goal now is to develop my program and to distribute it through out detention facilities in the U.S. and to eventually do seminars in places like Hawaii, Cancun, Bahamas, etc.
Trivia: I'm on my forth marriage and I am determined to keep on doing it until I get it right. My name: Debbie Elaine Burruss Harris Chounet Rowan Williams (I'm giving Elizabeth Taylor a run for her money). Who said there aren't enough eligible men out there.
Friends: I keep in constant contact with Sue Rhodes(Upton), Kathy Bailey(Stephans), Pepai(Whipple), and Nikki Tanko. In fact the weekend after my recent graduation I came down to Sac and we celebrated together. We've lost contact with Kim Tiller????????????
Hobbies: I write. I have a non fiction and a fiction in the works (my unfinished novel, where have I heard that before).....I did write and have copywritten my program Whispering Encouragement though. I read Murder mysteries (who knew reading was fun). I also stencil and make 3
foot wooden dolls when I have some extra time, which hasn't been lately.
Kids: My daughter Jennifer (13) was on the honor roll for academic as well as citizenship for her whole year in 7th grade. She now stands 5'8" (2inches taller that me). My daughter Sarah (11) has really great grade also and she will be in 7th grade this coming year. A couple of years ago she had a modeling contract with Nevada Casting and during that time did a commercial for the Boomtown Casino. Sarah is very social while her sister is more reserved. The two of them are very close and as sisters go they fight and bicker all the time. They keep busy with sports and other school activities and stay out of trouble.
Eric Carleson writes:
Bio: Since the last reunion I got married (again), a new job, and two new cats in the yard (life used to be so hard). Work is good. Life is great.
Jennifer Chapman writes:
Occupation: Lab Tech
Bio: Well for the first 18 years raised our two children.I have been married to the same man for 27years and he is a equipment operator at a open pit gold mine here in Elko Nevada.
Friends: Vanessa Favero is my best friend still but always wondered what happened to Heather Kendall and Colleen Hagen?
Hobbies: Traveling
Kids: We have two kids, Dallas who is 23 and attends college for wildlife biology and our daughter April who is 25 and just got out of the Navy as a 1st class petty officer and now enjoys her husband and two year old little boy in San Diego where her husband is a Deputy Sheriff.
Grade_school: Greer, and Jonas Salk
Grade_school_friends: I think they know who they are.
Junior_high: Vanessa, and I would sure like to know what happened to Winney Roland?
Memorable_teachers: Jack Bassett because the poor man had to put up with the Chapman Klan.
Favorite_memory: Lunchroom
Sibling_info: My brothers, Paul, Baron, Scott, Bill
Heard_about_website_from: from Vanessa
Lucia Churches writes:
Occupation: Vice President, Ward Associates Advertising Agency
Bio: As I write this entry, I find it hard to believe we've been out of high school for 25 years. I still feel eighteen, and try to prove it as often as I can!
  I've stayed in Sacramento since graduation, a decision I have never regreted. It's given me an opportunity to remain close to my family, which is very important to me. My parents still live on Ellington Circle, their residence for over 41 years. Both are happy and healthly and I cherish them everyday. My sister Lisa (Class of 75) is married to Bill Wicks, a neighborhood "boy" who grew up on La Via Way. My brother Mark (Class of 78) and his wife Susan have two adorable kids, Jessa (age 10) and Connor (age 5). It's fun to be an aunt!
  I've been married for nine years to Dennis Colbert. We met at an advertising agency in 1984, and both continue to work in the business today. Except for the fact that he doesn't like the Stones or the Beatles...he's just about perfect.
  I don't have any human children, but am the loving and devoted mother of a Moluccan Cockatoo named Lexi, a Cocktiel named Rufie (originally named Rufus after my grandfather...but "he" turned out to be a "she"), a dog named Koala, and a cat named Emerald. They are my babies! Animals have always been my passion and I've been fortunate to beable to work on their behalf through my agency. I wrote and produced a public service announcement for the SPCA about animal overpopulation to raise awareness about the importance of spaying and neutering. I'm also involved in projects for the Sacramento Zoo and for the Association of Veterinarians for Animal Rights. I'm one of the lucky ones...I really love my job. It's ever changing, challenging and creative.
  These days, my off-time addictions include music (no, I have no talent,  but I like to listen), boating and quality time with friends and family. Can't wait to see all of you at the reunion!
  A personal note: My thoughts are with the families of Glenn Vranas and Dale Anderson...two childhood friends I've known since Cottage School days. I will miss them.
Friends: Karen Yoder, Patty Thomas, Debbie Petkovich, Maureen Coe, Pam Jurich, Jeri Delmar, Marilyn Palmore, Sally Enos, Karen Teakle, Kelcey Hall, Debbie Richmond, Loni Whalen, Susan La Cornu
Comments: Harlan! Thanks for all your work. This is the greatest!
Lori Clancy Schmidt writes:
I moved to San Diego in 1974 to attend San Diego State University, graduated with a degree in Business Administration/Accounting. I've worked for Foodmaker Inc, the parent company of Jack in the Box for over 20 years. I've been married 15 years to a wonderful man I met while attending SDSU. I'm currently a capital budget analyst.
Maureen Coe Christiansen writes:
Bio: I worked for Pacific Bell for 17 years, took 5 years off and went back to work at State Farm Insurance and U.S.Bank part-time.
Trivia: Served on City of Tracy "noise" committee, make-up artist for various children's theatre productions, 1 golden retriever and 2 cats that do  stupid pet tricks, "Dames (and I use that word loosely) on the Delta", Bonifide official, football mom, baseball mom, mock trial mom, volleyball mom, junior miss mom, cheer mom, basketball mom, stage mom, roller hockey mom and certifiably Insane mom!! Just kidding !!
Kids: Lyndsey 19, Lachlan 15, Landon 13, Laureen 12
John Cole wrote on classmates.com:
I am currently living in Franklin, IN have lived during my life in California, Michigan, Ohio, Missouri and of course Indiana. Much of the travel is due to career.
    I currently am a partner in a rep agency / marketing consulting firm and doing a great deal of international travel. Mostly Italy and Asia. I have been working with off shore companies and teaching them how to market products in the U.S..
    I have two children, Jamie 20 and Jonathon 16 I am currently a single dad but love the hell out of it.
   Life has been great it is fascinating to see the world and how other cultures live. But there is no place like the U.S.
I visit Madison from time to time but life is to slow there for me.
Keep in touch.
Cynthia Connell wrote:
Occupation: MathTeacher
Spouse: Huseyin Korkmaz
Children/grandchildren: No kids
SinceGraduation: Just wanted to update my bio, since I wrote it in 1999! I spent 4 years living with my sister Jenifer who was battling an aggressive cancer, which finally claimed her life (rest in peace, Jenifer). But that experience somehow directed me to education, and I got my math credential in 2005, and have been teaching since then in Natomas. I took two years off to be president of our local union chapter, and left middle school math for high school last year.
Egads, what have I done?!
Trivia: I had a 22 hour layover in Istanbul two years ago, and met the man who is now my husband at the hotel where I was staying! He came to America via a fiance visa from Turkey last November, and we got married the next day in Vegas! I waited a long time since this is my first marriage, but wow it was worth the wait!
BestFriends: Mark Garcia was my best friend for 37 years, but we've gone our separate ways since '09.
Jeni Cook writes:
Occupation: Real Estate Salesperson and Artist
Spouse: Jim Walker
In Mesa, AZ, December 20, 2002 at age 47, after a courageous battle with Melanoma. Survived by his beloved wife, Sarah, daughter Monica of Phoenix, AZ, parents Alva & Barbara Cooper of Sacramento and sister Jill Coulter (Pepper) of Tampa, FL. A graduate of Encina H.S., Cal-Poly University and John F. Kennedy University in Oakland with a Master's Degree in business administration. A memorial mass was conducted on Monday, December 23rd at Corpus Christi Catholic Church in Phoenix, AZ. Remembrances may be made in Robert's name to Cancer Research, American Cancer Society, 1765 Challenge Way, Suite 115, Sacramento, CA 95815.
Occupation:  Truck driver,run warehouse,kinda jack of all trades for FED EX the past 20yrs.
Bio: Well I worked pumping gas the summer of 73.then moved to Ontario,OR and went school at the Ontario CC,returned to Sac. and went to ARC tell spring of 1975.Never got a degree.So back to work I went...I think it was spring of 79 I hooked up with my wife Terri and we played house tell
09-26-81(married).OK started working for FED EX March 1983 and 1st child Brandon came into our lives 10-14-83.Summer 1984 Terri and I moved into the house we live in now...July 1987 Nicole was born...Anyway we'r married with children,so its work, work,work and PLAY when we can...
Trivia: Geezzz dont get me started,I save it tell the grad party...
Friends: Daryl Pratt somewhere in Australia...Sidney I think...
Hobbies: Well I love to camp and fish but dont do as much as Id like...I also like gardening.I still like sports but my body doesen't...I was involved in kids baseball and swimming.
Kids: My oldes Brandon is 19yrs old out of school still at home and working at taco bell gota love em...Nicole will soon be a junior at Del Campo
HS...She likes to play volleyball pick on he mom an dad and Im takeing to DMV to get her drivers license wed.07-30-03 GOD help us...Dont get me wrong shes a good kid...
Grade_school: Winterstine
Grade_school_friends: Havent seen Daryl Pratt in many yrs...
Junior_high: Jonas Salk
Junior_high_friends: Everett A.Smart the 1st.
Memorable_teachers: Mr Botellow...he was cool, Mr Bo gave us the freedom to run around and take photos.
Favorite_memory: Favorite momories camping trips with the old gang or maybe (party) at Fahns.TO many to pick from.
Story: No Il let them share if they wont....
Sibling_info: Randy Crosby class 1967,Rick Crosby class 1969,and Steve Crosby class 1972
Alumni_in_contact: Smart,Short,Valle,Buckles,and Lew...
Suzanne Crowder writes:
Occupation: Staff Information Sytems Analyst - State of California, DMV
Bio: Attending college, working  in the Telecommunications Field the last 27 years, raising three boys, and traveling whenever I have an opportunity.
Friends: Still friends with Donna Prater, Patti Prater, Debbie Fetch, Shauna Burns, and Jennifer Bailey
Hobbies: Sports Mom.  My husband and I are actively involved with all our son's sports:  Baseball, Soccer,  and Basketball.  Our recreation is
traveling throughout the state with his competetive soccer and baseball teams.
Kids:  Jesse- 23, James 21, and Michael 13
Jesse is attending a Performing Arts College in North Carolina, James is in the Army stationed in Georgia at this time, and Michael is our athlete
playing on two traveling competetive teams:  Soccer and baseball
Grade_school: Loomis Grammar School
Alumni_in_contact: Donna Prater, Patti Prater, Debbie Fetch, Shauna Burns, Jennifer Bailey
Merry Daniels Heizer writes:
Went to work for AT&T 2 days before graduation and stayed for 10 years. I moved to Phoenix Arizona just after the 10 year reunion, went to work for American Express. Moved back in 1990 and went to work for Cellular One. As luck would have it AT&T bought out McCaw Communications and I now again work for AT&T. I am a Project Manager for a specialized business product called Wireless Office Service.
Carolyn Dankman Fassler writes:
   My husband, Al, and I recently celebrated our 24th anniversary.   We have two sons, Michael, 22, and Jeremy, 18.  Our first grandson, Matthew, was born in October.  It's hard to believe we're grandparents!  Michael and Matthew live in Utah.  Jeremy's the Lead Tech at CompUSA on Howe Ave. (in case you need computer stuff).
    I worked at McClellan AFB for 12 years.  Last year I was hired by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in Sacto; not far from where I grew up (Country Club Center).  After 23 years, I graduated from A.R. College with a degree in Business Management; still don't know what I want to do when I grow up!
    Our lives changed drastically this past year.  Al (44) was diagnosed with Acute Lymphocyctic Leukemia (ALL) in November.  He underwent chemotherapy and didn't receive a remission.  Without a bone marrow transplant, he would die within months.  Fortunately, his brother was a perfect match; the transplant took place at Stanford in February.  We've been living in an apartment near the hospital and have just started to be able to visit home on weekends.  It's been an incredible experience! Al's 60-day biopsy results were excellent...he's currently in remission.  Life's short...play hard!
Jerilynn Delmar Ferrari writes:
Bio: Bachlor degree in Strategic Management. Teaching credential in Business Education and Computer Science. Masters Degree in Educational Administration.
Kids: Sabrina is on a full-ride scholarship at UNLV for swimming, majoring in Biology and Spanish, possibly looking for Medical school. Jared is a 4.3+ junior at El Camino, one of two Sacramento County Juvenile Youth Commissioner (advocate for youth in lockup facilities and the junenile court system), is a starting running-back for varsity football and catcher for baseball team.
Charlene Devere Greenly writes:
I have been married to John Greenly for 22 years and have 3 kids: Michael - 18 years, David - 16 years and Matthew - 11 years.
Dan Dickison writes:
I graduated from Encina and attended undergraduate school in Colorado at Colorado Springs. I finished there in '77 with BA in Spanish language. After a year of teaching elementary school in the Virgin Islands, I enrolled in a masters program in Hispanic Literature at UC Berkeley. It took me two years to complete the degree and to decide that academia wasn't for me. So I fled back to the Virgin Islands and built houses, ran boats, managed charter companies and had adventures for about six years. Then I moved to Newport, Rhode Island and began working for a sailing magazine as an editor. I did that for almost nine years and then moved to Charleston, South Carolina to handle the public relations for a mid-size real estate development company that is developing one of the coastal barrier islands here--Kiawah Island. I've been doing that for almost two years now.  When not working I race sailboats, build furniture, do a fair bit of freelance writing, volunteer for a couple o! f charities (Habitat for Humanity and the Charleston Film Society) and travel as much as possible. Never married and no kids, so you'll have to leave those columns blank. I still have family in California.I'm not sure I can get out to the reunion this summer, but I'd like to. I attended the 20th a few years ago and really enjoyed seeing as many people as I did.
Rudy DiMassa writes:
Occupation: Division Director, California Lottery
Bio: What have I been doing in the last 26 years??  Well, I went to Sac State and graduated with a BA in English & a Criminal Justice minor.  Then I went crazy for a couple of years and had such a good time that I can't remember much from those days (sound familiar?).  As reality set in around 1980 or so,  I decided that it might be a good idea to get a "real job" and so I went to work for the State of California....  I know, I know,  I sold out.  Oh well, it's a good living and I'm still a liberal Democrat God Damn it!.  I started with the Lottery one week before  we started selling tickets in 1985 and since then I've moved up the ranks and I have become a bald and comfortable civil servant.  If you ever get a winner, call me, my division pays claims for prizes (assuming, of course, that you actually have a winning ticket!) 
Personal stuff-- I never married and no I'm not gay.  I have loved and lost without having to  finance  some scum bag lawyer's  Mercedes (no offense to any J.D. Alumni intended).  Still looking for Miss Right.  I know she's out ther somewhere.  Jesus, this sounds like a personal ad!! 
For fun, I boat (got a slip in Miller Park Marina) and cook and try as many different wines as I can untill I find the one I like most (which I hope never happens).
Trivia: Can't think of any interesting trivia.
Friends: Martha Koropp (sp?).  You still out there Martha??? 
Hobbies: See above.
Kids: I can tell you about my nephews if you really want to know.
Grade_school_friends: Best friends from Encina are the Churches sisters, Dave Dellinger, George Deaser, a nd Nancy Patton.  We've never lost touch and I still love them to this day!
Junior_high: That was in Connecticut
Memorable_teachers: Mr. Coke.  He's the only one I really remember.   Unfortunately, given that he was 104 in 1973 I think it's safe to say that he's gone to that big Chemistry classroom
in the sky by now (at least I hope he has!).
Favorite_memory: Graduating.
DOBSON, Gilman J.
Gilman J. Dobson left this earth unexpectedly on May 1, 2012. Gil was a Sacramento Native, born May 14, 1955 and raised in River Park and Sierra Oaks. He graduated from Encina High School in 1973 and later CSU Sacramento with a Bachelor's in Music. Along with a passion for his piano, Gilman also painstakingly restored his '53 Buick (purchased new by his father) as well as the family homes in River Park and Sierra Oaks. He was predeceased by his parents Gilman F. and Alice (Enz), brothers Kenneth and Thomas, and Aunt Berta Enz. Gilman is survived by his loving companion Nancy Brauner, his Uncle Smith W. Dobson and many lifelong friends he considered family. Gil wishes you a peaceful and dignified life, just as he lived his. A Celebration Of Life will be held at Gilman's residence on Sat. June 2, 2012 at 2pm. Published in The Sacramento Bee on May 19, 2012.
Nancy Downs writes:
Occupation: retired
MaritalStatus: divorced
Children/grandchildren: emma 27, frank 36
SinceGraduation: I had worked for Kaiser, clerical and then cross trained as medical assistant, for
35 years. I retired in 2008. My daughter, her husband, my grandson (born in '08)and I had a home built in Elk Grove as my daughter is a teacher in Elk Grove District. We moved in June 2008. I live with them to help out with full time daycare during the week. I currently enjoy walking, traveling, hiking, reading and scrapbooking, to name a few.
Trivia: I have been to the very tip-top, open the hatch to look out, top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris.
BestFriends: My best friends from grade school through high school were Eileen Ferrell, Lorna Cline and Marie Davies. Eileen was in town from Montana a couple of months ago. We all met and had dinner. Great friends!! Happy memories!
Kids: My daughter, Emma is married with one child.
She is a teacher in the Elk Grove School District.
My son, Frank is also married with no children.
Both graduated Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo and now work in the area. Frank is an architect. My step daughter became a medical assistant. She remarried and live with her four kids in Sacramento. I don't get to see them very much. I am very proud of all my kids and grandkids!!
GradeSchool: Cottage
MiddleSchool: Jonas Salk
MemorableTeachers: Ms Kojima Encina
Mr Kirrene Encina
Mrs Johnson (6th)
FavoriteMemory: Graduating as a junior was pretty special.
Comments: Please post this to 1972 as well as 1973 as I graduated in '72 but was class of '73. Thanks
Annette Dreyfuss Chaconas writes:
Bio: Working for the State and raising my daughter
Stephanie Dugas writes:
Bio: Working and full-time mother, currently completing Bachelors Degree at CSUS
Friends: Guy Rogers, Mary Lorman, Melissa Schaefer, Linda Starnes, Denise Harphan and Kelcey Hall.
Hobbies: Photography, guitar, camping, school, arts & crafts.
Kids: Stephen is incredible at all computer video games and a computer wiz, he is popular with his classmates due to his great sense of humor. He is animated in his creative expression. Just a great kid.....and cute too!
Heard_about_website_from: Found it at ARC lab.

I have recently re located to Costa Rica for the remainder of my life and really enjoying it.Drove down alone(with 3 dogs)from Calif. last year and it was an adventure to be sure.6 countries in 15 days and 5,000 klms.I moved with me some 40 birds to start a new breeding farm there.The name is "Ave Azul de la Osa".
I can be reached via my African Safari website..SerengetiPhotoSafaris.com or by snail mail..APDO 82-8203 Puerto Jimenez,Osa Peninsula Costa Rica.Come visit!

Patrick Dunn (from his serengetiphotosafaris.com website):
   Your host and guide, Patrick Dunn was born in Sacramento, California in 1955. He has been an active member of the American Federation of Aviculture (AFA) since 1978. At the 1979 AFA convention in Las Vegas, Nevada he was fortunate to have met Mr. Robert J. Berry, Curator of Ornithology from the Houston Zoo. It was through this timely meeting that Patrick applied for and was offered a position with the Zoological Gardens where he worked in the Tropical Birdhouse for two years. He learned about ornithology in its purest form from Mr. Berry. Today, they still remain close friends and Patrick looks to him for the most elusive answers to avicultural questions.
Late 1981, Patrick was hired by the Miami Metrozoo to remove and transport all the bird specimens at Crandon Park Zoo to the new Metrozoo. This turned into a seven month tenure moving from a 30-acre zoo on Dinner Key to a 650- acre zoo outside of Homestead, Florida.
Subsequently, Patrick was employed with CampTel Ventures, an outdoor adventure company. He led birdwatching tours throughout southern Mexico, Guatemala, and Costa Rica for six months until hurricane season began. After all his travels, Costa Rica today remains his favorite birding destination.
With birds from Texas and Florida, Patrick moved to the island of Kauai in late 1982, where he started a bird farm which eventually grew into the largest avicultural facility in Hawaii, Parrot Jungle of Kauai. Patrick imported everything that the state would allow. On numerous occasions, he actively testified to allow the entry of many more species as he believed Hawaii is blessed with an environment that could really be beneficial to aviculture. Over the next ten years, he supplied hotels on five islands with birds and animals in creative interactive exhibits with very lush tropical themes for the tourist's enjoyment.
In 1987, Patrick was approached by a resort developer to design and direct construction of a zoo, Kauai's first zoo, part of a $600,000,000 resort complex. By the time it was finished, Patrick had stocked, staffed and directed the zoo at a cost of more than $80,000,000. His task included designing a quarantine facility for incoming hoof-stock, birds and primates as well as two complete commissaries at opposite ends of a 50-acre lagoon. More than 60 species of birds and animals were exhibited on seven naturally landscaped islands with no bars or cages.
Additionally, he procured all the zoological specimens, and searched the mainland for nearly a year buying and shipping animals to Kauai. It was an all consuming task that was completed with animals on exhibit within two years.
   Kauai Zoological Gardens
was in operation for nearly eight years. During that time, Patrick managed to breed every species that was paired including three species of endangered Hawaiian birds to multiple generations. The zoo however, was destroyed by a large hurricane in 1992. Under private direction, he reopened the zoo for three additional years. Due to a fragile island economy, the Japanese property owners decided against its continuance. After surviving two hurricanes in nearly fifteen years, he decided it was time to move to the mainland where he purchased three acres in northern California and moved all of his stock out of Hawaii.

   Since 1983, Patrick has been guiding bird watching trips to various parts of the world, adding Africa to his itinerary five years ago. He keeps a "life list" of birds which now totals over 3,400 species. In addition, he has been collecting insects since he was five years old and holds a collection of about 10,000 specimens. Patrick was a member of the Kauai film commission for 10 years and supplied birds, animals and other natural history props to the industry for use in videos, television commercials and motion pictures such as "Outbreak" and "Jurassic Park". He is a scuba diver with advanced open water, search and rescue, underwater navigation and dive master certifications. He is also an accomplished Taxidermist.


Errol Egolf writes:
Tim Essert writes:
Bio: Obtained a BS degree in Physics from CSUS. Worked for Crocker Nuclear Lab, UC Davis since 1981 as a principal electronic technician. My wife, Diane, of five years and I share a house with four dogs and five cats and maintain a wildlife preserve.
Trivia: Assisted in testing semiconductors used in the Mars Pathfinder. Helped in the historical authentication of the "Vinland Map".
See Photos for a picture of Tim & Diane Essert.
Michael Fahn writes:
Occupation: entertainment producer/real estate developer
What have you been doing since graduation: Trying to figure "it" all out.
Trivia: I have gotten taller.
Pepai Falck Whipple writes:
Bio: I've worked for Pacific Bell since 1974 currently I work in Shingle Springs, 3 miles from my home, making sure everyone in the serving area has dialtone so they can call and chat on webs like this one. My husband, Tom, works for Pac Bell in Placerville as a Technical Manager and we plan to retire in 5 years. Our daughter, Nicole, is 9, she keeps us running with kid things and my son, Peter, is 18 and graduated from Oakridge High.
Trivia: I am a licensed registered electrologist (permanent hair removal)
Funny_story: Karen Teakle and I were laughing yesterday, she's my dental hygenist, about how boring our lives will sound on this bio (you had to have been there).
Friends: My best friends were Kathy Bailey, Lori Kern, Karen Nawrocki,Cindy Fouche '72 (Wilson), and Sue Rhodes. I'd like to see people from
Dyer-Kelly, Howe Avenue and people who haven't attended a reunion yet.
Hobbies: My life is so full with work, kids and recreation, I don't think I have a hobby. Right now we enjoy, houseboating in Oroville, waterskiing, car shows (HAN), and camping. In the winter, we're mostly in Tahoe enjoying the snow and sitting by the fire. 1998 my son skied in the State Championships and placed 3rd.
Comment: I'd really like to thank Harlan for such a terrific web site, I've seen a lot being an Engineer for WANS/LANS and our web site is outstanding. Thank you.
Sacramento man’s death baffles family
By Julie Johnson
Published: Monday, Aug. 17, 2009

By most accounts, Michael Fenton was a predictable man, a homebody when not working long hours at the job he loved.

The beach at Sand Cove Park off Garden Highway in Sacramento was Fenton's sanctuary from life's stresses. He went there when he wanted "to gather his thoughts and peace," said his stepdaughter, Stephanie Kyler.

That's where they told police to look for him when he didn't come home Aug. 7, a Friday night.

He remained missing until boaters spotted a man floating in the river three days later. Officials identified the body as Fenton, 54, the next day. The cause of his death remains a mystery.

"I think he probably went there to sit and get his thoughts," said Fenton's wife of 21 years, Paula Fenton.

Medical examiners haven't determined a cause of death. Police suspect it was an accident or suicide. His family can't imagine that the long-time engineer with the state's Office of Technology Services would take his own life.

Stephanie Kyler, whom Fenton helped raise since she was 2, was the last in the family to speak to him.

Kyler, 25, called home around 4 p.m. to tell her stepfather, who was home on furlough Friday, that she'd be home late from work.

"He said 'OK, I'll see you when you get home,' " Kyler said. "I came home and he was gone. He wasn't here."

Paula Fenton called police around 2 a.m.

"We waited and after he didn't come home, I kind of knew something was wrong," Paula Fenton said.

Her husband was predictable, she said.

He liked Mexican food and Frank Zappa – but "not the new stuff," Paula said. "He liked to watch TV, like CSI and all those nerdy shows. He's a techno-geek, but he's a sweetie."

Fenton's office was packed with books about "wiring and cabling and anything to do with optical networks," said Diane Williams, his work supervisor.

Fenton had worked for state government since 1985, starting as a custodian at the Capitol, family members said, and eventually working his way into a role as telecommunications engineer.

His colleagues said he had an uncanny technical ability. He was an expert on the network of fiber cables under downtown Sacramento that connect all state government buildings.

"He always ate a bear claw for breakfast with coffee," said Renato Peruzzi, who worked with Fenton for some 20 years. "He always had corn chips for lunch with whatever else he was eating."

But what emerged from interviews is that he struggled with depression. Friends and family members said he didn't deal well with stress.

He supported a big family. He lived near Garden Highway with his wife, Paula; daughter Patricia, 14; stepdaughter Stephanie; Stephanie's three children, Hailey, 6, Matthew, 2, and 1-year-old Nicole; and Stephanie's boyfriend, Nick Craven.

Paula Fenton, a retired nurse, has multiple sclerosis and can't work. Furloughed workdays made paying all bills nearly impossible, she said.

Despite this stress, his family believes his death was an accident. Fenton never learned how to swim and had a terrible phobia of water.

But Fenton was a private man. His home computers were guarded with passwords the family is now trying to crack. He shied away from being photographed, leaving loved ones with too few images to hold dear.

Like big pieces of his life, his final moments were private. The cause of his death remains a mystery.

Convinced there was no foul play, police said they have left the ultimate ruling to the county coroner.

Call The Bee's Julie Johnson, (916) 321-5287.

Debbie Fetch Garner writes:
Bio: I have worked for the government for 18 years. I also own a catering business. I have moved around quite a bit but have settled in Ken Caryl Valley in Colorado. I love the mtns. and enjoy the relaxed Colorado lifestyle. I'm engaged to a wonderful man and plan to try this married thing ONE more time! Our children's activities keep us quite busy but when time permits we enjoy hiking, cross-country skiing, and travel.
Friends: Suzanne Crowder, Shauna Burns, Marla Tjoelker, Sue Funk, Shirley Bedford, Merry Daniels, Bogdan
Hobbies: Cooking is my business and hobby. I love to try out different recipes and my family never complains. For recreation I cross-country ski and hike. Weekends are usually spent enjoying the kids activities.
Kids: My daughter, Sara graduated from University of Northern Colorado last May and got married in August. Travis is a high school senior and plays lacrosse and is in several school clubs.
Comments: Thanks to the Reunion Committee for the great WEBSITE and all the hard work of putting this together. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone!
Rebecca Francis writes:
Occupation: Marketing Manager
Bio: Graduated from UC Davis in 1978 and moved to the Bay Area for my first job. I love the bay area so I am here to stay.
Have worked in several different careers and I am currently a marketing manager for a computer related organization. Happily married to my college sweetheart for nearly 25 years.  
Trivia: I have had two near death experiences (auto accidents) so I am really glad to still be on planet earth.  I learned that every new day is a gift indeed.
Friends: Diane Schoenborn, Lisa Rowe, Annette Boutelle, Sheila Gaspar, Toni Roman and others.
Hobbies: At UC Davis, I learned to make jewelry and I was a Jewelry designer, and manufacturer for several years.  It is now just a hobby (which I never find time for) and I have a studio at home.  Gardening is a newly discovered skill and talent I have and it goes to show you its never to late to learn something new.  I enjoy world travel (family vacations and work). Our favorite trip was to artic circle in Jukkasjarve, Sweden for the new century celebration.  We stayed at the Ice Hotel, and then went on a three day and night dog sled trip to the artic wilderness (we drove the sleds, too).   Lucky for us, the area was experiencing a heat wave at the it was only minus 7 degrees.  We also visited friends in Stockholm for a month, where it was much warmer.
Kids: We have one child, 13 years old. We like the odds, there's two of us and one of her. Plus, we can afford to take her on trips with us. She's a terrific kid, of course.
Junior_high: Jonas Salk
Memorable_teachers: Mr.Pshias for French was awesome and he planted the seed to see the world in my soul. He also brought the people and the subject to life.   Mr. Huber was a gifted teacher for Geometry, even though it was an difficult subject for me, this is where I learned to not give up. Persistence achieves results. Miss Coklas was an exciting Anthropology teacher. 
Dwight Douglas Fullmer writes:
Bio: I worked in different specialties of the auto repair industry until I had a broad enough background to open my own shop.
Trivia: I'm vice president of Sunrise Baptist Church.
Sue Funk Lau writes:
Bio: After High school I proceeded to American River College in which I got my AA degree. I began to work in Central Supply at Manteca Hospital. Now I am currently working as Surgery Coordinator at St. Dominics Hospital in Manteca California. My husband Michael is a Principal at Mc Kinley School in Tracy, California as well as a professor of health education at Chapman University. He also has his PhD in Psychology. We currently reside in Ripon. We are in the process of moving right now. We just bought a ranch that we named Spring Oaks where we will be raising AKC German Shepherds.
Funny_story: Cindy Baker, Charlene Devere, Carol Boyes and I all decided to ditch PE one day and went to Cindy Baker's house. That day Carol's mom decided to drop off the keys to the car and they realized she was missing. Then they realized all of us were missing. We all got in big trouble! I never ditched again.
Friends: Carol Boyes, Cindy Baker, Debbie Fetch, Charlene Devere, Susan La Cornu, Marilyn Palmore.
Hobbies: Raising German Shepherds, and exercizing as much as I can.
Kids: I have one daughter Kristin. She is now 17 years old and a Senior at Ripon High School. After high school she is planning on attending either UC Davis, University of Southern California, or University of the Pacific where she will be a Pre-Medicine major. She hopes to become an Orthopedic Surgeon. She has been involved in many activities such as Softball through the community and she has played Volleyball for the state of California. This past May she won the Golden State Exam Excellence award for the state of California in Composition Writing. So in college she will be minoring in Journalism. We also have our dogs. Luke is our 4 year old Border Collie and Watson our 6 year old German Shepherd. We also just got a brand new puppy she is also a German Shepherd and her name is Sarah. She's only 6 weeks old so we are still waiting to get her.
Heard_about_website_from: Charlene Devere

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