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The Class of 1973

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You may not want to admit it, but it's been 40 years since we walked across the stage at El Camino's football stadium to receive our diplomas and then partied all night at Lake Tahoe and/or Disneyland while Ricky Nelson played the Tomorrowland Stage.  Get ready to celebrate and reminisce with the Encina Class of 1973! 

Our 40-year reunion will be:

When:  Saturday, August 10, 2013, from 5 to 11 p.m.

Where:  Dante Club of Sacramento - Tuscan Room
2330 Fair Oaks Blvd., Sacramento, CA 95825
(Enter either front doors or glass doors on east side of building.)

What:  Buffet dinner, featuring chicken, Niman Ranch pork, and vegetarian pasta, plus wine and dessert
No-host bar directly outside the Tuscan Room
“Oldies” music from our era
Brief comments (microphone available)
Remembrance of classmates who have passed on

How much: 
$ 50 per person by June 20
$ 60 per person by July 20
$ 100 per person via PayPal only between July 21 and 31
$ 150 per person, cash only at the door
$ 30 per person after 8pm (no dinner)

Please send your non-refundable payment by check payable to Diane Kelly to:
Diane (Schoenborn) Kelly
3373 Sierra Oaks Drive
Sacramento, CA 95864
Please send payments via PayPal to encinahigh1973@gmail.com.

Be sure to indicate your maiden name, if different, and spouse/date's name when submitting your payment (in check memo or separate note if mailing, or in message box via PayPal).

Talk to your friends NOW and decide to attend!

We look forward to seeing you August 10!

Please let us know if you how to contact any of these missing classmates:
Marilyn Ables Twamley
Deborah Adams
Leonard Albertson
Earline Albertson
Judy Alexander
Terry Anderson
Janine Banks
Sally Barker
Jay Barrow
Susan Bartel
Kevin Bates
Mary Bayes
Sharon Beard
Denise Bedger
Ann Marie Beeman Wilker
Wendy Benge
Georgia Bennallack
Randall Berke
Inga Birdsong
Tom Black
Anthony Bolden
Rick Born
Randy Born
Connie Bothun
Annette Boutelle Cope
Kevin Boyer
Colleen Bright
Michael Bruning
Catherine Burke
Debbie Burt
Melinda Burton
Robert Bush
David Chambers
Mike Chapman
Robin Chapman
Rudy Chavez
Robin Clancy
David Clancy
Bonnie Clark
Jill Colwell
Mary Cooney
Jack Copeland
Beverly Cordell
Gail Daby
Michael Daniels
Robert Davidson
Ronald Davis
Gina Deponty
Sakunder Dhaliwal
Leonard Dowdy
Kathryn Drewry
Robin Du Vall
Karen Duffy Krausher
Carolyn Dunn
Catherine Dwight Weise
Jere Elam
Wendy Elliott
Deborah Endicott
Cindy Engelund
Verna Erby
Colleen Error
Delores Escobar
Debbie Evans
Stephanie Faivre Sferra
Tim Fanning
Steven Fernandes
Margareth Fields
Jan Fisher
Pete Foggiato
Bobbi Fowlar
Greg Francis
Francis Fredette
Mark Freer
Pete Galati
Vicki Gallagher
Terri Gammon
Sheila Gaspar Sundbye
Robert Goecker
Sandra Gonsalves
Debbie Gonzales
Laura Gonzales
Craig Gorman
Chris Graham
Kathleen Harris
Mark Harris
Steve Harris
Lisa Hastie
Rodney Hemstreet
Chris Hendrick
Debbie Herman Shapiro
Richard Hill
Sally Hire
Sherman Hong
Cheryl Horton
George Howard
Roxanne Huckins
Elizabeth Hudgens
David Hudson
Scott Humberd
Gary Hunt
Sally Hurd
Stanley Jeno
Thomas Jobe
Michael Johnson
Michael Johnston
Danita Jones
Chris Jones
Clark Kenny
Annette Kern
Steven Kerr
Lucille Kingen
Linda Kitchen
Steve Konechey
Graydon Lamb
Doug Latour
Jim Lee
Nancy Lemaster
Frank Levings
Brand Lewis
Jerry Link
Yvonne Littlejohn Sensing
Deborah Loyd Pylant
Sandy Lund
Melinda Madison
Dan Malloy
Corinne Mar
Alicia Maris
Nancy Martin
Randy Martinez
Mary Matthews
Roy McCarkie
Frank McDonald
Sandra McGettigan
Mary McGregor
Mark McGregor
Judy McGugin
John McKenna
Sean McLaughlin
Robert Meier
Pamela Melby
Cheryl Michelson
David Miller
Karen Miller
Grant Miller
Kim Miller
Garrett Mitchell
Gina Montoya
Mark Morgan
David Morton
Lisa Muir
Marie Munroe Cabral
Patricia Needham Beesler
Janet O'Keefe
Robert Otis
Donna Page
Sandy Pantaleo
Deborah Parks
Tony Pendrak
Debra Perriden
Claudia Perry Smith
Terrie Phillips
Debra Pierce
Lezan Plumlee
Leon Poitras
Mary Lou Prentice
Janet Pritchard
Leanne Quinn
Marilyn Raszler
Victor Rea
Peter Reiter
Mark Reitburg
Carol Rhea
Vicki Riordan
John Rittenhouse
Robbie Robison Cook
Debbie Rogers Gonzales
Patricia Roller
Toni Roman Ferri
Lisa Rowe
Charlie Russell
Linda Russell
Diane Santana
Laura Schroeder
Leann Schurr
Brenda Scott
Don Severs
Donald Sevo
Terry Shaffer
Marilee Shaw
Alexine Sherman
Randy Shields
Dana Shull
Melinda Shull
Karen Simmermacher
Theresa Sinander La'shureideh
Paul Sinclair Berlemont
Alan Skoonberg
David Slaughter
Robert Smalley
Randall Smith
Kathryn Smithers
Jeff Snow
Christina Soucy Dietler
Mark Souza
Marcia Stewart
Robert Tatum
Ann Taylor
Debra Todd
Candace Todd
Janet Triplett
Jim Twamley
Ellen Uzelas
Salvatore Vasile
Mark Veysey
Diana Vranash
Carl Wagner
Sergio Waismann
Michael Walker
Cletus Wanner
Janna Wantz
Floyd Ware
Tamela West
Joe White
Pam Whitsett
Keith Wilbur
Marilyn Woods
Georgeann Woodard
Mike Zeman
Trudy Zimmerman




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