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Class of 1972 newspapers

The June, 1972 issue of Encina's Tomahawk Newspaper focused on the Class of 1972.  We have archived a copy of this issue here. 

We have converted selected articles into text to make them easier to read.

Outstanding Seniors Receive Honors

The Senior Awards Reception was held May 23 at 8 p.m. in the cafetorium. The reception honored top students in various fields of study. This year 61 seniors and six graduating juniors were presented awards. Along with scholarships and trophies many honorary awards were presented to various students with high academic achievement in a specific field of interest. Miss Arlene Carstenson served as the Mistress of Ceremonies.

Bank of America Award winners Mike Catuzzo and David Teng won second place awards of $750 each in their respective fields of Vocational Arts and Science and Mathematics.  Presenting the award is George A Skoglund.

All of the awards are deserving of recognition though there is room to mention only a few. Here are some of the many awards given:

P.T.A. Departmental Awards - first place:
Marianne Yusavage, Art; Gail Strom, Business; Jane Colombero, English; Chris Essert, Foreign Language French; Patricia French, Foreign Language, German; Wes Greydanus, Foreign Language, Spanish; Lynn Douglas, Home Economics; Mark Elmer, Industrial Arts; Teresa Boli, Mathematics; Tim Montgomery, Music; Mark Elmer, Boys' P.E.; Lorna Germaine, Girls' P.E.; Rod Moore, Science; and Cecily Knepprath, Social Science.

Bank of America - Engraved Trophy Plaque Award Winners in General Fields:
Susan Schwartz, Fine Arts; Teresa Boli, Liberal-Arts; David Teng, Science and Mathematics; Michael Cattuzzo, Vocational Arts.

Bank of America - Final Selection Event:
Michael Cattuzzo, Second Place, Vocational Arts ($750.00); David Teng, Second Place, Science and Mathematics ($750.00).

Sacramento Film Festival Award, First Place, Wesley Greydanus ($2000).

Special Art Awards - Leanne Jones. Women's Auxiliary Local Art Show, Best of Show ($10.00). Women's Auxiliary -District Art Show, Best of Show ($25.00).

Arden Lions Club Scholarship ($200.00) Michael Catuzzo and David Teng.

San Juan Teachers Association Scholarship, David Teng ($500.00).

Panhellenic Scholarship ($100.00) Susan Schwartz.

Governor's Scholars' Award Program:
Steven Adams, Teresa Boli, Joanne Brown, Jane Colombero, Lawrence Fahn, Weslev Greydanus, Samuel Kong, Rod Moore, Nancy Stewart, Paula Stone, Ruth Teerink, David Teng, and Marianne Yusavage.

Congressman's Medal of Merit - Susan Schwartz and David Teng.

California State Scholarship Semi-Finalists:
Steven Adams, Nancy C. Anderson, Michael Barragan, Christopher Essert, Patricia French, Wesley Greydanus, David Jensen, Diane Johnson, Dennis Kelley, Lynn Kimball, Kathryn Kutz, Melinda Lambert, Lynelle Lees, Elliott Mandell, Roderic Moore, Craig Moseley, Kimberly Nichols, Mary Prentice, Robert Rohenberg, Nancy K. Stewart, Paula Stone, David Teng, Linda Trathen, David Wilson, and Marianne Yusavage.

California State Scholarships: Nancy C. Anderson, Chris Essert, David Jensen, Lynn Kimball, Craig Moseley, Robert Rosenberg, Nancy Stewart, David Teng, David Wilson, and Marianne Yusavage.

C.S.F. Chapter Award ($100.00) Elliott Mandell.

Scholarships to Colleges:
Steven Adams, Brigham Young University Presidential Scholarship. David Jensen, Universitv of California at Berkeley - Alumni Scholarship. Elliott Mandell, Pitzer College Grant ($800.00). Craig Moseley, Regents Scholarship to the Universitv of California at Riverside. Ruth Teerink, Pasadena College Scholarship. David Teng, Regents Scholarship to the Universitv of California at Santa Cruz.

Class of 1972 Departs from Encina

Encina's class of 1972 will make its final appearance on June 7 at the El Camino football stadium. This site was chosen after much consideration and the decision was based on the best interests of the class.

The traditional "Pomp and Circumstance" march describes the types of emotions that are predominant at a ceremony of this type. The largeness of the evening is felt by parents, parting friends, and members of the administration. To those who can control their emotions the evening just passes on to circumstances.

Baccalaureate as it has been in the past has been discontinued because of lack of attendance. Students wishing to have a Baccalaureate service must make private arrangements at a church of their choice.

Immediately following the graduation ceremony the grads will board charter buses to San Francisco where they will have their all night party cruising on a boat on the bay.

Miss Carstensen Bids Farewell

Describing the senior class as an "outstanding group of Students," Miss, Arlene Carstenson, senior counselor, sends her best wishes for success in the future to the class of '72.

Miss Carstenson feels that this year's graduating seniors "have made some real contributions to the development of Encina High School," and that they were "a good group to work with.

After 13 vears of counseling at Encina, Miss Carstenson will be taking a sabbatical next year to rest and do some traveling.

One of the big satisfactions she has had, in being a counselor is that in counseling, there is personal contact with such a broad spectrum of people. It has given her pleasure to help the students, and to see them grow and develop. She says that in her job, there is "never a dull moment."

The one thing that Miss Carstenson regrets is that, because she had so many students to counsel. along with other assignments and duties, she couldn't do all the things she really wanted to do.

Seniors Offer Inheritance

I, William A. Brown, will to Stan Sedelko my ability to contain the spirits.

I, Chris Essert, will my tricycle to Randy Hellewell.

I, Chuck Watts, will Encina to Nevada.

I, Mark Elmer, will to Bill Heberle my tennis shoes.

I, Kerry Shearer, will a case of transfer notices to all those thinking of signing up for concert band next year.

I, Ed Spolarich, will my Captain Sacto picture in my locker to Garth Janke.

I, Steve Sanford, will to Dave Geremia half my handball.

I, Rod Moore, will to Rick Slater the Sellar Dwellers.

I, Larry Fahn, will to my little brother Mike Fahn, whose beard is second only to mine, the last ticket to Grad Party.

I, Kathy Kanner, will my Spanish dictionary to Paulo Martinez.

I, Mollie Harris, will my future to Marilyn Palmore,cuz it's bound to get better.

I, Karen Werlhof, will all my forged passes to the incoming seniors.

I, Tim Montgomery, will to Sue Nicol my bullet-proof vest, my switch blade, and garrot; she'll need them.

I, Mike Skow, will the Drama Department to Jeff Vaughn.

I, Patty Greene, will to Francis Oates all the red fags I find.

I, Doug Collins, will my extreme athletic ability along with my looks, cunningness and sensuality to Jerry Gerard.

I, Jay Wilkinson, will my sneakers to Coach Braio.

I, Jane Colombero, will my rallv-writing to Carol Krieg. (Good riddance!) I also will my book of English slang to Paulo Martinez in gratitude for teaching me all the Spanish slang I know.

I, Marian Burrows, will to the future members of Rap, the help and understanding of Mrs. Latimer. To Judy Henderson my Presidency. To P.V. and N.F., what's left of their sanity.

I, Connie Fullmer, will to Mr. Wilde all my directing abilities and my book "Stage and the School."

I, Mike Cattuzzo, will Gary Slater a better putter.

I, Charlie Templeton, will to Greg Roezier my handball gloves.

I, Carolyn Hacken, will my place in Madrigals to Cherie Boyer.

I, Cathy Cook, will my bottle to Maureen Chadwick.

I, Terry Davis, will my ceramics locker to Hollie Satter.

I, Mike Remock, will my old P.E. shoes to Greg Schuette.

I, Diane Johnson, will a recording of the "Cafeteria at Noon" to be checked out on a first come, first serve basis.

I, Diane Miller, will Joan Shafsky my special morning after (hang-over) remedy.

I, Angleika Renz, will my old baggy pair of cut-offs to Marilou Salasky who well deserves them.

I, Bart Holdener, will to Dave Teng my free ticket to Mustang.

I, Mike Babayco, will my gay abilities to Kevin Joyce, m y miniature golfing ability to Jeff Kanner, and my "different" humor to Nancy Mickey Mouse and Janet Redmon.

I, Mary Valle, will my brother to Susie and Lisa and any other sophomore girl who'd take him.

I, -John Zentner, will to Coach Schwartz all the fine, wonderful chicken manure he has so kindly given me over four years.

I, Phil Strand, will whatever to whoever.

I, Susan Schwartz, will to Pat Barret an ice cube.

I, Gary Slater, will my balls to Mike Catuzzo.

I, John Hart, will everything I know to someone who doesn't want to know anything.

I, Richard Nicol, leave and will my "In Na Gadda Da Vida" album to Norman Butters.

I, Jimmy Herrerro, will every worm I have eaten to the cafeteria cooks in the sincere hope that mine will be better eating.

I, Cathy Steinkoenig, would like to will a snot rag to Mr. Lee. He needs one.

I, Gary Gray, will to Scott Matthews one case of flat balls.

I, Mike Bourassa, will to Mr. Derderian my picture of Abe Lincoln.

I, Tom Putoff, hereby will to Bob Trulock my elevator shoes.

I, Patrice Vanella, hereby will my problems to Marion and Nancy, and to Debbie, my brown tennis shoes.

I, Ron Kraushrar, hereby will to Dave Dellinger my four year old athletic supporter.

I, Chris Oates, hereby will to Joan my 150 pound bull frog.

I, Joe Lambert, hereby will to Elaine Farmer a ‘Pepsi at Yogis and to Missy Wilkerson a chastity belt.

I, Elliott Mandell. hereby will a hair straightener to Karen Licker.

I, Marcy Kaye, hereby will to Mark and Scott Roberts my left and right tennis shoes.

I, Barbara Zimmerman, hereby will a case of air freshener to the girls' bathroom at Encina.

I, Angie Gurule, hereby will my long eyelashes -to Bunny Flatbush.

I, Doug Schnackel, hereby will to Bob Green a copy of "Everything You Wanted to Know About Sex, But Were to Tall to Ask," and a free pass for two to the Starlite Drive-in.

I, Jeff Smolek, hereby will to my family any money or trusts I've put away, or anything else that would be of interest or value to them.

I, Ellin Nichols, will to Debbie Lopes one box of pampers.

I, Elaine Farmer, will to Debbie Richmond one, pair of high-top undies.

I, Tammy Lee, will to Karen Teakle a box of safety pins, buttons, scotch tape, and other needed items to keep her together.

I, Tom Wickham, will to Mark Repshaw the "Cool Award" and also to Chris Allan the "Header Award."

I, Joe Wiesier, will to Willie Hanson, manv frantic hours of trying to open his can.

I, Kim Knopp, hereby will all the PBX boards to Carolyn "Ernestine" Hacken, and to the madrigals, I will the U.S. Marine Base.

I, Jennie Scott, hereby will my surname, Bozo Birdsong, to Golden Throat Lynne Vasquez.

I, David Mandella, hereby will to Rob Mainer, my body.

I, Nancy Patton, hereby will my dirty gym clothes to Miss Esparcia.

I, Evelyn Reynolds, hereby will my Romeo and Juliet poster to my best friend, Sam.

I, Lynn Douglas, hereby will my candy business to anyone who has a strong arm.

I, Cindy Sheets, hereby will my modesty to Julie Berner; she'll need it

I, Marie Krear, hereby will all the gifts Dave Koropp ever gave me to Kim Burton - so she can sleep at night.

I, Jon Veis, hereby will all of my bad jokes to the administration and staff.

I, Louis Montalvo, hereby will 138 pounds of dead flesh to S.S.

I, Carol Hammock, being of sound body and reasonably sound mind, do hereby will nothing to no one.

I, Carla Bee, hereby will to Lori and Barbara, a turkey.

I, Bud Desbrow, hereby will my old plug wires to Peggy Flint.

I, Carol Hollowell, hereby will my autograph to the Encina Drama Department.

I, Stephen Kearney, hereby will my sarcasm to Bill Lewis and my superior collievli to Mr. Figenshu.

I, Peggy Flint, hereby will my ‘yummy' pizza recipe to Candy Cochrane and Jim Hebner.

I, Dan Franke, hereby will to Garth Janke my used jock and to Ken Smith I will my sister (good luck, Ken!!!)

Memories of the Class of ‘72

By Clyde Crashcup

When the Class of 1972 entered the hallowed halls of Encina, it was not just another freshman class. It was a high-spirited talented mass of enthusiastic kids, destined to leave its mark on the school, and quite possibly merit the name of Encina's greatest class ever.

That first year was full of delightful successes as well as a few important failures. Class President Sheila McCombs led a futile attempt at a homecoming float. Cindy Ratcliffe reigned as freshman princess for the festivities, themed "Bali Hi." The attempted Apache Island was a disaster, and the float took a unanimous fourth place.

Frosh Lettermen

But the class showed class and signs of early greatness. Ten freshman athletes received Varsity letters, more than any previous frosh group. (Can you name them?) Five went on to become four-year lettermen. Intelligent frosh students swamped the California Scholarship Federation, the largest group yet.

Other determined rookies began showing talent in fields of drama, art, music, government, and every other school function. Only that year's junior class, (class of '70) could match the spirit of the freshmen. With a theme yell of "Who's the best, we’ll give you a clue, it's the class of '72," the freshmen actually won two rallies from the invincible juniors!

Frosh girls joined Pep E by the dozens showing sincere support for the school and class. Bernard Suter took over as class president after an unannounced departure of Miss McCombs. He managed to lead a drive to raise a few dollars by staging some exciting car washes.

Outrageous Party

As the year ended, Joe Lambert was elected Sophomore President in a runoff election with Diane Albert. That was three days after Joe hosted the outrageous freshman party at his former abode. Mollie Harris, Lorna Germaine, and Marie Krear were voted J.V. cheerleaders. The pace was started that year. It was the beginning of the beginning, a year to remember.

Sophomore Domination

As sophomores, the class began to dominate the school, but the class of '70 still held a major stronghold. Each class won half of the rally confrontations. There was also a confrontation on Halloween night, with, eggs, balloons, and fire extinguishers. The seniors got the best of the sophomores, but the police got the best of the seniors.

Cindy Hubbard was soph class princess. The float, a funny-looking eagle or something that was thrown together at Michelle De Vol's house took a miraculous third place! The J.V. football team lost the championship in the last game, as soph guard Johnny Johns started on the Varsity squad.

Half of the casts for the Crucible and Oklahoma were sophomores. Two-thirds of CSF, Mu Alpha Theta, Math-Science and Chess Clubs were made up of sophs. Two varsity basketball starters and one baseballer were sophomores. As president, Joe was a great guy, even if the class ended up $14.95 in the hole.

Wild Ski Trip

The ski trip was fun, except for the cuts and bruises, broken legs, and frostbite cases. Those snowball fights cost the class $12. The car washes were great, - if you like to have water fights and ruin paint jobs. Well, the year was fun, even if it didn't pay off.

Last year as juniors, the class of '72 hit the pinnacle of success! Victory! Led by class president Dave Jensen and float chairman Larry Fahn, who found Wes Greydanus to preside over construction at Cindy Cook's house, the super-mechanical junior float won first place! The juniors won all rallies but two!

They won confrontations with seniors at an egg-throw on Halloween night at the river, as well as a water-balloon fight at Encina one night. They won Tolo Week and Homecoming activity contests. Junior lettermen outnumbered all others together. The class came out of the hole for the first time in two years. Renee Michaelson was homecoming princess and Sue Brackett was Sweetheart Swing Princess.

Dreamy Junior Prom

The year ended in fine style on a threshold of a dream, the theme for the fantastic junior prom. Lynn Vanderhave was chosen Queen over a pretty group of princesses including Mollie Harris, Jane Colombero, Tammy Lee, and Sharon Bush. The junior year couldn't have been better, as the class proved that they were indeed the best.

This year concludes an era in the lives of the graduating seniors. It came and went like the others: fast, fun, and furious. It too was sparkled with success. Another float victory, and more domination with the exception of the rallies. Few seniors had time to show up but when they did, like at home coming, they won.

Queen Sue Goff and princesses Tammy Lee, Melinda Lambert, Jill Bedegrew, and Ellin Nichols reigned over the traditional event, themed "Long time gone."

Seniors Claire Gaines and Mike Babaco won Queen and King honors at the Sweetheart Dance. The senior class put on an open dance featuring Redwing. With estimates ranging from 1,500 to 3,000 people, the dance was called the most outrageous happening in Encina's history.

The Class made enough money to finance a Grad Party with the same group which might just out do the dance. To make more money they auctioned off a car with the AFS. Senioritis and lack of interest set in, and they were $I400 in the hole with two weeks to go, threatening to cancel the grad party.

Clutch Performance

They pulled through incredibly, and even made a couple hundred dollars. A full sized replica of a horse that sold for $35 highlighted the best senior auction in years. The Tolo Week was the best ever. The Nor-Cal bike rally was staged by student government. Wes Greydanus got a lot of publicity and it was a lot of fun for all involved, even though it was a financial flop.

Spirit leaders included senior cheerleaders Kathy Kutz and Michelle DeVol, song leaders Ellin Nichols, Tammy Lee and Elaine Farmer. Political leaders were Wes Greydanus, and Scott Hadley, SB Presidents. Leading the class in GPA was Sam Kong, a transfer student. Many other people in the class helped make this year perhaps the most memorable of all.

This short summary of the history of '72 is far from complete. Names were left out and events were forgotten, as there are many things to remember. These are but a few of the memories that the seniors will relive in the years to come. They may inspire some of them to look back and remember, perhaps to talk about the past years as they cruise in the bay next week. They will look back with varied emotions, just as they will leave Encina with varied emotions.

In Conclusion

Whether they leave happily or uncaring, sadly they will have ended one era of their life and begun a new one. Like the theme of their recent senior ball, it is the beginning of the end for them or the end of the beginning. The choice is theirs. Peace be with them.

Seniors Ponder Near Future

Wes Hunter is planning to be a ski bum.

Nancy Salerno plans to study at Davis and maybe get a degree in psychology.

Van Rodgers plans to rob Howard Hughes.

Peggy Barrett will go to college and join the Air Force.

Doug Knight will keep on trucking in his 55 Gimmy.

Joseph Autra plans to enter the Armed Forces; either the Air Force or the Navy.

John Rueter will work for the Southern Pacific Railroad.

Michael Ramirez plans to go into some kind of drawing field and/or car racing.

Connie Hall plans to get married, raise a family, and be a dumpy housewife.

Greg Schuette will move to Canada and find a job working in the outdoors (forestry, conservation, etc.).

Steve Erpelding will be a secret Service agent or a para-psychologist.

Patty Thomas is going to move to San Diego and become a beach bum.

Evan Phillips plans to become an electronics technician.

Bonnie Nelson would most like to travel. Her dream is to study art in Florence, Italy.

Bill Earle plans to become a meat cutter.

Chris Essert will immediately seek a Ph.D. in Gynecology upon obtaining his Ph.D. (Doctor of Pseudo-medicine).

Bob Greer plans to rule the world and have 100,000,000,000 clams.

Richard Nelson will attend UC Davis and become a doctor(general practitioner).

Mike Bourassa plans to become an oceanographer.

Gary Gray will spend the remainder of his reclining years, in a retirement home-with Miss Carstenson.

Terry Porter plans to become Sacramento's very own Perry Mason.

Jerry Azevedo is going to get married to M.S. and have 23 kids.

Michelle Stratton plans to go to college to become a stenographer, and be a good housewife to J.A.

Bob McLanahan will become a pharmacist.

Chuck Watts has no future plans.

After completing college, Kerry

Shearer will get a first class radio license and become a disc jockey.

Rod Moore will go to UCSD, and study in Africa during his junior year.

Mike Catuzzo is going to make a career in architecture.

Marian Burrows plans to attend ARC and maybe if some guy is lucky, get married.

Doug Schnackel plans to become president and close down all chewing gum factories.

David Mandella will go to San Francisco State, and then become discovered and make lots of money, and have lots of children.

Lynn Douglas will go to college to earn a teaching degree.

Carol Hammack is planning to become the owner of a chain of Taco Bells or go to Nevada.

After getting his Ph.D. in biophysics and neurology, Steve Kearney intends to become a tramp.

Peggy Flint plans to do her best to survive.

Mike Markley is going to buy a trimiran and sail between islands in the Carribean with cargo and women.

Elliott Mandell will grow up and be a ski bum with a Medical Degree.

Barbara Zimmerman plans to become a movie star and marry Tom Jones; then she'll become President of the U.S.

Mike Skow will go on and do theater and dabble in comic books and glasswork.

Doug Collins plans to become a multi-millionaire, start his own nudie magazine and Reno joint titled, The Golden Bassett Hound, and become president of the United League of Jocks and Jockettes and chase his true love.

John Hart plans to study para-psychology.

Neil Twarry is going to teach English in high school.

Seniors In Sports

Encina had many fine senior athletes in the class of 1972. Although hardly any team came in first in the league, there were quite a few outstanding players.

In football, Encina's varsity team wound up with a 3-7 record to break in the new head coach, Dan Schwartz. With many injuries, the Apaches were cut down in size which proved to be fatal in the end when Encina needed it most. The strong Capital Valley Conference fought through Encina's first team and would have run over the second team if they had enough players.

Charlie Templeton did an excellent job in the offensive backfield and Shane Thompson controlled the offensive line. On defense, it was Mike Barragan in the backfield watching out for passes while Jerry Azevedo stopped the runs up the middle.

Basketball had its highlights as the Apaches ended with one of their best seasons in years. Coming back to end with a 7-7 win-loss record in league play, the Apaches proved to be one of the strongest teams in the league. Behind excellent coaching of Bill Lee, Encina left its mark wherever they went.

On any count, one could see that Dave Jensen, forward and center, led the Apaches in scoring. Tom Wickham and Mike Patterson were outstanding in their outside shooting and ball handling. Bob Greer, 6'7" center for the team gathered in the most rebounds.

Encina's varsity baseball team, complete with new uniforms, wound up with an even 9-9 record. Spurts of hot hitting and pep talks enabled the ball handlers to win the last 3 games and finish in fourth place. Three-year letterman John Greenly greatly helped the team out this year playing second base superbly while contributing his fair share at bat. Steve Sanford used his powerful swing to lead the team with the highest batting average of .365. Both John and Steve were named to the 1972 CVC All Conference Team. Chris Oates was awarded an honorable mention.

This year's gymnastics team finished strong even though many gymnasts were injured. They are eligible for the championship of Northern California if everything runs smooth. Chris Hagen will be racking up the points while Rick Vanderwegan follows closelv. Both gymnasts have competed strenuously throughout the year.

Leading the Apache wrestlers this year to a third place finish were seniors Brad Bohannon and John Zentner. Bohannon had the best over-all record on the team, including placing in the C.V.C. tournament. Bohannon was also voted the Iron Man award, the only award given by the wrestling team to the grappler who has the most pride in the sport. Zentner finished the season with twenty wins and a ten loss record. He was also the only Encina wrestler to place in the Sub-Sectional tourney and go on to the Sections.

Turning in an outstanding performance this year also was senior Bernard Suter. Bernard wrestled in a Weight category 20 pounds too heavy for him, but still managed to pin several of his opponents.

Other seniors on the varsity team this year were Terry Bakkie and Van Rodgers. Both were plagued by illness and weight problems. Rodgers in particular had almost broken his ankle but came back to wrestle later in the season.

This year's Soccer team had another one of its fantastic years just finishing second. The team was led by several outstanding seniors. Mike Macias, the 1972 M.V.P. of the offensive players in the CVC, was a consistent scorer and a fantastic ball handier.

Charlie Templeton one of the first four year lettermen in soccer, was all league two years in a row, and just the most outstanding fullback to ever come out of Encina. Steve Podlas, the other four year letterman in soccer, never made all-league but he was consistently in the running for the honor.

Jim Hebner was always hustling on the field, was a great team man and he was known around the league for his head shot. Mike Barrigan as a Sophomore set a record for the number of goals in one game with 6, and in 1972 he was the team captain and held the team together with his play and attitude.

Darrell Mitchell was the goalie in both his junior and senior years, and though he wasn't always spectacular, he got the job done. Rex Smith was a consistent player who was always there when the team needed him.

This year's Varsity swim team was a young one and as a result there are only two senior swimmers, they are Scott Hadley and Charlie Templeton.

Scott Hadley's specialties were the 100 yard breaststroke and the 200 yard individual medley. Scott consistently placed in all CVC meets. Hadley also swam in this year’s sub-sections but was eliminated from further competition at that point. Charlie Templeton swam both the 100 yard backstroke and 50 yard freestyle. Charlie was a steady swimmer who always seemed to be close at the finish.

This year's Varsity track team came 10 points from being undefeated in league play. The team's success stemmed largely from the many outstanding senior trackmen. Leading the way all year was Ed Spolarich who was undefeated in 880 competition in 1972. He was voted the most valuable trackman for the season, and he anchors the fifth ranked two-mile relav team in the nation.

Bob Siebenthal, who for all the years at Encina "Was rated one of the top runners in the Conference, was always expected to bring in the points and seldom failed. He ran the second leg of the nationally ranked relay team. Dan Franke was also on the relay team that won national acclaim and was one of the team's consistent players.

Steve Cook was a good pole vaulter but unfortunately he broke his arm early in the season. Jeff Copley ran all sprints except the 100 and he did well in them all. Dan Sharpe was the 100, and 440 relay man, a consistent runner. Chuck Watts the pole vaulter and broadjumper, placed in the broad jump regularly. Chuck Dunning consistently placed in both the shot put and the discus.

Heading up Encina's golf team this year was four letterman Gary "Rocky" Slater. Gary was last years numero uno also, making this his second year of being Encina's top golfer. The only senior on the team, Gary has done a very excellent job for the Apaches. Though struck by mononeucleosis and out of competition for the first three matches Gary has, with the able assistance of caddy Brigit Roche, been able to medal, or take first place, in twelve of the last sixteen matches.

Encina's water polo team was struck this year by an over-abundance of seniors. Seniors on the varsity team this season were Steve Crosby, Joe Lambert, Jeff Jope, Bill Grebitus, Steve Valdez, Pat Sullivan, and Gary Nawrocki. These athletes, most of them out for the first time in water polo, carried the team to a winning season after a dismal start.

Both of water polo's trophies also went to seniors with Jeff Jope receiving the Most Valuable Player for his fine all-around work, and Joe Lambert getting the Most improved Player. "One of the most outstanding, unsung heroes" of the year according to Coach Peetz was Todd Andrews, who was however forced to resign after a disagreement with the administration.

On the Cross Country team the final word in the meets was senior Ed "The Big Man" Spolarich. Though plagued by a bad injury during the middle of the season, Ed was able to come back and gut it out. Providing the team's depth this year were seniors Bobby Siebenthal, Jeff Copley, Dan Franke, and Joe Wieseler. Siebenthal and Coplev did an especially fine job garnering quite a few points for the Apaches.

Templeton Receives Top Award

This year, Outstanding Senior Sports Award goes to Charlie Templeton for his excellent participation in football, soccer, and swimming.

Templeton has played halfback for Encina's football team for four years. Coach Dan Schwartz commented, "Charlie has been one of the better players Encina has had and I wish I could have him back next year."

As a soccer player, Templeton received a varsity letter all four years. He helped the team out greatly with his excellent defense and helped the Apaches to be top contenders in the CVC league.

While in the pool, Charlie swam the butterfly and freestyle. Templeton racked up the points to help Encina win a lot of close meets.

"It's a fine honor and I'm glad to get it," replied Templeton when asked about the award. "I think it shows what an athlete can do if he tries."

Charlie was awarded a small trophy while his name will be put on the large annual trophy.

Girl’s Sports 1st Annual Banquet Tops Off Sports Year

The First Annual Spring Sports Banquet wrapped up the year for girl's sports on May 30. All girl's sports participants and their families were invited to the Encina Cafeteria at 7 p.m. for a Pot Luck Dessert and awards.

The teams this year included volleyball, field hockey, basketball, tennis, badminton, softball and gymnastics. Ribbons wer Ie awarded to each participant ac- cording to the team's placing in district competition. Team awards were also given for outstanding players.

The badminton team has one win against Casa Robles and three losses with three games to go. The team members are Sharon Apted, Cherly Newhouse, and Judy Henderson, singles. Barbara Apted-Robin Adams, Terry Sparks-Gail Strom, doubles. Substitute is Trina Lewis.

The softball team finished their season with no win and seven losses. The team is coached by Dennv Blehm. Members are Mary Bays, Michelle Hardre, Karen Margroff, Laura Allen, Karen Harrison, Linda Trathen, Diane Wilson, Sherri Brown, Diana Uyeda, Sharon Berkenpas, Paula Stone, Carol Harrison, and Molly Krausher.

Class of 1972 Plans for Middle Age

What will the seniors be doing in 20 years?
Here are the answers:

Pat Henley - I will be head nit-picker at Nicely's Nitpicker Nuthouse.

Jon Veis - Working my butt off with 10 kids and a deadbeat for a wife.

Stephen Kearney - Lying peacefully in a pine coffin.

Bud Desbrow - Fighting fires.

Carla Bee - Living, I hope.

Carol Hammack - I'll probably be lying in the gutter on skid row with Evelyn Dunitriadis.

Susan Schwartz - Going out of my mind.

Phil Strand - Hopefully married and having a whatever.

John Hart - Living, I hope.

Richard Nicol - Who knows, maybe I'll be dead. Or working?

Cathy Steinkoenig - I will be singing "Poor Wandering One" on Mars as part of an interplanetary, USO show.

Doug Collings - Living and spending my multi-millions and goof-balling around and chasing my beloved "?"

Patty Greene - Living.

Mike Skow - If I knew that, then I'd be rich. Otherwise, just screwing around. I'll probably be dead because of pollution.

Marcy Kaye - Married, two kids, retired teacher.

Barbara Zimmerman - Eating.

Sandi Thompson - Raising a family in the mountains.

Kim Knopp - Married, hopefully, teaching music and living by the ocean.

Jeff Smolek - Right now, I would say sitting on the moon. ,

Evelyn Reynolds - Everything I'm not allowed to be doing now.

Nancy Patton - Teaching in a school, married 10 kids.

Louis Montalbo - Music, fancy cars girls.

Elliott Mandell Probably be dead, six feet under.

Joe Lambert – I will have two TV shows, Marcus Lambert, M.D. and the Undersea World of Jacque Lambert.

Tom Puthuff- Messing around.

Patrice Vanella - Taking care of 20 kids.

Carol Hollowell - I'll be auditioning for Carl Reiner and Sheldon Leonard. Ha.

Mike Markley - Looking for my sunken boat.

Peggy Flint - Thinking about marriage.

Nancy Salerno - Taking care of kids.

Mike Premock - Having more kids.

Anglika Renz - Who knows?

Diane Miller – Messing around - a lot?

Wes Hunter - Still skiing and bumbling around.

Anne Jones - Making art, having affairs with men.

Brigit Roche - I hope to be married and raising a family.

Van Rodgers - Spending millions.

Peggy Barett - I will be a General in the United States Air Force.

Susan Goff - Probably I'll be dead, who knows?

Terry Porter-I will be wealthy - with several fancy cars, lots of beautiful women surrounding me, and still have a ball.

Lynn Douglas - Raising my children.

David Mandelia - Making lots of money and having children.

Marie Krear - Probably still trying to get back at him.

Cindy Sheets - I will be happily married and have two children.

Jennie Scott - Starring on Broadway, living in a New York penthouse.

Michelle Stratten - Probably be married with a few kids.

Jay Jividen - Working and have a family probably.

Jon Graham - Laying on my beach in Mexico.

Jerry Azevedo – With any luck, I will have ten million dollars, but I don't really count on it.

Lorna Germaine – Nothing.

Chris Essert – Join the FBI in honor of J. Edgar.

Gary Gray - I'll be president of all Coors breweries in the Western Hemisphere.

Mike Bourassa - Messing around as a beach bum.

Tony Sanguinetti - I really don't know, but I hope I'm in New York doing plays.

Richard Nelson - Practicing medicine somewhere in California.

Debbi Feltman - Don't know.

Scott R. Hadley - Hard to say.

Abele R. Ellis - Living, I hope.

Matt Reeves - Working-learning-living.

Emil Magovac - Law

Doug Schnackel - Be chairman of the board of Disney Productions and living happily with my wife and kids.

Angie Gurule - Being a private secretary or being married.

Jay Wilkinson - Bumming around - counting over my millions - visiting different countries.

Carolyn Hacken - Running around a messy house with a bunch of kids.

Jane Colombero - Living in Mazatlan, Mexico, raising kids and probably working.

Marian Burrows - Hangin' on a branch in the zoo.

Mike Cattuzo - Millionaire Architect.

Bart Holdener - Bumming around.

Charlie Templeton - Running around and having fun.

Tim Montgomery - Probably end up being a singing janitor.

Mary Valle - Dead and buried along with the rest of the world.

Karen Wherlhof - A good time in lab technology and hopefully married.

Mollie Harris - Dieting and clipping my toenails.

Larry Fahn - I only plan one day at a time.

Connie Dyer - Married (hopefully) housewife, working.

Rod Moore - Working, something to do with marine chemistry.

Ed Spolarich - Laughin' at the pictures in the old yearbooks.

Kerry Shearer - I will be a $50,000 a year D.J. at KSFO.

Mark Elmer - Driving a truck.

Chuck Watts - Nothing.

William A. Brown - Being extremely famous for my many important achievements in life.

Mike Barragan - Working my ranch in Canada, being a hermit at the ocean, or pushing up lilies.

Kathy Kutz - Not be in the USA, I hope.

Bob McLanahan - Selling pills (pharmacy).

Lisa Bonti - Being 36-22-34


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