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Class of 1972 Grade school photos

Shown below are grade school class photos showing Encina alumni during their formative years. If you have anything you would like to contribute, contact the webmaster.

Cottage School, Mrs Ketchum, Kindergarten PM Class of 1959 - 1960 (Courtesty of Mike Greene)
Students include:
Mike Greene
Tony Sanguinetti
Kathy Kutz
Patti French
Patty Greene
Cottage School, Miss Krueger, Kindergarten AM Class of 1959 - 1960 (Courtesty of Teresa Boli)
Students include:
Teresa Boli (second row from top, far right)
Creekside Elementary, Kindergarten Class of 1959 - 1960 (Courtesy of Craig Moseley)
Students include:
Todd Andrews (Rear, 2)
Lynn Venderhave (Rear, 3)
John Johns (Rear, 4)
Larry Fahn (Rear, 8)
Sue Schwartz (Rear, 10)
John Greenly (Middle, 3)
Chris Oates (Middle, 10)
Joanne Brown (Front, 3)
Craig Moseley (Front, 6)
Bob Helling (Front, 8)
Sierra Oaks Elementary, Mrs Howell, Kindergarten Class of 1959 - 1960 (Courtesy of Caroline Johnson)
Students include:
Lisa Rulison
Kathy Kanner
Mollie Harris
Tammy Lee
Claire Gaines
Caroline Johnson
Dyer Kelley Elementary, P.M. Kindergarten Class of 1959 - 1960 (Courtesty of Michael Ramirez)
Students include:
Front Row: David Mandella, Tim Mongomery? Bill Wedge, Tim Allen?
Back Row: #3 Debbie Sanders, #8 Michael Ramirez
Dyer Kelley Elementary, A.M. Kindergarten Class of 1959 - 1960 (Courtesy of Renee Welch Wojnowski)
Students include:
Front Row: #1 Steve Cook, #6 Chris Essert, #7 Chuck Watts
Second Row: #1 Connie Fullmer, Denise Ingram, #5 Ruby Harris, #6 Pam Hutchinson, # 7 Renee Welch
Third Row: #1 James Gardner, #2 Bill Wedge #7 Evan Phillips #8 Weyland Fatt
Top Row: #4 Patsy Hankin, #7 Lynn Douglas
Greer School, Miss Cartwright, Fourth Grade 1963-64 (Courtesy of Mike Babayco)
Top Row: #3 Ronnie Starnes; #6 Wayne Christy?
Second Row: #1 Richard Chandler; #2 Melinda Lambert; #4 Cecily Knepprath; #6 Jon Scott
Third Row: #1Yvonne Marston?: #2 Joetta Nevis; #4 Mr. King; #5 Miss Cartwright; #6 Cindy Sheets; #7 Lorna Germaine;
Fourth Row: #1 Mark Elmer; #2 Jan Haeling?; #3 Mike Wilson; #6 Susan or Sharon Anderson?; #9 Mike Babayco;
Bottom Row: #2 Darlene O'Neil; #3 Shane Poploski; #4 Patty Kesterson


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