Encina High School 1983 newspapers

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Here are some issues of the Encina Asylum courtesy of Mark Winchester '83.

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April 11, 1983: Volume 9, No 11
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April 28, 1983: Volume 9, No 12
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v9n12p5.jpg (338834 bytes) v9n12p6.jpg (314584 bytes) v9n12p7.jpg (301421 bytes) v9n12p8.jpg (297466 bytes)
Volume 9, No 13
May 11, 1983: Volume 9, No 14
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v9n14p5.jpg (354989 bytes) v9n14p6.jpg (314283 bytes) v9n14p7.jpg (264141 bytes) v9n14p8.jpg (158918 bytes)
June 1, 1983: Volume 9, No 15
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v9n15p5.jpg (352379 bytes) v9n15p6.jpg (306562 bytes) v9n15p7.jpg (336767 bytes) v9n15p8.jpg (322794 bytes)
v9n15p9.jpg (361981 bytes) v9n15p10.jpg (331443 bytes) v9n15p11.jpg (352808 bytes) v9n15p12.jpg (324432 bytes)
v9n15p13.jpg (307708 bytes) v9n15p14.jpg (273883 bytes) v9n15p15.jpg (346576 bytes) v9n15p16.jpg (355068 bytes)

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