Encina High School 1983 newspapers

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Here are some issues of the Encina Asylum courtesy of Mark Winchester '83.

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December 14, 1982: Vol 9, No 6
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January 20, 1983: Vol 9, No 7
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v9n7p5.jpg (346320 bytes) v9n7p6.jpg (353280 bytes) v9n7p7.jpg (378253 bytes) v9n7p8.jpg (327112 bytes)
February 9, 1983: Vol 9, No 8
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v9n8p5.jpg (339552 bytes) v9n8p6.jpg (339879 bytes) v9n8p7.jpg (348658 bytes) v9n8p8.jpg (300799 bytes)
February 24, 1983: Vol 9, No 9
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v9n9p5.jpg (365051 bytes) v9n9p6.jpg (372392 bytes) v9n9p7.jpg (340753 bytes) v9n9p8.jpg (305068 bytes)
April 13, 1983: Vol 9, No 10
v9n10p1.jpg (312373 bytes) v9n10p2.jpg (334136 bytes) v9n10p3.jpg (359450 bytes) v9n10p4.jpg (378137 bytes)
v9n10p5.jpg (370988 bytes) v9n10p6.jpg (334418 bytes) v9n10p7.jpg (344089 bytes) v9n10p8.jpg (315014 bytes)

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