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Class of 1974 - 25 year reunion


Saturday, July 31, 2004
Serrano Country Club
5005 Serrano Pkwy, El Dorado Hills, CA 95762
(916) 933-5005

Great food, drink, music, fun and friends!
$60 per person until June 1, $70 after
Free photos of you with friends at the reunion

Please make checks payable to Encina '74 Reunion and mail to:
Julie Eissinger Meador, 225 Randall Drive, Folsom, CA 95630

Buffet Dinner menu

Sierra View Bar-b-que
Corn Muffins & Fruit-filled Carved Watermelon
Caesar Salad & Pasta Salad
BBQ Half Chickens, Mesquite Grilled New York Steak
Skillet Seared Red Potatoes with Bacon & Campfire Roasted Onions
Fresh Fruit Crisp or Strawberry Shortcake
Complete meal and gratuity is included


A professional DJ with plenty of reunion experience will be providing the music for our event. We will be carefully selecting much of the music in advance, including lots of our old favorites from the early 1970s. And of course the DJ will be taking requests once the dancing starts, so be sure to wear your dancing shoes!

Hotels in Folsom, right near US Hwy 50

From Sacramento, take Hwy 50 East to Scott Rd/Bidwell St. Exit and go over the freeway (North) and take the first left onto Iron Point Road.

Courtyard Inn - Folsom
2575 Iron Point Road Folsom, CA 95630 Phone:1 916-984-7624 Fax:1 916-984-3198

Residence Inn - Folsom
2555 Iron Point Road Folsom, CA 95630Phone:1 916-983-7289 Fax:1 916-983-8637

Hotels in Cameron Park (about 4 miles East of El Dorado Hills)

Both Cameron Park hotels are off US 50 at Cameron Park Drive.

Super 8 (530-677-7177)

Best Western (530-677-2203)

Current RSVPs

Rick Dupzyk
Tim Chapman
Vicki Adamek
Dave Grow
Gordon Bramwell
Steve Barragan (coming from Natick, MA)
Michael Siverling
Denise Kichar
Kelly Lane
Jeff Babcock
Rob Laughlin
Frank Graff
Toni Blas
Trace Rankin
John Nunez
Ron Brown
Rudy Demasa
Julia Nickles (coming from Baltimore)
Paul Hamby (coming from Juneau)
Walt Oxley
Larry Anderson
Carolyn Hyrkas (coming from Idaho)
Bo Grebitus
Glennis Wege
Kathy Dooling
Larry Lauzon
Terri Sparks
Dan Jeffrey
Steve Palmer
Julie Eissinger
Stacey Heidig
Bob Goosmann
Terri Jurich
Terrea Harlan
Gregg Magaziner
Rick Greer
Jon Wroten
Dan Jeffrey
Bill Hopkins
David Knepprath
Martha Koropp (coming from Hawaii)
Norm McKenzie (coming from Tennessee)

Quicktime panorama of reunion

Click on the thumbnail to see a full size image.

Some of the Women of 74 Late night gang
Robin Reade, Dave King, Francis Oates, Bob Rectenwald, Jamie Tommolilo and Mike Lamb
Robin Reade, Lynn Moore, Vick Flint Vicki King, JulieEissinger, Stacey Heidig, Dan Dahlberg
Vicki King, Robin Reade, Stacey Heidig, Vicki Adamek, Julie Nickels Vicki Adamek, Steve Palmer, Chris Sutterley, Robin Reade, checking out panoramas Michelle and Chris Allan Mike Andrews and Stacey Heidig
? and Brian Bombola
(Please help me out!)
I didn't meet EVERYONE!!)
Reunion Committee Jerry and Joanne Cordy Allen Cull, Dan Dahlberg
Allen Cull, John Melnicoe Vicki King, Denni Schwartz, Dave Barrett Denni, Stacey, Julie Julie Eissinger, Bill Heberle, Terrea Harlan, Jesse Muniz
Vicki Flint checking out the senior year book Flint, Annenberg, Diana Morgan Bob Goosmann and Dave Barrett Stacey, Julia Nickles and Steve
Dave King, Jamie Tommolilo, Mike Lamb Mike Lamb running for his award (most unexpected career) Mike Lamb receiving his award Donna McManus
Julia Nickels and Steve Barragan Julia Nickels and Vicki Adamek Julia, Vicki and Steve Julia, Harlan and Vicki
Steve Palmer and Terri Jurich Thanking Leader Bob! Steve Pepper and John Nunez Robin, Vicki and Julia
Your picture(s) here.

If you have photos you want added, please email
a jpeg to spalmer@innotek.com

Help me identify this couple!! (please email)   Our registration table gang
Julie, Stacey, Gregg Magazinder, Terri, Terrea, Jesse and Rick Dupzyk
Mixing it up!
Rick and Danielle Slater Memories galore
(thanks, Stacey!)
Terrea Harlan and Jesse Muniz The Toni Award
Bob Goosmann and Toni Blas


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