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Class of 1974 Bios


This is where you can learn about your friends from Encina's class of 1974.

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Vicki Adamek Mongan
Occupation: Freelance writer
Bio: I've spent the last seven years back in Sacamento after many years out of state, including 10 years in Dallas, TX. I was married for 11 years and have raised two boys -- now 16 and 18. The oldest just left for Penn State and the youngest is a junior at Granite Bay High School, a place very much like Encina was all those years ago. I've worked for myself, with minor stints now and again at PR firms and ad agencies. I write everything from videos and television commercials to Web sites and annual reports for large corporations. It's a great way to make a living and has allowed me to work out of the house while raising my boys.
Friends: My closest friends were Juli Nickles (still in touch),Ginny Hurley (still in touch), Patty Gonzales (where is she???), Dan and Swift Dickison, Nina Shelton, Marcella Pratt, Debbie Nuesenbaum (spelling?), Dave Barrett, Ken Brown.
Hobbies: I turned my favorite hobby into my job. And now I work too much to have a proper number of hobbies -- the plight of the self employed. But I do make time to work out, participate in my children's activities, and spend time with friends..
Kids: I am shamelessly proud of both my boys. Instead of being surly and antisocial like their mother was in high school, they are both charming, popular, and well adjusted. Both are very smart and not into anything unsavory. I feel incredibly lucky.
Grade_school: Cottage Elementary -- Hawaii before that
Grade_school_friends: Ginny Hurly
Junior_high: Jonas Salk
Junior_high_friends: Dave Barrett, Juli Nickles, Julie Stewart
Favorite_teachers: Sr. Gonzales, Mr. Figenshu, Mr. Tracy, and Mr. Lee
Joy Adams Wilkins
Occupation: Registered Nurse
Bio: After graduation, I worked at Hong Kong Bank of California ( I don't even know if it still exists). I married Donald Chambers shortly after graduation. He was asked to leave Encina and ended up graduating from El Escalon. We divorced after 4 years. We had a son, Joseph. Don died at the age of 36. I moved to Kansas in 1982. I remarried and have another son and a daughter. I am a nursing supervisor at Neosho Memorial Regional Medical Center in Chanute, Kansas.I occasionally work in ICU and ER. I have 2 wonderful grandchildren.
Trivia: I managed my daughters softball team for 9 years. I have worked for the same employer for 26 years. Took off 3 years to have babies 83-86
Friends: Cathy Busby, Chris Dehnert, Danny Mundy. Since my high school boyfiend did't attend Encina, most of my friends didn't either. My step sister, Terri Gallagher did go to Encina for awhile. We were good friends. I have not had any contact with anyone from high school since I left California.
Hobbies: I continue my education in nursing. I enjoy building miniature houses, sewing and reading.
Kids: Joseph is 24 and has a wonderful son and a beautiful daughter. He is an iron worker here in Kansas. Aaron is 19 and in love, he is also an iron worker. My daughter is Anna and she just turned 13. She is my best friend
Grade_school: Village School in North Highlands
Junior_high: Don Julio Junior High in North Highlands Memorable_teachers: Mr Dahlin was a blast, he always had the sterio on and let us eat in class!
Favorite_memory: I didn't really hang out with anyone from Encina. Mostly I cut class to hang out with my friends who went elsewhere or were not in school.
Patricia Allen Wilder
Occupation: Residential Property Management
MaritalStatus: Married
Spouse: Brad Wilder
Children/grandchildren: Shon Wilder 32, Daniel Wilder 30
SinceGraduation: Worked with the Harness race horses then left with them on State circuit after graduating. Ended up in New York State with the circuit and decided I am a west coast girl, came back to California for a brief time then roamed and ended up in Yuma, Arizona. Spent almost 20 yrs there. Got married,(was dumb) to an idiot then had two sons, got divorced after 4yrs,(got smart) got married again to a great man in 1983, still married! We now are raising our eldest grandson through Oregon permanent foster care cause his mom was an idiot and his dad, our youngest son (divorced from her for years) still has no brains or ability to take proper care of him. He joined us in June of 2008 at age 8. After 12 yrs of no children in the home it is still a challenge.
Bought first home in early 2009 for stability for him. Will die here now that I have to work & live for the next 30 yrs to pay it off. lol I have my own property management business and also work for my broker with his property management company. My hubby works for the local casino that opened in Dec of 2008. It takes three jobs now a days to survive. Thanks to Dems lol we are conservative Reps. No disrespect to anyone! Took Keegan (grandson)to his first bear dance (hubby is Native American, for those that are PC) at the last Pow Wow, was fantastic watching him absorb
Trivia: After I got rid of first husband ended up working in the Yuma County Jail, moved up to Sgt.
Said Working lol. Got to political and left after 3yrs but was and experience will never forget.
BestFriends: Ran around with Diana and Alida Manning mostly. Have not seen them in about 4 yrs.
Hobbies: No time, but miss not being able to go horse back riding since let Yuma except took Keegan riding on the beach in Ft Bragg on vacation this last summer.
Kids: Eldest is in Phx, Az and always in trouble with the law, just like his bio dad. The youngest is still struggling with becoming a productive adult.
GradeSchool: Thomas Edison
MiddleSchool: Jonas Salk
MemorableTeachers: None, never payed attention well.
FavoriteMemory: Graduation became full freedom.
Had already moved out of parents house.
AlumniInContact: Never knew it till years later but Luther Hopp through his business.
Comments: Just wanted to say hi to everyone and hope all are well.
Susan Anderson McGee
Occupation: Associate Learning Advisor at American River College in the Children's Center
Bio: Since graduating, I got my degree in Early Childhood. I am married and have been for almost 21 years. I have two children. Stephanie is 19. She is attending American River College and is working part time at Trader Joe's. Greg is 12. He is starting junior high school this year at St. John's in Carmichael. My husband is an Engineer for the State of California in the Telecommuications Division.
Friends: Friends from High School were Randi Lee Sanford, Janet Kraljic, Donna McMannus, Chris Hagen. Chris pasted away 17 years ago, he drowned, his car went off the road and landed in a pond and Chris was not able to get out.
Hobbies: We like to go camping. We are big Knights Fans, so every year we buy season tickets. I like to workout.
Kids: Greg loves sports. His favorite is soccer. He plays goal keeper. Stephanie stay busy with school and work. She keeps changing what she would to do with her schooling, right now she thinks she would like to do something in the computer field.
Grade_school: Cordova Gardens
Junior_high: Mills Junior High School
Alumni_in_contact: Randi Lee Sanford
Gerri Annenberg Rotta
Occupation: Owner of a personal and corporate gift service.
Bio: Married in 1976, graduated college 1979 with a degree in Industrial Psychology and minor in Criminal Justice. Moved to Southern Ca. in 1979. Worked in sales and then upper management in the Food Industry for several major companies until 1987. After 10 years of marriage, finally had first child. Moved to Oregon in 1987. Started my own business in 1988. Traveling to different places.
Trivia: I am actually into running now - the kid who walked as slowly as possible around the track during P.E. I am currently training for the Portland Marathon on October 3, 1999.
Friends: Martha Koropp, Dannie Morgan, Janet Bothell, Brook Borchers, Carol Vaught, Renee Hardre, Becky Montoya, Caryn Van Buren. Still in regular
Hobbies: Boating, running, skiing, traveling, tennis
Kids: My older son Nathaniel has been chosen as student delegate for the state of Oregon and is traveling to England, Scotland, and Wales this summer. He is an honor student with straight A's - so far. Can't be taking after his mother. My younger son Jason is quite an athelete.
Grade_school: Many different ones - Bayou View Ele. - Gulfport, Miss, Vegas Verdes - Las Vegas, Brockton Ave. Ele. West Los Angeles
Grade_school_friends: N/A
Junior_high: Cedar Park Intermediate - Portland, Oregon, Winston Churchill - Carmichael
Junior_high_friends: Roger Allen and Dennis Jennings
Favorite_teachers: Mr. Lawrence, Mr. Psashias - I actually can't remeber how to spell it!, Ms. Takeuchi, Mr. Coke, Mr. Greenburg - he got me interested in Psychology
Linda Barber Hammock
Occupation: retired
Bio: Geez! This space isn't big enough. Everything I thought of trying--I tried. I'm now exactly where I want to be, doing exactly what I want to do. I have a wonderful husband, two beautiful step-daughters, 2 dogs, and 3 cats. We travel to Hawaii 4 times a year, play golf, entertain a lot with family and friends, sleep late, and drink great wine. Best of all, my husband is a gourmet cook!!
Trivia: I was a flight attendant with Flying Tigers/FedEx. We flew the MAC Charters. (military airlift command) Which means we flew troops to the military bases around the world. Especially exciting during Desert Storm. I was also a florist for 15 years.
Friends: In high school that would be Nancy Ziliotto, Kim Burton, Greg Roesler, Kim Guy. I talk to Nancy all the time, but don't know how to reach Kim or Greg. I heard Kim Guy died quite a while ago.
Hobbies: Animals, golf, winetasting, gardening, family get-togethers, re-modeling the house, and planning my step-daughters weddings.
Kids: My step-daughters are beautiful. Both getting married this year to terrific guys. We are having a lot of fun with showers and receptions. Never a dull moment in this house. Also, my golden retriever, Duke. He is a gorgeous, 105lb, blond hunk!!! Sorry girls, he's been neutered!!
Grade_school: Greer School
Grade_school_friends: Donna Hamilton, Mary Sally.
Junior_high: Jonas Salk
Junior_high_friends: Kim Burton, Donna Hamilton, Mary Sally.
Favorite_teachers: Mr. Brodnansky is the only name I can remember right now. My favorite was the the Social Science/Economic teacher. last name started with a D... I can picture him real well. Just not his name.
Alumni_in_contact: Nancy Ziliotto. You already have her info.
Heard_about_website_from: Nancy Ziliotto
John Bedford
Occupation: Self Employed
Bio: Graduated early (1974) to go to New York, came home for Christmas 1974. Started working for The Sacramento Bee. August 1981 quit the BEE to go on mission for the LDS church (Mormon). After coming home went to American River. Graduated and started a Landscape Maintenance Company.Still at it. Got married 1992 Wife is Yvette. We have five children Greg 6, Stephanie 4, Brian 3, Rachel 1 and Mark newborn. Yvette wants one more.
Friends: Haven't really talked to anyone since
High School Hobbies: Waterskiing, Sports for the children, Soccer,T-ball, Swim team
Grade_school: Wyda Way
Junior_high: Howe Avenue
Mike Berry
Occupation: Pathologist
Bio: After graduating from Encina, I did my undergraduate work at UC Davis, getting a BS in Zoology. I moved to Minneapolis, MN where I was in a PhD program for three years, before I figured out that I was (1) lousy at research, (2) bored, (3) and way to damn cold. I got into medical schoolin Minnesota, and got my MD in 1986. I came back to Sacto for an internship in Internal Medicine, then switched to Pathology where I did a four year residency. I have been a pathologist (just like "Quincy") since 1991 at Marshall Hospital in Placerville. I am divorced, and have 4 lovely, yet wildly frustrating and occasionally goofy children, aged 15 to 6. I now live in Folsom, where I seem to do nothing but work, sleep, and yell at my children (who are all now available for adoption). Actually, things are pretty nice. My divorce settlement mandated that I give everything I own, my entire paycheck, and the next 10 years of future earnings to my ex-, who is living comfortably in a lovely home in Folsom. I live in a van, down by the river. For fun, I play the guitar.
Trivia: Everything about me is trivial
Friends: Bruce Vanderford (still see, and golf with), Dwight Hansen, Steve Palmer, Wilis K. Hopkins (where the hell is he?)
Hobbies: Playing guitar, yelling at offspring, alcoholic beverages
Kids: They haven't killed me yet!
Grade_school: Thomas Edison
Grade_school_friends: Steve Palmer
Junior_high: Jonas Salk
Junior_high_friends: Dwight, and Steve
Favorite_teachers: Ms. McKenzie, Mr. Brodnansky, Ross Clover (rest his soul)
Nita Blubaugh
Occupation: teacher
Bio: Working and raising my childeren
Trivia: appeared on family feud and petticoat junction
Friends: Becky Montoya, Star Smith, Karen Liquer, Puala Robishaw,Joanne Polowski,Martha Korupp, Julie Bernnuer,Terrie Jerich, Dave Grow, Jim Dunning, Jason Brandes, Roy Pireces,Kurt Wagner,Allen Criswell,Allen Cull,Rob Zadibble, Morrise,Gordon Brandwell, Boz Skaggs,Clear Water Revivial, and so on and so on
Hobbies: anything fun and arts and crafty
Kids: My oldest child is 13. Her name is Courtney. She is teriffic. My youngest is 11. His name is Johnny. He is a gift from God.
Favorite_teachers: Mr. Golden
Heard_about_website_from: I Ask Jeeves
Brian Bombola
Occupation: Deputy Sheriff for Sacramento County since 1979, also own and operate business conducting pre-employment background investigations for public safety agencies (law enforcement and fire services)
Bio: I'm married, have one daughter age 18 and two stepsons ages 28 and 25. My wife's name is Betsy and we've been living in Napa, CA for 10 years.
Friends: Mark Huber, Fawn Billerbeck, Kristi Hansen, Marybeth Kwoka
Hobbies: My hobbies are working on cars (generally street rods), building furniture, and general home remodeling.
Kids: My daughter was born in '81, was a soccer star in high school, and is currently in a doctoral program at LaVerne University after graduating magna cum laude from Sonoma State University in three years (can you tell I'm proud?) For those of you who remember me from high school, I learned to enjoy childhood much later in life, so my daughter wants to be a child psychologist so she can figure me out. I have two stepsons, one a computer network specialist and the other does tech support for an internet provider.
Grade_school: Forrest Sherman Elementary in Naples, Italy
Grade_school_friends: None
Junior_high: Howe Avenue
Junior_high_friends: Doug Wilkerson and Doug Cochran
Favorite_teachers: Figenshu, Sanders, Ross, and Huber
Cheryl Boyer wrote:
Occupation: Recruiter/Head Hunter
MaritalStatus: Single
Children/grandchildren: James Rexius, Jr 33 April Rexius 31 Jesserea Smith 26 Catherine Cameron 20
SinceGraduation: I worked for Darden Corporation for 8 years, then moved to the Automotive Field (my personal passion)owned and operated a full service gas station in Lawton, Ok. Continued to restore classic cars from then on, became an accountant for various Auto Dealerships in Tulsa to make enough money to support my restorations (lol). Moved into the airline industry when I saw that the Automotive Business no longer had the "future" to continue making a profit.
Little did I know, the airline business was just as unpredictable; got laid off after a year and a half! Now, I've turned to putting people in this terrible economy, back to work.
Trivia: I was nominated and won the American Business Women Association's "Woman of the Year" award in 1991. Vice President of the Scottish Club of Tulsa for three years running (still an active member). Member of the Executive Women International, Tulsa. Several awards/trophies for Best of Show, Best Engine, Best Paint and People's Choice awards for my 1966 Dodge Coronet Convertible.
BestFriends: Lisa Diane Henderson ('73), Tim Duffy ('74), Mike Andrews ('74), Richard Dewsnup ('74), Kevin Crain ('74), Stacy Skoonberg ('74)
Hobbies: Car Restoration, Rose gardening, Piano/Organ, Singing, Dancing, long distance bicycling, Harley rides, travel.
Kids: My son is a Highway Patrolman for Calif, stationed in Reno, 2 lovely grandchildren. My daughter April is in Calif. as well, transitioning while her husband is looking for work in the business world after receiving his Master's in Business in Nottingham, England in May. My daughter Jezi is in Yuba City in school. My "Baby" Catherine is in the United States Navy and is working on P-3 Orion Prop-Jet
engines(yes, she took after Mom).
GradeSchool: Sierra Oaks Elementary
MiddleSchool: Jonas Salk Jr. High
MemorableTeachers: Jack Carey, Mr. Brodnansky, Mr. Tracy, Mr. Lawrence and best of all, Ms. Volz.
Needless to say, Mr. Carey kept me sane with music through the years. Mr. Brodnansky for letting the badger go in the eco area we built and by the way, was it ever found??? Mr. Tracy (history) for teasing me about not having enough clothes on (remember mini skirts?)and his ability to make history something to envision. Mr. Lawrence for having us all sit in a circle on the floor instead of desks to allow our creative juices to flow. Ms.
Volz for teaching me that being French meant a lot more than speaking it...
FavoriteMemory: Choir, Aquacade, the Musicals we put on, learning how to drive with Steve Hulin tugging on my seat belt while I was trying so hard not to crash...finally letting Jamie Tomillio have it after all the years of relentless, hateful teasing-gotta hand it to her, she made me tough.
AlumniInContact: Michael Pickett '74 (graduated at Rio Americano) Kerry Shearer '73 Kurt Pearsal '74 Steve Pepper '74
Mike Colvin wrote:
Occupation: Retired
Spouse: Lori Colvin (Cordova Alumni)
Children/grandchildren: Loren (Son-age-28)
SinceGraduation: I am an Ordained Minister, and was Co-Founder/Sr. Co-Pastor of Lighthouse Ministries. My first job out of high school was a career, working at Wonder Bread for 31 years.
Retired July 1, 2006. Last work day was May 19, 2006. I am still an Ordained Minister. Married August, 29, 1987, to Lori and became a father that day as well. Our son gave her away at his young age of 22 MONTHS! & dressed like me! He now is 28, is a Front Office Mgr at The Sheraton Grand, Sacramento. We have 2 dogs, a mom & her 5th out of 5!!! Our grand-puppy is our mamma's 2nd out of 5!!
Trivia: 1 job at Wonder Bread for 31 yrs. Great Baseball/Basketball player
BestFriends: Steve McKelleps (? On spelling),
Hobbies: Travel, sight-seeing, Camping, Sports!
Kids: Son is the Front Office Manager at The Sheraton Grand, Downtown Sacramento. A BRILLIANT/FUN/HUMOROUS/PROFESSIONAL YOUNG MAN!!
GradeSchool: Kindergarten at Dyer Kelly, 1st-6th at Wyda Way Elementary
MiddleSchool: Arden Jr. High
MemorableTeachers: Mr. Foley, Mr. Klinefelter, Mr.
Dollen, Me. Lee, Mrs. Leaf, Mr. Stevens, Mr.
Braile, Mr. Schwartz. I had a lot of GREAT TEACHERS, sorry for mispelling. & not able to remember the rest! ANYONE KNOW HOW TO GET A YEARBOOK?
FavoriteMemory: Graduation! Lol. Playing Sports!
Stories: Mr. Klinefelter, I was carrying my class project to class, a fish aquarium. As I was bringing it into class, a loud bang/firecracker?
Happened and I dropped the aquarium and all the fish flapping all over the place! He said, can I have some fish? He gave me an A!
Siblings: Marsha (Colvin) Gibbons CLASS OF 1965
Allen Cull
Occupation: Software Engineer Bio: I left HS not knowing what I wanted to do (like many of us). I went to Lassen Community College in Susanville for one school year. I wasn't very interested in school. I moved to Redding and tried school there. My job as a cook eventually became a career in food service. I moved back to Sacramento in 77, working at the Sacramento Inn as assistant Chef. In 78 I took a job as the cook at a remote Antarctic research station. I spent 13 months on the Ice, including a very isolated winter (10 of us for 8 months). I came home for a year then went back to work in the US Antarctic Program. I would go to the Ice for 5 months a year and spend the rest of the time working in the New Jersey office. This went on until 86. Those were great years for me. I worked at all of the US Antarctic stations. I worked as the Logistics Manager for the South Pole Station from 83-86 (see www.aCull.com ) When I left the Antarctic program in 86, I moved to Chicago to be near Patty Griffis. We'd met a few years earlier. We got married in 88. I worked in warehousing and cargo operations until 89 when my programming hobby became my career and I moved from Chicago to Oakland. In 92 Patty and I moved to Sacramento and started our family. Lynda was born in 93 and Leigh Ann was born in 96. Diapers are a part of my recent past. I continue to work as a programmer. My family is the most important thing in my life. I try to keep active by playing racquetball and hiking. I never thought I'd end up back in Sacramento when I left in 74.
Trivia: At Cottage School, Santa Clause would come to each classroom just before Christmas. Being smart kids, we knew there was no Santa Clause. It was the janitor in a Santa suite. We knew this, we recognized this boots and eye classes. In 74, my parents showed me a letter from Principle Flessin thanking my dad for being Santa all of those years;..(see www.aCull.com/EncinaHS.htm)
Friends: This isn't fair, forgive me if I missed you: Rob Zdybel, Alan Chriswell, John, Mark, Steve, Tim, Jami,, Paul, Dave, Neata, Calvin, Vern
Hobbies: Racquetball, Photography, Graphics.
Kids: Lynda, 6.5, is in first grade. She's smart and loves to play with the kids on our court. Leigh Ann is 3.5. She's in pre-school. She's more aggressive than her sister. Lynda likes Ice-Skating, Leigh Ann will love soccer.
Grade_school: Cottage School
Grade_school_friends: Rob, Calvin, Steve, Tim, Vern
Junior_high: Jonas Salk
Junior_high_friends: Rob, Paul, Calvin, Steve, Tim, Vern
Favorite_teachers: Favorite teachers,,,, for what reason? I remember Mr. Sanders for having the best demeanor and interesting me in his subject, Mr. Jarvis for leaving a,,, memorable,,, impression, Miss Teacher for her,, fashion, Mrs. White for inspiration, Mr. Klinkenberg for listening to us play,,,,
Mark Devine
Occupation: Self Employed ( Crafts,Computers,and MANY other things)
Bio: I went into the Army, got out of the Army, it was the 70's so I also hitchhiked alot been to every state except New York and Hawaii (no reason for New York, and Hawaii is long way to hitchike). Got married in 75... been married 25 years now. Have 3 Boys (24,23,21) and a Daughter (6). Have worked from Nimbus Fish hatchery (thanks to Mr Wilde) and LOTS of others..have owned MODCOTT electronics, North Vally Cycle (specialized in British motorcycles) Black Oak Distributing, and now at this Time Spirits Song Crafts and Trading Post.
Friends: Best Friends were..Keith Wilbur, Kim Kamm, Carol Sunderman, and a few others. LOOKING for Keith Wilbur (last seen in carmichael) at that time he worked on VW cars.. Have done extensive Online searches for him but to no avail.
Hobbies: I am a Trapper, Miner, I fish, I do NA art, I am a published author, both in print and Online. I love the outdoors, I grow native plants such as rattle gourds, sweetgrass, sage, tobacco and such
Grade_school: Arlington Heights Elementry school (in Citrus Heights)
Junior_high: Many from Sylvin to many many in Wa State
Memorable_teachers: Mr Wilde..He was strict in his own way, but he created a bond with his students that was almost parent like. He seemed to enjoy teaching us in the Drama class. Mr Tracy..I liked him because he was just odd..I mean when I showed up for class (BIG When) he would jump out of a closet and clap saying Mr Devine is back.
Rudy DiMassa
Occupation: Division Director, California Lottery
Bio: What have I been doing in the last 26 years?? Well, I went to Sac State and graduated with a BA in English & a Criminal Justice minor. Then I went crazy for a couple of years and had such a good time that I can't remember much from those days (sound familiar?). As reality set in around 1980 or so, I decided that it might be a good idea to get a "real job" and so I went to work for the State of California.... I know, I know, I sold out. Oh well, it's a good living and I'm still a liberal Democrat God Damn it!. I started with the Lottery one week before we started selling tickets in 1985 and since then I've moved up the ranks and I have become a bald and comfortable civil servant. If you ever get a winner, call me, my division pays claims for prizes (assuming, of course, that you actually have a winning ticket!)
Personal stuff-- I never married and no I'm not gay. I have loved and lost without having to finance some scum bag lawyer's Mercedes (no offense to any J.D. Alumni intended). Still looking for Miss Right. I know she's out ther somewhere. Jesus, this sounds like a personal add!! For fun, I boat (got a slip in Miller Park Marina) and cook and try as many different wines as I can untill I find the one I like most (which I hope never happens).
Trivia: Can't think of any interesting trivia. Friends: Martha Koropp (sp?). You still out there Martha???
Hobbies: See above.
Kids: I can tell you about my nephews if you really want to know.
Grade_school_friends: Best friends from Encina are the Churches sisters, Dave Dellinger, George Deaser, a nd Nancy Patton. We've never lost touch and I still love them to this day!
Junior_high: That was in Connecticut
Memorable_teachers: Mr. Coke. He's the only one I really remember. Unfortunately, given that he was 104 in 1973 I think it's safe to say that he's gone to that big Chemistry classroom in the sky by now (at least I hope he has!).
Favorite_memory: Graduating.
Story: Nope.
Kim Dobrinski Watkins
Bio: I have not lived nearly as glamorous a life as many of you but here goes. I graduated, went away to college, which didn't last long, came home and married my high school sweet heart in 1975. We are still happily married. We moved to Grass Valley in 1977 and have been here ever since. By far and away the most important area of my life has been my family. I have been lucky enought to be a full time mom, and have loved every minute of it.. I did manage to go back to school (between ball games) and graduated with my degree in nursing. While my family still remains my top priority, I work for Kaiser Hospital (on Morse Avenue) as a Labor and Delivery nurse. I have the best job in the whole world!
Trivia: I've been a baseball mom, football mom, basketball mom, soccer mom, OM mom, and a ski team mom. I helped to start a little league and was even a soccer coach. Friends: The only person I have stayed in contact with is Maureen Chadwick. We talk maybe once or twice a year. Sort of catch up on whats new.
Hobbies: I still love watching the 49ers (GO NINERS!). I also follow the Kings and the Giants. I enjoy water skiing. I'm learning to wake board, which my kids think is pretty funny. And I snow ski in the winter. (Haven't tried the snow board thing yet, but maybe) We travel as much as we can. I belong to Flying Doctors, an organization which provides medical care to the people in Mexico.
Kids: I have two WONDERFUL BOYS! (Can you tell I'm a proud mom!) Justin is 18. He was diagnosed with diabetes when he was six. While it was a big adjustment for the whole family he is doing great and is just a nice young man. He is a freshman at Pepperdine University and loves it. Kele, is 17 and a senior at Bear River High School. He is an outstanding student, class officer for 4 years, skiis for the ski team and an excellent wake boarder. We are doing the college hunt with him this year.
Grade_school: Sierra Oaks
Grade_school_friends: Maureen Chadwick, Eve Armitage, Jenny Harris, Linda Hersh
Junior_high: Jonas Salk
Junior_high_friends: Maureen, Eve, Jenny, Elaine Heieck, Robin Reade, Karen Licker, Carolyn Hyrcas
Favorite_teachers: Honestly - I don't remember any. (As you can tell they made a BIG impression on me)
Heard_about_website_from: Another Encina Alumni
Comments: This update has been really fun. I have enjoyed reading the Bio's so much it seemed only fair that I submit mine. I would like to Thank the reunion committee for all their hard work. WAY TO GO!
Kathy Dooling McPherson
Occupation: Legislative Analyst
Bio: I did not graduate from Encina because my family moved and I graduated from Bella Vista in Fair Oaks. Over the years I've run into people that I went to Encina with and it's always great to see them. About a year ago I ran into Larry Lauzon at Skip's Music, (my son was pursuing his rock 'n' roll career by participating in "Stairway to Stardom"... great experience, by the way) anyway, Larry walked up to me and said, "Kathy Dooling" which I haven't been called in about 16 years... and I turned around and it was just like yesterday. (Larry and I went to Jr. High together at Jonas Salk and he was one of my good buddies there). We covered the usual territory... and when I asked him if he was married, he said yeah... and told me to guess who he was married to... he said just think of the first person that comes to mind... OK, I have to tell everyone here, that Larry and I had stayed friends after I left Encina and even had hung out in college at San Diego State... so I thought, it could be a lot of people.... but the first person that came to mind was Terri Sparks... so I that's what I said and he said YES!!! and I screamed... right there in front of Skip's Music and my aspiring rock and roller (who by this time is totally embarrassed).
History: Terri was my best friend at Jonas Salk and I'm sure anyone who went there and knew them remembers the famous "Larry and Terri" romance that blossomed in 8th grade... well, since Terri and I were best friends when Larry came into the picture, we were kind of a threesome (don't get any ideas... it was eighth grade, that's just how it was) Anyway, what has happened since that memorable day at Skip's is that Larry and Terri and I have resumed our long lost friendship... we've gotten out the Jonas Salk yearbooks and had a lot of laughs... especially over the eerily prophetic but totally innocent "Hope you and Larry stay together forever" that I wrote in Terri's. Life is so cool. I graduated from San Diego State with a degree in Public Administration in 1978, couldn't find a job in government that interested me at the time so I went to graduate school at CSUS... decided to open up my options by getting a Master's in Business which ended up taking me almost 7 years part time. Met my husband, Lowell (Encina class of '69) at Weinstocks where we both worked. Have two great kids, Kevin who's 15 and a freshman at Rio (still very into music) and Michelle who's 12 and a sixth grader at Mission Avenue. We have a good life that is very full with soccer, swimming, hockey, music etc... the usual. I just hope the new millennium is as good as the last part of this one has been...
Vicki Flint Young
Bio:After graduating from Encina High School I attended Cal State Chico and received my BSN. During that time I had the priviledge of spending a summer in Jackson,Mississippi at Voice of Calvary Ministries. I had a eye-opening experience of teaching Vacation Bible School in poor Black neighborhoods and being bit by a dog, requiring a series of rabies shots. After graduating from nursing school I moved to Southern California and began working at a large teaching hospital in Pasadena(Rose Parade). I continue to work at Huntington Memorial Hospital and will be celebrating my 20th year there. I have been working Per-diem since my oldest daughter started Kindergarten. My favorite part of my job is when I get to teach. I work on an Acute-Medicine Oncology unit.Many people ask me about how I can stand working with cancer patients. My life has been greatly enriched by the spiritual and emotional strength of those going through difficult times. I gain so much more than I could ever give.
I met my husband Chuck Young at Arcadia Presbyterian Church and was attracted to his depth of commitment to his Christian faith and wonderful sense of humor. We have been married for 15 years and live in Temple City, CA. We have two precious girls Deanna,11 and Rebecca, 8 1/2. I keep busy helping at the girl's school, leading my older daughter's Girl Scout Troop, leading a Woman's Bible study, and a myriad of other church activities. I enjoy my life and know that God is faithful in all that He promises. I may not know what the future holds but I do know who holds the future.
Friends: Laura Crebbin, John Melnicoe, Gordon Bramwell have been my long time friends. I saw John and Laura last summer when John was in ICU hanging on to his life after being in a serious motorcycle accident. I temporarily do not know exactly where they are. My high school buddies were Karen Scarrone, Doreen Christiansen, Cindy Schmidt, Cindy Chalmers, and Mary Bays. I think Cindy Chalmers is still in New York City and the rest I am clueless about where they are. I would love to see them. I was hoping to see them at the last reunion. Maybe this one.
Hobbies: I've dabbled in working on my geneology, and recording family memories. I like handwork, reading, and spending time with friends.
Kids: Deanna is 11 and is in the fifth grade. She is a joy and very creative. Rebecca is 8 1/2 and is very insightful. She comes up with things I don't know where they come from.
Grade_school: Greer School Grade_school_friends: John Melnicoe, Laura Crebbin, Gordon Bramwell, David Knepprath, Carolyn Hyrkas, Kim Parker, Dan Collins, Lynne Moore, Donna Hamilton, Larry Anderson, Robin Reade, Shelly Van Drimelin. There were a lot of us who grew up together in our neighborhood.
Junior_high: Cedar Park Intermediate - Portland, Oregon, Winston Churchill - Carmichael
Junior_high_friends: Jonas Salk Junior_high_friends: Karen Scarone, Stacey Heidig, Julie Essinger, Doreen Christianson and all those mentioned above.
Favorite_teachers: Mr. Figenshu, Mrs. Leafe, Mr. Gonzalez
Heard_about_website_from: My sister Peggy
GIBSON, Robert Jett
Age 49, Sacramento resident for 41 years. Son of the late Robert &  Edna Walker. Survived by wife Jeannie, son Robert Jr., daughter Emily  and brothers Bill & Dave Gibson. Died 8/27/06 doing what he loved- riding his Harley. Bob will be remembered for his generosity to those  who were less fortunate, his humor and love of practical jokes and his devotion to his pets. The memorial will be held on 9/12/06 at  2:30 PM in the South East Lawn Mortuary, 9189 E. Stockton Blvd, Elk Grove. Published in the Sacramento Bee on 9/8/2006.
A 49-year-old Elk Grove man died in a Calaveras County motorcycle accident Sunday afternoon, according to a California Highway Patrol report. Robert Jett Gibson was westbound on Murphys Grade Road when he lost control on a curve and entered the eastbound lane in the path of an
oncoming car. The car's driver and passenger suffered minor injuries.

Gibson's 27-year-old son, Robert Jason Gibson, was riding behind him and suffered major injuries when he hit the guardrail while distracted by
his father's accident.

CHP officials said the Gibsons are believed to have been returning from the Walt Gray Ride for Make-A-Wish to raise money for the Make-A- Wish
Foundation, which grants wishes to children with life- threatening conditions.

The CHP escorts the riders from Elk Grove to Murphys, said KCRA anchorman Walt Gray.

"Our goal is to get everyone to Murphys safely. I feel terrible on behalf of the Make-A-Wish Foundation about what happened to the Gibsons," Gray said. "I only wish we could escort the 4,000 people back to their doorstep safely."
Bob Goosmann
Occupation: Rare book dealer
Bio: After graduating from Encina, I spent about nine years studying in the Bay Area, desperately trying to stave off the real world of jobs.  Returned to Sacramento and worked as a marketing director at Sacramento International Airport for nearly three decades; I now operate an on-line rare book business.  Finally married at the ripe old age of 47 and am happily enjoying my dotage with a wonderful wife and two terrific grown step-kids.
Trivia: Still playing competitive basketball at the age of 54 (my greatest accomplishment), including each year as player/coach at the Alumni Challenge.  I run the worldwide web site on the British author John Fowles, author of The Collector, The French Lieutenant's Woman and what I consider to be the greatest novel ever written, The Magus (check out my site at www.fowlesbooks.com).  I’ve acquired the film rights to The Magus and am currently working with a production company in England on development of a miniseries adaptation.
Friends: Rick Slater, Andy Clark, Steve Palmer, Rob Viebrock, Barry Powell, Denni Schwartz, Greg Gerth, Star Smith and Jurgen Lew.  Have also reconnected with Julie Eissenger, Stacey Heidig, Gregg Magaziner, Denni Schwartz, Terrea Harlan and Terri Jurich working on the class reunions.
Hobbies: Playing sports (basketball/racquetball), reading, movies, travel (love cruises) and simply enjoying the fortunate life I have.
Junior high friends: Attended Jonas Salk in eighth grade after moving from Ohio (and a conservative all-boys school). The transition was pretty traumatic. Dave Barrett is the only friend I remember having, and he had to tolerate me because I lived next door!
Favorite teachers: My favorite teacher was Reece Lee (and of course, Figenshu).
Fred Graf
Occupation: Marine engineer ( ship design/construction)
Bio: Well, I started out in the Navy, an experience that isn't quite over yet. After the Naval Academy and nuclear power training, I got to my first ship (a submarine) in 1980. Over the next 8 years I was on three different subs, doing a variety of things, like surfacing at the North Pole, visiting Africa, and a few other experiences that I'm still not supposed to talk about. Somehow I managed to spend enough time on shore to meet my wife, Karen, and get married. Finally, I had enough of the constant at-sea stuff, and I left active duty to land a job building the ships I used to sail. I love it, and I cry at every launching ceremony. With all my time at sea, I got a later start on my family than most of you folks: our son, Coy, is 13, Brittany is 10, and Victoria is 8. While I left active duty, I'm still in the Reserves, which has led to its own series of adventures, including a recall to help with that mess in Kosovo. I'm active in Scouts (both Girl and Boy), the local church, I dabble in writing (a couple articles published), and (as you might guess!) I'm so busy half the time I don't know which end is up. Wouldn't have it any other way.
Trivia: I'm afraid that I've turned into a real New Englander. Yep, navy blue blazers, clam bakes, and the whole nine yards. I've still got a real passion for ships and the sea, which I can really fill in this part of Connecticut. Oh, by the way Eve and Greta: I finally did learn to dance! Good thing too: its how I met my wife
Friends: Oh boy, between the Navy and all, I'v think I've lost touch with just about everyone. The folks I remember best are Dan Jeffery, Robin Reade, Eve Armitage, Dwight Hansen, Kurt Pearsall, Doug Cochrane, Scott Palmer, Bill Leaver, and Greta Miller(who graduated early, much to my dismay at the time!)
Hobbies: Well, I work out on a regular basis (running, weights) and sail whenever possible (which isn't near often enough). With the Scouts, I obviously do a lot of hiking and camping. At the Naval Academy, I got drafted into their target shooting team, and was good enough to take the Navy wide pistol competition in 1978. I still try to keep it up, though I haven't competed in a while(tough to do with kids).
Kids: Coy is almost as tall as his Dad right now, and will probably pass me by soon (a fact he keeps rubbing in!) He's a pretty decent basketball player, too. Brittany and Victoria are just a joy to have around.
Grade_school: Sierra Oaks
Grade_school_friends: Can't rember too many from grade school.
Favorite_teachers: Mr. Huber, Mr Gonzales, Mr Stearns, and Mr Marelich
Paul Hamby
Visit Paul's Web site
Occupation: Firefighter/EMT
Bio: "What have I been doing since graduation?" Many things. Too many to list really. I can say that I have been very fortunate in being able to participate in many adventures; I managed not to seriously injure myself or anyone else, and am still kicking myself for not taking photos for folks like you who otherwise would never believe it. I fished; camped; hiked, dissassembled oldgrowth forests shamelessly, swam, climbed trees and mountains (with and without a chainsaw); built structures; burned down structures(not my fault); rode in helicpoters for three reasons (none at the same time), 1st, to cut timber, 2nd, to receive medical attention in a location other than where I was when I got "minorly injured", 3rd, to provide advanced life support to the sick and injured during Medevac flights(this was after a career change). I made love, but never in a helicopter (could give the term "gun run" a whole new meaning); attended church, but not very often; drank beer, but never in church; Skydived for fun; quit skydiving to continue to have more fun; never retreated from weather, or a morning; rode horses, jet skis, motorcycles, trucks, and logging equipment(the ultimate recreational vehicles), boats, and planes. I had(have a daughter); I legally detonated explosives; I saved a life; I drove a fire engine in a 4th of July Parade; I climbed a onehundred foot aerial(ladder); I entered a burning building, and I didn't dress up for nothing. I "recovered" bodies (this is not pulling the tarp back over them); I stabilized patients; I studied how to grow grapes; I grew grapes; I exceeded the manufacturers recomended use on almost everything I have in my personal life; and I always tear the label off of matresses; I salvaged, I overhauled, I ripped, I cross-cut, I plunge cut, back-bared, and got kickbacked(saw); I tilled, mowed, sprayed, harvested, and trucked; I brushed, saddled, got bucked (no typos here); I got heat exhaustion, and got cold enough to feel bad; got out of a grizzley's sights (he had missle lock on me); and most of all, got lucky. That is the tip of the iceberg, of "What I have been doing since graduation".
Trivia: "Interesting trivia about ME?" There is nothing interesting about me....
Friends: "Who were(are?) your best friends and who have I lost contact with?" My best friends are the ones that will still talk to me. I have lost contact with deceased people.
Kids: I've got one.
Grade_school: No thank-you.
Grade_school_friends: Can you repeat the question?
Junior_high: Not again.
Junior_high_friends: Dwight Hansen, Steve Palmer, .... the list goes on... like the cast from "BEN HUR"....
Favorite_teachers: Mr Wise, for letting us make a movie without censorship. The math/geometry teacher that had surrealistic features (now why would that be?) The over-zealous PE guy that was fifth string, Philly Eagles. ALL the substitutes!!! Thanks to all the teachers that kept us from shooting each other!!!!
Sibling_info: Elaine Hamby 78
June Hill-Falkenthal
Occupation: physician assistant, family practice
Bio: Took forever to finish college. I preferred to stay in school rather than work so I kept getting degrees. Married a Jesuit H.S. grad... our 1st date was at the old KZAP midnight movies. Almost got high from just simply sitting in the theater...oh my god, what don't they do in this place? Who said that Jesuit produced good little Catholic boys? Get real! We had two boys and are now very involved in Little League as both boys play.
Trivia: While a physician assistant student with UCDavis I had the pleasure of removing a bullet from a man's thigh. My classmates referred to me as the bullet lady and my kids were in awe of me, at least for a little while. Their friends thought I must be a doctor for sure since I remove bullets. Have the 9mm slug as a souviner. The gentleman had apparently seen a few others and was in no need to save this one.
Friends: Shelley VanDrimmelen, Carol and Karen Harrison, Diana Wilson. I have no idea what has happened with any of them. When I left high school it was basically erased from my mind. I knew there had to be much better times ahead...and I was right!
Hobbies: I like to jog and work out in the gym..wish it showed but damn the 40's are not a time to dwell on your body.
Kids:Jason, age 13 is bright and athletic...goes to El Camino H.S. for geometry as an 8th grader. (I got a D in this subject so you can bet he has learned not to ask me for help. When he does we just laugh.) Jason is also a 3x allstar for Eastern Little League. He has a congenital heart condition that slows him down some and doesn't stop him from trying. Ryan, age 9, is a 4th grader and also bright and athletic. He recently made the 9-10 year old allstars with Eastern Little League and dad as the manager. This kid will go far with sports as he has learned a lot from big brother.
Grade_school: Cottage
Grade_school_friends: Celia Murphy, Jill Harden, Bonnie Reed, Julia Smith
Junior_high: Jonas Salk
Junior_high_friends: Same as high school
Favorite_teachers: Kent Summers in Biology. I learned to love the subject enough to find a way to make a career out of it.
Luther Hopp
Occupation: Collection Agency Owner
Bio: After moving to Portland Or in 1976 and starting a business there I returned to Sacramento in 1980. Frequent applications of alcohol and other substances that often resulted in dire consequences led to total abstinence since1988! Amazing! Have been involved in the collection industry since 1982. Opened own collection agency early in 1999. Plan is to retire within 15 years. Yahoo!!!
Trivia: Married 16 years ago. Wife Suzanne hasn't divorced me yet. Recieved Sheriff's Civil Volunteer Award for working with incarcerated drug addicts inSacramentoCounty Jail Facilities in 1991. Got crewcut and shaved mustache when I turned 40 in an attempt to look younger. Have kept it that way ever since.
Friends: Have had virtually 0 contact with Encina Alumni since the early 1980s. Looking forward to hangin' with the homies at the Reunion.
Hobbies: Due to amount of time I spend in training it would be hard to describe my running, biking and swimming as a hobby. I have run 9 marathons, countless long-distance bicycle rides including the Davis Double Century which is 200 miles in one day and many triathlons. Longest tri completed 1.2M Swim, 56MBike, 13.1Run
Kids: Love them to death, not literally of course. Have to be careful what you say in today's sick world. Sarah is 13. She excels in all school subjects also was in the Sacramento Childrens Choir, still plays in band and jazz band. Spencer is 6. He started 1st grade today (8/26/99). He's been into gymnastics and swimming.
Favorite_teachers: Due to the above mentioned controlled substances I have only scant memories of high school. It was nothing short of a miracle that I graduated due to lack of attendance. Thank God for abstinence, of drugs anyway! Life has never been better!!!!!
Terri Jurich Howard
Occupation: Partime:Instructional Aide@ my daughters school; Full-time I teach the most wonderful new craft: RubberStamping and Scrapbooking thru a Home Party Plan. My business name is Stampin' n da Hood!!
Bio: Oh, my gosh, that's been what 5 years? Well, I worked for numerous banks and financial institutions, am truly experienced in being a victim of hostile hold-ups ! After marrying, we worked a family owned business in Hood. When the business was sold we stayed there. Has been 17 years. I went to work for Schools Fed. Credit Union where I saw a lot of our teachers and staff members from Encina. We camp and fish a lot. Now that Haley is almost a teenager will be staying closer to home for a while. I hear payback is a bitch!!
Trivia: I have survived!!
Friends: Martha Koropp, Gayle Wharton and Rudy DiMassa. Rudy's too good to be a part of our class reunions, he'd prefer the class of 73!! Nita Blubaugh, Peggy White, to name a few. Since I have attended all but one reunion, I have had somewhat contact with a lot of you from our class.
Hobbies: Rubberstamping, Scrap booking, camping, walking the beach, did I mention Rubberstamping, and Scrapbooking? Beanie Babie hunting! (We have been known to camp out all nite in front of stores for those precious Bears!!)
Kids: Haley is now 12. She is basically a great kid. She still tries to test waters, hopefully, between WWJD amd myself, we're trying to keep her on track. She and I travel a lot together, Disneyland 3 times, Hawaii, Idaho, Wyoming s, she even goes to work shops with me to help with spastic stampers!! She truly has been my best friend and I am afraid that may change soon!!
Grade_school: CP Huntington Sacto, the rest in the Bay Area
Junior_high: Jonas Salk
Junior_high_friends: Martha and Gayle were truly the only students to welcome me until I mention the fact that I use to watch Steve Barragan running down the street butt naked. (the fact that he was only 2 or 3 at the time seemed unworthy of mentioning)
Favorite_teachers: Oh that would definitely have to be Mrs. Kojima and Ron Peetz. Mrs. Kojima came into the Credit Union and I dashed to help her. When I said " Senora Kojima, como estas? She yelled OMG, as I live and breath; if it isn't Terri Jurich!!" I couldn't believe she recognized me! Of course, her, her daughter and mother now rubberstamp!! I had worked previously with Mr. Dahlin's wife at B of A, so she use to keep me updated on Ron Peetz. He is still a cutee patootee, and has a home with his wife in the foothills.:(
Heard_about_website_from: Harlan Lau/Nancy Zilliotto
Gary Hunting
Occupation: Lazy State Electrician
Bio: Coast Guard (4 years) Got out 1979, meet and married Sandy the other lazy state worker and still married (to my surprise) for 19 years, had 2 children (Ryan now 15, Jen now 17), both attend Del Campo High School in Fair Oaks. Still love Football, and sit for the remaining days in my lazy boy watching football to this day.
Hobbies: Camping with the Moots. Watching my kids participate in school athletics ex: (Cheerleading, Soccer, Football, Baseball), that's my best past time. Love to watch football, camping, and movies.
Kids: My daughter Jen is so beautiful, my son Ryan is the apple of my eye. Both have been blessings to us. They are growing up to be such good people. Even though they are still teens. Words cannot truly express what they mean to us.
Grade_school: Wyda Way-Howe Avenue
Junior_high: Toni B Moots
Carol Keck wrote:
Occupation: Homemaker, college student (again!), retired R.N.
Spouse: Charles D. Marashian
Children/grandchildren: Sara, 29; John, 24; Hannah, 20
SinceGraduation: Attended and graduated from UCLA (1974), B.S. Nursing.
Traveled with my husband and the U.S. Army (Georgia, Washington State, Monterey, CA, Arizona, Republic of Panama, Kansas, and Riyadh Saudi Arabia. He retired in 1995 and we now live in Apple Valley, CA.
I worked until we started our family in 1980. We home schooled starting in 1985 in Panama.
I have returned to school taking extra courses and preparing to enter a Nurse Practitioner or Physician Assistant program in a couple of years.
BestFriends: Marcia Kingman, Carol Obermuller, Janine Stockton among others and I have lost contact with everybody!
Hobbies: Math!
Kids: Sara, 29, graduated from Biola University in Business and is a design assistant with Quiksilver in Huntington Beach. John, 24, also graduated from Biola University and is getting ready to join the U.S. Army. Hannah, 20, is a student at Victor Valley Community College and is working at a mortgage company, restructuring loans.
GradeSchool: Cottage School
MiddleSchool: Jonas Salk
MemorableTeachers: Mr. Laverne Gonzales- I had a crush on him! And I loved Spanish.
He would be proud to know that I just finished four more semesters of Spanish at our local community college.
Mr. Knurr- Marching Band was so much fun!!!
FavoriteMemory: Band class and activities were basically my social life!
Steve Kelm
homepage: www.myspace.com/stevietone
Occupation: Refrigeration Mechanic
Friends: Chuck Whitlock, Mike Siverling, Thom Allen, Phil Shultz, Tim Hienz, Dave Rittenhouse, Dave Jones, Jay Lewis, Mike Monostereo
Hobbies: Recording Music mostly blues, country, jazz and Christian praise and worship. Spending time at pismo beach
Kids: Joey, Amanda, Pemela, Danielle
Joey is Just out of the Army nd is now a corrections officer at Atwater Fed. Prison and lives with his wife in Modesto. Amanda works at Blue Shield in Redding and is attending College and lives with her husband in Red Bluff CA. Pamela lives in Chowchilla CA and is the mother of my 4 Grandkids.
Danielle still lives at home and is attending Fresno City College
Grade_school: Tarpey Elementary Clovis CA
Junior_high: C.Todd Clark Clovis CA.
Favorite_memory: ROP Electronics at McCullen AFB
David King
Occupation: Missionary
Spouse: Linda
Children/grandchildren: Jennifer-24 Melissa-20
SinceGraduation: Worked in Automotive industry, construction, transportation. Married in 1978.In process of relocating to Hawaii soon!
Trivia: Became friends with Dodi Fayed, and several celebrities while customizing their vehicles in SoCal.
BestFriends: Mike Lamb BTW:(he's in Kona, HI now...just opened Mike's Just Barbecuing restaurant in 2011)Julie Stewart,Frances Oates, Gary Edelblute
Hobbies: Motorcycles, cooking
Kids: Words cannot describe how proud I am of them! They are smart, balanced, and beautiful!
MemorableTeachers: Mrs Kojima- great teacher and a beautiful woman!
Ray Botello- cool dude
AlumniInContact: Mike Lamb- 1974
Comments: Just ran across this site after a decade or so! Thought I'd update my bio!
Kelly Kingsley
Occupation: Quality Assurance Manager Soft Drink Production Facility
Bio: Mostly working, Married RaeLee Beglau 19 years ago have 2 girls Melissa 19 Katie 13. I do spend time on the river fishing/swimming with Mike Rogers (Syniki) and his damn dog rocky. I still live in Arden Manor right around the corner from Jonas Salk. (Boy has that school changed)
Friends: Kurt Wagner, Roy Pierce, Dave Bakkie, Bill Buckner, Trace Rankin, Luther Hopp
Hobbies: Family , Fishing, Neighborhood bike rides , swimming , and of course watching football and Auto Racing. Going to Garage Sales on Saturday mornings.
Kids: 2 kids - Melissa 19 in her second year at ARC.Works at Tinys Hamburgers on Fulton Ave. Katie 13 in 8th grade at Arden school didnt put her in Jonas Salk that school has gotten quite rough and uniforms are required.
Grade_school: Thomas Edison
Junior_high: Jonas Salk
Junior_high_friends: Kurt Wagner , Trace Rankin, Luther Hopp, Mike Rogers, Bill Buckner
Favorite_teachers: Don Brodnaski ??? Horticulture , Animal Husbandry
Sibling_info: 2 sisters 2 brothers Kathy Kingsley Clark, Nancy Kingsley Judnich, Dennis Kingsley, Terry Kingsley
Alumni_in_contact: Trace Rankin, Luther Hopp, Kurt Wagner Mike Rogers, Steve Watts ,Tim Joslin, Tom Nesham, Eric Desin, Brady Peterson
Heard_about_website_from: 25 year reunion flyer
Mike Lamb
Occupation: Restaurant Owner at Beautiful Lake Tahoe
Bio: Joined the Marines while still a senior, got out and commercial Salmon fished with Kim Rhodes' Father, who is still one of my best friends. Started refinishin/remodeling company in San Jose and relocated it to San Diego ( the girls were nicer down there) and did that for 12 years. Moved to Phoenix AZ. and opened an Ice Cream Shop with Dave King, It Melted!! Went back into Contracting. Got tired of breathing fumes and decided to breath fumes of food, became a Chef and trained with some very famous Chefs. Was recruited by The Ritz Carlton on Maui and lived there for 2 years. Moved up to Lake Tahoe and opened up The Resort at Squaw Creek. Moved around to various 5 star hotels and made a mess where ever I cooked, but got very good at it, even did a TV cooking show in Hawaii. Married a wonderful woman for the second time and live at the Lake and we own our own Restaurant called "Crawdaddy's At The Lake" we love it and hope to see some of you there. I have a wonderful daughter "14" Freshman in High school and does a lot better than I did, LOL. She works at the restaurant full time in the summer, and does that better than me too, :). Anyway I've traveled a lot and done a lot and now I'm just fat and Happy!!!
Trivia: ahhh,,,,,,,,,,, reread the last paragraph
Friends: I like to feel I got along with most people in school, never really hung with any one group. But I loved you all!! Grew up with lots of you. Gary Edelblute, Dave King, Kelly Kingsley, Tim Joslin, you know who you are and you look Marvelous!!!
Hobbies: Hobbies!!!???? Laughing, Drinkin beer, Cookin for friends, singing in the shower, Boating!!!, camping , backpacking, pretending that I can Ski
Kids: Chelsea Marie Lamb, 14years old, and yes I have already bought a shot gun for all the guys who are like me when I was her age. She is beautiful and smart, Honor student, and class treasurer
Grade_school: Greer and Edison
Grade_school_friends: Gary, Tim , Kelly, Bob, Robin :), a lot of them went to Rio so I won't mention them
Junior_high: Jonas Salk
Junior_high_friends: Kelly, Tim, Patty Rae, Paula Kalmanovitz, MY MOM!!
Favorite_teachers: Mrs. Kojima, Mr. Brodnaski, Mr. Botello, Mr. Bill LEE
Donna McManus
Occupation: Auto physical damage appraiser
Bio: Graduation was in a way the very beginning for me. I was to deliver the first of my 3 children in October of "74". This was the beginning of my most illustrious career, that of a Mother. Although I have had many different paying jobs in life. The one that payed out the most was the Mom thing.
Trivia: Life is the most mundane imaginable. Work consumes 12 hours a day. The paycheck is nice and a good portion of my work day is at my home office. I am struggleing with the beginnings of dealing with the "empty nest" thing, as the two boys are gone, while trying to survive raising the last of my children..... a girl!
Friends: Friends. I had several during high school. But I learned what friendship really means after high school. We graduated and I was pregnant. Most everyone that I knew went on with finding who they were and living life. I found that my "friends" were to busy. All except one. My friend. RandiLee Sanford. Over the next 20 years she became the rock on which I stood. My anchor, my constant. No matter what we had been there for each other. She never once told me "I told you so" on my lousy pick of husbands. She just gave comfort when I needed it. A shoulder when I wanted it. And a gentle word when I let my children get to unruly. Randi and I lost contact a few years back. I miss her very much. You see, I believe that a friend, a true friend, is a rare and precious commodity. If you have one... protect them. Work at keeping them. And above all else, love them for the wonderful person that they are.
Hobbies: If you can't tell by now...... I love to write. Mainly letters, but I like to write stories in my letters.... E-mail me...I'll write to you all!
Kids: Jacob Corey McManus, age 25, Officer in the Air Force. My intellectual one. Married with a baby due May of 2000. Brandon Douglas Soper, age 22, Sargent US Army. He has the biggest heart and the kindest soul you can imagine. Married, 2 children, Annie is 2 1/2 and Zach is 3 weeks. Naomi Rebecca Braun, age 13 (going on 25!). She has completed her first college course and has 3 credits. She is my trail, my love and right now, my life. She is the melding of both the boys personality. Bob Gooseman...we can raise her right if you are looking for a younger wife! 30 years!
Grade_school: Oak Ridge Elementary in Oak Park!
Junior_high: Peter Lassen Junior High in South Sac
Favorite_teachers: Bebe McKenzie, because she taught me how to write. John Tracy because he helped me remember how to laugh, and told me to have courage, that someday I would be beautiful. (John, I'm still waiting!)
John Melnicoe
Occupation: Court Investigator/Social Worker
Bio: Well, been pretty busy. Went to school, got a Master's in Social Work, (MSW) and have worked in mental health, the court system and with children and families, (mostly the ones in trouble). I currently live in the Fort Bragg area, just above Mendocino right on the coast. I work in childrens services in voluntary and court cases. It is beautiful here. I don't miss Sacramento at all! (Except for the people).
I got married, divorced, then I married again for keeps, this one 15 years thus far, her name is Marilyn. We have one child-(I will brag below about him). I met Marilyn in a psychiatric hospital. Yes, we both WORKED there, she was my boss-still is.
Trivia: Marilyn and I are wanna be musicians and write music. We managed to get played on the radio once, a little station in Nevada City. It amounted to nothing, but was fun. I have become a cat freak, I love cats and most animals. I nearly died last May 31, l998 while doing what I love, riding motorcycles. I was in ICU for 9 weeks, lost 1/3 of my body weight, could not walk, had 215 pints of blood transfusion, was on a ventilator, and I'll stop here. It was not very fun. I am ok now and survived against all medical odds in many ways. My noodle still works fairly well and I am still as ugly as I was in high school. (ok, now people are getting out their yearbooks).
Friends: Bob Gibson, Laura Crebbin, Dave Knepprath, Gordon Bramwell, Vicki Flint, Paul Hamby, Steve Pepper, Carolyn Hyrkas, Dan McClernan, Daniel Collins, Joe Ivory, Allen Cull, (Special thanks to Karen Scarrone for helping me pass Geometry), and lots of others I certainly liked. I have lost contact with: Paul Hamby, Steve Pepper, Danny Collins, Allen Cull, Karen Scarrone and lots of others. I understand Joe Ivory died, others I drifted from and some I still am close to.
Hobbies: Playing guitar, writing music, reading cat books, hanging out at the ocean, taking easy hikes, missing riding motorcycles, seeing close friends, watching comedies, listening to great music really loud, and laughing. I enjoy immensely hanging out with my wife and cats and like to travel though do not possess the necessary funds to do so properly. Therefore, local drives are quite a pleasure. I also enjoy playing on the internet and a few good video games.
Kids: Scott is our son. He is 28 now. You are wondering how this is possible. Actually, he is my stepson, but I raised him and he's mine! He works for the State under the department of energy, worked his way up through the conservation corps to a good position. He is quite smart but the part I love best is his soul. He is loyal, is a good husband and parent himself, and he was with me all the way during my darkest hours when I nearly died in that accident. He is trustworthy, kind to his mother, and a dedicated person. He is better than all other kids! He also is a handsome dude. Is that sufficient for a good brag?
Grade_school: Greer School.
Grade_school_friends: Laura Crebbin, Gordon Bramwell, Vicki Flint, (I prefer Victoria), Bob Gibson, Carolyn Hyrkas, Robin Reed, Dave Knepprath and some others.
Junior_high: Jonas Salk
Junior_high_friends: Laura Crebbin, Vicki Flint, Gordon Bramwell, Bob Gibson, Carolyn Hrykas, Robin Reed, Dan McClernan, (Dan and I drifted apart over the years, not sure what he's up to) and Dave Knepprath. I've probably left some out-it's late so go easy on me.
Favorite_teachers: This is easy. My absolute favorite as he taught me so much and was a standout teacher was Mr. Bill Dederian. His teachings stood the test of time and he was really good with students. Another standout was my creative writing teacher, Bebe McKenzie. She put up with an awful lot of crap and kept a good attitude. She put up with students well who were a bit "altered" in class and kept the creative process going. And let us not forget the legendary Ben LaMontagne who taught electricity. My wife owes all my meters and testing equipment to him, it was a great class. I still recall when Bob Gibson and I stumped him once on a project, or was he playing with us?
Connie Milliser wrote:
Children/grandchildren: john 30, matt 27, brandon 24
SinceGraduation: medical coding
BestFriends: I have lost contact with so many people, this is the reason for this update. I would love to get back in contact with 1974 & 1975 classmates
Hobbies: camping
Kids: I have 3 wonderful sons and 2 ready to be 3 grandsons
MiddleSchool: howe avenue
Comments: Please please anyone from 1970-1974 alumni please contact me. there are some certain people I would love to get in touch with. Becky Skaggs, Linda Franke, Mary Loreman, Nancy patton
Toni Moots Blas
Occupation: Fiscal Assist. for Placer and Nevada Counties Headstart (Preschool)only until Sept 2,1999
Bio: Graduated from Heald Business College in 1977 worked as Bookkeeper for various companies. Married for 18.5 years. Have two girls Erin 16.5 a Senior at Bear River High and Amanda 12.5 seventh grader at Magnolia Inter. In September I will be CFO of Casa Grande Products, they make tortilla's.
Trivia: I went around the county in 1979 (the reason you didn't see me at the 5 year)
Friends: Pam Webber, Julie Berner, Martha Koropp
Hobbies: Gardening, keeping up with 3.5 acres of weeds that we are landscaping SLOWLY
Kids: Erin is on the BRHS Tennis team and is seed number 2 single and number 1 doubles Amanda preforms with the Girls Ensemble. Husband, Clark is Automated Techinogly Manager of Placer County Sheriff Dept. Me I have a new 99 Subaru.
Grade_school: Creekside Elementary
Grade_school_friends: Rosemary Gutierez
Junior_high: Howe Ave
Junior_high_friends: Pam Webber
Favorite_teachers: I can't remember, but he team taught with Mr Lee in Social Studies/History (Help me)
Sibling_info: Michael Blas 1968, Ken Blas 1970, Allan Blas 1975
Alumni_in_contact: Gary Hunting
Heard_about_website_from: Gary Hunting
Donald O'Keefe
Occupation: Police Chief
Spouse: Ester
SinceGraduation: In 1980, I was hired as a Deputy Sheriff with the San Mateo County Sheriff's Office. I retired in May 2007 at the rank of Captain. In June 2007, I was appointed Police Chief for the City of Half Moon Bay.
BestFriends: Keith Afrtinean (?) and Steve Arend.
Hobbies: Golf, working out
Occupation: Detective Lieuteant / San Mateo County Sheriff's Office Bio: After graduation I went to the San Francisco Bay Area and attended junior college. In 1980, I was hired as a Deputy Sheriff by the San Mateo County Sheriff's Office and have worked there ever since. I am currently a Detective Lieutenant and have been assigned as the Commander of the San Mateo County Narcotics Task Force since 1997. I hold a B.S. degree in Human Services from the College of Notre Dame in Belmont and a Masters Degree in Public Administration from the University of San Francisco. I'm also a graduate of the F.B.I. National Academy in Quantico, Virginia. I'm married with no children as of yet.
Trivia: When I was a Detective Sergeant, part of my duties was that of public information officer while working out of our headquarters and East Palo Alto Station. I've done many live news interviews including studio presentations on channel 2 in San Francisco. My most challenging news event was the arson/murder of nine people in East Palo Alto. I even did a news segment for Sacramento station channel 13 on the date rape drug Rohypnol.
Friends: Keith Antinian and Steve Arend
Hobbies: Working out, water skiing, snow skiing, music and cultural events
Kids: Have none (yet).
Steve Palmer
Occupation: Inventor, consultant
Bio:After leaving Encina my family moved to the Auburn area. Went to American River, Sierra and CSUS. Missed the 5, 10, and 15 year reunion and was largely out of touch until the web site came along (thanks, Harlan). Worked in computers and spent 18 years with Apple Computer doing everything from sales rep, to marketing to lobbying across nine western states.. Had lots of fun and got lots of neat toys! Married an Encina alum (Debbie Niger, '77) in 1982 and have been happily raising two munchkins (Robbie-15, Jennie-13) since. I left Apple in October 98 to pursue inventing with my brother Randy (Class of '71). We have been having a blast (and working our tails off) doing engineering work for the company that makes glow in the dark lightsticks and necklaces (like you might use camping or you see at the state fair). We develop new products for them. We have lots of fun with the chemistry and designing new and weird uses. We also take our own ideas to market. Have had some reasonable successes, but still don't have the biz jet! :) I also do some business consulting on technology and marketing.
Trivia: Licensed Pyrotechnician (I do fireworks shows-who would have guessed!)
Friends: Gary Edeblute, Jim Pryor, Bob Goosmann, Rick Slater, Tim Farley, Dwight Hansen, Mike Berry, Joe Ivory, Mike Lamb, Gordon Bramwell, Fred Graf, Paul Hamby, Will Leaver, Bob Zdybel (fello pyro!) -- Who did I forget!!
Hobbies: Electronics (ham radio), flying, anything science, computers/technology, hiking, biking.
Kids: Robbie (15) is as much of a geek as I was/am. He's very much into building stuff and loves to design and create. Want's to be a Disney Imagineer designing rides. Jennie (13) is very artsy and has all the confidence a 13 year old could have. Both are tons of fun and I already miss them even though they haven't left for college!
Grade_school: Edison
Grade_school_friends: Mike Berry, Dwight Hansen, Mike Lamb, Gary Edeblute, Paul Collins, Joe Ivory
Junior_high: Jonas Salk
Junior_high_friends: All of above and Paul Hamby, Elaine Hamby,
Favorite_teachers: Mr. Derderian, Mr. Ash, Mr Kirene, Mr. Stallings, Heard_about_website_from: My brother Randy
Richard "Rick(y)" Prather
Occupation: Physician at UC San Diego, Assistant Clinical Professor, Dept of Psychiatry.  Clinical work and teaching residents, medical students, etc.
Bio: College, Medical School, then Residency in Psychiatry.  Since being a Psychiatrist, have practiced in San Diego where I did my residency,
and then lived in Texas for 13 years.  I was on faculty at Univ of Texas Southwestern, Dept of Psychiatry in Dallas for several years.  Moved back to California and was the Associate Training Director for a new UCLA Residency Training Program in Kern County for 2 years, and now back
to UC San Diego as faculty.
Trivia: This isn't since high school graduation, but after junior high "graduation" from Howe Ave Jr High, my family moved to a small town in
Western Kansas of all places!  We were there for 2 1/2 years, and then moved back to Sacramento after my father's job didn't pan out.  However,
moved into the Mira Loma School District, but always wondered about people from Howe Ave Junior High.  I was browsing and came across
Encina's home page, and was delighted to see how well developed it was, and enjoyed looking through the '74 yearbook... brought back lots of
Friends: Well, I spent alot of time with Greg Gerth (I was so sorry to see that he had died recently...); and Mike Bjork (who I also noted had died) and Mark Mosely (who I couldn't find in the '74 yearbook, or on the alumni list) both lived on the same cul de sac as I did.  There were several female friends I saw in the yearbook... Glennis Wege, Denni Schwartz, Diane Davis (who I couldn't find in the '74 yearbook either unless Rosalyn is Diane, sure looks like Diane), Patty Gonzales, Kathy Yano, Karen Licker, Becky Montoya, and Candy Talbot to mention a few of the ones I recognized.  Some of the other males included Tony Valdez, Mark Sheppard, Brent Welch, Noel Albrecht (we shared a paper route, and was so sorry to hear that he had died also), and Kurt Pearsall (from band).  The only contact I had with an Encina student once I moved back to Sacramento was Tom Sullivan, as we worked together at Walt's Restaurant on El Camino Ave during our senior year.
Hobbies: Traveling is my passion, though I haven't been abroad as much as I'd like to.  NYC is probably one of my favorite places to visit, followed by New Orleans, though haven't been there since Katrina.  Wish I had kept up with clarinet and sax like in jr high and high school!
Love to go to musical concerts, though. 
Kids: Dogs: Sally (welsh corgi), and Abby (sheltie)
Just lost our 2 dogs in the past few months - Caeleigh (sheltie who was 15 yo), and Emily (corgi who was 13 years old).  Have just gotten the
dogs I mentioned above, but grieving our lost "kids".  The new family, though, is such a joy already!
Grade_school: Dyer Kelly for 6th grade
Junior_high: Howe Ave Jr High
Memorable_teachers: Boy, that was a long time ago... not sure I remember the names of any of them from Howe Ave.  Had Mr. Johnson at Dyer Kelly, and always liked him.  There was a teacher at Howe Ave, ? Ms. Peterson I really liked, and also the Librarian who took a group of us on field trips all the time. 

Trace Rankin
Occupation: Retired
Spouse: Kimberly
SinceGraduation: Don't think it'll all fit so I'll be brief. Went to night school M-TH my junior year at Hiram Johnson to graduate as a junior. Spent 30 years in drilling field and traveled the western US. Spent my 20th birthday on the North Slope in Alaska. A few from this class worked for same company. The Pepper brothers, Paul Hamby, Mike
Vasile. Early 80's bought property in Jackson. Finally married at 33. Geez had trouble enough taking care of myself before then. Had some horses, a few dogs and just enjoying life here at Rancho Deluxe.
Trivia: Wife asked me to marry? She was a blind date that I had thru Luther Hopp.
BestFriends: Kelly Kingsley-still in contact regularly
Hobbies: Horses-pack trips to mountains. Working on property, you know cuttin' fire wood. Playing guitar, harmonica. Not very good but sounds okay to me. 
GradeSchool: Arthur Dudley
MiddleSchool: Jonas Salk
FavoriteMemory: Lloyd Hickey driving his (yellow?) GTO down hallway at school. Turning Kim Burton's VW sideways.
Stories: Yes but not here
Siblings: Brad Rankin-Class of 1975. Deceased 1986
AlumniInContact: Kelly Kingsley

Shelly Reynolds Henley
Occupation: Funeral Director
Bio: I'm old....too many things to list!
Trivia: I've directed 27 children's theater musicals since high school, several of which had more than 400 cast members.
Friends: Kevin Crain, Richard Dewsnup, Sue Nicol, Robb Mainer, Jennie Scott. Not in contact with any of them :(
Hobbies: I have been a theater director, choir director and piano teacher for many years. Right now, I'm interested in textile arts, fabric dying, and art quilt-making.
Kids: Brett - 27, Maren - 25
Brett works at Safeway and is a maniac mountain/downhill biker. Maren graduates Hofstra Law School in New York in May 2009 and is a maniac studier (not out of choice!).
Memorable_teachers: Jack Carey, music instructor. Gave my life direction. Such a wonderful mentor for me.
Favorite_memory: Hanging around the music room with my friends. Madrigal tours.
Story: I'll never tell...
Candace (Candy) Talbott Revaz
Occupation: Safety Assistant/OSS Scretary Marshall Hospital
Bio: Since graduation, I went to college, married and built our home in Placerville. I've been raising my family and was in business for myself for 10 years. The business was called "Party Smart" (a party rental equipment store). Later - trained to be a phlebotomist at Marshall Hospital. On the side we grow orchids wholesale and sell poinsettias for fundraisers to clubs and organizations.
Friends: My best friends through H.S. were Patty Sullivan, Glennis Wege, Kathy Yano, Greg Gerth, Linda Fanning and Rob Viebrock. Stayed in contact with all, except I haven't heard from Kathy.
Hobbies: Gardening and my children's sports have kept us busy. The girl's USVBA Volley ball has taken most of our time.
Kids: I have three. Alyssa, who's in her second year of college studying pre-med. Jenny,who's sixteen, very pretty and majoring in boys (Junior in High school) and Nicholas who is eight and into soccer. I'm very proud of all of them.
Grade_school: Dyer Kelly
Grade_school_friends: Same friends - Patty Sullivan, Greg Gerth, Glennis Wege and Kathy Yano
Junior_high: Howe Ave
Junior_high_friends: Same friends - Patty Sullivan, Greg Gerth, Glennis Wege and Kathy Yano
Favorite_teachers: Mr. Patitucci, Mrs. Latimer,and Mr.Derderian

Lisa Satter
Occupation: Lawyer
MaritalStatus: Married
SinceGraduation: Raising children and employed as attorney.
Hobbies: Gardening and traveling
Kids: Law student and ph.d in neuroscience
GradeSchool: Sierra Oaks
MiddleSchool: Jonas Salk
Siblings: Hollie, Heidi and Daphne

Terri Sparks Lauzon
Occupation: Credential Analyst
Bio: Well, I haven't strayed far from the school setting. After graduating, I married and provided child care out of my home. I then had my own children; two boys - Stephen 22 and Philip 19. When the boys started school, I went along with them! (much to their dismay). First as a volunteer and then working at the school as Instructional Assistant, Office Secretary, etc. I am now a credential analyst for the Sacramento City Unified School District. Somewhat of a twist - I can now tell the teachers what they are qualified to teach and what they need to do to get their credential.
Trivia: In May of 1992, I married my Junior High sweetheart, Larry Lauzon. We got "re-acquainted" at our 15th Reunion. I think I can safely say that we are pretty darn happy. I tried to tell Larry we were "Oprah" material, but he wouldn't go for it.
Friends: Kathy Dooling, Lisa Fisher, Mary Jane Bowles, Trina Lewis
Hobbies: Gardening, Antiqueing, Reading, Momming, Maui-ing,
Kids: Stephen is in the Air Force stationed at Travis. He has been to Italy and Japan. He was in Italy during the Kosovo happenings. Philip is still trying to decide what he wants to do with his life. They were both into Little League and all that kid stuff growing up. I feel pretty fortunate that are becoming mature, thoughtful adults.
Grade_school: Cottage
Grade_school_friends: I think I've lost contact with all the Cottage "kids", although I was very happy to hear from Vicki Adamek recently. Mark Repshaw lives down the street from my parents so I see him occasionally as I pass by.
Junior_high: Jonas Salk
Junior_high_friends: Larry Lauzon, Kathy Dooling, Sharon Berkenpas
Favorite_teachers: I don't know why, but Bebe McKenzie is about the only teacher that comes to mind. I guess teachers weren't a priority for me at that time.
Terrea Harlan Sherman
Occupation: Registered Veterinary Technician/Purchasing Manager
Bio: Working for large Veterinary Group in Sacramento, (operations team for 10 veterinary hospitals). Was married for 12 years had 2 great children Christopher born in 83 and Erin born in 85. Now I am divorced, working fulltime, very active in El Camino HS Boosters and sports for my kids.
Trivia: I managed my daughters softball team for 9 years. I have worked for the same employer for 26 years. Took off 3 years to have babies 83-86
Friends: Lorrie Bradhoff, Virginia Walker, Julie Eissenger, Stacey Heidig, Denni Schwartz, I have pretty much kept in contact with my friends
Hobbies:I love baseball, football, movies,dinner with friends and weekend get aways.
Kids: I love baseball, football, movies,dinner with friends and weekend get aways.
Grade_school: Creekside
Grade_school_friends: Denni Schwartz, Karen Licker, Toni Blas, Kurt Persall
Junior_high: Howe Ave
Junior_high_friends: Dave Sherman, Bruce Vanderford, Greg Gerth, Bob Fields and all of the above.
Favorite_teachers: Mr. Figenshu - My favorite all time., I love physiologyand anatomy Ms Takeuchi and Mr. Coke
Ken Van Riper
Occupation: CPA/Deputy Sheriff San Diego County
Bio: Joined the Army in Aug 1974, stationed at Ft Ord. Easy job of traveling around California doing military funerals as part of the honor guard. Moved back home 3 years later and started at American River College, my parents moved to San Diego, I followed and transfered to San Diego State, met my wife Karen in 78, we dated for 3 years, got married in 81. Our 20th anniversary is coming this summer. I graduated in 82, and went to work for large CPA firm. Our son Kyle was born in 86. Started my own small firm in 87. went into a partnership and formed a larger firm in 93. Wanted a little more excitement in my life, got hired with the SD Sheriffs Dept in 92. Still patrol the coastal communities of Del Mar, Solana Beach and Encinitas. Getting extremely tired of public accounting. Starting to think about retirement from accounting. Want to do something a little more fun. Was looking at purchasing a jet ski rental business in Hawaii from a client. Karen teaches 4th grade and loves it.
Friends: Best friends were Pete Cavaghan, Les Skalisky, John Bedford, Tim Duffy, Debbie Skalisky (1973), It's been 26 years since graduation, I can still remember John Bain, Steve Barrigan, Cheryl Boyer, Maureen Chadwick, Brian Claiborne, Charllotte Davis, James Dillon, Bob Goosman, Bob Grebitus, David Knepprath, John Melnicoee, Denise Stacy, Jim Stone, Nancy Ziliotto
Hobbies: Our recreation is vacationing. Really enjoy cruises (9 in the last 4 years), Hawaii has become our second home. Want to move there someday. Karen wants to move to Corvallis, OR. She will probably win out. She likes the cold and rain, I want to wear shorts, flipflops and a t-shirt year round. I also really enjoy running. No marathons, but try to run 15 miles a week.
Kids: Kyle age 14, started high school in 2000. Very hard to believe, seems like I was just there. He is a great kid. He still likes to do things with us. We are very close.
Grade_school: Japan and east coast of US
Junior_high: Jonas Salk
Junior_high_friends: About the only people I can still remember from junior high was Pete Cavaghan, Marvin Cary, Nancy Ziliotto, Julie Stewart.
Memorable_teachers: Bob Kirrene, really enjoyed his accounting class and business machines. There is still nobody faster than me on the 10 key.
Favorite_memory: Really have positive general memories of going to Encina. I had a large Sacto Bee route, so was not able to get too involved with school activities. I thought it was a great school, I had a lot of fun those 4 years.
Virginia Walker
Bio: working, working, working - owner of hvac contracting company in Sacto. have one son, married, and like to travel and golf.
Hobbies: golf, hiking
Kids: one smart kid at CSU-chico
Doug Wilkinson
Occupation: Product Support Technician Supervisor, working for a engineering company that develops Highway Safety Equipment. Things like the yellow barrels you see on the roads.
Bio: Started working for Energy Absorption Systems Inc. in Aug. of 1974. Just celebrated my 25th year with them. After high school raced motorcycles until I broke my body and started working on motorcycles instead of riding them. Married in 1981 daughter Katherine born 1982 divorced 1983. Single father for 1 1/2 years, then met present wife Nancy
Friends: Mike Bjork (now Deceased), Bruce Vanderfrod , Dave Sherman, Cal Handley, Mike Loeffler, Kurt Pearsall. Hobbies: Blacksmithing (ornamental iron, not horse shoeing ), Refereeing High School and Club Volleyball, Motorcycles
Kids: Katherine Ann 16 years attends Pierce High School in Arbuckle Ca., Stepson Trenton Nunes 24 years currently in the Navy stationed in Hawaii, Kellie Ann Morgan 17 years attends San Juan High School, works at Beals Point Snack Bar during the summer months.
Grade_school: Dyer Kelly Elementary
Grade_school_friends: Mike Bjork, Becky Montoya, Bruce Vanderford, Dave Sherman
Junior_high: Howe Ave
Junior_high_friends: Mike Bjork, Tomi Blas, Pam Webber, Tom Sullivan
Favorite_teachers: Chet Wilcox, Sterling Lowe
Alumni_in_contact: Debbie Hoots Wilkinson sister-in-law
Heard_about_website_from: Reunion letter

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