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Class of 1973 - 30 year reunion dinner

Lucia Churches' photos

Lucia Churches and Nancy Patton hosted a pre- and post-reunion party suite. Here are some of Lucia's pictures.

Kevin Wilson, Sally Enos, Bob Nannini Marilyn Palmore, Nancy Patton, Marlene Smith, Margie Hyland, Lucia Churches, Debbie Petkovich, Sally Enos Debbie Petkovich, Debbie Liebert, Sally Enos Sally Enos, Kevin Wilson
Rett Smart, Gail Miller, Donna Burnett & Rick Stalker, David Valle Karen Teakle Lemieux, Don Lemieux Lucia Churches & husband Dennis Colbert Dennis Colbert, Marilyn Palmore
Bob Nannini, John Nunez 74, Kevin Wilson Sue La Cornu, Marilyn Palmore, Patty Kraushar 72, Lucia Churches Kelcey Hall Karen Teakle, Karen Yoder
Kirk Smith, Sydney Smeeden, Lucia Churches, Estreilla Allen, Judy Kline Patty Thomas 72, Colleen Hagen, Karen Yoder Kirk Smith, Chris Browning Smith Kelcey Hall, Jack Bassett, Lucia Churches
Margaret Dunlap 76, Jim Dunlap, Mike Short, Roxanne McGinness Gary Loyd, Carolyn Teel Loyd, Chris Browning Smith, Kirk Smith Marilyn Palmore, Bob Nannini Sue Grassi
Rick Swett, Stacey Barnes Swett Dona Lyn Jones, Sydney Smeeden Kelcey Hall, Dona Lyn Jones, Sydney Smeeden Sally Reid Clausen, Curt Clausen
Cynthia Connell, Phil Olivas, Nancy Olivas Chris Heimburg, Laurie Heimburg Tim Erickson, Leslie Erickson 74, Diana Essert Pat Buckner, Tim McCarthy, Jill McCarthy, Nancy Buckner, Fred Borowski
Karen Butcher, Lisa Henderson, Diane Schoenborn Carolyn Teel, Charlene DeVere, Janie Davis Patrick Dunn, Mary Lorman Gail Miller, Tim McCarthy, Lucia Churches, Debbie Petkovich
Carol Boyes, Rick Stalker, Charlene DeVere, Kevin Wilson Marilyn Palmore, Carol Boyes Debbie Brusby, Kerry Shearer 72, Cheri Mainer Wallace, Robb Mainer Wallace, Jack Carey Sally Reid, Debbie Richmond, Debbie Lopes
Lucia Churches, Andrea Church Lucia Churches, Patty Thomas 72, Kelcey Hall James Nolan, Kelcey Hall, Shirley Bedford Meghan Safford, Lisa Henderson
Wally Severson, Sue Severson Shelly Andrews, Judy Flint Lucia Churches, Colleen Hagen, Karen Yoder Kevin Wilson, Karen Yoder, Scott Harris, Colleen Hagen, Marlene Smith
Kevin Wilson, Karen Yoder, Scott Harris, Colleen Hagen, Marlene Smith, Harlan Debbie Petkovich, Sally Enos, Marilyn Palmore, Tom O'Connor Mike Crosby, Terry Crosby John Nunez 74
Lucia Churches, John Nunez 74 John Nunez 74, Nancy Patton, Sally Enos Patrick Sendegeya, Kate Steinkoenig Sendegeya, Merry Daniels, Fred Borowski Front: Jennifer Bailey, Patti Thomas, Debbie Richmond
Back: Maureen Coe, Karen Yoder, Lucia Churches, Sue Grassi, Sue La Cornu
Wally Severson, Jim Dunlap Sue La Cornu, Tom O'Connor, Patrick Dunn Kelcey Hall, Sue Grassi Mike Short,  Roxanne McGuiness
Michelle Reeves, Matt Reeves Karen Yoder, Bob Nannini, Kevin Wilson, Patti Thomas 72, Sally Enos, Colleen Hagen Nancy Patton Rett Smart, Sally Enos
Jim Dunlap, Margaret Dunlap 76 Lucia Churches, Carol Boyes, Sally Enos, Debbie Richmond, Kelcey Hall Bob Nannini, Lucia Churches, Margie Hyland  

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