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Class of 1973 - 30 year reunion dinner

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Event: 30 year Reunion Dinner

Date: Saturday, August 2, 2003
Place: Delta King, Paddlewheel room
1000 Front Street
Old Sacramento, 916-444-5464
Time: 5-11pm, dinner at 6pm
Photos/Reunion Memory Book by Rollin Coxe '64

Attire: Dressy casual. We strongly suggest no high heels due to ship deck of Delta King and cobblestones in Old Sacramento.

Valet parking available.

Nearby hotels:
Delta King, 916-444-5464
Embassy Suites (walking distance from Delta King),

$60 single
$100 per couple (married/partnered/dating only, please, couple price includes ONE photo sitting and one memory booklet)

Meal choices:
Roasted chicken OR spinach and mushroom fettuccini

If you are in contact with other 73 alumni, please let them know about the reunion.

Call Diane (Schoenborn) Kelly at 916-482-7007
email: DianeLKelly@aol.com
(please start subject with "Encina")

The Delta King requires a full count and PAYMENT three weeks in advance. If you don't pay us, we can't pay them. Simple at that. For this reason we will not be able to accept late RSVPs or payment at the door.


Thanks for Rett Smart for donating 3 sets of red & white wine and the AM/FM/CD shower companion and to Andrea Church for donating a $25 Barnes & Noble gift certificate.

The following awards were given. Other classmates may top these records, but were not present at the reunion:

Most grandchildren: Andrea Church Gough - 5

Longest married: Shirley Bedford Robinson - 31

Farthest traveled for reunion: Sydney Smeeden Brown - Anchorage, AK [Jim Dunlap, also from Anchorage, had already left the party]

Fastest driven: Rett Smart - 224 mph - 8 laps in a full-blown NASCAR at the Richard Petty Driving Experience in Orlando, FL. He adds, "What a gas!"

Most interesting job: Debbie Brusby Coleman - painting Abrams Tanks in Saudi Arabia

Most broken bones: Scott Harris - about 10, mostly ribs, collar bone, leg, ankle, hand, and vertebras. [Also claims to be the only classmate ever in

Most shoes in closet: Nancy Patton - 68 pairs ("I'm not kidding!")

Near death experiences (we're glad they're still with us):
Janie Davis Nelson
Gail Haynes Veri
Mike Short

Community Service award: Cynthia Connell

We forgot to acknowledge Marty Buckles, who took our reunion deadline so seriously he spent $15-20 to Fedex his check by the July 5th deadline!
Marty, this Bud's for you!


Make your check payable to Encina Class of 1973 and send your payment and the following information to:
Diane Kelly
3373 Sierra Oaks Dr
Sacramento,CA 95864

Classmate name (first, maiden, last names) _________________________________

Guest (spouse,partner,date) ___________________________________    Relationship __________________

$ amount enclosed ($60 single, $100 per couple) $ _______

Meal choice(s) (note number of each selection, one per party member):

Roasted chicken ________________          Spinach and mushroom fettuccini ______________

Legend: Unconfirmed, Confirmed, paid
(first) indicates first time attended reunion

Estreilla Allen
Shelley Andrews Johnson
Jennifer Bailey Kimsey
Stacey Barnes Swett (& Rick) (first)
Belinda Batcha (& Dave Fenwick) (first)
Shirley Bedford Robinson
Brent Bombola (& Marcie)
Fred Borowski
Carol Boyes

Chris Browning Smith
Debbie Brusby Coleman (first)
Marty Buckles (& Donna Deveraux)
Pat Buckner (& Nancy)
Jerry Burks 71

Karen Butcher Helmecy
Andrea Church Gough (first)
Lucia Churches
Maureen Coe Christiansen (& Neil Christiansen)

Cynthia Connell
Mike Crosby (& Terri)
Suzanne Crowder Patch
Merry Daniels Heizer
Janie Davis Nelson (first)

Charlene DeVere Greenly
Jim Dunlap (first)
Margaret Dunlap 76

Patrick Dunn (first)
Sioux Dunn Wight 74
Sally Enos Locke-Paddon
Tim Erickson (& sister Leslie Erickson 74) (first)
Tim Essert (& Diana)
Mike Fahn (& guest)
Judy Flint Crackel
Steve Giguere (first)
Susan Grassi Formanek
Colleen Hagen Starr
Kelcey Hall Taber
Scott Harris (& Kimberly)
Gail Haynes Veri
(& Ben Veri)(Utah)

Chris Heimburg (& Laurie)
Lisa Henderson Chapa (& daughter Meghan Saffold)
Dawn James
Joe Jeffrey (& Diane)
Dona Lyn Jones (& Cory Jones)
Michael Kelly
Judy Kline Irvine
(& Bob Irvine)
Susan La Cornu
Harlan Lau
Alan Lew (& Mable)(first)

Debbie Lopes Grutzmacher
Mary Lorman Gough
Robb Mainer Wallace (& Cheri)
Tim McCarthy (& Jill)
Gail Miller
Bob Nannini
James Nolan (first)
John Nunez 74
Tom O'Connor
Phil Olivas (& Nancy)
Marilyn Palmore Lard
Nancy Patton
Debbie Petkovich Verniest
Dennis Plessas
Matt Reeves (& Michelle Foucheaux)
Sally Reid Clausen (& Curt)
Debbie Richmond Meyer
Diane Schoenborn Kelly
Wally Severson (& wife)(first)
Joyce Shaw Allen (first)
Kerry Shearer 72
Bonnie Shifflette

Mike Short (& Roxane McGinness)
Anne Simmermacher Niehaus
Rett Smart
Sydney Smeeden Brown (first)
Ken Smith
Kirk Smith
Marlene Smith Murray
Rick Stalker (& Donna Burnett)

Kate Steinkoenig Sendegeya (first) (& Patrick Sendegeya)
Eric Sudhoff
Karen Teakle Lemieux (& Don Lemieux)
Carolyn Teel Rand (& Gary Loyd)
Patti Thomas Kraushar 72
David Valle
Cindy Vice Rivard (first) (& Mike Rivard 71)
Tim Will 71
Kevin Wilson
Karen Yoder Ensley
Jack Bassett
Jack Carey
Christine Kojima
Bill Lee
Karen McClelland Lee
Meghan Saffold (daughter of Lisa Henderson)
Cory Jones (nephew of Dona Lyn Jones)


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