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Class of 1973 - 25 year reunion - family picnic

Pictures by Harlan

Carol Mills and son Sam (7) Terri Smith and husband David McMurray
picnic14_carol_sam.JPG (49478 bytes) picnic13_terri_husband.JPG (48118 bytes)
Carol Mills, Diane Schoenborn, Margie Hyland Danielle, Mike Fahn and his dog
picnic15_carol_diane_margie.JPG (39854 bytes) picnic16_fahn_and_dog.JPG (50443 bytes)
Elliott Mandell, Terri Smith, David McMurray Elliott Mandell, Kerry Shearer 72, Terri Smith
pcinic17_elliott_terri_dog.JPG (49756 bytes) picnic18_kerry_terri.JPG (47025 bytes)
Joyce Lau and Daniel Lau Dawn James waves goodbye (is Danielle in the wagon???)
picnic20_joyce_daniel_swing.JPG (54523 bytes) picnic22_dawn_leaving.JPG (38976 bytes)
Daniel Lau and Elliott Mandell's dog Nicholas Lau with ball of fur from Elliott's malemute
picnic24_daniel_dog.JPG (44555 bytes) picnic25_nick_dog_fur.JPG (56368 bytes)

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