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Class of 1973 - 25 year reunion family picnic

Pictures by Harlan

Family picnic sign at park Mike Kelly, Amanda Kelly (14), Diane Schoenborn Kelly
picnic21_sign.JPG (42026 bytes) picnic2_mike_amanda_diane.JPG (44104 bytes)
Elliott Mandell and his malemutes Kim Benedetti with husband Ed, son Jaime (15) and daughter Sarah (11)
picnic4_elliott_dogs.JPG (47759 bytes) picnic3_benedettis.JPG (49720 bytes)
Dawn James and daughter Danielle (3) Stacey Barnes and husband Richard
picnic6_dawn_daughter.JPG (49054 bytes) picnic8_stacey_husband.JPG (40180 bytes)
Daniel Lau (4) and Nicholas Lau (7) Barnes', Benedetti's, Kelly's, Mill's, Mike Fahn, Cal Loudon '72
picnic7_nick_daniel_squirtguns.JPG (41052 bytes) picnic9_tableshot.JPG (46876 bytes)
Dawn James, Danielle and their STUFF Stacey Barnes and husband, Elliott Mandell, Margie Hyland
picnic10_dawn.JPG (48761 bytes) picnic12_stacey_elliott_margie.JPG (51170 bytes)

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