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Class of 1981 - Greer Elementary School photos

This section contains Greer Elementary school pictures for the class of 81.

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greer kauffman kinder 68-69 web.jpg (129334 bytes)
Mrs Kauffman's kindergarten class 1968-69 (courtesy of Bert Lau 81)
Row 1: x, Amy Hamilton, Scott, Libby, x, Gabriel A, x
Row 2: Lori Pasley, x, Pete, x, x, Scott
Row 3: Colleen, Maureen O'Brien, Mr McCarthy, Mrs Kauffman, x, George C
Row 4: Micheal R, Bobby M, Leslie, John B, Crystal, Scott, Becky De Vere, Bert Lau, Steve Hood
Row 5:Patricia, Eddie N, Julia, x, Kathy, Eric T, Michelle Mackidon
greer welsh grade1 69 70 web.jpg (202626 bytes)
Mrs Welsh's grade 1 class 1969-70 (courtesy of Bert Lau 81)
Row 1: Mr McCarthy, Mrs Welch, Pete, Libby, Alan, x
Row 2: Colleen Ford, Bobby Hutchinson, Colleen, George C, Tresea Porter, Steve Hood
Row 3: Mark, x, Larry Ward, Crystal, x, Jill
Row 4: x, x, Michelle Mackidon, Tommy, Becky De Vere, Bert Lau
Row 5: Pierre, Shelly
Row 6: x, Eddie N, x, John B, Scott
greer poloni grade2 70-71 web.jpg (178236 bytes)
Mrs Poloni's grade 2 class 1970-71 (courtesy of Bert Lau 81)
Row 1: Mr McCarthy, Mrs Poloni, Brent C, Laura C, Bobby Hutchinson, Gabriel A, Bobby M, Becky De Vere
Row 2: Sherry M, Bert Lau, Denise, Cody C
Row 3: Eddie N, Maureen O'Brien, John B, Patricia, Alex P, Lori Pasley, Greg, Shawn Zausch
Row 4: Shawn O, Leslie, Tresea Porter, Robert, George C
Row 5:Paul A, Eric T, Pierre, John K, Major Geiger, Adrian
greer costa grade3 71-72 web.jpg (179801 bytes)
Mrs Costa's grade 3 class 1971-72 (courtesy of Bert Lau 81)
Row 1: Mr McCarthy, Mrs Costa, x, x, Bert Lau, Michelle Mackidon, Shawn Zausch, x
Row 2: Sherry M, Larry Ward, x, Steve Kibbe
Row 3: x, Bobby Hutchinson, x, x, x, Cliff Donaldson
Row 4: x, Becky De Vere, x, x, x
Row 5: x, x, x, x, Amy Hamilton, x
greer cussen grade4 72-73 web.jpg (191694 bytes)
Mrs Cussen's grade 4 class 1972-73 (courtesy of Bert Lau 81)
Row 1: Mr McCarthy, Mrs Cussen, Mrs Rideout, Steve Kibbe, x, x, Kathy Galloway, Larry Ward
Row 2: Joe Bell, x, x, x
Row 3: Leslie, Colleen Ford, Becky De Vere, Bert Lau, x, x
Row 4: Neil Hylton, Tresea Porter, Michelle Mackidon, Barbara Schurr, x
Row 5: x, Sherry M,  Ken Foster, x, x, x
greer hayes grade5 73-74 web.jpg (174612 bytes)
Mrs Hayes' grade 5 class 1973-74 (courtesy of Bert Lau 81)
Row 1: x, x, x, Lori Pasley, x, Leslie
Row 2: Shawn Zausch, x, Michelle Mackidon, Julie Castillo, Colleen Ford, x
Row 3: Neil Hylton, x, Ken Foster, x, x, x
Row 4: x, Steve Hood, Bert Lau, Mark Johnson, Sherry M, Paul Brazelton
Row 5: Tresea Porter, Mr McCarthy, Mrs Hayes, x
greer beedie grade6 74-75 web.jpg (160097 bytes)
Mr Beedie's grade 6 class 1974-75 (courtesy of Bert Lau 81)
Row 1: x, Kathy Galloway, Major Geiger, Greg Araya?, Mimi Rizzo, x
Row 2: x, Eddie Boroumand, Steve Kibbe, x, Lori Pasley, x
Row 3: Tracy Carter, Michelle Mackidon, Tresea Porter, Steve Hood, Maureen O'Brien, x
Row 4: x, x, Mike Rideout, x, Larry Ward, Becky DeVere
Row 5: Harlan Ehisen, x, Bert Lau, x, Cliff Donaldson, Bobby Hutchinson
Row 6: Barbara Schurr, Mr McCarthy, Mr Beedie, x

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