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Class of 1977 - Greer Elementary School

This section contains Greer Elementary school pictures for the class of 77.

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Greer kam Kauffman 64-65 web.jpg (92131 bytes)
Mrs Kauffman's kindergarten class 1964-65 (courtesy of Laurie Lau 77)
Row 1: Lynn ?, Kevin Stewart, Laurie Lau, James Collentine
Row 2: Susan G, Norman ?, Suzanne White, Michael Nord
Row 3: Mark ?, Janel ?, Dennis ?, Mrs Kauffman, Larry S, Marcia ?, Butch ?
Row 4: Richard Kendall, ?, Michelle Margroff, Greg ?, ? , Ricky ?, ?
Row 5:Douglas Champ, Allison Schuster, Gregory ?, Suzanne G, James S
Greer 1 Smith 65-66 web.jpg (108268 bytes)
Mrs Smith's grade 1 class 1965-66 (courtesy of Laurie Lau 77)
Row 1: Connie ____, Greg ____, Pamela ____, Brook Roberts, Bernadine ____, Bryan ____, Lori Armstrong
Row 2: Kevin Stewart, Jean ____, James Collentine, Ricky ____, Pam ____, Doug Champ
Row 3: Suan Grooters, Mark ____, Mr King, Mrs Smith, Greg Grouse, Diana ____,
Row 4: Billy ____, Michael Nord, Brandy Radelfinger, Richard Kendall, Alison Schuster, Doug ____, Darrel ____,
Row 5: Sharal ____,, Michael ____, Tracy ____, Laurie Lau, Alan ____, Susie White
Greer 2 Brush 66-67 web.jpg (98711 bytes)
Mrs Brush's grade 2 class 1966-67 (courtesy of Laurie Lau 77)
Row 1: Larry Schmittle, Keri Thomas, Richard Kendall, Inga James, Michelle Margroff, Michael Nord
Row 2: Doug Champ, Leslie Parker, Burl Devine, Randy Walter, Laurie Lau, Steven Ellis
Row 3: Laura Grayhouse, Dennis ____, Mr King, Mrs Brush, Stephen Phelps, Allison Schuster
Row 4: James Collentine, Laura Roberts, Alan Laurest, Diane ____, Terry ____, Cheryl Giguere, Jay Zerick
Row 5: Ricky ____, ____, Alan Wolf, Jay Zerick, Diane Labarin, Gregory Elliot
Greer 3 Warner 67-68 web.jpg (92662 bytes)
Mrs Warner's grade 3 class 1967-68 (courtesy of Laurie Lau 77)
Row 1: Dennis Townsend, Michelle Margroff, Richard Kendall, Cheryl Giguere, Stephen Phelps
Row 2: Michael Lopez, Cheryl Dick, Jan Weber, Larry Smittle
Row 3: Cathy Chapmen, Ray Young, Mr King, Mrs Warner, Pam Powers, James Collentine
Row 4: Laurie Lau, Tommy Gerrity, Donna Olrun, Ramond Tate, Lori Zemerin
Row 5: John Shaefford, Jay Zerick, Suzanne White, Ronnie Conkin
Greer 4 Donovan 68-69 web.jpg (117098 bytes)
Mrs Donovan's grade 4 class 1968-69 (courtesy of Laurie Lau 77)
Row 1: Kelly Carey, Pam Powers, Alan Dunlap, Mark Pasley, Lorraine M., Mike Lenzi
Row 2: Stephen Phelps, Laurie Lau, John Lurton, Denis Townsend, Jan Weber, George Schindler
Row 3: Suzie White, Mia Ousley, Mr McCarthy, Mrs Donovan, Sharon Ford, Laura Greyhouse
Row 4: Mike Lopez, Tawni Cameron, Gregory Elliott, Lisa Dunagan, Daren Smith, Cheryl Otis, Richard Kendall, Wendy Williams, Tom Gerrity
Row 5: Cheryl Giguere, Steven Ellis, Ann Jakes, Randy Walter, Leslie Parker, Doug Champ, Tina Smith
Greer 5 Sanford 69-70 web.jpg (135924 bytes)
Mrs Sanford's' grade 5 class 1969-70 (courtesy of Laurie Lau 77)
Row 1: Mr McCarthy, Mrs Sanford, John Chamberlain, Allison Schuster, ____, Dawn Gibson
Row 2: Brandy Radelfinger, Richard Kendall, Kristen ____, John Magee, Lisa Dunagan, Mark Stevens
Row 3: Raymond Young, Cheryl Dick/Otis, Stephen Phelps, Laurie Lau, James Collentine, Cathy Chapman
Row 4: Carla Moehlman, Bob ____, Michelle ____, Mark Pasley, Lori Armstrong, Stuart Misfilt (sp?)
Row 5: Greg Elliott, Risa B., Steve Ellis, Bambi R., Mike Nord, Cheryl Giguere
Row 6: Leslie Parker, Mark Steinkonig
Row 7: Burl Devine, Kaye Garrison, Liana ____
Greer 5-6 Sanford 70-71 web.jpg (123023 bytes)
Mrs Sanford's grade 5-6 class 1970-71 (courtesy of Laurie Lau 77)
Row 1: Mr. McCarthy, Mrs. Sanford, Laurie Lau, Alex ____, Michelle Ford, Hugh Nigh, Debra Stott, Steven Ellis
Row 2: Darryl Chan, Jerri Cox, Susie White, Brad Williams
Row 3: Melody Ramon, Mark Pasley, Candy ____, Tom Gerrity, Perry ____, Doug Champ, Ester ____, Jan Weber
Row 4: Derek Reade, John Anderson, Gretchen (Leslie) Nichel, Paul Knepprath, Sharon Ford, Richard Kendall
Row 5: Diana Rutledge?, Gena Bua, Mike Almondinger (sp?), Michelle Margroff, Joseyln King, Tauna Olson

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