Jonas Salk Junior High School Class Pictures


This page contains Jonas Salk Junior High School class pictures in which Encina's Class of '67 alumni appear.  If you can help with any of the unknown or incomplete names, as well as share appropriate class pictures of your own, please contact me.   The photo(s) should be scanned at 300 dpi and emailed as a jpg file.  Please identify the school, grade, teacher, and as many of your classmates as you can.

Links to other schools' class pictures in which our classmates can be found:

Cottage School
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Howe Avenue School

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Jonas Salk School, Mrs. Tedrow, grade 7, 1961-62
(photo courtesy of Kathie Kloss Marynik)

Row 1:  ??, ??, Fred Halsall, Terry Joslin, Kathie Kloss, Jay Musler
Row 2:  ??, Patricia Elliott, Mike Shaw, Sharon Duke, Mrs. Tedrow, Linda Krantz, ??, Janie Moran, Bruce
Row 3:  ??, Rochelle Hooper, Steve Erickson, ??, Tom Allen, ??, Stuart Warner, Ellen Rankin, Bill Maciel
Row 4:  ??, ??, George Rogers, Kathy Lamb, Judy Kendall, Marilyn Ellis, Scott, Sue Pressnell, Gene Whitsett
Row 5:  ??

Jonas Salk School, Mr. Gonzales, grade 8, 1962-63
(photo courtesy of Kathie Kloss Marynik)

Row 1:  Judy Hanshaw, Kathie Kloss, Dave Driver, Bill Carlson, Sue Pressnell, Diane Jennings
Row 2:  Mike Rhea, Barbara Williams, David Chan, Tamara King, Mr. Gonzales, Julie Barbeau, Lynn Hunter, Mike Church, Mike Cannon
Row 3:  ??, Randy Wentzel, Lynn Koehler, ??, ??, Sherry Johnson, Dave Bonti, ??, Nancy Kingsley
Row 4:  ??, Chris Wicks, Lyle Oehler, ??

Jonas Salk School, Mr. Green, grade 8, 1962-63
(photo courtesy of Criss Lance Gales)

Row 1:  ??, ??, Virginia Glenn, Dee Liotta
Row 2:  ??, Criss Lance, Gerry Downs, Mr. Green, ??, Ellen Rankin, Steve Erickson
Row 3:  ??, Nancy Lawman, Glenn Rust, ??, ??, Jay Musler, Kathy Jossi
Row 4:  Glenn Humfleet, Judy Kendall, Penny Mackis, ??, Scott Schrunk

Jonas Salk School, Mr. Hart, grade 8, 1962-63
(photo courtesy of Charlene Jenkins Bole)

Row 1:  ??, Jan Willet, Gregory Bell, Craig Wilson, ??, ??
Row 2:  ??, Karen Fox, Mike Palmer, ??, Mr. Hart, Lynne Brown, Gary Borgman, Sharon Smith, Mark Stewart
Row 3:  ??, Jamey Ronzone, Mike Needham, Charlene Jenkins, Ronnye Heller, Patty O'Connor, ??, Linda Pohto, ??
Row 4:  ??, Dennis Braley