Occupation:  Banking

Bio:  I attended the University of California at Santa Barbara and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1971.  Since graduating from college, I have been in the banking industry in one position or another.  Currently I am an Executive Vice President with Temecula Valley Bank in Temecula, California.  I have been married for 23 years to my first and only wife Carol.  Our daughter Traci is 20 and a country singer who currently attends the University of Tennessee.

Friends:  Denny Garteiz, Doug Smith, Judy A. Walker, Kathy Wehr

Hobbies:  Golf, snow skiing, woodworking

Grade school:  Creekside

Grade school friends:  Brian Egger, Jack Oates

Junior high:  Howe Avenue

Junior high friends:  Doug Smith, Brian Egger, Craig Wilcox, Don Wagoner

Favorite memory:  Too many to name one

[posted 05-17-03]

Julie BARBEAU Quintana

Occupation:  Adjunct faculty at Sacramento City College, Education Department.  Sold my Montessori School business after 30 years of operation and teaching

Bio:  CSUS grad in Sociology then attended College of Notre Dame to receive a Montessori Credential and Public School Teaching Credential.  Received Master of Education from UOP.  Owner and elementary teacher in my Montessori School est. 1976.  Joined the Adjunct Faculty of Sacramento City College in 1992 and have continued teaching education courses ever since.  I am presently involved in the Orientation for Teaching Program at National University.

Trivia:  I can vividly remember staying up too late on school nights to talk on the phone or to listen to the radio.  I would have so much trouble getting up in the morning for school.  I would always tell my parents that someday I will have a job that starts at noon, NOT early in the morning.  Of course, I would end up with a "school schedule" for most of my adult life!  Go figure.

Friends:  Nora Downie, Mary Swets, Susie Staples, Sue Armitage, Donna Whipple, Sherri Kaiser.  Really would like to see Susie Staples again.

Hobbies:  Jogging, swimming, reading, gardening, and staying at Tahoe all summer!

Kids:  Tyler, 23 years old.  Our son is currently in college, works part-time, and is interested in bodybuilding.  He hopes to take the Personal Training Certification Test. in November 06.

Grade school:  Sierra Oaks

Grade school friends:  Nora Downie, Susie Staples, Marty Mearns, Sue Armitage

Junior high:  same as above

Memorable teachers:  Mr. Lee and Mr. Biren for their expertise in history coupled with their uncanny ability to make us laugh while teaching it!  They truly loved their jobs.

Favorite memory:  Songleading, modern dance, the "dances," senior lawn -- too many to list

[posted 09-01-06]


Occupation:  Chief of Maintenance Hewlett-Packard Aviation Department

Bio:  After an AA degree from American River in 1969, I did four years in the Air Force.  In 1974, married Janice Beland (Mira Loma grad 1967) and attended San Jose State.  BS Aviation Maintenance Management in 1976.  I have been in aviation all my career and love every day of it.

Trivia:  I have rebuilt two airplanes and flown throughout the United States, Canada, and Baja, California.  Have done three additions to our house.  Janice said enough.  At the age of 46, took up slalom waterskiing which is now my second passion.

Hobbies:  Flying, waterskiing, motorcycling, biking, and hiking, just to name a few.  I love the outdoors and being active.

Kids:  Tanya, 28, and Jason, 25.  We have wonderful, bright kids/adults.  Tanya graduated from UC Santa Cruz with a degree in Environmental Studies/Biology and works for the federal government.  Jason graduated from UC Santa Barbara in History.  Now teaching in Spain.

Grade school:  Creekside

Grade school friends:  Ted Steed, Dave Scalley

Memorable teachers:  Track coach Will Stephens

Favorite memory:  Working on the homecoming floats and the grad party.  TP-ing classmates' houses.

[posted 06-23-07]

Charlene BEDDARD Thorburn

Occupation:  Chiropractor

Bio:  After high school, I attended UC Davis for a year and then traveled for a while outside of California.  I returned to California and met my husband and was married in 1970.  I returned to college at Cal State University LA and got a degree in Nursing.  I began my nursing career and worked a total of 12 years in critical care and the emergency room.  I was not content, however, as a nurse, so I attended chiropractic college and in 1974 graduated with a degree in Chiropractic.  I worked for someone else for a while and then had my first son Sean in 1980.  In 1985, I opened my own office in Burbank (not too far from NBC and Warner's) and have been there ever since.  I had my second son Ryan in 1994, and he has been keeping me busy!

Children:  Sean, 26 and Ryan, 12

Trivia:  My husband of 25 years passed away in 1995.  I currently live in the hills of LA with my sons, three dogs, a mouse, hamster, fish, and a bird.  My youngest thinks he wants to be a veterinarian (can you tell?).

Memorable teachers:  I loved physiology and being the student assistant, but I apologize to those who took the test I created.  I loved all of my art classes.  Are any of my teachers still there?

Favorite memory:  Senior prom, pep rallies.

[posted 04-10-07]


Occupation:  Corporate jet mechanic

Bio:  I went into the Air Force in July of '68 and retired as a Chief Master Sergeant in February of '92.  Did a tour of Vietnam ('69-70) and two tours in Germany.  Also was stationed in California, Arizona, Florida, and Nevada.  Went to work for Northrop Grumman on the B-2 bomber for seven years in Palmdale.  Moved to upstate New York last year where I work on executive type jets at the Binghamton Regional Airport.  Married for 30 years to Joyce Outhuse, who is from Massachusetts. We are ready to move back to California ... winter is hard in this part of the country.

Trivia:  Saw a lot of the US and some of Europe and Southeast Asia while in the Air Force.  Was fortunate to be part of the flight test programs for the F-117 Stealth Fighter and the B-2 Stealth Bomber.  Went back to college and received a BS degree from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University.

Friends:  Randy Crosby, Ken Clark, Laurie Lambert, Dan Bryant ('68), Dave Young, Vicki Andrew, Sue Phelps ('68).  I saw Laurie and Randy at the 20th year reunion.  San Randy and Dan at Randy's parents' 50th wedding anniversary a couple of years ago.  Would like to hear from anyone in the class of '67.

Hobbies:  I play golf whenever I can, which is not often enough living in upstate New York.  Courses are beautiful in this part of the country.  Also do a little hiking and running.  I played fast pitch softball for a number of years which I thought was pretty cool since I was cut from the Encina baseball program all four years.

Kids:  We have two children, Keith is 27 and in the Air Force stationed in Phoenix with his wife and 1-year-old son.  When Keith was 16, he played in the Big League World Series, representing the team from Europe.  Our daughter Andrea is 24 and works as a full-time counselor for at-risk kids in Florida.  She went to college on a basketball scholarship and has a degree in English.

Grade school:  1st - 5th grades in Massachusetts

Junior high:  8th grade at Arcade, over by Mira Loma HS

Memorable teachers:  Mrs. Volz' German 1 class...a lot of fun...Mr. Day's German II class.. a lot of work.  Mr. Derderian's civic class, senior year...one of the best teachers ever.  Coach Gallaway's Marine Corps style of PE conditioning...that was a blessing later in life, trust me.

Favorite memory:  Finally being a senior...the senior lawn...playing dodge ball on rainy days in the gym...seniors against the other three classes...all the proms and homecoming dances...really good times...all the muscle cars the rich kids drove...the parking lot before speed bumps made for some good burn outs.

Story:  I only missed a couple of days of school during the whole four years.  I took off early one afternoon to have my mom take me to get my driver's license when I was a junior.  The next morning, I was in Mr. Bassett's office explaining why I left an hour early.  It still makes me laugh.  I flunked Algebra two years running...once as a sophomore and once again as a junior...big fat F both times.  Sitting next to the beautiful Irene Birchfield ('68) during my junior year didn't help me concentrate.  But somehow I made it through college Algebra, Trig, and Calculus twenty years later.

[posted 04-22-01]

Update:  My wife Joyce and I moved from upstate New York to Sacramento in 2002.  Then to Cleveland in 2006.  Then here to the Savannah area in August 2008.  We are going to stay here for a long time.  The weather is great, and the people are wonderful.  We are 40 miles from Hilton Head (the beaches are to die for) and 20 miles from Savannah.  We have a motor home and try to visit somewhere new every month.

[posted 04-06-09]


Occupation:  Associate Information Systems Analyst

Bio:  Three years Army Intelligence, three years at ARC to get an AA, three years Private Investigator, five years working narcotics for Department of Treasury (US Customs Service), several years recovering from injuries, eleven years (and counting) with State of California.

Hobbies:  Fishing, darts, shooting, vegetable gardening, computers, photography, video recording, etc.

Grade school:  Howe Avenue, Creekside, Wyda Way

Junior high:  Howe Avenue

Alumni in contact:  Dan Finley

Heard about website from:  Dan Finley

[posted 03-28-00]

Coleen CARNEY Fernandez

Occupation:  Interior Designer

Bio:  Spent quite a few years being a "Mom" -- had five little ones by the time I was thirty.  Took a break and had another son when I was almost forty.  He will either keep me young -- or kill me, ha!  So far, I'm not sure.  Really, I enjoy Corey a lot as he is the only one left at home.

Trivia:  Working on writing grants to open a non-profit organization for disabled and autistic adults on about twenty acres in Grass Valley.  Trying to develop a residential and day program, art center, and vocational working farm with a more holistic approach in the concerns of individuals and their nutrition, etc.

Friends:  Close friends in high school were Carol Kentroti, Judy Walker, Sheri Kaiser, Roseann Carson, Don Wagoner, Brian Holdener, Wayne Bowers, Valita Frazer, Lynn Lopez, John Meyers, Patrick Turner, Freddie Taylor, Bill Hollister, Ellen Salton, Penny Mackis, Larry Gannon, along with others.

Hobbies:  Love anything to do with the ocean or water sports.  Love to travel.  Went back and got a degree in Hypnotherapy and became a Master Teacher of Chios.  Do volunteer work at the "Caring Center" on Tuesday evenings, helping people with chronic pain and illness, etc.  My daughter Tricia and I love to cook together.  Want to go to Paris to the Flea Market and shop!!  Carol Kentroti and I plus our husbands are going to cruise around Tahiti and other South Pacific islands for ten days.

Kids:  I have four daughters and two sons.  My house is never lonely, even with only my youngest at home!  The phone is always ringing; you never stop being Mother.  Casey is living in Huntington Beach.  Everyone else is fairly close by.  All busy with work, school, etc.

Grade school:  St. Philomenes until fifth grade

Grade school friends:  Nora Downey, Patty Biesheviel, Charles Buchannon

Junior high friends:  lived in Ohio and Oroville for junior high

Memorable teachers:  Mr. Gary Pruner, my art teacher.  I always enjoyed his creative way of looking at things.  Also working one year on the yearbook committee.

Favorite memory:  Being the oldest of eight children, school proms could be costly.  My mother had a friend help make a "prom dress."  Mom put some pink silk and crystal beads on the dress.  The beads looked great until out on the dance floor, beads came popping off the dress like crazy!  Another memory was at a dance; pony tail hairpieces were in style.  While dancing, the stupid hairpiece starts falling off my head.  The boy I'm dancing with ends up swirling the pony tail in the air and all over.  I was either laugh or cry.  I ended up laughing.

Story:  I think back and look at what a great time I really had at Encina.

Alumni in contact:  Carol, Sheri, Judy, and Ellen, Don Wagoner and Roseann

Heard about website from:  Sheri

[posted 03-20-01]

Richard CLARK

Occupation:  retired

Bio:  worked 33 years for Cal-Trans, retired in 2000

Friends:  Jim Bickford, Rusty Beaty, Wayne Bowers

Hobbies:  motor home traveling

Kids:  one daughter, Stacy, 27 years old

Grade school:  Cottage

Junior high:  Jonas Salk

Memorable teachers:  Mr. Ledbetter, auto shop

Favorite memory:  all the cool cars

Sibling info:  Gene Clark '62, Mark Clark '79 (?)

[posted 02-06-05]

Linda COPLEY Mullen

Occupation:  Bartender

Bio:  ARC with AA, San Jose State University, BA.  Worked throughout the Bay area.  Moved to Hawaii in '75.  Married '77.  Daughter born in '80.  Moved to Sacramento in '81.  Moved back to Hawaii '83.  Moved back to Sacramento (to stay) August '99.

Trivia:  Living in the same house that I grew up in.

Friends:  Lost contact with everyone.  Maybe not all best friends ... Linda Hickey, Jackie Willis, Donna Gentry, Phylis ??, Linda Ferguson, Linda Bell, Linda Cook.

Kids:  Daughter, 20 on February 12.  Looks like me except she keeps changing her hair color (red right now).  Graduated high school, some college in HI.  Waiting to establish residency here to continue.  Has two jobs in the meantime.

Grade school:  St. Philomene

Grade school friends:  They know who they are.

Favorite teachers:  Mr. Carey and Mr. "Pat"

[posted 02-05-00]

Update:  Daughter Melinda moved back to Hawaii with her fiance in March 2006 and married there in August 2006.  Guess who else in moving back there in the next few years?

[posted 06-08-07]

Jeralynn CUPPS Krug

Occupation:  Child Development Consultant, Adjunct Faculty

Bio:  I am married and have three grown sons, one 31 and twins, 26.  I also have three beautiful grandchildren!  I spent 22 years with Head Start preschool programs in Sacramento County and now work for the State Department of Education.  I got my BA in Child Development back in '90 and finished my Master's Degree in '99.  I teach Early Childhood Education and Human Development classes for CRC's Folsom Lake College and Sierra College in Rocklin.

Trivia:  I have twins!

Friends:  Linda Ranlett, Barbara Clark, Linda Copley, Lola Farley, Tom Savasta, John Nativo, Dick Hall; mostly upper classmates.  Lost contact with most.  Tom Savasta died of cancer.  Others?

Hobbies:  Classic cars!  My husband has a '40 Ford Coupe, and we do car shows, Good Guys, and Hot August Nights.

Kids:  Three sons, all grown.  Two are married with kids.  Tom has two children, Tommy, Jr. (aged 9) and Breana Joy (aged 4).  The twins are 26, and Donald is married with a stepdaughter Kayla (aged 8).  Ron is still single and living at home.  He works full-time and knows when he has it easy!

Grade school:  Cottage Elementary

Grade school friends:  Wayne Bowers, Pat Penney, Linda Ranlett, Diane Jennings

Junior high:  Jonas Salk Junior High

Junior high friends:  Virginia Steele, Gloria Schulze, Barbara Clark

Memorable teachers:  Mr. Hindman, made math easy.  Pat Patitucci, made art fun.  Was in his class when they announced President Kennedy's assassination.

Sibling info:  Scott Carlisle Cupps '69 (deceased)

Alumni in contact:  Linda Ranlett

Heard about website from:  Classmates.com

[posted 04-04-01]

Janet DAVIS Matsumoto Dodson

Occupation:  Office Technician

Bio:  Went to Heald Business College, getting a certificate of completion in Data Processing and Clerical.  Went later to American River College but had to drop out.  Returned later to Heald's for a refresher course and while there got called to State service.  (I was sick for several years.)

Trivia:  I took a course in Writing for Children and plan to write someday after I retire.

Friends:  I really don't remember who these girls were, but they always came to me out in the quad where I would be reading.  (I always had a book of some sort.  I was an avid reader then as I am now.)  Once, my mother used henna on my hair.  I had more complements, especially from these girls.

Hobbies:  Gardening, fishing, reading, painting, drawing, flower arranging, home decorating, crossword puzzles, walking, and taking drives to the coast.

Kids:  I have none.

Memorable teachers:  Mr. Trent, he was my mentor and helped me believe in myself.  I was not only was his student but also his helper in Business Machines.  I was the lead IWE for both years that I was there.  I helped him to get some needed R&R too.  I would take over the class while he took a break at times.

Favorite Memory:  I was too much into my books to really get into the social aspects of going to Encina.  I can remember going from my locker to each of my classes just like it was yesterday.  Why do they always put your first and last classes the furthest away from your locker?  That is one thing I always wanted to know.

[posted 03-16-02]

Update:  I got married on August 20, 2002 in Carson City, Nevada at 2 PM in the parlor on an beautiful old Victorian home just kitty-corner from the governor's mansion to a wonderful man by the name of John Dodson.  I am now Janet Dodson, and I am loving every minute, excuse me, very second of it.  We have already celebrated our one minute anniversary, one hour, one day, and our next will be the one month.  Too bad it has to go to a one year, etc.  I like this celebrating the way John decided to do it with me.  He has also stated that we will be celebrating our unwedding anniversary every day each year, so shall we do the same for our birthdays?  Sounds like fun, doesn't it?

[posted 08-23-02]

Linda Ferguson Lovin
Occupation: Teacher/Writer
MaritalStatus: Married
Spouse: Corwyn
Children/grandchildren: Chris, Erin, Sean, Don
SinceGraduation: Time flies when you're having fun! I taught briefly after graduating from the University of California at Davis. I worked in the technology industry in the Bay Area for several years and later returned to Sacramento. I remarried a long lost college friend and have never looked back. I taught in the San Juan Unified school District. I have also worked and continue to work for George Lucas at Edutopia.com, have been a contributing author at PBS, and an International Education Leader at Adobe in San Jose.
Trivia: I have had some great traveling
experiences throughout the world.
BestFriends: Unfortunately I have lost contact with high school friends.
Hobbies: My hobbies are fishing and hunting. I especially love fishing for large fish in the ocean.
Kids: My children are truly amazing. We have one architect, a large animal psychologist, and two in technology.
GradeSchool: I attended Creekside
MiddleSchool: I went to Middle school at Howe Avenue
[posted 4-9/14]


Wow...how great to be thinking about 1967 again, almost 42 years ago!!  Life has been wonderful for me.  I left Sacramento in June of 1969 and haven't really looked back.  I've traveled so much, seen so much, worked so hard, loved so deeply, lost so painfully...but have always managed to come out better than when I started.  I found Lake Chapala/Ajijic, Mexico on one of my many journeys...and simply "fell in love" with this magical place and this amazing culture.  I've been here for going on nine years now...I truly would NEVER think about leaving, not permanently anyway.  I "retired" the first time at 38!  (Now, that's hard to believe, but true!)  But I discovered very early in life that retiring is something I'll probably never REALLY do.  I'll always have projects going.  Right now, most of my projects include painting huge art murals, or designing and building homes, or serving as a personal chef!  I have tried very hard to "reinvent" myself every seven years or so and don't have any plans of changing that.  It's quite a fantastic life I had led, and I can honestly say my times of pain or sorrow probably could not even fill up a calendar month!  Oh, I'm also writing my first book!  This process is so exciting and invigorating!  God, wouldn't it be wonderful if the next time we "saw" each other was when Oprah was interviewing me!  lol  Gotta have dreams...with them, life is never boring or dull.  I hope to see you all soon.  It seems I have somehow gotten completely out of touch...not even LISTED as someone IN THE CLASS OF '67.  Dear God!  Anyway, when and if there is another class reunion, please let me know.  I have my Sacramento phone number in Mexico:  916 242-9042...it's Vonage...call any time and hey, even come for a visit!  All my best to you, my classmates of so many years ago...be well, Linda

[posted 03-08-09]


Occupation:  Architect

Bio:  I went to ARC a semester before I had to join the Air Force Reserves or get drafted.  When I got out of active duty in 1969, I moved to Las Vegas with my family.  I went to UNLV for a couple of years and then went ASU in Phoenix (Tempe, AZ) where I graduated in 1974 with a BS in Engineering.  I started working with architects in the late 70's and finally got licensed in 1992.  I went into business for myself the following year, which I've been doing ever since in Las Vegas.

Trivia:  I didn't get married until I was 40.  I had a son Zack with her.  We had a very happy couple of years but ended up getting divorced about 4 1/2 years later.  I share custody of my son with his mom (one week on, then one week off).  I've never remarried, but I've got a great kid and pretty good life.

Friends:  My best friends I stay in contact with on a regular basis are Bob and Sheri Lindner, and Dave Lewis.  I lost contact with Donna Whipple and Fritz Harrold, I guess because we all grew up.

Hobbies:  It seems like my hobby is my work (drawing on a computer all day), although I used to like to paint pictures and keep swearing I'll get back to it some day.  Recreation for me has been snow skiing in the winter and water skiing in the summer (although I haven't been doing much of either for the last couple of years).

Kids:  Zack Gearing, age 12.  Raising my son Zack has been one of my happiest experiences.  He'll be in 7th grade next year (2007/2008).  At 5'3", he's about one of the tallest kids in his class.  When he was 4, he told us he wanted to be a comedian when he grew up.  I keep hoping he'll end up with a "real" job, but he is pretty funny.  He's in a children's theater company here in Las Vegas called the Rainbow Company.  He's already been in a couple of plays.  This last year he was in "All My Sons" at the Las Vegas Community College.  I'm really proud and feel lucky to have been blessed with such a neat kid for a son.

Grade school:  Bullard Elementary in Fresno

Memorable teachers:  Mr. Foster and Mr. Patitucci.  They were my art teachers and pretty much in a different world from all the others.  Mr. Figenshu was fun to have for biology, and anybody that had him knows why.

Favorite memory:  Too numerous (and personal) to mention

Sibling info:  My brother is Mark Gearing '66.  I'm pretty sure he doesn't have an email address though.

[posted 06-23-07]

Linda GOFF

Occupation:  Academic Librarian

Bio:  I got my BA in Social Science from Sac State in 1971 and then went to Mankato State University Minnesota for a Master's degree in Instructional Media and Technology.  I moved to New Jersey to work as a Media Specialist and completed my second Master's in Library Science at Rutger's University while working at Bergen Community College.  After nine years on the east coast, I decided to head home and was hired as an Instruction Librarian at Humboldt State University.  From there, I went to Fresno County Free Library as their Local History Librarian.  In 1986, I became the Instruction Librarian at my alma mater which had become California State University, Sacramento by then.  I've been at Sac State ever since.  I'm active in lots of professional library associations and most recently have been appointed to the Information Literacy Standing Committee of the International Federation of Library Associations.

Trivia:  Hmmm, my 15 minutes of fame was when I appeared in a costume from 1885 on the front page of the Fresno Bee.  I was riding on a parade float and was a member of the Fresno City Centennial Committee at the time and helped produce the centennial history book, "A Portrait of Fresno."

Friends:  My best friends were Gloria Schulze (now Baker) and Karen Veis (now Karin Johnson).  I still see Gloria fairly regularly; she lives in San Jose.  But I really need to call Karin here in town and catch up.  Karin and I were related briefly; we shared the same sister-in-law.

Hobbies:  I enjoy singing (God bless Mr. Carey's choral program at Encina), and I'm still active in several Masonic groups.  In college I served as a Grand Bethel Representative in Job's Daughters, and I'm also a Past Matron of my Eastern Star Chapter and active in Daughters of the Nile.

Kids:  My two nieces (thanks to my sister Merri Sue) are great girls.  Valerie graduated in 2005 from UCSB with a degree in Political Science, and Lisa is in the teacher education program at Chico State.

Grade school:  While I am a Sacramento native, I grew up in the military so here's the long list -- kindergarten in Japan; 1st-4th grades in Yuma, AZ; 4th-7th grades in Ottawa, Canada; and then we moved back to California to Marin County.  Encina HS is the only school I attended for four years.

Grade school friends:  Sorry, see above.  Actually, I'm still in touch with two friends from Ottawa.  Neena Kahn is still living there, but Margie Haines lives in London, England, and I last saw her at an international library conference in Norway in August 2005.

Junior high:  8th grade was split between Pachecho Middle School and San Juan Intermediate in Novato, CA.

Memorable teachers:  Jack Carey was the mot influential.  Who knew I could sing?  Because of Jack, I joined my church choirs in Sacramento, Hackensack, Eureka, Fresno.  I've sung at various weddings, installations, and funerals every since.  I also remember having a crush on Mr. Derderian who taught US History our junior year.  He was probably only 23 at the time.

Favorite memory:  Freshman year in World History, I was once again "the new kid," but Gloria Schulze and I started talking and suddenly I had a new friend.

Story:  The Christmas Party that we stole Mr. Carey's VW bug to install a car radio.  I was an officer in Acappella Choir.  We had the administration in on it and Mrs. Carey gave us the key, but poor Jack had to fill out a (fake) police report and go through the day worrying about it.  When we all came back from caroling to our annual Christmas party, the car was in the cafetorium and had a big red bow on it.

Sibling info:  Carl E. Goff '64 and Merri Susan Goff Brown '71

[posted 12-19-05]

Chris GRAY Smith

I live in the San Francisco Bay Area with my husband Brad and our cairn terrier Maddy.  After a Sociology degree at UC Berkeley and several years at various jobs, I returned to UCB to earn an MBA.  I then worked as an auditor for 9 years with Arthur Young.  I have spent the last 12 years as the CFO with various biotech companies.  My last company, a public commercial-stage company, was acquired in January 2007, giving me the terrific opportunity to travel and relax.  In February, I traveled to Costa Rica with Donna Anderson (formerly Whipple), my high school and college buddy, a wonder trip with Elderhostel.  Now trying to decide what is next...

[posted 05-06-07]

Carol HAMLIN Smith

Occupation:  Manage Accounting Unit in Development Services Department of City of Sacramento.  Plan to retire November 2008.

Bio:  Graduated American River College 1969.  Married 1970 to Larry Smith (Hiram Johnson '67).  Graduated Sac State 1971 with a BS in Business.  Went to work for City of Sacramento 1972.

Trivia:  I started a car club.  I attended Space Academy in Huntsville, Al.  I competitively fished for several years and won a boat in a women's bass fishing tournament.  I drove the DeLorean from "Back to the Future."

Friends:  Anna Huddle (lost contact), Mary Swets (saw her at reunion), Paul Williams (see him occasionally).

Hobbies:  Have been active in a variety of interests over the years.  Long-term interests are quilting, cars, and fishing.  Had quilting business named Granny Smith's Quilts 1990-2000 which I plan to revive it after retirement; charter member of River City Quilters Guild 1977-Present; Who's Who in American Quiltmaking.

Kids:  none

Grade school:  Cecil Avenue, Delano, CA

Junior high:  Valle Vista Jr. High, Sacramento

Junior high friends:  Don Brown, Tony Haywood

Memorable teachers:  Mr. Knurr, marching band/music teacher.  I remember the parades and basketball pep band.

Favorite memory:  lunches on the senior lawn

Sibling info:  Joan (Hamlin) Meinen '69 and Aileen (aka Eeny) Hamlin '70

Comments:  I attended Encina only one year, so I didn't know a lot of classmates to begin with and I remember only a small number of them.

[posted 06-08-07]

Debbi HATTEN Smirnoff

Occupation:  retired

Bio:  I graduated mid term in January of 1967 along with several other Encinians.  I had been in a work experience program my senior year in high school with Pacific Telephone.  After graduating, I became a full-time employee with them as a long distance telephone operator.  I married in December of 1967 to a 1966 graduate of El Camino HS.  We had a son two years later.  We divorced after seven years of marriage.  I moved to the Bay area and met my future husband at the phone company.  We have now been married for thirty years.  I retired from Pac Bell six years ago with 26 years service.  I now live in Chico, California.  We are traveling and just enjoying life.

[posted 01-11-03]

Ronnye HELLER Albert

[from website Ronnye Heller, Artist - Mixed Media Collage, http://ronnyeheller.com/About_the_Artist.php]

Ronnye Heller Albert took to art as soon as she was able to hold a pair of scissors.  Throughout her childhood, Ronnye made paper dolls.  She could sit all day, clipping, snipping, drawing, coloring, and pasting.  Her mother would say, "Go play outside, dear, no one ever got anywhere in life by cutting paper."  After graduating from the International Fine Arts College, Ronnye spent her early career years working in the fashion industry.  She has always loved to mix unusual items together to make a bold statement so her artistic transition from fashion to mixed media collage was a natural fit.  Her home studio in Palm Desert, CA is her bedroom where her creations are assembled on her king-sized bed.  There she often compiles domestic scenes, sometimes using photographs of her client's family homes as a central theme.  She adds whimsical details drawn from a multitude of sources, i.e., a small child might be seen peeking out of a doorway and/or somewhere tucked into the composition, you will discover a family pet (or Ronnye's pug dog, Doug).  Ronnye's mixed media collages have been sold to private parties all over California including Monterey, Napa, Carmel, Palm Springs, Palm Desert, Stockton, Lake Tahoe, and Sacramento.

[posted 04-26-09]


Occupation:  Retired from Sacramento Metro Fire Department with the rank of engineer in 2000.  I'm still currently self-employed with my own business Prestige Plastics.

Bio:  I met my wife Renee in Lodi, California in 1970, and we married in 1971.  I joined the Carmichael Fire Department in 1973 and started a countertop business on my days off in 1976.  From there, it was raising kids and working!!  Now that our nest is empty, we have time to travel and spoil our four grandchildren.

Trivia:  I've kept in touch with Steve Lozar through the years, and every summer our whole family would travel to Montana for vacation.  There was a total of nine kids and four adults.  We needed a vacation to recover from our vacation.  Good times and memories.

Friends:  Steve Lozar, Van Owens, Tim Wilson, Mike Boli, Jim Heitbrink, Bill Henley, George Rogers, and Elmo Yates.  I've only been in current contact with Steve Lozar and Van Owens.

Hobbies:  I still go to Montana every year and fish with Steve Lozar.  A big fish in California is considered bait fish in Montana.

Kids:  Ryan 32, Brenda 34, Jana 30, Nathan 26.  Brenda, our oldest, is married and has one son and works for the State Department of Corrections.  Ryan is married and has three children and works for the Sacramento City Utilities Department.  Jana has a Master's in math and is a high school teacher in Davis, California.  Nathan is lead singer in a band called Sherwood.  They signed with Myspace record label and are on tour in US and Canada.  My wife and I had the thrill of seeing him live at the Fillmore in San Francisco to a sell out crowd.  Their music is fun and upbeat with a twist of the Beach Boys.

Grade school:  Howe Avenue

Memorable teachers:  Ben Leafe was a tough and stern teacher but could also show a tender caring side if you looked for it.

Favorite memory:  Every day was a blast.  Too many good times to single out just one favorite memory.  Those days were some of the best years of my life.

Alumni in contact:  Steve Lozar and Van Owens

[posted 05-24-07]

Hilary HOFF Lamar

Occupation:  Estate planning attorney

Bio:  Went directly to UC Berkeley for my undergraduate degree in the wild and wooly days of People's Park and numerous other campus occupations by various police or armed forces.  Enjoyed it immensely.  Moved back to San Francisco where I went to grammar school and where I still reside.  After a few years working for Ma Bell, went to law school at USF.  Have been an estate planning and probate lawyer, which I love, since graduation in 1980.  I run into a couple of class of '66 alums ... Jim Quillinan and Mike Desmarais, who are attorneys in my area of practice, but I don't see any '67 grads.  I do a lot of traveling for fun, mostly to Europe and love working on my old Victorian flats.

Friends:  Debbie Woodrow, Lyn Sudhoff, Linda Germaine ('68), Diane Esparcia, Lou Soloff.  I don't have contact with any of them.

Hobbies:  Travel and gardening

Kids:  Sean, age 18; Kate, age 14.  Sean just graduated from high school and is taking a year off, going part-time to College of Marin and working at Borders, before heading all the way across the Bay to Emeryville to attend Expressions Digital Design College.  I am hoping he will end up working for Pixar and support me in my old age.  Kate is starting 8th grade, and we are gearing up for the high school admissions process.  If it goes anything like Sean's, it is worse than our college application process.

Grade school:  Walnut Creek Elementary, Alamo Elementary (SF)

Memorable teachers:  Mr. Derderian for history, Mr. Baxter for English

Favorite memory:  Modern dance recital with Lyn Sudhoff and Linda Germaine; Lyn was a grape, I was a bran flake, and Linda was the sun.

Sibling info:  Stephen Hoff '68

[posted 09-12-06]

Lynn HUNTER Cooke

Bio:  I began a career in Medical Transcription in 1977 after traveling some.  Worked for Sutter Hospitals until 1997 and then transferred to Diagnostic Pathology Medical Group where I still work.  I'm a nationally certified medical transcriptionist (CMT 385 in the nation), and I gather continuing education credits (ten a year) to maintain my certification and educate myself on the new technologies and terms.  I got married in 1979 to Michael Cooke, a graduate from Rio Americano.  We had a son Tyler in 1984 and divorced in 1991  Tyler and I lived in our South Sacramento home until he left to work in the Bay area.  He's 22.  I still live in the same house and work part-time due to health problems (mostly lupus and asthma).  I still travel some but only in America.  In 1999, I was baptized Jehovah's Witness.  It's a wonderful way to learn what is really in the Bible, and the organization helps me interpret that which would be droll to one studying the Bible alone.  This knowledge helps me cope with everyday life and the state of the work, politically and environmentally, socially, physically, mentally, and emotionally.  I would love to come to the Embassy Suites dinner and am planning to do so, but I may be coughing my head off that evening, so if I don't make it, my memories of all the people I knew at Sierra Oaks, Jonas Salk, and Encina High School are sweet and I remember you.  Many one and off the guest list have been in my thoughts for years.  Congratulations to everyone I cared about then and even to those I didn't know very well.  Mike Boli had a favorite shirt that he wore at Jonas Salk.  It was fuchsia colored.  We could spot him in a crowd or at his locker.  Many more loving memories of many more people are cherished.  Thanks to all.  I just turned 58 this week; not such an old person at heart.

[posted 06-14-07]

Oregon "Ken" HUNTER

I'm living on a small 57-acre farm in northern Florida, and part of our land looks like something out of a Jeff Foxworthy book.  My hobby is restoring old Porches, and I have several 914 Porche shells in the yard and am proud to say the weeds are now as tall as the cars.  I'm practicing medicine in a large medical group with a great bunch of doctors, and in my spare time I am skiing, hiking, trekking (trekked the Himalayas with my wife last year).  We have five children and four in college with the fifth starting next year, and none of the four in danger of graduating anytime in my lifetime.  (One is in law school, one has three majors, and the other graduated and has decided she wants another BA.  Anything to avoid a real job!)  My wife is an attorney, and she and I also run a business in New Delhi where we provide inexpensive doctors from India to lawyers in the US, which necessitates quite a bit of travel.  I would enjoy hearing from any of you who may remember me (as Ken back then).

[posted 11-09-06]

Charlene JENKINS Bole

Occupation:  retired teacher, currently working as an environmental consultant (REA) with my husband in our business Marcus H. Bole and Associates.

Bio:  I married my high school sweetheart Marcus Bole (El Camino HS) after I graduated from ARC.  After he graduated from Sac State, he joined the Air Force (a pilot) and life got really juicy!  We lived in Selma, Alabama; Minot, North Dakota; Sacramento; Okinawa, Japan; Mons, Belgium; and finally Wheatland, CA.  I finished my Bachelor's; had a baby.  Finished my Master's; had a baby.  Stopped getting degrees since they seemed to result in babies!  I've taught in every place we were assigned.  We traveled, met interesting people from around the world, and "expanded" my view of the world!  After Marc retired, we settled in Wheatland.  I retired in 2005 and have been working with Marc every day since!  I'm living a fairy tale!

Friends:  Linda Pohto, Nina Paladino, Janie Moran, Nancy Jonas, Sharon Smith were friends who come to mind.

Hobbies:  I love to travel and being an Air Force family was great for this!  We continue to travel every chance we get.  Additionally, I enjoy birding!  I have a ringneck parakeet and a Nanday conure.

Kids:  Amanda Bole Alford, 32; David Bole, 29.  Amanda was born in 1974, and she has kept me on my toes ever since!  She thrived on the military way of life.  She attended a Belgian high school.  She finished college, married her high school sweetheart, went to medical school, joined the Air Force, and is currently in civilian practice as an anesthesiologist in Ashland, Oregon.  To our amazement, she reproduced!  We have two fabulous grandchildren.  Chancellor is 7 and Salome is 4.  We love being grandparents.  David was born in 1977 and has been a joy!  He too thrived on the travel.  He went to a Canadian school while we were in Belgium.  He is a musician (bass, euphonium).  He graduated (Presidential scholar) from UC Long Beach and now owns his own consulting business.  He is not yet married.

Grade school:  I moved to Greer in the second grade.  My parents still live on Gannon Drive, so I drive by the school weekly.  I have wonderful memories of that place, especially the field in the back.

Grade school friends:  Linda Pohto, Nina Paladino, Janie Moran, Chris Wicks, Mary Helmich, JoAnn Blevins, Carolyn Fox

Junior high:  Jonas Salk

Junior high friends:  Really tried to block this piece of my life out!  I remember playing flute in the band.

Memorable teachers:  I remember Mr. Figenshu and dissecting a cat!  Mr. Day taught me the pledge in Latin (which I can still recite when appropriate).  Mr. DeFrage (?) who taught me how to write.

Favorite memory:  I remember the dances and Mr. Golden monitoring the distance couples had to keep during slow dances.  I think he had a ruler!  It was a noble effort, but I married Marcus anyway!

[posted 4-14-07]


Occupation:  retired

Marital Status:  married

Spouse:  Jan

Children/Grandchildren:  Richard (stepson) 45, Kenny 38, Danny 36

Since Graduation:  Just retired in Dec. 2008.  Jan and I have moved to Shingletown, CA.  We are located near the north entrance to Lassen Park.  I worked for Markstein Beverage Co. Sacramento as the Facilities Maintenance Manager for 27 years.  My main job was to keep the beer cold.  LOL.  I went to ARC and SCC colleges for 2 years.  I was in the Air Force Reserves from '68-'74.  I worked for about 7 years in the beverage industry and about 6 years at Hartz Mountain Corp.  Divorced in 1979.  Traveled to Sweden and Norway to visit relatives.  I met Jan in '80.  I was set up on a blind date with a nice girl by the name of Janet at this party.  I also met Jan at this same party and the rest, well, is history.  Jan and I have been married since '82.  Jan and I love to travel.  We have been to Ireland twice, Sweden, and Denmark.  We have 2 grandsons:  Kyle 7, and Kevin 9.  Kenny is their father.  Danny and Nee are expecting twins (a girl and a boy) in Jan. 2010.  So some of our traveling will be to the Bay area in the near future.

Best Friends:  Kathy Shook '67, Tim Neshem '68 (deceased) sadly missed, John Hollowell '68, Dave Porter '68, Bill Boswell '67, Randy Crosby '67

Hobbies:  RV camping, hiking, power-walking, travel

Kids:  Richard (stepson), IT Manager, Food Co-op; Kenny, CHP Officer; Danny, CHP officer

Middle School:  Arcade and Jonas Salk

Memorable Teachers:  John Terry for his dedication to his students and the Music Dept.; John Knurr, same reason

Favorite Memory:  Homecoming bonfire rally.  "Chicken Man" spoof with John Knurr bringing a live goose into Mr. Dederian's class and letting it loose.

[posted 11-24-09]


Occupation:  retired high school teacher

Marital Status:  married

Spouse:  Una Keen (not alumni)

Children/grandchildren:  Rodney, Jr., 38; Shannon Davis, 33; Brook Thompson, 31.

Since Graduation:  I have done many things since dropping out of Encina High.  My life has been marked with a constant pursuit of education.  After a brief stint in the Navy, I worked in consumer electronics for many years.  I then attended a Bible Institute and went into full-time ministry.  Following that pursuit, I received my BA in English from CSU Fresno and then my MA in Education and Administration from the same institution.  I have recently retired because of an ongoing disability that began in my teen years and has progressed to the point that I can no longer teach on a regular basis.  However, my life is blessed.  I am coming up on my 34th anniversary with the wife of my youth, my children are happy and healthy, and we are enjoying five beautiful grandchildren.  My wife and I are currently planning on moving into a motor home and traveling full-time.  We have already been in every state; however, we want to see more.  Hoping the Lord will bless us with good health.

Trivia:  I think I covered most of it in the aforementioned piece.  However, it is interesting to note that I have been a salesman, dishwasher, bartender, taxi driver, window washer, laundry worker, TV technician, sonar technician, minister, tax collector, computer teacher, and English teacher.

Best Friends:  Ron Wilcox was one of my best friends and still is.  He dropped out in the 8th grade but has gone on to have a successful career in computers.  Randy Banks was also a very close friend, but I have lost contact with him.  Ken Baggett and I fought all through elementary and junior high at Howe Avenue.  However, I think he was the last person from that period that I saw many years ago in my Yellow Cab.  I was saddened to read his obituary.

Hobbies:  I have bowled, read, read, and read some more.  I love traveling, fishing, spending time with my family and church.

Kids:  My son is from another marriage and has been a drug addict most of his life.  However, he has been clean now for three years.  I pray he makes it.  My oldest daughter Shannon has a BA, teaching credential, and is now working toward a nursing degree.  She is married to a pharmacist and has two wonderful children.  Our youngest daughter Brook is married to a young man with a degree in computer science.  They live in Houston with three beautiful children.  All of my children are believers, something we are very grateful for.

Grade School:  Howe Avenue

Middle School:  Howe Avenue

Memorable Teachers:  Mrs. Clifford -- she was with me all nine year, teaching me music and encouraging my reading and intellectual pursuits.  Mr. Rasmussen -- he provided the discipline that I needed at a very impressionable age.

Favorite Memory:  Mr. Golden trying to prove to me that combination locks couldn't be fixed.  I received a little help from an office aide to prove him wrong.  Another classic memory was JFK's assassination.  I was goofing off in the nurse's office when another student came in and said that Kennedy had been shot.  We thought he was kidding.  I don't remember a dry eye on campus that day.

[posted 05-02-09]

Kathie KLOSS Marynik

Occupation:  former secretary, now a housewife

Bio:  Following graduation from Encina, I joined the Air Force but quickly found that it wasn't for me after all.  With a quick rethinking of career choices, I enrolled at Heald Business College in the fall of '67 and graduated 12 months later with a secretarial degree.  A week later while applying for state employment at the State Personnel Board, I was hired right there in the Testing and Placement Office as a clerk typist.  I figured this job-hunting thing is a snap, ha!  Anyway, I worked there for two years before transferring to the Department of Justice to work as a stenographer/secretary for four years, then spent a couple of more years at the Department of Fish and Game, also in a secretarial position.  While at DOJ, I met and married Jerry Marynik (Hiram Johnson '62).  We moved from Sacramento to Granite Bay in 1976.  Once pregnant, I retired.  Our son Jason was born in 1978, and I greatly enjoyed being a stay-at-home mom.  Jason has grown to be a fine young man and is doing well in the accounting field working as a pension specialist.  My hobbies are genealogy and gardening.  We live within walking distance of the Folsom Lake State Park where I like to hike and view wildlife.  What a kick to have up-close encounters with coyotes, hawks, and all sorts of waterfowl.  From 1994 through 2002, I was with the Placer County Sheriff Department as a volunteer, providing clerical support.  These days, I volunteer my time at various genealogy websites doing free look-ups for other genealogists across the country.  In 2006 Jerry retired from full-time employment, although he stays involved in the field of law enforcement, traveling once in a while to lecture on terrorism or gang problems.  Occasionally, I travel with him on these assignments if the location is intriguing.  We also stay way too busy fixing up (or trying to fix up) our almost 50-year-old house in Granite Bay.  It's hard to believe 40 years have passed since our high school graduation.  A person would think my gray hair and creaky ol' bones would point up the passage of the years, but no.  A song on the oldies station takes me right back as if no time has gone by at all, and I will feel like a teenager again.

Grade school:  Cottage and Greer

Junior high:  Jonas Salk

Memorable teachers:  Although she wasn't a teacher, Mrs. Foster, under whom I worked as a library assistant for two years, was my favorite because she treated me as an equal and a friend.  Sweet lady.

Favorite memory:  I cannot think of any.  High school was the longest four years of my life, and I absolutely hated being there.

Sibling info:  Marsha Kloss Johnson '65

Alumni in contact:  Dottie Ehrhorn Francisco.  We exchange Xmas cards, and I hope to visit her in Arizona someday.

[posted 04-12-07]


[from website Camp Crier - Features, http://campcrier.skc.edu/features/stevelozar.html]

Bio:  My name is Stephen Winn Lozar.  I am the Polson district councilman.  I have been on Tribal Council for six weeks and am running again in December.  For years and years, I've wanted to be a Tribal Council member.  I have a desire to serve.  When the opportunity came up, I took it right away.  Being on Council allows me to get away from everyday life and hang out with other councilmen.  I grew up in St. Ignatius, 1949.  Dixon was my hometown; I also grew up on different reservations.  I went to junior high school in Polson.  I am an artist and screen printer by trade.  I've been involved with and taught in tribal education for 10 years and involved in career education in two different districts.  I've also been a logger.  My Tribal affiliation is Salish, Kootenai, and Assinaboine.  For the Tribes, I started the Highway 93 program for Indian flaggers.  I directed Indian education, and I served three terms on the Polson school board.  In my spare time, I've been writing a book on the brewing history on Montana, and I play senior league hockey.  My fondest memories:  the thrill each time one of my six kids were born.  I have good sports memories.  And when I transferred from Indian school to art school in California, once I had four touchdown passes, ran two touchdowns, and kicked four other points.  I have fond memories of coming back and visiting with family.  I'm a Democrat; there is good philosophy in the Green Party.  I am a fourth generation Democrat.  I am married to the same girl I met in high school and college.  Of my six kids, the oldest passed away in 1992.  The other five are grown up; three of them are college graduates and two are in college now.  I admire three to five Tribal council members:  first, Sonny Morigeau for 30 years of service; I also admired Rhonda Swaney, Mickey Pablo, Walter Morigeau, and Walter McDonald.  There have been some great guys and ladies.  I look to family for advice, and recently, I've asked elders; I have listened to a couple of good friends since the 1960s; my best friend who was in detention in 1964.  In 10 to 20 years on the Reservation, I see a lot of change, yet it being the same.  Home is a nurturing place that is special to our heart, whether you're gone from here a day or a year, as soon as you see those mountains, you're relieved and happy to know you're finally back home.  And in 10 years, my generation will have to step back and let the next generation take control.  Important issues facing the Tribes? The first one is the health care issue; it is gigantic, and second education.  They fall hand in hand.  Outside the Tribes, our biggest ally is the new governor who has hired lots of Native Americans; this seems to be the public's opinion rather than just one person's.  The biggest issues I have had to deal with as a Tribal Council member have been money and resources, Kerr Dam, benefits, and making the Tribe self-sufficient.  My biggest personal achievements are my six kids.  I would like people to know that I am a caring person and that I try to make things better for people.  Twenty years from now, I would like people to know that I was a fair person.  A future leader should have honesty and be able to see the big picture and have a sense of humor.  I have supported Tribal youth and their education by working in education for 12 years.  I ran Tribal education and Tribal summer recreation programs, and I've just been there to listen to them.  My advice for youth comes from an old hockey saying:  "Keep your head up and stick down," and always be prepared.

[posted 04-26-09]

Marcia LUCAS Putnam

Occupation: Retired  Police Dept  office work
Spouse: Peter
Children/grandchildren: Eric 45 David 42 Brent 37 
SinceGraduation: Worked at Police Department for 17 years --
We love to travel and take cruises whenever possible.
Visited South America, Mediterranean, Europe,  Carribean, Costa Rica 
Also spend time with 6 grandchildren 
Trivia: 50 years ago dated a boy from Jesuit High School.  Went to his prom and dated him for 2 years before going separate ways.  21 years later our paths met and we have been happily married for 20 years.  
BestFriends: Barbara Foth, Edith Schmidt (lost contact)  Linda Hampton (lost contact) Loretta Parsons,  Kathy Conn (lost contact) Bobbi Florence (lost contact) Debby Sperry(lost contact), Sue Wallace (lost contact)  
Hobbies:  Biking, Bowling, gardening, cooking, playing with grandkids, traveling, Senior fitness, Zumba  
Kids: Eric 45 lives in Springville, Utah and is an Engineer -Single still looking
David 42 lives in Meridian, Idaho Engineer married with 5 children
Brent 37 lives in Hillsboro, OR business major and photographer married with 1 daughter.
GradeSchool: Oregon, Alaska, and Washington
MiddleSchool: Jonas Salk only 8th greade
MemorableTeachers: Mr Carey who made choir so much fun and taught me so much
Mr. Cruickshank taught me to type and grateful for the skill
Mr. Sorrels helped me so much to get through Algebra (not my favorite subject.
Mr. Wise was my favorite English teacher 
Comments: Wondering if any of my classmates live in Portland, Oregon.  
So sorry I missed our 50th class reunion this year. 

[posted 11-30-17]


Occupation:  Attorney

Bio:  After high school, I attended the University of Nevada, Reno.  I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Management in 1971.  I attended law school and graduated in 1986 and have been practicing law since being sworn in as an attorney after passing the bar the first time.

Friends:  My best fried was Gayle Reynolds Fountain.  I have lost contact with Tiff DuHain, Paul Hackleman, and Dave Powell.

Hobbies:  My grandson

Kids:  My son Allan will be 24 in March.  He and his wife Rachel have a beautiful baby boy, Allan Felipe McCreary, born July 5, 2000 at 12:10 AM -- almost a Fourth of July baby.  He is super.

Grade school:  Howe Avenue School

Junior high:  Howe Avenue School

Memorable teachers:  Mrs. deGoyer -- she was not actually one of my teachers but was the debate team teacher who was always encouraging and supportive.

[posted 02-13-01]


Occupation:  Self-employed -- own and operate two businesses; Capital Air Tool. LLC & Joint Venture Sales, Inc.

Bio:  After graduation, I attended American River College for two semesters until I was drafted into the Army in March 1969.  I served an extended tour of duty in Vietnam '69-70 as a combat medic.  After discharge from military service, I traveled throughout Europe during the summer of 1971, following the guide book "Europe on $5.00 a Day."  I returned to ARC and received an AA degree in Drafting Technology.  I worked as a draftsman for a few years before I went into business for myself in 1975 as an industrial blacksmith and pneumatic tool sales and repair.  After doing outside sales for a manufacturer's representative company for eight years, my wife and I started our own rep agency, and to date, we are running both businesses.  I met (or should say re-met) Charlene Germaine (Encina '70), and we were married in 1979.  We lived in Carmichael where we began raising our children, two daughters and a son.  In 1988 we built a home on five acres in Penryn where we have lived since.  Besides raising children, we raised cattle, horses, dogs, and cats.  Our oldest daughter Tracy is married and works for her father-in-law as an optician.  Her husband has joined us in our business.  Our daughter Christy will be married in July of this year.  She has just graduated from Sierra College with three degrees.  She is pursuing a career in fashion design.  Our son Joel is nearing the end of serving a two-year LDS mission in Seattle, Washington.  He will be coming home at the end of June.  While the kids were growing up, I went to Sierra College to earn a degree in Livestock Management.  Charlene has been attending Sierra College, working toward a degree in Library Science.

Trivia:  My focus has been on my family, and my position throughout the years as a father has been to drive and pay.  Will it ever end?

Friends:  I keep in contact with my friend and brother-in-law Craig Wilcox.  Also I keep in contact with Gary Yuke and Don Wagoner.  Lost contact with Jim Bickford.

Hobbies:  I still enjoy water skiing and boating.  We take the boat out on the lake weekly with the kids who wake board and surf skate while I slalom.  Charlene and I enjoy traveling.  Last year we went on an Alaskan cruise and in the fall visited Boston.  This year we plan on a family trip to Maui, and in the fall she and I will take a cruise along the east coast.

Kids:  Tracy Lynn, age 24; Christy Nicole, age 22; Joel W., age 21.

Grade school:  Cottage

Grade school friends:  Ray Spencer, Steve Roeder, Pam Irvin

Junior high:  Jonas Salk

Memorable teachers:  Sterling Lowe from the Industrial Arts Department and Joe Patitucci from the Art Department

Favorite memory:  Trips to Folsom Lake.  In Mr. Clover's biology class we had to "shift over" for a test.

Story:  Friday night vegetable fights while cruising.

[posted 06-23-07]


[from website Sybil Meyer, LMFT - Creativity and Healing, http://www.sybilmeyer.com/contents/bio.html]

Bio:  Sybil Meyer is a psychotherapist, dancer, artist, and wilderness quest guide.  She designed an independent major on the roots of creativity in playfulness for her BA degree at University of California in Santa Cruz, and earned a Masters degree in Creative Arts Therapy at the University of San Francisco.  She has extensive experience in a variety of art processes including drawing and painting, film and video production, writing, clowning, photography, puppetry, fabric art, yoga and movement.  The art works on this website are original works by Sybil.  Sybil's background in movement and performance art includes both choreographed and improvised performances of modern dance, contact improv, aerial dance, dancing on stilts, folk dancing, and sacred dance.  She has studied Motion improvisational theater with Nina Wise; Authentic Movement with Joan Chodorow and Lysa Castro; sacred and creative movement with Arisika Razak; Motivity (Improvisational Dance with Trapeze) with Terry Sendgraff; Contact Improvisation with Nita Little, Amy Pine, and Thais Masur; Release Technique with Ellen Webb; and Modern Dance with Joanna Gewertz and Ruth Pearson.  Sybil began her career in mental health as a dance/movement therapist, later obtaining her license in Marriage and Family Therapy.  She has combined working in public mental health with a private practice doing psychotherapy and expressive arts therapy for the last thirty years.  This mix of settings and involvement with diverse communities has been important in the development of her philosophy.  For ten years, she was program director of the Berkeley Creative Living Center, a day treatment program featuring expressive arts therapies.  There she supervised graduate students and interns in training to enter the field of psychology.  She also volunteered as an intern supervisor at Pacific Center in Berkeley for several years. Sybil trained as a Vision Quest Guide with Wilderness Rites and has led vision fasts sponsored by Rites of Passage.  Questing has shown her that our individual wholeness is connected to the life of the planet, and that nature is our best teacher.

[posted 04-26-09]

Janie MORAN McGinn

Occupation:  Creative Director, DrawingBoard Studios

Bio:  In 1967 I received a scholarship to attend Chiounard Art School in Los Angeles.  I was exposed to oil painting, sculpture, figure drawing, and the theory of light and color.  While this continued to develop my talents in art and design, it really didn't provide for life's necessities.  I decided to tutor under a professional art director in an advertising agency and became his assistant at an early age.  In 1987 I started my own graphic design business, DrawingBoard Studios, and continue this business today.  In 2001 DrawingBoard expanded its services and became a division of a larger printing company.  Throughout my career, I raised two children from my first marriage with Chris Ostrander, a '67 Encina graduate.  I married Tim McGinn in 1978, also a graduate from Encina '68.  Tim introduced me to the world of hunting, and we went on many backpack hunts to Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, and Nevada.  Tim continues his hunting today which includes Alaska, the Arctic Circle, and the Northwest Territories.  Today our trophy room includes six full life-sized sheep, two pedestals mounts, and 28 head mounts.  A hunters' dream room full of memories.  My oil painting has taken me to Provence, France, with a class of 24 students, painting fields of lavender and sunflowers in full bloom.  We also visited Paris, the art museums, and Monet's gardens.  A trip I will never forget.  Tim and I love to travel to Tahiti, Bora Bora, and the Marquesas Islands.  We hope to continue to travel into our old age.  We are planning on retiring in a few years.  We have property on the water in Klamath Falls, Oregon, and will build our final home there.  I can't even imagine a better life than to live it to the end with my best friend Tim in God's loving hands.

Friends:  Charlene Jenkins, Linda Pohto, Nina Paladino, Sheri Kaiser, Judy M. Walker, Judy A. Walker, Mary Swets

Hobbies:  I still love to paint, both in acrylics and oils.  I commission paintings in my spare time.  My favorite client owns six of my paintings, each 8 foot x 8 foot, all flower gardens.

Kids:  I have two sons and two grandsons.  Eric, 36, is married to Katherine and they have two boys, Dalton, 10, and Garrett, 7.  Eric has become successful throughout the high tech industry, first working at Packard Bell NEC, and now with EMC.  His one and only client is Intel and that keeps him quite busy here and abroad.  He has just returned from a trip to Israel and Malaysia where he has met with his other Intel team members.  Neil, my youngest, is 31 and is single.  Neil has created his own on-line internet business focused on the real estate market.  He has spent the last three years building, developing, testing, launching, and enhancing his site.  This has become quite a successful venture for him.  He has considered selling the domain and pursuing his other marketing ideas.

Grade school:  Greer

Junior high:  Jonas Salk

Memorable teachers:  Gary Pruner and Joe Patitucci.  Of course, both from the Art Department.  Both very inspiring and encouraging.  Today, one of our closest friends is Don Golden, the Vice Principal and Principal of Encina.  He's been on several hunting trips with us.

Favorite memory:  A toss up between cheerleading, the football games, and painting the murals on the walls of the campus.

[posted 06-02-07]


[from website Resource Library Magazine, American Studio Glass: A Survey of the Movement, July 3 - September 12, 2004, http://www.tfaoi.com/aa/4aa/4aa499.htm]

Bio:  Jay Musler attended the California College of Arts and Crafts in Oakland from 1968 to 1971.  He has received fellowships from the National Endowment for the Arts and the California Arts Council, and two prizes at World Glass Now at the Hokkaido Museum of Modern Art in Sapporo, Japan.  Jay Musler has been a guest artist and lecturer at schools and universities worldwide, with various appearances at the California College of Arts and Crafts.  Musler has exhibited widely; in 1999 and 2000 alone, he enjoyed one-man shows at Habatat Galleries, Boca Raton, FL; Butters Gallery, Portland, OR; William Traver Gallery, Seattle, WA; and Heller Gallery in New York City.  Group exhibits include American Glassmaking: The First Russian Tour, organized by Steuben in 1990, and The Universe of the Transparent, Musee des Arts Decoratifs, Lausanne, Switzerland, 1989.  His work resides in permanent collections of the Corning Museum of Glass, Hokkaido Museum of Modern Art, Toledo Museum of Art, and others.  Musler typically superimposes orderly grid-like structures over the layered chaos of painted glass shards, organic material, and other fragments; though his recent wall reliefs are more casual and poetic.

[posted 04-26-09]

Claudia NOLLNER Bach

Occupation:  President, Document Center Inc.

Bio:  Lived in Thailand for a year and a half.  Returned to the US and got my degree in piano performance from the University of the Pacific in Stockton.  Moved down to Los Angeles and worked in the television industry for a number of years.  Moved back up to the San Francisco Bay area and in 1985 took over a small business specializing in selling technical information.  Grew the business to $1.5 million in revenues per year.  Put the business on the Internet in 1993.  Had an article on the business and myself in Forbes ASAP supplement in 1995.  Continue to run the business, speak and publish on the topics on standardization and technology on a regular basis.  Enjoy being in the Bay area, and enjoy having a son in high school (he's a football player at Serra High School, and we attend football games and parent functions at the school).

Trivia:  Pioneered the use of the Internet to provide standards and standards information.

Friends:  Gosh, I have lost contact with just about everyone except I give a buzz to Lynn Welch Kosro following each high school reunion!  Also, have been exchanging Christmas cards with Julia Long.

Hobbies:  Skiing, hiking, music, attending standards meetings... Real lack of free time here.

Kids:  One son, 14, attends Serra High School in San Mateo, plays on the football team, and got an outstanding student award last year (freshman).

Grade school:  H. E. Winterstein

Grade school friends:  Actually, seeing folks that I went grade school with is one of the best parts of the reunions.

Junior high:  Jonas Salk

Memorable teachers:  The red-haired German teacher, Mr. Dutton, and the other math teachers, our biology teacher.

Favorite memory:  Actually, I remember high school as being a very challenging time.

Alumni in contact:  Lyn Welch Kosro

[posted 08-16-02]


[from website Art Glass by Michael Hansen and Nina Paladino from Kela's, a glass gallery, http://www.glass-art.com/ArtistPages/hansenpaladino.htm]

Bio:  Michael Hansen and Nina Paladino have been blowing glass together as a team for 24 years.  It is rare in today's world to find two artists who can work together effectively for a long period.  Nina and Michael have not only stood the test of time but have consistently produced high quality glass art.  Michael Hansen was born in 1947 in Oceanside, CA.  He holds college degrees in mechanical engineering and metallurgy.  Michael was introduced to the craft of glass blowing while taking a class at a local community college.  The teacher happened to be Nina Paladino, his future lifelong partner.  He has also attended the Pilchuck Glass School, known for its selective quality programs and its founder, Dale Chihuly.  Nine Paladino was born in 1949 in Sacramento, CA.  She received a BA degree from California State University Sacramento in 1972.  While working on her Master of Arts degree, she started a glass program at Sierra Community College.  In 1977 she opened her own glass blowing studio where she was joined shortly thereafter by her partner, Michael Hansen.  She has been actively involved as a board member and member with the Glass Art Society, an internationally recognized glass art organization.  She too attended the Pilchuck Glass School.

[posted 04-26-09]

Loretta PARSONS Bloodworth

Occupation:  Food service for Nashville Metro School District

Bio:  After graduation, I attended American River College; AS in business in 1969.  Worked for Sacramento County for about a year.  Got married in September 1970.  My husband was in the Air Force, so we spent the next 21 years moving... Turkey in '73-75, Travis AFB '75-84, Hickam AFB, Hawaii '84-88, Montgomery, AL '88-91 when he retired.  Then moved to Nashville, TN where we have been ever since.

Trivia:  While at Travis AFB, I belonged to a belly dance troupe.  It is great fun!  Still try to do it once in a while, although the older I get, the harder it gets.

Friends:  Best friends... Kathy Flood (was in her wedding but lost contact with her), Marcia Lucas (we have been emailing, can't wait to see her at the reunion), Kathy Conn, Steve Edwards, Scott Schrunk, and Lou Bergh... sorry to hear he has passed.  Also have been writing Sharon Lass... she is living up in Canada.

Hobbies:  Not much time as I work two jobs... the school and also for a caterer.  Do like to read, especially metaphysical topics, alternative health, paranormal.  I have a ghost meter that is really fun to use on investigations, etc.  I am a Reiki Master, a form of energy healing.  I have taken classes in massage, reflexology, and polarity healing.  I also like to travel.

Kids:  Jennifer, age 34, and Jordan, age 22.  Jennifer also works for the school service.  She is divorced, has two daughters, Kristina, 13, and Kierstin, 5.  Jordan is 22 and still in college.  He recently moved out with a buddy.

Grade school:  Howe Avenue

Grade school friends:  Kathy Conn, Barbara Florence, known since kindergarten.  Steve Henry (he sent me my first valentine in the mail in the fourth grade).

Junior high:  Howe Avenue

Junior high friends:  Kathy Flood

Memorable teachers:  Mr. Carey.  I think he was beloved by many.  I learned appreciation of all types of music and really enjoyed going to his class.

Favorite memory:  Meeting of the drama students behind the curtains at lunch in the cafeteria... seems like we had our own little group going on.

Story:  Remember driving my rusty-colored Ford around with Kathy Flood and Scott Schrunk.  We called it The Red Baron!

Sibling info:  Ken Parsons '70

Alumni in contact:  Sharon Lass and Marcia Lucas

[posted 06-08-07]


Occupation:  Dentist

Bio:  After graduation and attending UOP, I attended UOP Dental School and set up my practice in 1977.  I married Carol Daugherty and for five years, we were members of Active 20-30, a service organization for youth in the area.  After starting our family, money, traveling, and free time disappeared.  Our three children were active in sports, dance, piano, guitar, etc.  We eventually narrowed the field to swimming and water polo and mock trial.  Alice and Cathleen attended University of Redlands, and Will is at Loyola Mariemount University.  This was our first year of empty nesting and last year of double tuition.  Next year, Alice will be in hygiene school, and Cathleen will be at McGeorge law school, and Will will return to LMU film school.  So that's the last 25 years.  Now my wife and I are discovering new ways to spend some free time.  After Marty Mearns Fair died (my wife's best friend), I decided life can be pretty short, and I needed to stop postponing things I wanted to do.  I took up classical guitar again and was enjoying that until my guitar teacher Tom Phillips (Encina '65) introduced me to the music of Tommy Emmanuel and Chet Atkins, and now I'm a fingerpicker.  Thanks to Jack Oates and Nancy Flink for my first guitar lessons 40 years ago.  One of the activities we like to do is go to casinos where my wife likes the slot machines, and I play Hold'em.  We plan on traveling more, and when my son graduates from college, I want to cut back on my dentistry.  I'm still playing full court basketball although I try not to run or jump which creates a significant challenge.  Now I jog and get good position; it works kind of, still a lot of fun.

Friends:  Chris Wicks and Mark Harris are still my best friends.  Chris and I used to have lunch every week before he moved to Yosemite.  I am the godfather of his daughter Teal.  We went to Italy together, guys' trip, and had a great time.  Mark and I still are in contact and every time we get together, it's like no time has passed. We're just as immature as we always were but we have a great time!!  I'd like to see Steve Durham more.  I see Pete Fairchild occasionally, and he's into guitar too.  Linda Minor, Van Owens, Linda Goff, Ken Johnson, and Karin Veis are or have been patients of mine, so I get to see them every six months.  Mr. Carey lives in the same assisted care home as my dad, small world.  Besides who is signed up for the reunion, I'd like to see Pril Dyer, Tim Walpole, Beth Paterson, Brian Egger, Pete Ivory, Maralyn Newland, Dottie Ehrhorn; I could go on forever.  I had a great time in HS.

Kids:  Alice, 24; Cathleen, 22; Will, 18.  Alice, my oldest, is our water ppolo player.  Her division III team won the NCAA championship twice.  Cathleen is my swimmer, and she swam four years at Redlands, All American all four years.  She also did mock trial in HS, leading to her law interests.  Will is in film school at LMU and wants to be a screen writer; he writes continuously and posts a blog every Friday.  He did mock trial, and his team got second in the state his senior year.  He plays water polo too.

Grade school:  Cottage

Grade school friends:  Pete, Mike Boli, Bill Henley, Steve Durham, Mark Harris

Junior high:  Jonas Salk

Junior high friends:  Chris Wicks, Donna Whipple, Susie Staples

Memorable teachers:  Ms. Brandenburger... I felt I really learned a lot about history and she presented it in a great way.  Mr. Carey... our madrigals were a close group, and we had a great time together.  Mr. Gallaway... he was my swim and basketball coach who taught me fundamentals in basketball and life.

Favorite memory:  I remember the choir performances with great memories.  I also remember the dances in the cafeteria.  Doin' the Frddy and listening to Amrheins' band.

Sibling info:  Linda Penney Lawrence

[posted 05-24-07]

Linda POHTO Radan

Occupation:  Registered Nurse

Bio:  Attended American River and then Chico State.  Graduated with a BSN in Nursing and Public Health.  Married Eldon Allen and moved to Sonoma.  Worked at Sonoma Valley Hospital in the Emergency Room and ICU.  Loved living in the Valley of the Moon.  Bought my horse, Sir Merlyn, who was four months old.  He is now 28 years old.  Moved to land between Auburn and Grass Valley.  Commuted to work at American River Hospital.  I worked in ICU and CCU.  Eldon and I divorced.  Later met Rich Radan.  We lived together for four years here in Sacramento and then decided to get married.  Have two children; Trevor who is now 22 years old and Courtney, 19 years old.  They are both attending college.  I continued to work for American River Hospital but when I had Courtney, I changed to a mid-management position in Infection Control.  Neither math nor public speaking were areas that I thought I would ever work in but both were required in this job.  When I took this job, I thought it would be quiet, but my first year was the beginning of the AIDS epidemic.  I held this position for 15 years and then changed to Employee Health.  AR was bought by Mercy.  I quit my job on February 15, 2001.  My husband is managing a project for Deloitte Consulting in Newcastle, England.  He left on February 12, and I will be leaving in four to five weeks.  Hope you are all well and happy.

Friends:  Janet DeBacco, Nina Paladino, Charlene Jenkins, Kathy Wehr, Janie Moran.  I have lost contact with Kathy Wehr.

Hobbies:  Horseback riding, swimming, walking with my dogs.

Kids:  Trevor and Courtney are as different as night and day.  Trevor is quiet, a little shy.  Very motivated and hard working.  Has a few very good friends.  Went to Europe for a month when he was 16, loves to travel.  He is very excited about coming to Europe to visit and travel.  Courtney is outgoing.  She has a passion for horseback riding.  She started English lessons when she was 7 years old.  She has shown in Hunt Seat over fences and flat and Jumpers.  She now works for her trainer, giving lessons and training horses.  Doesn't like to travel unless it is for a horse show.  Does not want to be away from her horse.  She will probably only come to Europe to see a horse show and/or look for warmbloods in Ireland.

Grade school:  Greer

Grade school friends:  Janet DeBacco, Nina Paladino, Charlene Jenkins, Janie Moran

Junior high:  Jonas Salk

[posted 02-25-01]


Resume:  Steve is the owner of his own production company, Awesome Entertainment Inc. and is acquiring various life rights stories and feature film screenplays.  Steve co-executive produced "Lies My Mother Told Me" for the Lifetime TV Network and secured the life rights of Haylei Jordan, the daughter in the story.  Steve was the production executive on the feature film "Neo Ned" starring Gabrielle Union and Jeremy Renner.  Currently, John Daly, the noted film producer/director, is co-producing with Steve on "Saviors of Nanking" written by Melanie Poloff in which the People's Liberation Army of mainland China's production studio, August First Film Studio, is negotiating a production deal.  Steve optioned and is packaging the book "The Nanjing Massacre" from the author and Japanese journalist Katsuichi Honda who tells of the American heroes who stayed in the capital city of China to save thousands of lives at the risk of their own lives during the Japanese invasion of 1937.  Steve is producing "World Gamer," the first video game reality show with live contestants on the sets.  The TV reality show "The American Courier" is in development in which Steve is the producer.  Steve is developing the horror thriller "Chills" written and directed by Sandor Stern.  In January of 2004, Steve spent over three months in Thailand after the Andeman Sea Tsunami helping solo.  He assisted a Canadian ExPat fund raiser locate local villagers and repair and buy new long tail boats for them on Koh Lanta Island in Thailand.  After filming the carnage and heartbreak and repairs, Steve returned to Koh Lanta in December 2006 to film the villagers now making a living with their boats in the water.  This story will be edited into a documentary movie this year entitled "The Good Man of Koh Lanta."  "Bubblegum Bobby" written by Johnny Harrington is currently being packaged and to be produced by Steve with Golden Gryphon Award Winner and Daytime Emmy and DGA Award nominated Sean McNamara interested in directing.  Utilizing his skills in advertising, production, marketing, and distribution, Steve has been an asset in the film and television arena consulting for the director of the "Hubba Bubba Bubble Gum Soda" (which he invented) nationwide television commercial.  He asserts that there is a parallel between inventing and marketing consumer products and creating and producing motion pictures.  Steve started his career in sales and marketing, working over 20 years with Fortune 500 Companies, including Block Drug Co., Oral B Laboratories, and the Neutrogena Corporation.  He was Vice President of Esirg Manufacturing Co. of Sacramento and is an accomplished inventor and entrepreneur who invented a soft drink that was licensed by the W. M. Wrigley Chewing Gum Co. and marketed worldwide.  Steve has extensive experience developing promotional campaigns, advertising strategies, and new product launches.  He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminal Justice with a minor in business administration from California State University, Sacramento.  Steve has donated his time to the Los Angeles Children's Hospital Cancer Ward and helped raise money for the Make A Wish Foundation, Los Angeles Chapter.  He is active in extreme sports, such as sky diving, scuba diving, and snow skiing.

[posted 04-14-07]


Bio:  Our family moved a lot when my dad retired from the Navy in 1958.  We lived in Monterey, CA.  I went to Edison, Greer, Winterstein, and Arden.  All in two years, not to mention Jonas Salk.  That's why I know so much about different people.  Wasn't good for me, but my parents didn't know any better.  But I've turned out okay.  No complaints.  My freshman year at Encina, my sister worked on the school paper and had me and Donna Whipple as "petticoat and pegger."  I wish.  Donna was in another class than me.  I hope I didn't embarrass her.  You'll never find a senior picture of me because I was told my junior year under no conditions would I ever be seen in a yearbook after flipping the bird in our sophomore yearbook.  If you have the book, check out the JV sophomore baseball team.  Gordon, my brother, said it would be cool.  Right.  Biggest mistake I ever made.  I guess I thought I was cool.  I don't blame anyone but myself.  I'm a retired (April 2000) Chief Engineer (GS 15 rating) which I earned at the age of 35.  I was stationed out in the Indian Ocean at a place called Diego Garcia which is part of Central command.  I was in charge of a 1000' long ammunition ship.  All the ships there are primarily for any Persian Gulf trouble like we had in Desert Shield/Storm.  We were the first ships in to download tanks, choppers, explosives, etc.  It takes about five days to run up there in convoy from Diego Garcia.  FYI, we have just sent eleven additional ships to the Diego Garcia in the last month as part of the Iraq round #2.  But keep in mind we need a good port facility to download the tanks, etc.  All of these ships are roll-on/roll-off types which have ramps that require large deep water harbors with docks.  At present, we have none.  We used several ports in Saudi Arabia in Desert Storm like Ad Dammam, etc.  I'm married (second time) to Virginia whom I met while living in Cocoa Beach, Florida eleven years ago.  We lived down the beach from Patrick AFB of "I Dream of Jeanie" fame.  Virginia was a flight attendant with Delta Air Lines.  She's a couple years younger than us.  We are helping out her parents who are elderly and need help.  My sister Joyce Rogers (now Joyce Brand) and brother Gordon Rogers still live in Sacramento.  My oldest brother Mike lives in Florida, and we live in Bristol, Tennessee.  I have a new (actually built last July 2001) 2002 Z06 Corvette that I race as much as I can since we live just five miles from the track.  I race at the drag strip and presently have a 46-4 record.  Not bad for an old man, ha.  Big race going on now on the oval track as of this writing.

[posted 09-30-02]

Dave Scalley

Occupation: Retired
MaritalStatus: Widower
Spouse: Deanna Burgan
Children/grandchildren: Chrislyn born 1972, Anna     born 1988
SinceGraduation: College and I did not work out. The Navy and I couldn't agree with each other. Worked at Tower Records on Watt Ave. Met Deanna, got married. We had first child Chrislyn and moved to Eugene, Oregon. Work for the City Parks then City Facilities Maintenance as locksmith, limited electrician, specialty licensed plumbing 33 years during which time Anna was born. Dee passed away in 2013
Trivia: Spent some time locked up on Naval psychiatric ward in Oakland. Met a couple of Encina guys while there. You guess if they were patients! Interestng place, interesting people.
BestFriends: Mike Churchill Greg Stover Lynn West
Hobbies: Read everything except romance novels
Volunteer at Christian Support/assistance coordination in Tualatin
Eating new foods/trying to cook them!
Kids: Both married. Hve 2 grand-daughters 
GradeSchool: Dyer Kelly through 2nd grade then Creekside Elementary
MiddleSchool: Howe Avenue
FavoriteMemory: NOT P.E.
Stories: Don't want law suits


Bio:  I am a retired firefighter.  I started at Arden Fire Department as soon as I was 21 years of age.  I worked for Arden for five years.  On December 31, 1975, I went to work for the federal government as a firefighter with the Navy Communication Station at Stockton, CA.  After nine months at the Navy Base, I transferred to McClellan AFB Fire Department where I worked until I retired in August 1998.  I got married in May of 1975.  Shirley and I have two daughters -- Gina Marie, 22, and Kayla Ann, 18.  We have a 50-acre ranch located in the Mt. Pleasant area.  We are raising 200 goats, 5 llamas, 2 donkeys.  My hobbies include playing a 5-string banjo (claw hammer style) and working on an ultra-light airplane.  There is not much else to tell you.

[posted 10-25-03]


Occupation:  Professor/Coordinator of Art Photography Program, Modesto Junior College

Bio:  I graduated from UC Davis with a BA in Art (emphasis photography) and Political Science.  I worked as a photographer and eventually joined a carnival and completed a Master of Fine Arts at California College of Arts and Crafts (now CCA) using pictures from my "carnie" life.  I recruited many college friends to be carnies, and we had a great time -- more innocent than it sounds.  My future wife Linda joined, and we married and settled in Ashland, Oregon.  I worked as a museum curator of photography and instructor at Southern Oregon University in Ashland, then was hired as professor/coordinator of photography at Modesto Junior College in 1988.  I love teaching and all that goes with it.  I taught a semester in Guadalajara, Mexico, and my wife and I take students to Europe often.  News reports aside, Modesto combined with our summers in Ashland have been great for family life.  We'll likely retire in Ashland.  Linda is a dietitian so she keeps us healthy.

Friends:  Craig Wilcox, Jim Andrews, Judy A. Walker, Denny Garteiz, Kathy Wehr, Brian Egger, Don Wagoner, etc.

Hobbies:  I work hard but play a lot, take trips, hike, softball, guitar, photography, music festivals, still hope to surf again.

Kids:  We have two kids in their 20's.  Our son Evan (born 1982) works in Ashland as a bartender/server as he explores the spiritual universe.  Our daughter Kenna (born 1984) graduated from UC Davis last year in fashion design and is an assistant designer in Los Angeles.

Grade school:  Howe Avenue School

Grade school friends:  Craig Wilcox, Brian Egger, Linda Fosse, Gayle Reynolds, Larry Allum

Memorable teachers:  Coach Dugger, Mr. Hougnon, Mrs. Wilkinson, Mr. McCalman, Mr. Pruner, Mr. Cook.  They were so good at getting us ready for life!

Favorite memory:  Almost all of it seems good from here.  School games, the bands at dances, we had such great music even though I was afraid to dance the first year!  I loved playing baseball and then track in senior year.  Some great trips to Santa Cruz with Jim A., Craig W., and Denny G.  Working on class floats all night.  Innocence.  High and "Tri-Hi-Y" clubs.  I remember returning late to the senior ball from a track meet in Woodland and (thanks mostly to Pete Fairchild), we'd run a relay in the second or third best time in the US high schools -- felt like studs!  Also, goofing off with Craig W., Diane J., in a totally out-of-control English class; Bob Benson doing a hanging hand-walk from the ceiling supports across geometry class, messing up each other's test time in typing.

[posted 06-23-07]


Bio:  After graduation from Encina, I went to American River College and Sacramento State College, working part of that time at Woolworths.  In 1975, my wife Clista Towne Strother (Rio Americana '67) moved to Ashland, Oregon, where both of us worked for the Oregon Shakespeare Festival -- I in the scene shop and Clista as an actress.  We were divorced in 1980.  I remained in Oregon while she went on to study and advance in the theater.  I became master welder for the Shakespeare Festival and taught a welding class at Rogue Community College in Grants Pass, Oregon.  After a decade of work in the theater, I opened a business of my own, Valley Forge Welding, and operated it for several years on my own.  I was a great chance to meet people and learn the ins and outs of self-employment.  In 2005 I became a full-time rural route mail carrier for the US Post Office, perhaps sharing the gentic leaning in that direction from my dad who worked for the USPO for many years.  I enjoy my work and appreciate the good benefits.  My wife Kay and I have been married for 25 years this year. She is a writer and historian, and together we enjoy exploring and investigating historic sites in the west.  We love Ashland and Oregon and see ourselves spending the rest of our lives here, although we enjoy visiting my mom and brothers Daniel (Encina '71) and Paul (Encina '74) in Sacramento.

[posted 03-05-07]

Mary SWETS Teasley

Occupation:  certified Life Coach

High school friends:  Julie Barbeau, Janie Moran, Susie Staples, Judy Walker, Carol Hamlin, etc. and Pete, Bill, Pat, Chris, Dave, etc.

Memorable teachers:  Mr. Day (Latin 3/4); Mr. Lee made history alive, fun, and unforgettable.

Embarrassing moments:  I transferred to Encina in March of 10th grade from Holland, Michigan.  On my first day at lunch, carrying my books and my lunch tray, I slipped on some Jell-O and fell in the middle of the cafeteria.  Also, during senior year as Songleaders, Julie Barbeau and I were called into the dean's (Whitaker's) office and sent home to change because we were wearing a type of bermuda shorts or culottes instead of a skirt!

Favorite memories:  Cheering the football and basketball teams; synchronized swimming, the Trojan Women, and playing Wendy with Nancy Flink as Peter Pan.

Education:  After two years at Berkeley, I studied at the University of Vienna, Austria, then finished at the University of Michigan with a double major in German and Psychology.  Since counseling was always my passion, I obtained my Master's degree in psychiatric social work at the U of M.  My husband Don and I marvel at how God brought us together -- a blind date in my senior year.  The same day I graduated with an MSW, we married and moved to Denver where Don was attending law school.  After working at National Jewish Hospital, a school system, and then my church as Director of Counseling/Women's Ministries, I developed a private practice of counseling women, married couples, and teenagers, as well as speaking on related topics -- and I loved it all!  After 15 years in Denver, we had two wonderful children and moved to Manhattan Beach for a year, then Dallas, and now live in Orlando and hope to retire in three years to our condo in Ponce Inlet, Florida.

Family:  Our daughter Cherise, 23, is in law school at Michigan State.  Our son Jay, 21, is a junior at Auburn U and into basketball and psychology.  (Is the parents' influence evident?)  They are talented, smart, and caring.  We are blessed to have them in our lives.

Hobbies:  I enjoy tennis, exercise, music, art, travel, and reading.  There are numerous things you would probably never have guessed about me, but I'll relay two of them here.  First, I won some tennis tournaments in Texas and earned the #1 ranking in 3.5 Doubles Tennis around 1995.  And second, although I can't say I'm an avid hunter (like Janie M!), I did learn to shoot at a Remmington school and went on some "successful" hunts, partly to "bond" with my son and husband, but nevertheless enjoyed it!  I love melding my passions together, e.g., reading and taping for the blind; assisting in a wheelchair tennis tournament; accompanying a church teen mission group to Germany two summers where I helped with translating, teaching, and counseling.  When you ask about my philosophy of life, it includes:  to integrate passion with action, and to use God-given gifts to benefit others and make a difference.  Don and I make traveling a priority -- partly for our benefit as a couple, but also as a family to make great memories.  New York, London, Mexico, Italy are some of our favorites.  This summer we are living out our dream -- staying a week in a cottage in Wales, then meeting our kids in Greece for a week.  And the neat thing is (so far) we all like being together!  I am excited about this opportunity to see and talk with my class members of 1967.

[posted 06-16-07]

Jacqui TELLEFSEN McChesney

Occupation:  I'm a teacher at Harloe Elementary in Arroyo Grande, CA.

Bio:  Wow!  Left Encina due to my parents' divorce and our move.  I attended two years at Pacific Grove High then senior year at Willow Glen in San Jose (hard moving so much).  I married at 20, moved to British Columbia.  We had two children, lived in Japan for awhile.  We built a house in Carmel Valley and were divorced after 12 years.  I worked for Pacific Bell in the business office for 14 years, then finally made it to college, Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo.  After a BA, got my teaching credentials.  I met my current husband a few years later.  We have a daughter who is now attending UC Berkeley.  I've loved and been involved with horses all my life.  Used to ride up and down Morris Avenue and through Cottage Park with the park gardener running after me.  We live on a ranch outside San Luis Obispo where I have raised Arabians.

Trivia:  I lived in a tent for two years!  Got a tattoo at age 50.

Friends:  Best friends with Michelle Pohl, Nina Folk,  Kinda shy in high school.

Hobbies:  Swimming, horses, listening to jazz, Hawaii.

Kids:  Three kids.  Jennifer, 34, married with five beautiful grandkids.  Matthew, 32, married, two more beautiful grandchildren.  (I'm diggin' this grandma thing.)  Kathryn, 20 this year.

Grade school:  Cottage

Grade school friends:  I remember you Jim Bickford, Pat Penney, Mike Boli, Diane Jennings, Judy Williams, Linda Bell, Wayne Bowers, Barbara Foth, Diane Gilmore, Suzanne Bowdan...

Memorable teachers:  Mrs. Bouffard.  In a very tough year for me, she took the time to make sure I passed freshman English.

Favorite memory:  Hanging out with my then-boyfriend Eddy Valko and my older sister Pam and all her friends.  Listening to Linda Hickey blasting "Wipe Out" on her boom box in the halls.  Wanting to look just like Linda Jividen.

[posted 04-09-05]

Beverly THOMPSON Benson

Occupation:  Management for Non Profit Organization (NILD)

Bio:  I attended college (Vanguard University), met Mr. Benson, and married during that time.  We traveled quite a bit, teaching in several overseas locales.  Had two children.  In the 90's, we moved to Virginia.  I got my Master's at that time and began working with NILD -- at first working with children with LD, and now training others to do that and working in the corporate office as Member Director.  I got divorced and have been single since 2002.  Yeah, I tried e harmony!

Trivia:  I won a barrel race in Guatemala  :)

Friends:  Oh, that was a long time ago, and I was a shy girl.  I guess I would be tickled to see and hear about anyone in the class.  I know how much I have changed and would like to met and find out about some new-old people that share a history!  I have lost contact with just about everybody in the class except Ken Clark ... whose brother married my sister.  :)

Hobbies:  I love activity and have kept pretty fit over the years.  I used to run until the knees started screaming -- did (ok, won for my age group) a half marathon in 1978 and several 10K's after that.  I bike regularly (20 miles minimum).  Am getting into flat water kayaking, play an occasional game of pretty pathetic tennis, rollerblade, enjoy long walks/hikes.  I love the outdoors.  Would love to get back to horseback riding too.  Volunteered at a therapeutic riding school (Equi-kids) for a while.  Other than that, I enjoy movies and plays, traveling, meals out with friends and family, church activities.

Kids:  WONDERFUL!  My 27-year-old married daughter Christy is a personal trainer (even works on me sometimes).  She works full-time at Geico in her spare time.  Ambitious lady... my best friend ever!  My 25-year-old single son Jimmy is a guitarist, plays in church worship band.  Very active there.  Works at a construction firm doing auto-CAD house plans.  I am very close to both of my kids.

Grade school:  Marconi (defunct), Del Paso, H. E. Winterstein

Grade school friends:  That was a really long time ago!

Junior high:  Jonas Salk

Favorite memory:  Aquacades and class float building at my house

[posted 10-08-06]


Occupation:  landscape design and installation

Bio:  social work, 20+ years

Trivia:  Interesting fact... I joined the swim team in 1963, a freshman.  At that time, Encina HS had not lost a dual meet!!  By the time I graduated, we had won all swim meets, 365!! and lost 1, pretty impressive!!!  Thank you, Ed Galloway!

Friends:  David Mahlman

Kids:  Eric Thomas Wagoner (born 1980) and Emily Ann Wagoner (born 1983)

Grade school:  Cottage

Grade school friends:  Wayne Bowers, Mike Boli, Steve Roeder, Steve Henry, Pete Fairchild, Kathy Wehr, Judy Williams

Junior high:  Howe Avenue

Junior high friends:  Mahlman

Memorable teachers:  Ed Galloway... strong convictions, honest, nice guy

Favorite memory:  swimming team accomplishments

[posted 09-04-03]

Update:  On a personal note, Roseann passed away last July after a 20-year battle with a brain tumor, and I recently moved to Arizona with my son Eric.  Daughter Emily was married in June of last year and is still living in San Diego.  My new address is 2018 W Monroe Street, Chandler AZ 85224, phone is 480-266-7402, and email is don.wagoner at cox.net.  It would be nice to hear from some old friends.

[posted 04-19-05]

Judy WALKER Taylor

Occupation:  Mother, Speech Pathologist, Delta Airlines Retiree

Bio:  Bachelor's from the University of California, Santa Barbara; Master's from Brigham Young University in Speech Pathology.  I married my dear high school friend Jeff Taylor (Arden School and Rio Americano '67).  I have been married for 36 years and have 6 children.  Five of my children are married (my fourth daughter is searching for Mr. Right), and I have 12 grandchildren.  My oldest daughter owns her own insurance agency (if you watched the reality show The Biggest Loser this past 2006 season on NBC, she was one of the four finalist... she took fourth place due to a "pregnancy issue" which occurred upon her return home  She was away from home for over three months during the filming!).  Two of my daughters co-own a maternity clothing boutique (expected maternity.com), one of which is an international fitness model.  One son is a real estate investor (my latest co-partner in a great house flip that closed yesterday.  Another son is a computer software engineer.  My youngest daughter flies home every two months from Tennessee so that her 1-year-old will know his grandparents.  Eleven of my grandchildren are within 45 minutes of our home in Farmington, Utah.  What I admire most about my children is that they are wonderful parents, and they are good to their aging (but ever-young) parents!

Friends:  Kathy Wehr, Doug Smith, Jim Andrews, Denny Garteiz, Linda Fossi, Craig Wilcox

Junior high:  Howe Avenue

Hobbies:  Being a grandma, travel, travel, travel, remodeling homes, decorating.

Favorite memories:  Dances, football games, and cheerleading and songleading with friends.

[posted 05-16-07]

Donna WHIPPLE Anderson

Occupation:  I'm retired from my first career; time will tell what is next.

Bio:  I got an MBA after graduating from Berkeley and had a 30-year career in accounting and finance.  I married the first time in 1973, made it seven years.  After an eight-year break, I remarried in 1991 and remain that way.  I've lived in the Bay area since graduating from college.

Trivia:  I retired about three years ago, not completely by choice.  I hurt my neck at a chiropractor (do not let them do fast velocity adjustments on your neck!) and found out near the same time that I have MS.  I'm doing good, but it was definitely a call for redirection.

Friends:  Chris Gray and I have remained friends and have reconnected lots in the past few years.  We enjoyed a fitness ranch in Mexico together in 2005 and 2006, Paris together in 2006, and Costa Rica in 2007.  I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of you, especially Scott, Susie, and Julie.

Hobbies:  I'm crazy about hiking, yoga, personal and spiritual growth.  I belong to a chorus and volunteer in a girls' after-school program called Girls Inc.  I've especially enjoyed sharing yoga with the girls.  Now that I'm not working, I have lots of time to explore new things.

Kids:  I have a 29-year-old daughter Kelly who lives in Alaska, three step-kids who live close by, and three step-grandkids.

Memorable teachers:  Mr. Psiahas for sure and of course Mr. Lee and Mr. Tracy.

Favorite memory:  I loved the cheerleading days (Judy Walker -- 6 kids -- you go, girl!).  Joey Howard, where are you?

Story:  I was so sad to see that Susan Armitage had passed away.  One of my fondest memories is the summer after 6th grade that Julie, Nora, Susan, Susie, and I spent together.  We were inseparable.  The days were lazy (except Susie S. had to work on refinishing her bedroom dresser before she could play).  Susan and I tried to meet every day by 9:30 AM so we wouldn't sleep the day away.  We all talked with each other for hours, learning to grow up together.  What special times.

[posted 06-08-07]


Occupation:  Project/Construction Manager
Marital Status:  Divorced/single
Children/grandchildren:  Teal born Sept 1982
Since Graduation:  After two years at ARC headed to Chico State to get my Civil Engineering degree. Despite the distractions of a beautiful campus, more women enrolled than men, Upper and Lower Bidwell Park, The Grad, Madison Beer Garden, The Other Place, Pioneer Week, weekend keggers, all the blossoms in the spring orchards, and tubing on the rivers, I got BS in Civil Engineering in '72. Having worked all my summers as a laborer for Granite Construction in Sac, I went into construction management rather than design. Worked for Continental Heller Corp, my dad - CM Wicks Const'n, Kimmel Const'n, State of CA, and currently with URS Corp. State projects were all over the state. Two proudest projects were the Secty of State/State Archive project in Sac, and the Elihu Harris State Office Bldg in Oakland - a 25-story, $165M high rise. Married in 1980 to Gail Sutton ('70 Mercy HS). Divorced '95.
Trivia:  Car accident caused by swerving to miss a raccoon in Sept '86 resulted in having my left leg amputated at the knee.
Best Friends:  Pat Penney and I still have lunch weekly after 35 years. Jack Oates has occasioned these lunches, as well as Mark Harris. Drink wine with Greg Grassi at Rotary functions. Play golf with Jim Andrews and Rick Nester when in So. CA. Ran into Pete Fairchild in SF. Ran around with Pat, Denny, Pete Ivory, Brian Egger, Jim Andrews, Doug Smith, and Steve Durham.
Hobbies: Golfing - President of the Western Amputee Golf Assoc; travel - especially related to amputee golf in Scotland, England, Norway, Canada, Australia, and NZ.
Kids: Daughter, Teal, is a stage actress having just completed over 600 performances as Elphaba in the musical Wicked in LA and SF. She graduated from UCI with honors in Musical Theater. Currently in Manhattan doing some commercials, and lots of auditions. Loves NYC!
Grade School:  Greer
Middle School:  Jonas Salk
Memorable Teachers:  Science: Figenshu and Coke - their enthusiasm and discipline. All the math teachers because I like math. Patituchi - all the cute girls! Lee & Tracy - for making history fun.
Favorite Memory:  Racing to and from Hi-Y in either Brian's '56 Chevy or Pat's '63 T-bird. Caroling at Christmas in the fog. Preparing floats, Yearbook staff senior year.
[posted 06-16-10]


homepage:  www.trialsbydesign.biz

Bio:  1982 to Present, University of the Pacific, School of Pharmacy; 1980 to 1982, University of Alabama Medical Center, Birmingham; 1974 to 1978, Shanta Bhawan Hospital, Kathmandu, Nepal.  Elected as a Fellow of the American College of Clinical Pharmacology.  Elected as a Fellow of the American College of Clinical Pharmacy.  Published 100 papers and presentations.  Wrote a book "Pharmacometrics: The Science of Quantitative Pharmacology."  Active in my local church.  Teach Sunday school, etc.

Friends:  Raymond Kelly, Fred Lampley (El Camino HS), Steve Lozar, Debbie Smith (Rio Americano HS) who I married in 1972.

Hobbies:  Mountaineering, backpacking, photography, ballroom dancing, singing.

Kids:  Seth Allen Williams (born 1978) and Nathan Andrew Williams (born 1981).  Seth is a school teacher and graduate of Hillsdale College in Michigan.  Nathan is with the FBI and a graduate of Sac State.

Grade school:  Winterstein

Grade school friends:  Dan Twitty, Jim Ellsworth, Chuck Coleman

Junior high:  Jonas Salk

Junior high friends:  Dennis Braley, Chuck Coleman

Memorable teachers:  Mr. Day, Latin; Mr. Figenshu, Biology and Physiology; Dan Greenwald, cross-country coach; Will Stephens, track coach.

Story:  One day in Physiology, Mr. Figenshu said to Robin Smith, "My dear Robin Red Breast, what causes you to be late?"  Marshall Morsey yelled (concerning the red breast statement), "How would you know the color of her breast?"

[posted 02-13-06]


Resume:  Chris J. Wright is published as Townsend Twainhart and does artwork under JOT.  Author - Artist.  Born 1949 Alturas, California, author and illustrator of "Bill and the Purple Cow in Oz."  Published writer for:  All the wests Old, True and Wild, Senior, Gold Prospector, Blazing Adventure Zine, Copperfield Review, LOST, California Highway Patrolman, Senior Lifestyle, The California Territorial magazines, Feathertales, Inyo Album, and many, many others.  Chris is a regular writer for Art and Prose magazine and was showcased in the May 2007 issue.  He was a columnist for the Lost River Star, Capitola Courier, and Butte Valley Star.  He is also the creator of the popular Wizard of Oz funny money.  He is currently working on a new book with witty country sayings titled "Rattlesnake Don't Taste Like Chicken" under his Twainhart pen name.  Chris is the nephew of renowned Death Valley oil painter Orpha Klinker and Zeno Klinker, who was the head writer for Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy, and the grandson of Los Angeles commercial artist Jud Wright.  He served in the United States Army during Vietnam and the Cold War, and was honorable discharged in 1972 and awarded the National Defense, Good Conduct ribbon, SASCOM Citation of Merit, and Cold War Certificate of Recognition.  Mr. Wright is a graduate in Criminal Justice from Moorpark, Ventura, Santa Rosa, Sacramento City, and American River colleges in California.  He was a California Highway Patrolman in Baldwin Park (LA area) and later in his law enforcement career, a California State Fish and Game Warden (Ventura, Colusa, and Special Ops).  He is a past president of the Fish and Game Warden Protective Association, director and collective bargainer for the California Union of Safety Employees.  Chris was also a Deputy Agent with United States Fish and Wildlife Service and National Marine Fisheries.  He was appointed by the Governor as a California State Fair Board director in Tulelake, and served four years as a Lieutenant with the Klamath County Sheriff's Mounted Posse.  Chris is a member of The Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators and was a member of the Western Writer's Association.  He takes photographs under a separate business, Paw Prints Photography, for his travel and historical articles.  He has shot six covers for three magazines listed above, and three others not listed.  C. J., as he is sometimes called, resides in northern Modoc County, California, close to the Oregon border, where he rides horses and fly fishes when he is not writing or updating and repairing his 1940's ranch-style house.

Friends at Encina I hung around with:  Bruce Storms (deceased), Chad Peterson (deceased), Lou Berg (deceased), Steven Sorrels (missing somewhere in the US), and Marshall Morsey.

Remembered most:  swimming for and encouragement from Coach Ed Galloway and the day JFK died.  Beautiful Janet DeBacco broke down and cried in Principals and Techniques of Science taught by Mr. Stearns.  IWE-ing for Mr. Derderian in history, and art classes taught by the fun new teacher Mr. Golden (not the principal).

For more information, you can find out more at:  http://www.myspace.com/townsendtwainhart

[posted 11-07-07]


Occupation:  Principal Engineer, Cypress Semiconductor, Inc.

Marital status:  Married

Spouse:  Pamela

Children/grandchildren:  Jon 36, Julie 34, Steven 32, Rebecca 30

Since graduation:  I received my BS from CSUS in 1973.  Served an LDS Mission in Germany (Bavaria), though no longer LDS.  Began work at Systems Integrators, Inc. where Bill Henley was pretty much a god to the rest of us.  I've continued to build my skills through the years as an engineer.  I have worked on secure and anti-jam radio systems at Rockwell-Collins in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, developed encryption boards and SW for the Federal Reserve, designed link encryptors and an award-winning encrypting modem, optimized encryption algorithms for RSA Security ('back in the day'), lead platform security validation at Intel (sole or lead on five patents related to Intel platform security), and later at an AMD subsidiary.  Currently I live in Boise, Idaho, where we have six grandkids (one more on the way).  My oldest son Jon has his CE degree from CSUS, and I have been able to work and collaborate with him as a result of joining Cypress (three patents filed so far [sole inventor], two provisional filings in the works, though I missed out on inventing "post-its" ;-).

Trivia:  As an "adult" I once had two dogs, great mutts from the same litter who were named after my childhood pets, Bozo and Frisky.

Best friends:  My closest friend went to Mira Loma HS, but I mostly remember Steve Durham, Bill Boswell, Tim Eldredge, Jim Collins, Frank Zdybel, and Tim Zeka... who I usually beat on Mt. Dutton's math tests ;-)

Hobbies:  Over the years, ran some marathons, played some racquet ball.  I have slightly short limbs so I either suck or am middlin' at best with such things, but enjoy them immensely.  Enjoyed lifting weights during my 40's.  Short limbs worked pretty well for that.  But basically my work is my hobby.  I absolutely love what I do and always have.

Kids:  The oldest Jonathan is a great engineer.  Jon was Army ROTC commander at CSUS/UCD and also president of the Tau Beta Pi Engineering Honor Praternity, also at CSUS.  He and his wife have two great kids (a girl and a boy) and live in Boise.  Jon's wife Sheri will deliver another boy in a couple of months.  Lately Jon has had some health issues and some surgery.  Next is Julie, mother of four boys in Boise.  Steven joined the army out of HS, got out, became a drill sergeant in the reserves, completed three years of college, and then went back into Special Forces.  Hopefully he will be teaching soon at Fort Bragg as he is now married and his wife is preggers.  Rebecca has her MS in Fine Arts and teaches at a charter HS in Sacramento.  She has one child, a boy, of course.  I also have two great "step" kids... Heather who is a supervisor at Progressive Insurance in Sacramento, and Adam who is a soldier currently in Germany.

Middle school:  Jonas Salk

Memorable teachers:  Mrs. Saladin and Mr. LaForge... I learned a lot in their classes.  Mr. Van Vleet and Mr. Dutton, who were great instructors and obviously loved transferring what they knew into our empty little heads.

Favorite memory:  I once had to draw 5000 bow ties as punishment for drawing a giant American flag version all the way across Mr. Dutton's chalk board.

Siblings:  Marsha (Bowns) Young '63, and Roland (Idiot) Young, DDS '71

[posted 04-03-09]


Occupation:  Teacher

Bio: I locked myself in a room with 30 screaming 12 year olds for seven and one half hours a day, one hundred eighty days a year for thirty-three years. After that I did the same with high school students for five more years.
Trivia: I served a Exalted Ruler of Marysville Elks Lodge in 1994-'95.
BestFriends: Jerry Dunning.
Hobbies: Hunting and fishing. Raising cats and dogs.
Kids: Jenifer passed away two months after I retired in 2009. She worked at the Vet Med Center at UC Davis. She never married and had no children.
GradeSchool: Howe Avenue
MiddleSchool: Howe Avenue
MemorableTeachers: Jack Dutton, he was my inspiration to become a math teacher.
FavoriteMemory: Marching in the Chinese New Year's parade twice.
Stories: Marching in a parade in South Lake Tahoe, the band had to stay in California so we turned right half way through the parade and slipped away.
Siblings: My sister Kristine Zeka Theilen

[posted 08-20-13]

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