40th Reunion


"This was one of the best planned reunions yet! The reunion committee did an excellent job - especially the thoughtful memorabilia that was on display and the Wall of Lost Encinians was so very touching. The buffet and music were great, too. It would be great to do a multi year reunion in the future with the class of 68 and the class of 66. We need to get more of our faculty present too. I know several are still in the area. It was so much fun to literally go 'back to the day' and share it with so many friends from the class of 67."     --Julie Barbeau Quintana [posted 06-17-07]

"...it was a wonderful event: great venue, great food, fabulous people (who were all of those old people???)  My husband's class (El Camino 66) has no class reunions because the committee at one of the reunions took the money and took a cruise to Hawaii with the funds!  I guess we do have a great group of people working to keep the reunions going.  I did want to add one picture to the website.  The kids from Greer school actually are celebrating their 50th class reunion!  The folks in the picture have been together since 1957!"     --Charlene Jenkins Bole [posted 06-18-07] 

Front row:  Gloria Schulze Baker, Janet DeBacco Mitchell, Kathy Lamb Beaty, Linda Pohto Radan

Middle row:  Charlene Jenkins Bole, Janie Moran McGinn, Nina Paladino Caron, Van Owens
Back row:  Chris Wicks, Ralph Tarro

"I want to thank the Reunion Committee for a grand time.  The entire event was so well coordinated and organized that I can’t imagine anyone not enjoying themselves.  I for one had a wonderful time and thoroughly enjoyed re-connecting with many good friends.  My wife kept commenting about how fortunate I have been to have had such a solid core of good people for friends during my high school years… and beyond.  I sincerely look forward to future gatherings and only hope that I will be able to attend.  Thanks again, Committee…you outdid yourselves!!"     --Jim Andrews [posted 06-19-07]

"I second everyone's comments so far.  The reunion was a blast.  Thanks so much for a great reunion committee!"     --Donna Whipple Anderson [posted 06-19-07]

"Thanks to everyone who helped make the reunion one of the greatest events I have ever attended.  It was wonderful to see such loving and warm friends after so many years.  Thank you for all of the effort put into it.  All of you who did the work, know who you are.  Thanks for accepting my son John with open arms, along with my husband Jeff too.  It was unforgettable!  For two great days, I was in a different time and place."     --Marilyn Peterson Perkins [posted 06-19-07]

"The success of last Saturday's Reunion was the result of the incredible Committee that worked so hard to get it done. You have my thanks and admiration. You put together a marvelous Reunion.  It was great fun to relive those high school days again, see old friends, and catch up on the last 40 years. Kathie, thank you as well for the hard work you do on the web site and for keeping us all informed. Congratulations to all on a fantastic job!"     --Mike Churchill [posted 06-19-07]

"I thought the whole bash was wonderful!  The committee did a great job and I am so thankful to all of you.  The food,  the music, and especially the company could not be beat.  I have not missed one yet, and it seems that each one gets better with age.  Please convey my deepest thanks to all who carried this off...it was flawless."     --Don Wagoner [posted 06-21-07]

"I would love to add my thoughts about the reunion, but am not sure how to do it.  It was the best reunion yet.  Didn't want the weekend to end."     --Kathy Wehr [posted 06-21-07]

"Great job, reunion committee! Thank you so much for all your hard work. It was wonderful seeing all of our classmates; a few of us lasted until 2:00 am. It was one of the best reunions. The band was great and George is always fun. We will see you in 5 years if not before."    --Janet DeBacco Mitchell & Linda Pohto Radan [posted 06-22-07]

September 19, 2007
Dear 1967 Classmates:
Our 40th class reunion on June 16th, 2007 was a wonderful event - the Embassy Suites was an ideal location, and the Jay Rollerz band (George Hullin, Class of '65) was terrific. We had Rollin Cox (Class of '64) take pictures, and they have been compiled with our senior yearbook pictures by Luanne Leineke into a Memory CD that has been mailed out to all those who attended the reunion. We all had such a good time at the reunion and in putting the memory CD together that the Reunion Committee decided to use some of our seed money for the next reunion to mail the CD as a gift to all those who couldn't make it to the party. If we have your mailing address, you can expect a CD in the mail. If you'd like to make a donation to cover the costs of the CD, we have decided to hold a 45th year reunion in 2012 and any donations will go into our fund for the next reunion. Make your check (in any amount) payable to:  Encina 67 Reunion and mail to:  3119 Greenwood Ave. Sacramento, CA  95821. The CD should open automatically. If you have difficulty viewing the CD, do a search for the program "Memory Mixer." If that doesn't work, call 1-877-463-6924, and ask for tech support. If for some reason the CD is bad... they will replace it. Enjoy!  --Linda J. Goff, Chair, 40th Reunion Committee   ljgoff_111@yahoo.com
PS - Please help keep the class records up to date by sending any address or email changes to Harlan, the Encina webmaster.  For how to submit or update your contact information, go to:  http://www.encinahighschool.com/directory/directory67.htm

“That is a great CD – very easy and enjoyable to see everyone.  Thank You!”  --Doug Smith [posted 9-21-07] 

“The CD was very well done.  My sister was here last week and we watched it together – lots of great memories.  Thanks again to the Reunion Committee for making the 40th reunion such a success.  I’m already looking forward to the 45th!”  --Donna Whipple Anderson [posted 9-21-07] 

“While the CD is enjoyable, there must have been some problem with the camera(s) or photographer(s) because the photos of me made me appear much older and fatter and grayer.”  --Michael Boli [posted 9-21-07]

"I would guess that the camera and photography were accurate.  I would be more inclined to blame the distortion on failing eyesight or failing memory of what we used to look like.  Enjoyed talking with you, Mike and Tory.  Look forward to the next one."  --Pat Penney [posted 9-21-07]


Donna Whipple Anderson has shared the following reunion pictures with us.  Thanks, Donna!  (Click on thumbnail for enlargement.)

 [front] Scott Gearing & Donna Whipple Anderson, [back] Chris Gray Smith, Judy Walker Taylor, Coleen Carney Fernandez, Kaylen Hall Fry, Gary Yuke

 Donna with Pete Fairchild

Sheri Kaiser Slagle, Donna, & Julie Barbeau Quintana

George Hullen, Donna, & band member

Dave Mayers & Donna


Donna with Mike Boli

George Hullen

Kathy Wehr has shared the following reunion photos with us also.  Thanks, Kathy!

Ralph Tarro, Kathy Wehr, Gary Yuke, John Meyer

John Meyer, Gary Yuke, Don Wagoner

Linda & Doug Smith, Carol & Jim  Andrews

[seated] John Meyer, Gary Yuke, Don Wagoner [standing] Dave Mahlman, Ken Clark, Jim Andrews, Mike O'Malley

Linda Pohto Radan & Judy Walker Taylor

Jeff & Judy Walker Taylor, Chris Wicks

Doug Smith, Janet DeBacco Mitchell, Gary Yuke, Linda Pohto Radan, Craig Wilcox

Judy Walker Taylor, Kathy Wehr, Jeff Taylor

Jim Andrews has shared the following reunion photos with us as well.  Thanks, Jim!

Jim Andrews, Kathy Weir, Judy Walker Taylor, &  Jeff Taylor

Doug & Linda Smith, Judy & Jeff Taylor, Carol & Jim Andrews

Pat Penney, Chris Wicks, Sheri Kaiser Slagle, &  Bev Thompson Benson

Doug & Linda Smith

Judy Walker Taylor & Craig Wilcox

Linda Smith & Craig Wilcox

Kathy Weir, Judy Walker Taylor, Jim Andrews,  Linda Smith

Kathy Weir, Linda Pohto Radan, Gary Yuke, Jim Andrews, Marcia Lucas Putnam, unknown

Gary Yuke & Jim Andrews

Linda Pohto Radan, Doug Smith, Judy Walker Taylor, & Jeff Taylor

Sheri Kaiser Slagle, Kathy Weir, & Chris Wicks

Judy Walker Taylor, Chris Wicks, & Kathy Weir


Reunion Attendees

Phil & Jeannette Amhrein
Jim & Carol Andrews
Rick & Judy (Williams) Baggett
Gene & Julie (Barbeau) Quintana
Tim Barbeau
Mike Boli & Tory Henley
Chuck Buchanan
Jack Carey
Ray & Coleen (Carney) Fernandez
Susan (Cayler) Scott
Mike Churchill
Ken Clark
Chuck & Janene Coleman
Bill & Linda (Copley) Mullen
Janet (DeBacco) Mitchell & daughter
Bob & Judy Dronberger
Pete Fairchild
Donna Fleming
Scott Gearing
Linda Goff
Cynthia (Grant) Kerr
Greg & Lois Grassi
Chris (Gray) Smith
Kaylen (Hall) Fry
Carol (Hamlin) Smith
Tony & Cathie Haywood
Steve & Renee Henry
Hilary (Hoff) Lamar & Rick England
Paul Hood
Ken Hunter
Lynn (Hunter) Cooke
Marcus & Charlene (Jenkins) Bole
Sheri (Kaiser) Slagle
Rich Kendrick
Art & Kristi (Kennedy) Carling
Berele & Carol (Kentroti) Crisp
Debbie (Kern) Spiegel
Tom & Regina (King) Ferguson
Kathy (Lamb) Beaty
Criss (Lance) Gales

Luanne Leineke
Dave Lewis
Bob & Sherri Lindner
Davis & Julia (Long) Fisher
Steve Lozar
Peter & Marcia (Lucas) Putnam
John & Penny (Mackis) Demas
David & Maggie Mahlman
Dave Mayers
John Meyer
Linda (Minor) Adams
Tim & Janie (Moran) McGinn
Marshall & Kerry Morsey
Jay Musler & friend
Randall Nannini & friend
Rick Nestor
Claudia (Nollner) Bach
Mike O'Malley
Van Owens
Roger & Nina (Paladino) Caron
Don & Loretta (Parsons) Bloodworth
Pat Penney
Jeff, John, & Marilyn (Peterson) Perkins
Richard & Linda (Pohto) Radan
Tom & Georgeanne (Valle) Rohrer
Lora Saunders
Scott & Shirley Schrunk
Alan & Gloria (Schulze) Baker
Doug & Linda Smith
Lew & Carol Soffer
Don & Mary (Swets) Teasley
Ralph Tarro
Bev (Thompson) Benson
Karin (Veis) Johnson
Don Wagoner
Jeff & Judy (Walker) Taylor
Kathy Wehr
Donna (Whipple) Anderson
Chris Wicks
Craig Wilcox
Gary Yuke


The Reunion Committee chairperson is Linda Goff.