Current Pictures


Here are some current pictures of Class of '67 alumni.  Click on the thumbnail for enlargement.

If you would like to share a photograph too  --  be it your family's latest Christmas card portrait, vacation fun, showing off the most beautiful grandchild or a snazzy car, etc.  --  I would be happy to post them.  Guidelines are at the bottom of the page.




 Tom Rohrer, granddaughter & daughter finish Squaw Valley Spartan 2016 World Champtionship Race


Ken Johnson & wife Jan at Panama Canal, March 2012


George Rogers, Port Engineer, Military Sealift Command, Gwangyang, S/Korea, Nov. 2011

Gene & Julie Barbeau Quintana on her 60th birthday & their 30th wedding anniversary, Washington, DC, April 2009

Kathie Kloss Marynik & son Jason on her 60th birthday, April 2009

Dottie Ehrhorn Francisco & daughter Amy in Phoenix, AZ, 2009

Jan Willett LeBaron [in green] with her family of 7 children & 13 grandchildren in Utah, Oct. 2009

Rod Keen & wife Una on a camping trip [posted April 2009]

Tom Dean at a Cutting Horse Show, 2008

Bill Boswell on Tybee Island, south of Savannah, Georgia [posted April 2009]

Linda Fossi on her birthday, December 2008

Dave Young at the Atlanta, Georgia airport, September 2008

Sybil Meyer [posted April 2009]

Steve Lozar at his beer museum in Polson, Montana, September 2007

 Chris Wright, May 2007

Judy Walker Taylor  & family [posted May 2007]

Donna Whipple Anderson & Chris Gray Smith in Costa Rica, February 2007

Charlene Jenkins Bole with grandkids Salome & Chancellor, Xmas 2006

Steve Roeder, 2007

Jay Musler at Burning Man, 2006

Kathy Wehr at Olympic National Forest in Northwest Washington, 2006

Bev Thompson Benson with sister Carolyn & Carolyn's granddaughter Aliya, 2006

Oregon "Ken" Hunter with sadhus in Kathmandu, Nepal, November 2005

Sam Hovey & wife Pam at Vietnam Memorial Plaque Dedication, September 2006

Georgiann Valle Rohrer & Tom Rohrer at Roaming Angel's car show in Grass Valley, September 2006

Dave Babayco at Alumni Challenge, April 2006

Nina Paladino Caron & Michael K. Hansen at their California Glass Studio [posted December 2005]

Chris Wicks & daughter Teal with their '68 Mustang convertible, October 2005

Gary Yuke with his '65 Shelby Cobra replica at Homecoming, October 2005

Debbi Hatten Smirnoff with Sebastian, Jan. 2003

Jim Andrews with wife Carol & daughter Traci at a family wedding, November 2003

Linda Goff, Scott Schrunk, & Mr. Jack Carey at Homecoming, November 2003

Tom Stewart [left] & Jeri Cupps Krug [right] with  husband Don & grandchild at Homecoming, November 2003

Lora Saunders with Ollie, 2001

Linda Copley Mullen at Homecoming, October 2000



Doug and Linda Smith, Mexico, 2016


(My thanks to Harlan, our Encina alumni webmaster, for allowing me to copy from the Homecoming pages!)



1. You must be alumni of Encina's Class of '67 and appear in the photograph.

2. One photo per alumni at a time.  If you would like to replace your picture with a newer one, that would be great.

3. The photo should be fairly recent, at least within the last few years.  Please include the date taken.  If it was a special event, that would be nice to add as well.

4. If there are others in the picture, please identify them by name and their relationship to you.

5. If emailing the photo image to me, please send as a JPG file.  If scanning the photo, please scan at 350 dpi.  Use the Class Webmaster link at the bottom of the page for my email address.

6. If snail mailing, please use a photo-safe envelope and send to Kathie Marynik, 8417 Lakeland Drive, Granite Bay, CA 95746.  Once scanned into the system, your photograph will be promptly returned at my expense.  However, neither the Encina website nor I can be responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged mail.