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Jacqui Palmer writes on 01/20/2006

Occupation: Learning and Development Consultant

Bio: I have moved several times but now I am back in Sacramento with my family and friends. I had a baby last year and she is the most wonderful person in my life.

Trivia: I have moved to England twice and plan to go back several times.

Friends: I am still in contact with most of my friends from highschool, Olivia Lamb Winslow, Vicky Bryan, Michelle Short, Kristi Kauffman Pendergraft, Linda Muller White... I love email because I am able to keep in contact with several people even though I have not seen them since graduation.

Hobbies: Traveling

Kids: Jessinda "Jessie" Ann Shodehinde Palmer 7 months Jessie is a beautiful little girl. She is very alert and loves to "talk". She is very strong and is already showing that she can be stuborn like me.

Grade School: Cottage

Junior High: Jonas Salk

Memorable Teachers: All of the HOSA teachers.

Favorite Memory: The night we tried to cover up an iron burn in the carpet at a HOSA convention in San Diego. There are several others also.

Kristi Kauffman writes on 1/14/2006:

Occupation: Stay at Home Super Mom

Bio: In 1994 I married Beau Pendergraft (class of 1992). I am an Army Wife, toughest job in the world! We have lived from coast to coast. We started in New York and went on to Alaska, North Carolina, Georgia, and Alaska again. We have 3 beautiful children, Zakariah was born in 1998, Jedidiah was born in 2000, and Abigail was born in 2003. Our children are such a blessing and we couldn’t be happier.

Trivia: I once was lost, but now I'm found... I became a Christian in 1998.

Friends: My best friends were and are still even if we've lost contact: Michelle Short, Layla Craig, Heather Hamilton, Ray Hicks, Jeremy Grimes, Larry Merriweather, Jacqui Palmer and Tom Hidel. I love you guys!

Hobbies: I enjoy playing and having as much fun as I can with my family. I like to backpack and work out. I love to challenge myself and just liven!

Kids: Zakariah Cadman Pendergraft was born on October 5th, 1998. He has his father's red hair and blue eyes. Jedidiah Reading Pendergraft was born on September 18th, 2000. He also has his father's red hair and blue eyes. Neither one of them looks anything like me, but that's okay they are the best boys I could hope for. Abigail Renee Lynn Pendergraft was born on January 8th, 2003. She looks JUST LIKE ME! It’s about time one of my children looks like me. They are all so different and so wonderful. They are funny and serious and just plain silly all at the same time. I love being a Mom. Thank you God.

Grade School: Addison, Palo Alto, CA

Junior High: JLS, Palo Alto, CA

Kristi Kauffman writes on 6/23/2005:

Occupation: Stay at Home Super Mom

Bio: In 1994 I married Beau Pendergraft (class of 1992). I am an Army Wife, toughest job in the world! We have live from coast to coast in our country. We started in New York and went on to Alaska, North Carolina, Georgia, and Alaska again. We have 3 beautiful children, Zakariah was born in 1998, Jedidiah was born in 2000, and Abigail was born in 2003. Our children are such a blessing and we couldn't be happier.

Trivia: I once was lost, but now I'm found... I became a Christian in 1998.

Friends: My best friends were and are still even if we've lost contact: Michelle Short, Layla Craig, Heather Hamilton, Ray Hicks, Jeremy Grimes, Larry Merriweather, Jacqui Palmer and Tom Hidel. I love you guys!

Hobbies: I enjoy playing and having as much fun as I can with my family. I like to knit and quilt. I like to hike and work out. I love liven!

Kids: Zakariah Cadman Pendergraft was born on October 5th, 1998. He has his father's red hair and blue eyes. Jedidiah Reading Pendergraft was born on September 18th, 2000. He also has his father's red hair and blue eyes. Neither one of them looks anything like me, but that's okay they are the best boys I could hope for. Abigail Renee Lynn Pendergraft was born on January 8th, 2003. She looks JUST LIKE ME! It's about time one of my children looks like me. They are all so different and so wonderful. They are funny and serious and just plain silly all at the same time. I love being a Mom. Thank you God.

Grade School: Addison, Palo Alto, CA

Junior High: JLS, Palo Alto, CA

Memorable Teachers: McElroy, awesome math teacher! Mr. Dutton, good math teacher bad suits! Sorry. :-)

Favorite Memory: I have so many good memories, I'll keep them all!

Heather Fewell (formally Heather Heath) writes on 11/09/04:

Occupation: Stay at home mom

Bio: Raising my kids

Trivia: Nothing interesting

Friends: Carrie Perrault, Slater Mason, Shawna Terry, Shannon Terry

Hobbies: Reading, camping, listening to music, being with my kids

Kids: Miranda is 9˝. She is my oldest and such a drama queen, but a real charmer. Adrianna is 7˝. She is so smart and she loves to challenge people. She is also so tough! Gabrielle is 5˝. She is such a love. She loves everyone. She loves to give hugs to everyone she meets. Such a sweetie. Jacob is 4 and our only boy. He is all boy. He loves NASCAR, monster trucks(his fave is Grave Digger), dirt, motorcycles, etc, etc.

Grade school: Not in Sacramento

Junior high: Not in Sacramento

Memorable teachers: Mr Maucieri(DUH!), Senora Price, and a few others

Favorite memory: When I really think about it, I am just glad high school is over.

Kevin Shaffer writes on 10/02/04:

Bio Update: Hi, this is Kevin Shaffer. I just thought I would give you all a quick update as to what I have been doing the past 11 years. Well I wont go into too much detail. I have been married for 8 years now. Met my wife Katrina on a blind date. We have 3 boys, Nathan who is 6yrs old and loves playing sports and going to school. Matthew who is 4yrs old and just started school and already has a girlfriend but is doing well otherwise. Seth who is 2 follows his older brothers everywhere. I joined the Army and have lived in Germany and we now live in Texas. Well my family does at least, I am in Iraq right now. I've been here for about 7 months and have about 5 left. If you can remeber me and want to drop a line feel free to. I have plenty of time on my hands to read email. Well Take care everyone. Kevin

Melissa Lopez Wilson (formally Melissa Lopez Evans) writes on 08/19/04:

Occupation: Student

Bio: My father was in the military so I left school three weeks before graduation and had to move to VA, where I absolutely hated it with a passion. I went into the USAF and served four years transporting nuclear weapons/missiles. After that I've been trying to find what I love to do...so finally after all my trials and tribulations I have gone back to college to pursue a degree in Criminal Justice.

Trivia: After graduation and I went into the military, I married a man whom I barely knew for 3 months. I thought because I was 19, and serving my country that I was an adult. It was not until I had my second child and a bitter divorce/separation from the DEVIL, that I knew what being an adult is. It's taking responsiblity for your actions and correctly your mistakes and learning from them.

Friends: I honestly don't remember names just faces...I do wish that Ihad taken the time to make memorable friendships because friends are good to have. I was to busy with passing because when I came to Encina I was actually going to go into 11th grade but they moved me to 12th because of extra credits I had and you know how most of you the second quarter of school left early....I hated you...because I had a full schedule. Nothin' but love now.

Hobbies: I love to read books, hate to exercise but you gotta do it, hiking, swimming, and love watching movies.

Kids: I have two boys who I swear cannot stay still if there lives depended on it. Anthony who is eight...he keeps my sanity and Andre just turned five....he is the one who makes me lose my sanity. They are both great kids, they are polite and kind and love them as much as a human being can. They complete me.

Grade school: Was a military brat...DOD...department of defense

Memorable teachers: I can't remember her name but it was one of the Spanish teachers. She was so nice and it was a great class because I am puertorican and it was the easiest class I ever had.

Favorite memory: It would have to be a guy named Hugo. To this day...I have never in my life seen a man so unbelievably handsome. He would have to be my favorite memory, you would never guess that my favorite cologne would be Hugo...would ya

Story: The only thing I can think of is I know a couple years ago I had to ask for a copy of my diploma because I misplaced it, which I actually have done again! I called to get a copy of it and a lady answered the phone and as I am giving her my information she exclaimed that she remember me well, due to my frequent visits to the principals office for skipping class and that I still owed the school 2 more days of detention and I was told that I was more than welcome to finish my time if I like.

Jason Duncan writes on 04/17/04:

Occupation: Retired Paramedic, due to knee injury. Now a student

Bio: Well in the last 10 years, I started going to school at Yuba College as a photography major, then I got talked out of that, so started taking acting lessons at ARC, didnt really care for that much, so then started taking nursing classes, those were too hard, lol, so I went to EMT, then Paramedic School, I then moved down to Southern CA, and worked as a Medic for 4 years until I had a bad knee injury lifting a heavy patient down stairs and have now returned to nursing school, I am currently finishing my first year.

Trivia: Hell me interesting? HAH! Moved around alot, had a lot of different jobs from cook to bartender, came out, but most of you knew that much. Have had three ACL replacment surgeries, got fat, got skinny, got fat again..LOL, what can I say, I love to eat!

Friends: Laura Bui, Mike Franklin, Jason Alexander, Renee Christennson, Amber King, Greg Hagman, Ashraf Abasi, Rebecca Brandalick, Jason Still,Jaime Grissom, Edwin Chavez,Lisa Brown, Danielle Davis.. lost contact with everyone but Laura and Lisa

Hobbies: Volleyball, I collect Star Wars stuff, sailing.

Memorable teachers: John Gallen, Russ Hibbard, Coach Heckle, Romano Luchini, Jaime Jimmerson, Eric Dahlin, Jackie Carroll, Oliver Sasse, Doug Stone, Terry Reed. These are all the people who helped me through a very very tough time in my life, and I love them all for their support and help!

Favorite memory: Jason and Candy at the homecoming dance......those who were there know what Im talking about. Winning the League in track my senior year, though we should have one it my junior year too! and getting my Varsity Letter my Freshman year.

Alumni in contact: John Gallen, Laura Bui, Lisa Brown

Tony "Anton" Kovalyov writes on 9/20/03:

Occupation: IT Coordinator

Bio: Working and attending college.

Friends: soccer teammates

Hobbies: soccer

Kids: none

Junior High friends: A lot of people.

Memorable Teachers: Mrs. Bush, the English teacher, for helping me, the former ESL student, achieve high academic goals.

Jennifer Jackson (formally Jennifer Latimer ) writes on 5/29/03:

Occupation: Analyst - Department of Education

Bio: Enjoying life! I work 1/2 time for the State Department of Education....if you can call it work. I spend the other 1/2 staying at home with my children.

Friends: Wendy "Smith" Taylor - We keep in touch by letters and the occasional phone call every few months. Speaking of which, I am about due. Kevin Shaffer - Met his wife, found out they had a baby and that they had moved to Germany. Dennis Mulder - Haven't "seen" since my wedding day, August 9, 1997, haven't spoken with since the day I said I was pregnant. Where are you? Slater Mason - Wasn't a best friend, but was a friend and is the only person that I see on an occasional basis. That is until my office moved.

Hobbies: I love anything "artsy." I am currently into creating beaded jewelry and designing cards. For relaxation purposes I garden, enjoy photography, and do scrap booking.

Kids: Alexis Renae - 4 1/2, Camille Rae - 2 Alexis is tall and skinny, hyper four year old, just like her daddy. She is a wonderful little artist and dancer. She will start school this summer. Time flies! Camille just turned two. She has thick curly hair just like her mommy, and the bluest eyes I have ever seen. It's hard to say no to her. Sometimes a nuisance to her sister, she loves to do EVERYTHING her big sister is doing.

Grade school: Crocker Riverside, David Reese

Junior high: Carnegie, Jonas Salk

Junior high friends: Wendy Smith, Jamie Oldham, Carrie Parrault

Memorable teachers: Mr. Tracy - I am amazed that nobody chose Mr. Tracy in their bio's. Although Mr. McElroy, Ms. Woo, and Mr. Dutton (the suit and bowtie) were all wonderful teachers, I will never forget Mr. Tracy's EVIL! He was the most unique person I had ever met....in all my 18 years of life.

Favorite memory: There were so many. Larry 'protecting' the senior lawn, the talent show where Jason did a musical number mocking Milli Vanilli (however it is spelt), and Mr. Tracy chasing students around the halls with that crazy tone in his voice saying "evil!"

Story: Since I haven't kept in touch with anyone, I don't have any stories.

Heather Fewell (formally Heather Heath) writes on 5/14/03:

Occupation: Stay at home mom.

Bio: Got married and had 4 kids....not necessarily in that order. Worked until I had my first child, then decided I wanted to stay home with her. Been a stay at home mom every since

Trivia: Absolutely nothing.

Friends: John Faust, Shawna and Shannon Terry, Slater Mason, a few others. Lost contact with John until recently and occasionally talk to Slater. See Shawna and Shannon occasionally

Hobbies: Scrap booking, reading, drawing, writing poetry, listening to music

Kids: Miranda-8, Adrianna-6, Gabrielle-4 & Jacob-2½. They are all adorable little brats!!!!! But I love them to death!

Memorable teachers: Mr. Maucieri and Mrs. McGuire and Senora Price.

Favorite memory: Senior Prom. Loved watching Slater lose his cool at football games.

Leeanna Yovanovich (formally Leeanna Hodgkins) writes on 3/8/03:

Occupation: Escrow

Bio: I graduated from Bella Vista High School, married at 18. Became a mom at 22 and stayed home 4 years to raise my daughters. I started out in the medical field but quickly decided after my divorce that when I choose to go back to work there was much more out there for me financially, lol. I got into real estate and mortgage.

Trivia: My life hasn't had much interesting trivia since graduation, maybe the trivia is what everyone must have thought happened to me when I left Encina.

Friends: Dawne Ramey..... Alton Bora..... Steven Hodges, everyone thought we were related.... So many people I knew but I was very shy and kept to myself in school. Man, you'd never know that now, lol. Hobbies: Reading Horror stories, watching scary movies, lol. Skating with my daughters, finding time to breathe.

Kids: My daughter Alexis is so me. Me now, not as a child. She's very social and intuitive. She could be in Sales. She's beautiful and she knows it. She's has a very grown up outlook on life, reasonable and easy to talk to. Madeline, my baby, she's 4. She's emotional. Ultra sensitive. She's my inner self. She knows how to get o me emotionally. She is very smart and "deep". She's academically above her age. She loves to draw and cuddle.

Grade school: Edison Elementary.

Grade school friends: Again, Dawne was my closest, she and I would write poems to each other and about life. We seemed to really understand each other emotionally. We grew apart and haven't seen or heard since we were about 21. I lived near Nick Papas, Victor Onstein, Hawk, though Charmaine cranes was so sweet.... so many people I cant count. I must say I hardly went to school enough to hang out with anyone, I didn't have the best attendance record.

Junior high: Jonas Salk.

Junior high friends: Nick Papas, Danielle, Dawne, Sheila Dennis.............. Alton Bora, I remember Janon and Samantha.

Memorable teachers: None really, I wasn't there long enough to get to know any teachers very well.

Favorite memory: Walking home with friends.

Janon Marie Owens (formally Janon Marie Thompson) writes on 2/24/03:

Occupation: Secretary

Bio: I have been working and traveling. Raising my daughter has been a big time consumer too.

Friends: Alisa Lopez, Amy Mederios, Samantha Parks

Hobbies: Shopping and spending time on the water.

Kids: My daughter is 11 she will be 12 in June she is a very active young person. She is in her second year of softball and loves it. She also loves riding dirt bikes with her dad.

Grade school: Cottage Elementary

Michael Steven Smith writes on 1/24/03:

Occupation: Fill-room operator. But I'm trying to become a police officer and nurse EMT.

Bio: Working and having fun. Trying to find miss right.. ha-ha right.

Friends: john & Kevin Owens, Harley Davey, Ray Hicks, Kris Karly. I don't talk to any one. lost contact with every one.. I know ill never meet any one again either. Much love to the guys.

Hobbies: Football wrestling traveling what ever is relaxing.

Grade school: Greer is the one people know me from.

Grade school friends: Same from Encina and misty Baptista, Lynn Komlodi, Hia Luc, mike Ohar lot of people I cant even think of people who knew john and Kevin and Harley know me most likely.

Junior high: Jonas Salk.

Junior high friends: The same from Greer and Encina.

Memorable teachers: Mr. quarter he was just hilarious.

Comments: If any one knows John & Kevin Owens, Kris Karly, Harley Davey, Ray Hicks or Heather Dubois who has my niece and nephew. Someone can tell these guys I'm looking to talk.

Edwin A. Chavez writes on 1/22/03:

Occupation: Restaurant manager

Bio: After graduation, went through several jobs. finally finding something I like in the restaurant business. going to college to get my degree in business and hopefully one day open my own, restaurant/ night club, I plan to call it " The Playground ". so if you ever hear of it, look me up.

Trivia: As some of you might have seen, I went back to school and coached the I've football team for a couple of years, as soon as I can get some free time I will be back at school doing what I love to do, coaching football.

Friends: I seen some old friends around town, Brian Crall, Laura, Jason, Joel, Larry, but never really kept in touch with them, so if you guys see this, hit me with an e-mail so we can keep in touch.

Hobbies: Love to go fishing, sometime this year I am planning to go deep sea fishing of the coast of Oregon. Tried it last year and caught a few fish. I tried to stay in shape, work out, and just hang around with friends and play any type of sport.

Kids: My beautiful daughter was born on October 4, 1997, she just started school the fall of 02, she grew up so fast its amazing. As for now my wife and I are doing our best to have another one, we'll se if god will bless us with my first son. I'll let you all know.

Junior high: Jonas Salk

Memorable teachers: Mrs. Woo, and my English teacher my sophomore year, Mrs. Smith, but the one I will always hold dear will be Mrs. Rule.

Favorite memory: Winning our homecoming game our sophomore year. And finally beating Mira Loma our senior year. ( you guys know what I mean )

Sibling info: My Brother Carlos, Class of 96 and My sister Conception, class of 00.

Shannon N. Marshall writes on 1/4/03:

Occupation: Public Relations Executive

Bio: Well! First I went to Chico State University for two years. Or I should say I drank through those two years, which is why I transferred to Sac State my Sophomore year! (Chico is only for the brave!) I saw a few old friends there (Brian Crall, you president, you!) and started to hang out with an old friend Eddie Hinsley. (Remember Tijuana, Mexico and Damion?) Unfortunately Eddie and I had a falling out since we were both not to happy with our lives and I have not seen him since. (Except once at a video store with his girlfriend but I just smiled to still see them together) I run into Larry (Big Larry) and Joel J. once in a blue moon and also saw my buddy Tom Heidel who gave me the sad news about our friend Brian who was also at Encina (May he R.I.P) I have since moved to Tennessee to the University of TN in Knoxville, and now work in public relations with Pharmaceutical products and live in the Carmichael area. No kids, no husband, and still.... NO CLUE WHAT I AM DOING!

Trivia: Probably the only student to be in the seniors section in cap and gown and still not walk the stage. I graduated early from an adult school and went straight to Chico State. Do I still qualify for the Reunion?? (Smile) Also, I am still a nut and remember everything about skipping class to go to the mall and being voted Class Clown with Joel Johnson!

Friends: I hung out with everybody, but always considered Eddie Hinsley a good friend. Also Jevon Griffin was my lost love and we went on to attend college together at Chico State, but he flunked out!

Hobbies: I write, because I can! I hope to be published someday. I love to read and travel.

Kids: No kids, thank God! Still growing up myself!

Memorable teachers: Ms. Woo! Oh thank you to the teacher who made "looking for interviews" in the halls a whole new way to ditch! She was the coolest teacher and thank God she only put me on TV once!

Favorite memory: Running from Larry Merriweather while we were waiting to take our Senior portraits and mowing over some poor freshman!

Story: Just this, whenever I see those who stuck up there noses in high school now, they always have the same look on there faces as I do. It's the "Okay, so this is NOT where I thought I would be" look. I wish everybody would keep that in mind while raising your own.

Jason "Hawk" Brown writes on 12/11/02:

Occupation: Telecommunications, Networking, Phone Services.

Bio: Had a beautiful Daughter (ASHLEY). Moved to Arizona to start a better life From the one I was in at the time. (It worked) I've been living back in Sacramento for the last 3Yrs working for a company (3Ddata com). Met Up with some old friends from school. Been kicking it since. Looking to move to AZ again.

Trivia: Go 4Wheeling & ATV riding. Still skating, But Can't Find old Skating Friends. Camping a lot. An Snow Boarding Which I learned in Arizona.

Friends: Adam Way, Ray Hicks, Jason Watts, Hugo Martinez, Tony Avila, All the Skaters to many names to name. Lost contact with a few.

Hobbies: Skateboarding,Surfing,Snowboarding,4Wheeling,Just Kicking it with Friends.

Kids: Ashley Lorrain Brown (Daughter) 8Yrs old. (Kristen the Mother). She looks like me

Junior high: Jonas Salk, Martin Luther King.

Junior high friends: A lot From Jonas. One From M.L.K. (Shy)

Memorable teachers: Mr. Luchine: The reason why is. One Day my best friend walk out of class and dropped out of school. I didn't walk out of class an drop out that day because that same day I learned something (History). He Inspired me to learn more. So Thank You Mr. Luchine.

Favorite memory: The day the pool was empty. And me and some friends Skated the pool at lunch.

Alumni in contact: Some of the people on the missing List.

Tanya Knight writes on 8/12/02:

Occupation: Currently I am a full time college student and work part time in the computer lab. I am a sophomore in college.

Bio: I have done it all, most of it not good, until I got sober 4 1/2 years ago. Now I just spend time with my girlfriend (3 years together). I am sure that none of you who remember me would of ever guessed (NOT). At least I grew out of torturing poor defenseless teachers with my inappropriate and misplaced teenage hormones. Today life is really good. I am very happy and next year (2003), If all goes as planned we will be in Sacramento. I would like to attend Sac. State and become a Social Worker.

Trivia: As aforementioned, I am gay (shouldn't be a big deal, but I know it offends most) Although it may be a surprise to all the boys I "dated" trying to prove I liked them "that way" (Travis, Kris, Bobby, Jason, Sean-You all know who you are). But It does not change me as a person. I was a travel agent for 1 1/2 years and worked for an airline for 1 year. I enjoy the industry, but do not think it is going anywhere. I hold a 3.7 G.P.A in college-I am on the Dean's List for Highest Honors (turns out I am pretty smart when I apply myself)

Friends: I don't think I really had any best friends. I was kind of a social chameleon. I hung out with Kris Buehler (192) Bobby Baker, Jayson Griffith. I still remember all the girls I was with on the Jonas Basket ball team (Laura, Teresa, Alisa). They were all at my bus stop too (I think). I probably am not the type of person they would hang with today, but we all had a common interest at the time.. I recently had contact with Kris and his fiancé Vanessa-we had lunch, it was nice.

Hobbies: I read a lot, when I am not in school. I enjoy almost all music and I like to dance. But pretty much I just spend time with my pets and my partner. It's all good, kind of boring, but good. I would rather be stable and secure than be inundated with Trama and Drama.

Kids: As I said, no kids, but 3 pets that mean the world to me. Abigail, 7 years old (Blue Russian feline) Mc Tavish, 4 years old (Scottish Terrier) Desmond, 6 months old (Scottish Terrier)

Grade school: In Sacramento 5th and 6th grade Dyer-Kelley.

Junior high: Jonas Salk-the only school I ever went to for a full 2 years in a row.

Junior high friends: The boys from above and Melody Martin. I have lost contact with her, but she was really nice. I ended up being rude to her and I hope I did not hurt her feelings. I would love to know how she is doing if anyone knows.

Memorable teachers: For those of you who know me, I will not even go there, it was not Pretty and I hurt a teacher very badly by my actions. I would like to set the record straight, without repeating the incident, because I hear most people know about it. What I did was never meant to be hurtful or found out. It was not even really intended to be a joke, It was something done in very bad taste and no prior consideration of the teacher involved and how it would affect her. I had feelings that I did not know how to, and I expressed them in a very inappropriate way, and I have felt bad and sorry for that since the fall of 1988 when I did it.

Favorite memory: 1988 homecoming. My boyfriend at the time (Jayson Griffith) and I dressed up as Gus and Jake The mice from Cinderella for the Homecoming Game for the Freshman Class. It was great.

Comments: I really hope that you print this, it would mean a lot, and clear up a lot. And anyone who wants to contact me, please feel free. Thanks, TJ

Anthony Pelfanio writes on 8/12/02:

Occupation: I am a Corporal in the United States Marine Corps. Working with various radio/computer electronics. And a basic Rifleman.

Bio: Since graduation I have been a manager at Original Pete's in Roseville, and Auburn. I decided to move to Las Vegas to open a restaurant. My investors pulled their money out for a larger investment. I lived there for a year or so working for Applebee's. I moved back to Sac in Aug of 96 to work for Original Pete's in Auburn. I became tired of restaurant Management and moved back with my parents and took a job with Java City in Market Square, only to become a manager in a week from the experience. In Apr. of 1997 I joined the U.S.M.C. and went off to boot camp at the age of 22. At Pensacola, Fl while attending one of my schools I met my Ex-wife. I live in Cherry Point, NC. BUT I currently am deployed in one of the "STANS" for Operation Enduring Freedom.

Trivia: I Reenlisted in the Marine Corps and once returning to the states will be stationed in Pensacola, FL for Instructor duty within my job field.

Friends: My best friends were Ryan Andrzjewski, Victor Onstine, Jeremy Grimes, Clint Voleberg, Samia Showman, Charmaine Crans, Jackie Palmer and many others. I have lost contact with them due to my Current location in the world, but I know where they live, so have I really lost contact?

Kids: I do not have any wonderful children.

Grade school: Thomas A. Edison

Grade school friends: Ryan Andrzjewski, Victor Onstine, Jeremy Grimes, Larry Maryweather

Junior high: Jonas Salk, Carden Private School.

Favorite memory: The Basketball game at home against Dixon High. All the time that I spent with my close friends having fun and partying.

Samia Shoman writes on 7/2/02:

Occupation: High School Teacher: World History, Spanish, Government, Economics, Soccer Coach

Bio: Finished my teaching credential and Masters at San Francisco State. I have been teaching for four years. I will be starting my Doctorate in Education this fall (2002).

Friends: I am still best friends with my high school best friend, Charmaine Crans.

Hobbies: Playing soccer, reading, political involvement in Palestinian cause.

Grade school: Sierra Oaks Elementary

Junior high: Jonas Salk

Memorable teachers: Mr. McElroy - He was the best!! Mrs. Begg - She was dedicated and worked hard.

Favorite memory: Being rally commissioner and being crowned Homecoming queen.

Heather Heath writes on 6/9/02:

Occupation: Stay at Home Mom.

Bio: Got married and had four beautiful kids....not necessarily in that order!

Friends: Slater Mason, John Faust, Carrie Perrault, Shawna and Shannon Terry. I have lost contact with all but Shawna and Shannon.

Hobbies: With four kids there are no hobbies and recreation!!! But if I do ever have time, I like to scrapbook, read, draw, take pictures, hang out with my family and dog!

Kids: They are all amazing!!!

Favorite memory: Don't know if I have any favorites. Wasn't too fond of high school. Am glad it was over. There were a few good times. Was always fun watching Slater lose his cool playing football!

Charles Yanez writes on 4/3/02:








Eddie Hinsley writes on 3/23/02:

Occupation: business owner/nightclub DJ

Bio: Attended ARC junior college... started a mobile DJ service in 2000...and am resident DJ at Polyesters nightclub... Moved around the country for a while (Texas, Humbolt, North Carolina)... And now back home...

Hobbies: Traveling (Cancun Mexico, Bahamas, Fiji, Italy, & Various Places in Mexico)

Kids: No Kids

Favorite memory: Going to paradise beach (by sac state) with my classmates and good friends...

Sibling info: '95-Robert Hinsley (Brother), '95-Joe Gutierrez (Cousin), '94-Ray "Ray Ray" Gutierrez (Cousin), '97-Bobby Olivo (Cousin), '99-Arlene Olivo (Cousin), and Judy Gonzales (Freshman this year) 2002

Tim Lucas (now Tim Chung) writes on 2/10/02:

Occupation: truck driver/bouncer

Bio: working hard, trying to start a business takes a lot of freaking money!

Alumni in contact: Rick Lam, all the Asian homies

Jamie Oldham writes on 7/6/01:

Occupation: Sexy man

Bio: Stuff

Trivia: I've won three California titles for bull riding, been engaged twice and then finally found good sex and love this year.

Friends: John and Andy Pearson, Slater Mason, my home girl Teresa, and have lost contact with anyone and everyone else.

Hobbies: Rodeo, EMT stuff, firefighting, long walks on the beach, robbing the cradle, and staying buff.

Kids: NONE!

Grade school: Greer Elementary

Grade school friends: The ones that stayed with me unto High School.

Junior high: Jonas Salk Middle School

Junior high friends: The ones that followed my ass to Jr. High and the ones that stayed true along the way.

Memorable teachers: Miss. Woo - For teaching me the wonders and importance of television that still get me in trouble with my women to this day. Coach Tavelero - For exquisitely explaining Sex Ed, and why men chase women and spend insane amounts of money for a little pleasure.

Favorite memory: Turtle Pies and "Recycle it baby."

Heard about website from: My home girl Teresa

Danny Gutierrez writes on 2/11/01:

Occupation: Manager of Production and Quality Control - Java City

Bio: I would have graduated from Encina, but life has many unexpected turns. In the middle of my Junior year, I decided to move with my father to Denver, Co. (My fathers job required it) I had nothing to loose, and wanted to see a little more than just Sacramento. So off I went wearing my dog collar, nose rings and green hair... I really cared for Denver and barely graduated high school. (Not Surprised?) On the other hand, my passion for music was still my ultimate love. I was in a band called TURN KEY that ended in a West Coast tour right before moving back to Sacramento, to live with my girlfriend, at the time, Andrea Gueyger, in 1993. Shortly after returning to Sac, I landed a job with Java City (thanks to Analisa Co.) making Espresso drinks. I am now going on my 8th year with the company running the Production Department at the corporate offices. I found the woman that I had always been looking for and we were married on September 30th, 2000. My wife Yolanda and I now live in the River Park Community and have no kids yet. We will be moving into our new home at the end of May 2001. I am still heavily evolved with music and working with my latest project, EXHALE. Yolanda and I have decided to wait on starting our family due to our involvement with our life passions. We both feel strongly about adoption and will adopt when the time is right for us.

Trivia: I traveled to Thailand, Japan, Jamaica, and all over the United States. Several US tours with previous bands I was in.
Still addicted to tattoos.

Friends: Marty Smith, Hugo Martinez, Jason Brown, Larry Perrigo, Kim Smith, Grant Benton, Lou Lago, Sherry Cooper.....
I still see and hear from most of my friends from high school, but not as much as I would like too. Mostly my own fault.

Hobbies: Music, Film, Golf, Fishing, Cooking, Oil Painting, Wine, and Coffee.

Grade school: Dyer Kelly. I was a Dragon.

Grade school friends: Chris Stone, Samantha Brown, Jimmy Fox.

Junior high: Arcade Fundamental / Jonas Salk

Junior high friends: J Brown, Hugo Martinez, Marty Smith, Sherry Cooper....

Memorable teachers: Cindy Mitchell: Mrs. Mitchell was my Sophomore History teacher. She Was one of the most positive people I interacted with at that time. She really made a difference in my high school years... Mrs. Shores

Favorite memory: Well this is not a favorite memory, but one that has been haunting me from time to time. I had a lot of anger, hostility, and hate the first few years of high school. I wish I could apologize for being such an ass to most of you. Most of you I mistreated I never even met, but I apologize just the same. I hope that if you might see me and remember me in passing, too take a minute and say hi........

Sibling info: Sandra Gutierrez 87? Alicia Gutierrez 83?

Heard about website from: Surfing the net.

Kristin Johnsen writes on 2/8/01:

Occupation: Stay home and raise my children

Bio: After high school I had my first daughter in 12/94 and spent some time at ARC taking classes to become a teacher and worked as a preschool teacher up until my second daughter was born. Married Rob Toulouse in 10/98 after waiting 4 years, and had my other daughter in 8/99. I now stay home to take care of my children.

Friends: Michelle Short, Sandy Tucker (still see here though and she's married to Jason Martin)

Hobbies: I love being with my children and taking care of others I never would have thought I would enjoy children so much. My family loves to camp same as always and we travel a lot to Oregon because we are looking for land to buy up there in the next year or so Oh and my brother lives there too. Craig Johnsen Class 1992.

Kids: My oldest daughter Ashley is in first grade and she is a smart and sweet little girl. My other daughter Lauryl is 1 1/2 and she is a monster just like her dad. Ashley is about 38 pounds and is 6 and her sister is about 25 pounds and is 1 1/2 needless to say the are quite the opposite.. But that's want makes them so special.

Grade school: Cottage and Woodlake

Junior high: Rio Tierra

Teresa Buckalew writes on 1/21/01:

Occupation: Claims Representative

Bio: Since graduation, I completed four years at Sac State earning a Bachelors Degree in Business. In May of 1998, shortly after I graduated, Jeff Tobin (c/o 95) and I were married in Sacramento. We moved (for one year) to Whidbey Island Washington (near Seattle.) I am now working at an insurance company in the claims department. Jeff is working towards a degree in engineering after spending four years in the US Navy. We had a baby in October 2000. He is very precious! We are proud parents. Jordan Lewis Tobin was 5lbs, 7oz , 18" at birth. For those who are wondering, we plan on a large family!! Jeff and I bought our first house near Sac State. It's a modest 3 bedroom, 2 bath with a deck and spa in the back-yard. It's the perfect place to call home.

Update from 7/25/03: I should have done this much earlier, but Jeff and I had another baby last year. (June 18, 2002) She is Emily Mae Tobin. She looks and acts very much like her older brother. We don't have plans for a third yet. We both are still working full-time, so our plates are quite full.

Trivia: I lived in a very small town called Oak Harbor on Whidbey Island WA. I married Jeff from the class of 95 (who would have guessed?)

Friends: I have lost contact with nearly everyone from high school. I still see Charmaine Crans, John & Sylvia Miller, and talk with Sheila Ennes.

Hobbies: My hobbies include cooking, outdoor activities like roller blading, and competitive board games like backgammon and dominoes.

Kids: Jordan is amazing! He has red hair and blue eyes, but looks just like his Daddy. He is my parent's first grandbaby so needless to say he is spoiled rotten.

Grade school: Howe Ave

Grade school friends: Charmaine Crans and Margie Miller

Junior high: Jonas Salk

Memorable teachers: Mr. McElroy because he was so "cool." Mrs. Woo for being so smart about so many things.

Favorite memory: Cheerleading. (I coach youth cheerleading for 10 - 12 year olds and love it!)

Sibling info: Charlie Buckalew

Heard about website from: booster club member

Jason Duncan writes on 5/11/00:

Occupation: EMT









Jamie Oldham writes on 5/8/00:

Occupation: Cook

Bio: Got out of school, went to AR, did a couple of jobs, got locked up, got out of the bing, went back two months later, looking forward to good behavior. Wanted to shout out to Slater Mason-(see ya at the rodeo), Boosh, Brian Crawl, Joel Johnson (good lookin out in the showers- Joel), Theresa Buckalooo (one love), Adrian McKowen- (gomer 4-eva) and Luis Hudson-(two toes are better than none) Word to you mother!!

Trivia: My horn plays la cuca racha

Friends: Lost contact with every one except Joel and Boosh

Hobbies: Hanging out, shootin hoops at the yard

Kids: ain't got none, that I know of

Grade school: Greer

Grade school friends: Joel and Boosh

Junior high: Jonas Salk

Junior high friends: Joel and Boosh

Memorable teachers: Mr Halfman, he gave good back rubs.

Favorite memory: Working in the snack bar

Story: Brian Crawl drank coke and puked all over himself

Heard about website from: Joel and Boosh

Jacqui Palmer writes on 1/22/00:

Occupation: Travel Agent/Student

Bio: I have moved quite a bit since graduation. I moved to London, then to the bay area. I moved quite a bit in the bay area, and now I live in San Diego. It is beautiful. I work as a travel agent, work in a restaurant, and go to school.

Trivia: I've ran into a lot of people since graduation because my mom started to work at Encina the year after I graduated. I have run into quite a few people from Encina in San Diego when they come down for vacations. They all happen to wander into the restaurant that I work at.

Friends: I keep in contact with Olivia Lamb/Winsolw, Christine DeLeon, Kristi Kauffman/Pendergraft, Michelle Short, Vickie Bryan and I run into quite a few people at different times.

Hobbies: I love to travel.

Sibling info: Jennifer Palmer Class of 91

Heard about website from: Mom, Phyllis Palmer and Sister Jenny

Brian Crall writes on 8/23/99:

Occupation: Actor

Bio: Well let's see… since I graduated I have been at CSUS. First as a Business major, then I dropped out for a year, and now I am a Theatre Arts Major. (I just needed some time to figure out what the hell I wanted to do.) After seven long years in college, and a fear of becoming a life long student, I will be graduating in June of 2000. (As you can imagine my parents are quite happy.) For the last year, since returning to school, I have been acting in Sacramento and intend to pursue this as a career. I have been in school plays as well as community productions. Some of my roles have included, JERRY in Edward Albee's The Zoo Story, CLARK in Date With a Stranger, and most recently THE HUSTLER in New Ritual Theatre's production of Six Degrees of Separation. I have just finished writing a One-Act play entitled Masks.

They should have a section "What would you like to say to everyone out there?" So I am just going to add it myself: I hope everyone is doing well. If you are not where you want to be now, or you just don't know yet what you want to do- Just give it time. As long as you are happy everything will work out for the better. I guess I am still a dreamer.

Trivia: I finally met a "nice girl" in college. Let me tell you, I have been with the not so nice girls. Colleen Griffiths and I are due to marry in September of 2000. She is a recent Theater Arts graduate of CSU, Sacramento. We plan to move to New Jersey October 2000 where she will be looking for employment as a director and I will be looking for acting jobs. When I win my first Oscar I will say hello to everyone. In the meantime I will keep you posted on the acting career.

Friends: Carl Lenocker, Carrie Bennett, and Linh Vuong. At least that is who I consider my "best friends" now that I look back at high school. (Even though they didn't mention me in there bios-- hey, no hard feelings.) Brandon Kuka and I hung out for a while after college and then we lost touch. I even went to visit him in Indiana when he was attending Purdue. Hey big guy... if you read this- get in touch. I want to invite you to my wedding.

Hobbies: Acting, writing, and playing with computers.

Kids: NO...no kids. And no I'm not getting married because I'm about to have a kid. hehehe We have a cat. There is no plans for kids for quite a while.

Grade school: Smythe

Grade school friends: Antione Fox, Josh Lopez

Junior high: Rio Tierra

Junior high friends: Josh Lopez

Favorite teachers: Russ Hibbard, Mrs. Woo, Mr. McElroy. The folks who's name I don't remember how to spell: Mrs. Baccus and Steve Maucieri (or something like that.)

Sibling info: Chad Crall

Alumni in contact: Carl Lenocker and Carrie Bennett

Heard about website from: Carl made me look it up.

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